John Podesta Turns to Aliens to Save Democrats in Elections

As it is clear by now, I am referring to anybody who wants to change the nature of the American Constitution to merely the “enemy” because under the oaths dedicated to it, for which we all share, the definition for domestic enemy is clearly anybody with such intentions, to change that founding document into something else. So with that definition in mind John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were certainly members of the enemy party in America and now with Trump in the White House they are political outsiders, even though the enemy wishes it not to be the case. From the perspective of the enemy having John Podesta and Hillary Clinton on the bench with four fouls each and a whole basketball game to play is intolerable and they are looking for every angle to get back into the game as is humanly possible. And understanding that it answered a lot of questions I have been having lately with all the UFO information that is suddenly flooding the marketplace, from Netflix to the History Channel, much of it very good. But why now? Well, I was watching Ancient Aliens over the weekend catching up on some 2018 episodes I hadn’t yet seen and sure enough there was John Podesta on the show advocating for Full Disclosure—the truth about alien life mingling with our current political structure. I had to shake my head, why isn’t the media clamping down hard on him for saying such a thing? If it was a Republican going onto the Ancient Aliens show saying the same things they would have been laughed off planet earth immediately, so why the free pass for John Podesta?

From my perspective I think there is a lot to the ancient alien contemplations suggested on that show, and I think there is a direct link between poltergeist activity and UFO phenomena. I tend to think that human civilization is alien in nature and that our culture has advanced by interacting with travelers that come and go from earth frequently. It’s not just one species of alien either, but many and they have been visiting earth and leaving for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. To us they are simply travelers, space is a big place and earth is just one little island destination for them to visit which they do out of curiosity, the way that we might travel to Africa or Tahiti. Of course, when they visit some of their culture rubs off on us and vice versa. I’m also quite sure that some life forms visit or interact with us through other dimensional realities, which is what we often refer to as paranormal phenomena—like a recurring ghost that might appear on the Queen Mary in Los Angeles, reflections of a period in history that replays over and over again in the quantum realm interacting with our four-dimensional world. It’s all very scientific, rational, and understandable if you really take the time to consider the circumstances. But to admit such a thing it requires us to admit a whole lot of other things that many aren’t comfortable to admit to themselves so we toss the whole subject into the realm of conspiracy and we criticize vehemently anyone who dares to put such a topic into the mainstream, that is until very recently.

I tend to think that the cause of all the recent news from Harvard law professors and NASA itself suggesting that we are going to find soon evidence of intelligent life coming from outside our planet earth as hints so that we are not shocked when it does happen—what people are calling “full disclosure.” But now its obvious that there is a political element that the “enemy” is now suggesting to utilize as a change agency a superstition of our American Constitution to make it less valid and the scope of earth protection more of a priority. And this is why the media is not attacking John Podesta, the guy at the center of the Wikileaks controversy, the guy who ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the guy who was caught having emails about “spirit cooking,” now appearing on Ancient Aliens advocating for full disclosure regarding UFO interactions and our relationships to alien life.

This isn’t new for Podesta, but the tactic is, basically the Democrats have nothing to offer by means of politics and all they have in their pocket of tricks is fear. The Trump presidency has taken a lot of fear about other countries off the table, fear of Russia, fear of Iran, fear of North Korea, perpetual wars in Syria, Afghanistan and even China leaving Democrats with very little to talk about, so their next obvious conclusion is to turn toward aliens from outer space. By pushing for full disclosure on topics that the government clearly isn’t ready to talk about, Podesta hopes that enough millennials will turn toward his party to elect politicians who will commit to full-disclosure which will happen anyway soon. So Podesta has nothing to lose by promising to be the party of Alien warning which of course they will tie into concerns about global warming. Since they can’t win an argument based on economics, morality, or basic trade policy, all they have is aliens and a basic fear of them to propel the Democrats along. Of course, the enemy itself is going along with that strategy because it fulfils their desires to stay in charge a bit longer. After all, what is the best way to deal with aliens from another world but a big government there to protect us from them?

I read Podesta’s emails very carefully when they were released by Wikileaks so it’s not hard to know his mind. I was shocked that a mainstreamer like him would go onto the Ancient Aliens show because we would all assume that he’d be ridiculed for it. But I can imagine the email traffic from him to everyone else, that by pushing for alien disclosure it helps make it look like the government is trying to shut up Hillary Clinton, that her illegal activity regarding her servers is all part of this vast alien conspiracy because she is the party candidate for full disclosure. He’s essentially trying to hide the illegal activity and the FBI assistance in it that he himself was involved in and trying to hide it behind his controversial push for revealing to the world the nature of alien life from other planets. That’s how desperate they are to reach for anything to hide their crimes and try to stay relevant in the world of politics.

So that’s the game that Podesta is playing but what is shocking is that so many people are willing to let him get away with it. I’m surprised that Podesta’s involvement in the Ancient Aliens show didn’t get him ripped to pieces in the media. But that also goes to show who the enemy really is. Imagine if Mitt Romney had even said the word, “full disclosure.” Every newspaper and news outlet would have led their stories off it. No Republican would be able to show their face in public. But the true enemy of America want’s Democrats to win any way possible, and everyone is on board with it no matter how outlandish, or “out of this world” the assumption may be.

Rich Hoffman

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