An Update on Cody Wilson: The heart of the Second Amendment and the forces against it

An update to the Cody Wilson story which was another piece of news from last Friday, the same day that court documents released the contents of high profile participants in that sex operation. While Epstein apparently committed suicide to avoid embarrassing testimony for his sex trafficking activities that documents showed involved many high-profile Democrats, Cody Wilson’s one sexual exploit with an underage girl was supposed to be a moral slap in the face. In Wilson’s case his age range is more understandable than Epstein’s. Wilson riding high off his dominance in the media as the Ghost Gunner manufacturer and spokesman for Defense Distributed fell from grace by paying a girl he meet on $500 for sex. She turned out to be 16 and from there the wheels came off. It’s a clear case of entrapment, Wilson was being watched because authorities couldn’t shut him up on the Second Amendment arguments that he was making all over the world, so the oldest trick in the book brought him down and took him off the front page. Wilson pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of injury to a child and will be required to register as a sex offender during a probation term of seven years, which of course he won’t be allowed to own any guns during that period of time. It’s a shame that he fell for it, but it is what it is. Mistakes in this game will cause you to lose the whole game. So just don’t make them.

The hypocrisy couldn’t have been clearer. If Cody Wilson was advocating for a progressive cause, he would probably have climbed higher in the food chain and been placed as a hero of charitable foundations such as the New York based social network of the Robin Hood Foundation. But Wilson was making points on the Second Amendment which made him an enemy of the progressive movement, so they had to find a way to get rid of him. Not the way that they got rid of Jeffrey Epstein, but in a much more embarrassing way, to let Wilson live with a nametag of shame hung around his neck, as a warning to those like him who might be thinking as he did—that gun rights are not given by the state. They are rights given by existence, the right to defend yourself from forces aggressive toward you.

Defense Distributed, the company that makes 3D printers so that guns can be manufactured at your home easily was started by Wilson and it exposes the critical element of gun ownership that is at the center of the entire debate. Gun laws, especially those proposed by politicians after every mass shooting assume that gun manufacturers will always be controlled by the ATF and background checks and other methods and standing between the manufacture and distribution of firearms will always be the case. But the opposite is true. More than ever, technology has allowed for private manufacture of everything, especially guns. I could make one in my garage today and probably shoot it this evening. Once you have the ability to makes something the ownership of it belongs to you, not some central government that is trying to stand between you and ownership through regulation.

Cody Wilson had hit a nerve that no authority figure wanted to admit, so they used his mistake with that girl to tear him down. The hypocritical truth is that most of his accusers would be doing the same thing if only they could. How many times have young women lied about their age to get sex with an older man, especially if they had celebrity and money to feed their desires? A lot. Cody Wilson, as smart as he is, didn’t have the experience to say no. I’m sure he would today but for a young person, sex is a very strong need and it is used every day to control men, especially controversial men that are on television all the time. But his mistake doesn’t take away the argument. The government doesn’t have the right to prevent any of us from manufacturing our own weapons. We don’t need the gun manufacturers to make guns, or even bullets. We have the technology and ability to make our own guns and our own ammunition right in our own garages and there is nothing any authority can do about it. Which is what Cody Wilson exposed with his work at Defense Distributed.

The company he founded is still in operation and is selling their mini milling machines which can cut out a gun for self-manufacture as much as you’d like, and it is a brilliant idea. The cost of these milling machines is extremely affordable. For $2000 you can get a Ghost Gunner 2 which works wonderfully, and you can build 80% of the lowers of an AR-15, and AR-308, and an M1911 with little to no experience in operating a CNC. It’s a push button solution to a complicated modern problem. Even if Democrats were able to pass all the gun control they could dream of which separated the buyer of guns from the manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Ruger and many other great American gun companies, we could decentralize the entire gun industry and just build everything in our garages.

It’s the same argument really that is going on right now with medicine and energy. Government very much wants to control utilities and insurance, but the trend is to fix people without the infrastructure that we have built the insurance industry around. And every home could have their own power plant. There wouldn’t be a need for all the power lines and grids that we are all used to if only we would deregulate those industries. It is government regulation that is holding back technical innovation. Inevitably the system will fail and people will get that independence, because that is the social trend of our modern science. That trend has already emerged with the gun industry. Now that we have that technology no authority in the world is going to put it back in the box. They might propose laws that require serial numbers on firearms or in acquiring the metals to make them. They can try to restrict the manufacture of gunpowder and bullets, but honestly, once we have knowledge, we can independently manufacture whatever we want. Look at the case of moonshine and the drug industry in general. Laws have done nothing to stop those industries. And laws will do nothing for guns.

If I want a gun, its none of the government’s business because I may need that gun to regain control of an out of control government. Government cannot take away the right of people to manage their own government. Obviously, and that is quite clear in the Jeffery Epstein case which we are supposed to ignore, but everyone is supposed to be outraged by Cody Wilson, our government is already out of control and we don’t want real sex traffickers like Bill Richardson, or Prince Edward to decide whether or not we can have a gun to defend ourselves from the government they are running. No thank you. The threat that is very real is that no matter how much President Trump or my Ohio governor Mike DeWine may want to appease the political left with more gun laws, that we as consumers will be able to step around their authority and make our own weapons, and government won’t even know where or how many. At least not legally unless they are spying on everything we are doing, which is certainly the case for most of us. But they can’t act on that information without revealing to the world that they are doing it, which of course they don’t want to do.

The Cody Wilson case makes me angry not because of what he did, which he shouldn’t have. I’m sure in the future he will be much more cautious about his conduct with young women. Most of the time it never goes well, so just don’t do it. The bigger prize is the Second Amendment argument, the right to self defense and to manage our own government with force if our election system breaks down, which in 2016 it came very close to doing. We cannot let authority figures define what we will or won’t do. We give them the ability to make laws on our behalf, but if they abuse that power, we have to be able to take our government back by force. They don’t want us to have that right which is why they support gun control. They know they are in a quandary where they are much more guilty of sex crimes than Cody Wilson. They want to be able to point at him and say, there is a bad guy, we are the good guys, even as the young girls from Epstein’s sex island scream for justice. When the heat gets too hot on that case, like it was becoming, then they just remove him from the front pages. Death is the best way to take off the edge and everyone lives happily ever after. But for Wilson, who made a great and accurate argument for the Second Amendment, he is to be socially repressed with a sex offender stigma not for the protection of society, but for the protection of a ruling class that wants gun control so that they can hold power forever if possible, and longer than that if they can figure out a way.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “An Update on Cody Wilson: The heart of the Second Amendment and the forces against it

  1. Thanks for the update on Wilson. It is sad to see him get labeled a sex offender, which will impede his ability to advocate. And you are right, his ability to legally own a gun is over. But thankfully, his ability to speak out isn’t constrained and I hope that he continues to be out there promoting his company and its products. He is smart and an effective spokesperson. He should continue to get the left riled up with his pro-2nd amendment message and do so with the knowledge that they will be trying to trip him up in every way. No mistakes this time.


    1. Sadly, I don’t think he will be able to advocate. Part of his probation is that they monitor his computer key strokes, so that liberty has been taken from him too. Pretty bad stuff considering the circumstances. But that’s all they were able to get him on, pretty amazing.


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