From the Desk of Donald J. Trump: RINO Paul Ryan and others

Donald J. Trump

9:23am May 28, 2021

RINO Paul Ryan, who became a lame duck Speaker of the House, lost all vote-getting capability with the people he represented in Wisconsin, and was the single biggest factor, other than Romney himself, for the monumental Romney/Ryan loss in the Presidential race of 2012 (I got more votes by far, 75M, than any sitting president in history!), and he is now speaking to other Republicans telling them how to win elections. Interestingly, I was in the Great State of Wisconsin when they booed him off the podium—I literally had to come to his rescue.

Ryan should instead be telling them how to stop the cheating of elections and that we would have won if Republican leadership fought the way the Democrats did.

It was the day that Ryan went on the board of Fox (Fox will never be the same!) that Fox totally lost its way and became a much different place, with millions of its greatest supporters fleeing for good. Paul Ryan has been a curse to the Republican Party. He has no clue as to what needs to be done for our Country, was a weak and ineffective leader, and spends all of his time fighting Republicans as opposed to Democrats who are destroying our Country.

As a Republican, having Paul Ryan on your side almost guarantees a loss, for both you, the Party, and America itself!

The Dream of Being Awake: Vivek Ramaswamy and his book ‘Woke, Inc’

Vivek Ramaswamy

I had an excellent opportunity to meet Vivek Ramaswamy, talking about his upcoming book, Woke, Inc., at a Butler County event sponsored by several great Republicans.  Butler County Treasurer Nancy Nix and her husband are a few of the best people anybody could imagine. They were responsible for setting up the event, which features a discussion on the problem of “wokeness” in American business and is a topic I am very concerned with.  I always appreciate when I have an opportunity to learn something new, and I did as Vivek spoke for an hour and a half at the Republican Victory Center in Middletown, Ohio.  He said that the definition of “woke” was waking up from the dream of being an American, which startled me as a metaphor.  I suppose it’s an obvious definition, but the way Vivek presented it was pretty alarming.  Ramaswamy, you might know from Fox Business and Fox News in general, he’s on several shows regularly, specifically Tucker Carlson.  So it was quite a treat to get him for an evening all to ourselves to discuss this critical issue as I talk about below.

Talking about Woke, Inc.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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