The Legacy of Mike Pence: Now more people will be hurt in order to win our country back

A little note to Mike Pence after his ridiculous comments recently about his role in certifying the illegal election of 2020, you are not a good guy if you allow evil to grow. He did not stand for truth and justice in his role as the Vice President; instead, he punted to the process of certifying an illegal election knowing that the real issue was a process crime, and he simply did not dare to do what needed to be done when it needed to be done. Instead, he tried to justify his actions by saying that we’ll win next time, and when we do, Kamala Harris and whoever else will have to accept our results, as if this was a story about the “high road.” The election of 2020 was “certified” because the people involved in the vote count wanted to run out the clock on the legal system and get Trump out of office before anybody could check the results. It’s like a football game where there was a questionable play, and the team with the ball seeks to run the next play before the opposing coach can throw a challenge flag. In the world of Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell, the integrity of the process is more important than the results, so they weren’t going to do anything to bring that process into question, even though at the time, the questions were already starting to stack up. Now, over a year later, it’s obvious there was election fraud. The evidence is pouring forth in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Additionally, it’s getting hot in states that haven’t been discussed much, such as Colorado, Nevada, and even California. There was so much election fraud that the only responsible thing to do would have been to kick the certification process back to the states, as Pence was required to do, and make those states work out their issues right then and there, instead of dragging the country through the garbage we are seeing now. 

Just by reading the book Red Handed, which is newly out and on the best sellers list, it becomes clear quickly why so many politicians on both sides of the House and Senate wanted to see Biden elected and Trump out. They had all taken lots of money from China, and they were guilty of selling out their country. And the only way they were going to get away with it was to have Biden in the White House. That’s undoubtedly why Mitch McConnell was in such a hurry to certify the election. Those politicians who took money from China, and have been dancing to the tune of Blackrock, needed to keep the political system intact that allowed them to make that kind of money, and once they had the money in their bank accounts, they had to preserve that system. It’s a huge problem, probably the biggest problem we have ever faced in our country, and it has become this way because nobody wanted to deal with the reality of the vast amounts of corruption that was on full display. The book Red Handed lays the case out elaborately; there really is no question about the intent of the crimes. And there is no excuse not to get Red Handed and to read it. They have stacks and stacks of them at Cosco. It’s easy to get. Then, of course, knowing that it’s clear why they all signed up to conduct election fraud under “emergency Covid rules,” and that was to cover up the money they had taken from a hostile foreign nation. It was clear at the time, but in hindsight, as we have now the privilege, it was the crime of the century, and Pence had it in his power to stop it with his vote, but he didn’t have the guts to stand up to evil when it fully showed itself.

Pence has said that “no one person has the right to overturn the results of an election,” speaking of himself, of course. However, there were no legal results of the election to certify; the count that was presented that day was a mere formality and nothing more. The content was corrupt and faulty as it was delivered. And everyone who turned away from justice when it was under their guard to take action is guilty of perpetuating further crime against our country and the people in it, especially in the judicial system. When it mattered most, none of them had the stomach to stand up to what was happening because they thought the election would be certified, and people would forget about it. They felt that because of the bubble they live in. If they knew the people who lived in the country and voted all across America, they would have known that deep anger was forming, and there would be no way to repair it. Pence tried to justify his punt that day with an eye to the future, to elections where all this will be corrected in 2024, and that by taking the high road, the Democrats would be forced to do the same. Pence should know better coming from the Trump White House. He knows how things are behind the scenes. But he’s like the preacher in a train robbery telling everyone to do what the robbers are telling the occupants, just put up your hands and give the thieves what they want, so nobody gets hurt. In the world of Mike Pence, that is the way to fight evil, to yield to it so we can live another day. But in actuality, when evil presents itself, however inconvenient, we must fight it then and there, so it doesn’t grow and become emboldened like we are seeing now a year later from a government obviously not doing the work of voters but the work of the Davos Party and their Chinese insurgents intent on world domination.   Mitch and the gang are not working for the American people, that’s for sure. 

For Pence to double down on his actions that day, when he punted the illegal 2020 vote to certification, he allowed the pressure of the SWAMP to entice evil to continue its malice. He foolishly believed that Republicans would win in the end by taking the high ground. If there was anything that Trump did more wrong in his first term, it was trying to bring hostile never Trump types into his administration like Pence, Nikki Haley, and McConnell’s Chinese wife, hoping to win them over as all executives do. Keep your enemies close. But in Washington D.C., that was where the leaks came from and the undercutting. Trump rightly figured he was a big enough personality to overcome all those antics, and with that arrangement, Pence was a decent Vice-President, that is, until real courage was needed. And in the end, that is what allowed the election fraud to occur was that too many people in D.C. wanted to preserve the system that enriched them so heavily. Trump was a threat to that system, and they thought that by getting rid of him, people would fall in line and forget about all this “draining the swamp” business. And Pence thought it was the good Christian thing to trust in the law, in the lord, and of fate to sort out evil from the good. But what was needed was for people to stand up to evil and fight corruption where it showed itself. When it mattered most for Mike Pence, he punted like a coward, and now we have in the world what we have, evil more committed than ever, and to beat them now, many, many more people will end up hurt. That is the legacy of Mike Pence. 

Rich Hoffman

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