Ocasio-Cortez and the Hollywood Change Agency

The enemy is certainly alive and well in Hollywood and I now know the origin of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. I had some time over this past weekend to catch up on some movies I had been wanting to watch. One was the Watchmen which was finally on Netflix. It was a movie on my list for about 10 years so I finally had a chance to see it, so I did. I liked it quite a lot but the them of it is pretty sad, human beings are faulty creatures’ intent to destroy themselves without some kind of unifying intervention. I watched a few more films, uneventful liberal propaganda, but another Netflix production jumped out as relevant especially for the uneducated millennial generation that it was targeted for, a film called IO which is the name of a moon around Jupiter where the human race had fled to once the earth became uninhabitable due to climate change. The movie just hit Netflix so I could imagine that after watching it Ocasio-Cortez and her band of Constitutional changing villains used the points of that movie to outline their Green New Deal.

There were things worth watching in IO but the premise was all wrong, it assumes that the earth is a living being that decided one day to change the composition of the atmosphere to rid it of mankind’s presence so like a bunch of idiots we evacuated the planet except for a few stragglers to colonize other destinations in space. The earth was literally trying to kill off humans as if they were a disease, a common theme among most Hollywood writers for many years now. The same elements were present in Zach Snyder’s the Watchmen, humans are faulty, intent to destroy themselves and everything around them, etc. Only in IO it was odd because the writers wanted to portray all the good things humans had done regarding culture and in the end the main protagonist stayed on earth to repopulate it living in harmony with earth’s rules and supposedly everyone lived happily ever after. The assumption in both cases was that there was always something out there that knew better than the human race what to do. In the case of IO it was the earth. In the case of the Watchman, it was Dr. Manhattan, whom I found most relatable. I’d watch the Watchmen many more times just to see more of that character alone.

Clearly Hollywood has been weaponized, I’ve covered all this before and how it came to be. They are not making the movies that made Hollywood so great years ago where studios made really good American art, such as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. The enemy has taken over and in all cases for which it controls they are using the very well-known Kotter’s Eight Steps for Transformation. These rules are well-known among intelligentsia, there is nothing new about them other than their exposure to the general public. I personally love John Kotter’s work; however, the enemy is clearly taking the next step from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and is using the Eight Step for Transformation as outlined by Kotter in The Harvard Business Review to inspire politicians to become change agents instead of representatives in a great republic. The enemy has done what it sought to do, take over Hollywood, and the media in general and to weaponize sentiment so to create change, and that is the whole purpose of the climate change proposal.

When Ocasio-Cortez announced that there were only 12 years to live on earth unless we did something different like adopting her Green New Deal the enemy in general is establishing Kotter’s number one rule, to establish a sense of urgency. That is how change agents inspire people to follow them, whether or not the proposal is real, it is a tactic used to drive people toward action. Climate change and the deadlines set are nothing more than this. The earth doesn’t really care if humans are on its surface or not. The earth will be around long after humans have decided to leave just as it was around long before. The earth is indifferent to our existence just like other planets. Planets are not very wise, they aren’t writing great works of literature or contemplating the origin of the universe, they just sit in space reacting to the elements of existence. However, the enemy has to create the artificial sentiment that danger is imminent forcing humans to act against their best interests to save the earth from a phantom menace. But the operative word is “phantom.”

To accept that notion of climate change you have to accept the premise that humans are inheritably bad, which is what Hollywood has been trying to tell us about ourselves for the last thirty years. The Watchmen was a great movie but notice how people didn’t rush out to see it and don’t behold the characters in the same regard as opposed to someone like Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is about the best that humans can be and it makes people feel good to watch a character like that. But most movie characters are about the worst that humans are which is trying to reinforce the need for change. The enemy needs the human race to see fault in themselves so that they will act politically to below the line motivations which are then rules by a larger centralized government managing those affairs, much the way the Church of Europe wanted to rule over monarchs calling themselves direct representatives to God himself. The modern equivalent is nothing more complicated, it’s an evil attempt to pull down the ambitions of the human race so that they will be inspired to act against their best interests and give power over to the centralized authority of dumb kids like Ocasio-Cortez and her band of climate change fanatics.

I wanted to watch the Watchmen because I had noticed that Zach Snyder seems to be officially now developing a movie version of The Fountainhead, which is one of my favorite novels in the history of novels. If anybody could do a real film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s work it would be Zach Snyder. Even though the Watchmen had elements of the enemy assumptions about the human race in it, Snyder likely went that way due to the source material, staying loyal to the original graphic novel. The Fountainhead will be a very controversial work that I think will be a rather dramatic answer to the change agency that Hollywood has become so in spite of all the elements we see today, I see big changes tomorrow. Not everyone is willing to serve the enemy’s wishes to turn the United States into a parasitic state of compliant losers worshiping at the alters of climate change by disregarding the best that humans can be, thinking creative beings. I honestly think we all maintain in us the good elements of Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen and that our future is there, not in rising oceans and voodoo atmospheric anomalies. The earth is pretty dumb, and nature is as philosophically affluent as a rock. It exists and does what it does for basic survival, but nothing else. Whereas humans are trying always to become better and that makes them worth something in the context of universal history.

Rich Hoffman

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