Our Government is Nothing but a Collection of International Criminals: Going after Trump, Rand Paul, and us

Our Judicial System Has Been Weaponized

I woke up today with news that the Biden DOJ is appealing a court order to release a Trump obstruction memo as part of the fake news dossier, so they can further attempt to destroy any notion of Trump running for president again.  At that same time, Rand Paul, who has come out against government forced vaccines, received death threats.  Then as mentioned in the video above, the attorney general for New York is going after the Trump Administration as a weaponized judiciary body.  Rudy Giuliani has already been targeted for abuse and had his office raided by the FBI in an early morning raid, the same type of raid inflicted against Roger Stone.  Do you see what’s going on, dear reader?  Our current government is nothing but an organized mob of international criminals, and they are sending us a message.  Obey or be harassed, or even killed.  We aren’t going to win back our country playing patty cake with these losers.  Knowledge is power.  So use it to fight back.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Our Government is Nothing but a Collection of International Criminals: Going after Trump, Rand Paul, and us

  1. This did not happen overnight. Communists are very patient. They have been plotting the takeover for many years. Brainwashing started in the schools. Union organized teachers were willing pawns. Judas betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver. John Dewey and Horace Mann were signers of the “Humanist Manifesto” and started the various teacher’s colleges. My mother graduated from one of those. Most teachers did not know they were being used, but many did actively participate in dumbing down the curriculum. I know many of those people who were infatuated with getting attention and promotions dealt out according to loyalty to the administration and union. Money flows and taxpayers haven’t a clue where it is spent. Time for people to get involved. Our nation is at risk.


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