Public Education was Free for a Reason: The communist and socialist agenda that was their goal all along

I suppose that its refreshing now to hear so many people finally get what public education has been all about, all along. I’ve never been a fan and something that has bothered me for a long time going way back to the first time I went on WLW radio to discuss the Lakota school finance problems the issue was raised and at the time I was the only one talking about it. Back then the pro tax advocates that are always in every school system cheering on tax increases to pay the bounty on that the teacher’s union demands routinely from contract to contract were pointing out that I wasn’t just anti-tax, I was anti public education and that I shouldn’t be given a legitimate platform to speak from. Well, I was also good for ratings and was willing to publicly take on people like Julie Shaffer, the current pro tax school board member with debate that was embarrassing for the pro tax advocates, because normally nobody ever challenged them. But it was true, the money was always one part of it. My concern has always been, its not that education isn’t offered, but that its what was taught that mattered, in the entire education system that I had experienced in America from first grade to the higher degrees of college was socialism and communism. Not the skills of capitalism that were needed for our society. However, that is changing, many more people are coming to realize decades later what I have been saying all along and they are talking about it much more openly. Videos like the one below is no longer fringe but are part of the mainstream understanding of what public education really is.

Education has always been important to me and continues to be. But I’ve never considered what is offered these days to be education, I’d just call it propaganda. We talk about teachers as if they are “heroes” because they baby sit our kids while we are off working, then we are perplexed when they grow up with all these crazy ideas about “fairness,” gender roles, and economic theory. Lately it has been shocking to the mainstream news that most millennials support socialism over capitalism and are now voting that way for open communists like Bernie Sanders who clearly wants to turn America into China. To the many people who have begged me to be a school board member at that same school of Lakota I have had to explain that my position has always been to dismantle the public education system, not to support it with further ruined minds. I am of the belief that it would be better for parents to pay for their children’s education out of pocket then to get the free public park version that the government offers. I’d be miserable trying to defend a system that clearly wasn’t working and shouldn’t work because the intent all along was to make compliant socialist kids, not free-thinking capitalists.

I do admire people who do care about these education topics and fight to make it better, but clearly the only way that change can happen is from the top, from a presidential administration that then flows down through congress their strategy to finally get their hands around these issues. The philosophy of education must be dealt with. Dealing with the cost can make people assess whether or not the education system is valuable to them, but if they think that they are going to send their kids to public school to make geniuses out of them like Albert Einstein, they have another thing coming. Its not that there are lots of smart kids biologically gifted toward a tendency to succeed, its that they have been taught to push all that deep inside into a repressed state for the socialist goals of the education system itself. After all, a government of any kind wants to stay in power and the best way to do that is to dumb down the future participants that elect them to that power. Not free-thinking people.

I think my kids and now grandkids have a much better shot at a balanced life than I did going through the public-school system. I feel that as an influence leader in the lives of the people I care about that I must overcome the brain washing they get in the public-school system. That in the competitive field of thought, that my ideas needed to be judged better than what they were getting from their social influences. For whatever reason I figured out the public education game early in my life, while I was still there. I had a terrible kindergarten teacher which was probably a blessing and did set the stage for the rest of my life. Later that crazy old lady reportedly had major mental problems which surprised nobody. But she was considered at the time one of those heroic teachers that everyone is always talking about, and I had to somehow survive.

I would say I had above average intelligence, everything came quick to me in school, I always knew the answers before most of the questions were asked, but it was clear to me that the focus of the public school experience wasn’t in developing individualized thought, it was in learning to get along with the other kids and to fall into some invisible category of social behavior for which the school system seemed obsessed with developing. This trend was eased into over the beginning grade school years but seemed poised to exacerbate itself especially during the puberty years once the need for mating was aligned with the government’s need to control ambition and human focus. If the public schools could get kids thinking about their sexual natures, they could lower their aims for bigger things in life and thus keep them comfortably under the thumb of a powerful all needing government that consumes resources like a chocolate obsessed candy lover popping M&Ms like they were going out of style. Most people reading this understand what I’m saying whether or not they are 60 years old or 10. The obvious damage is quite apparent in our adult population.

Its not that these problems could be solved at the local level because everything was set regarding curriculum at the federal level and enforced by an international labor union which beholds the standards across the world. In that way the same basic things taught to some kid in France is the same one taught to a kid in Alabama, regional considerations thus being minimal. And in that way, a path toward global communism, that has been a fantasy of Karl Marx supporters from the very beginning, might be realized.

It has been a challenge to get people to look beyond the “free” nature of education and to accept that you are getting what you paid for. It has always been difficult to convince people that they couldn’t purchase their way into a high paying job by trading away free thought for a college education that for most people has been entirely too expensive and was teaching all the wrong things. I was particularly disappointed to learn when I went to my first year of college, and friends of mine joined fraternities with their hazing rituals that all the intimidating standards that high school teachers had been warning about simply weren’t true. College was all about partying and losing. It was about sexual conquests and puking on the sidewalk after getting shitfaced at one of the many bars. And if you skipped all your classes, nobody cared. The colleges just wanted your tuition money and for you to show up at their sports games that were televised so that they could recruit more financial contributors and run them through the communist meat grinder. Lucky for me, I read a lot of books on my own and had pursued my own education all of my life outside of the public school and college system and I was able to arrive as an adult fully intact. But most people are not so lucky or committed, and the results are obvious.

The solution to the public education problem is not more school levies, or even hiring more teachers. It’s changing the very nature of the education into something that is actually useful. And that education system needs to be specifically American, something that prepares students for life in America, not some global communist community. Until that happens, kids and their minds will continue to be wasted and they will spend most of their lives trying to unlearn everything they have learned. Because if they want to be good contributors to society, and to have good lives of their own, they need to get as far away from public education and the current college experience as possible, if they really want to be smart and functioning under free will. We have a long way to go as a society, but its good to see that more and more, people are asking those questions on their own and finally accepting that what I’ve been saying for four decades was true all along.

Rich Hoffman
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