Guns are to Keep Government under Control: Such is the case with the Ukraine whistleblower

Rather than debate the obvious radicalism coming out of U.S. intelligence as that is clearly the roots of the anonymous tipper regarding the Ukraine investigation into Joe Biden, I must continue to make the point that this behavior by our own government and the media apparatus that supports it is exactly why we have guns, and why we must remain a society of gun carrying people. Just like the James Comey members of the intelligence offices that are supposed to protect us from foreign entanglements are taking second hand utterances and trying to spin them out of control to look like there is some improper behavior on behalf of the president when in fact it was the other political rival, Joe Biden who had done all the dirty deeds. Any government or group who would attempt to twist such a story into a reality that accuses the President I elected into office is the same one that would forge documents and manipulate circumstances to their advantage to attempt the same to me. And that government cannot be trusted, ever.

We’ll get the details of the case but none of it really matters other than establishing intent. Here we have a president that had gone through three years of Deep State scrutiny and was entering an election with a political rival who had done a dirty deal in Ukraine. We are supposed to buy that merely asking about such a thing is somehow improper even as the media and Democrats have gone to extraordinary measures to do much worse to Trump. And that Trump isn’t supposed to pressure world leaders in the way any businessman would is swamp talk straight out of the unionized Department of Labor handbook. The rules of this scenario are created by the Deep State for use of the Deep State and nobody else. And that is what we should all be alarmed about.

These same people accusing President Trump of impropriety, when it is they who have committed the acts, are the same people screaming for more gun control for which they will administer. It will be they who decide who is mentally healthy or not, and it is they who will determine if someone should be red flagged or not—the same people who will look at Trump and say he committed a crime when it was the Democrat nominee who was working under the White House at the time who committed the real impropriety. And we are supposed to trust these people and turn over our guns to this kind of government? I don’t think so.

At best these are incompetent losers. I voted for Trump to break that cycle and I am very happy with his performance. I’m happy to keep my guns on my shelf and to go target shooting to enjoy them at my leisure. I am happy to continue to allow our election system to work as it is. But let’s get something clear. I am not happy to surrender my rights over to people like what we see in our Intelligence agencies and within the Democrat Party. I’m not going to give them rights over me on a good day, let alone a bad one. They cannot be trusted and war with them would be better than surrender. That is the bottom line of my reasoning. And every time I hear one of these stories where they try to twist around the scenario thinking we are all stupid it makes me even angrier. There is nothing wrong with how the Trump administration handled Ukraine, in any way. But there is in what Joe Biden did and many administrations before.

Really, the biggest insult is that they think we are so stupid as to trust our government over a person we voted to put in office to run it but is thwarted at every turn. If we have learned anything by the Trump presidency it’s that in previous years the Executive Branch did very little, it was these Deep State operatives who ran everything as a shadow government of unelected bureaucrats who did. They, meaning the Deep State types, used the presidency as a puppet figure to put out in front of the media, they never planned for an actual executive to run things from the White House. That’s what I expected and still do. We either have that kind of government or we don’t, which obviously I don’t think we do. But I’m not going to support a government with my taxes that isn’t, I am not willing to trade safety away for freedom. The government works for me, I don’t work for the government—and that’s the way it should be for all of us. This isn’t an ethics scenario, it’s one of management control. The government will do anything to have that control and that should alarm everyone who can read this.

At the core of all these news stories coming from corporate media, which must have an emphasis because it is so entangled in this global desire for a certain type of socialist spin on all things government, is the desire for more government control, whether it be gun control, higher taxation, more regulation, more of everything that involves pin headed bureaucrats who love the idea of controlling aspects of our lives any way they can, and to make a point they try to inspire fear in us to control votes, and even go to ethics questions such as this Ukraine deal when it is they who created the negative situation. It’s truly shameless.

The only gun control I will support under these conditions, which I don’t see changing for at least the next century, is that more people have more guns that are more powerful, and that those people know how to use them. I do not accept the view of some Great Society that James Comey, Mitt Romney, or this CIA Whistleblower have about the world. No society that they are leading is going to be great, they need to get it through their heads that they work for us, not over us. And that when they lie there are consequences. Or when they try to remove our elected president without elections, that we will notice.

The story is easy to see through, Trump is popular going into the 2020 election and all these Deep State hounds have nothing to knock him down with. Democrats are looking at their candidates and they have nothing, so from their point of view, there is nothing to lose, because they are losing anyway. But they better watch it because there are longer term consequences to their actions. I’m not one to sit and cry over how unjust things are. I expect justice and these characters are revealing perhaps more than they intended. That’s probably good because it tells us who they always were even if its sad that so many are proven not to be trusted. I will never look at the FBI or the CIA again with the same level of respect and that is a permanent situation. If we can’t manage these people from the Executive Branch, then what methods do we have except by the barrel of a gun? Because it is one of those two options. Not controlling them is not an option. They intend to control us. And to have a proper republic we must control them. So somewhere something has to give, and for the sake of peace, it has to be them.

Rich Hoffman
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