ANTIFA is a Terrorist Organization: Both White Nationalism and ANTIFA are elements of the left and stand against the American Constitution

Of course, ANTIFA should be labeled a terrorist group. That’s what they are and have been throughout history whenever an activist group like theirs comes about to promote socialist causes, whether it’s the Brownshirts of the NAZI or the Marxists of Lenin the purpose they serve is to attack the social order of their society and to replace it with anarchy and chaos so that change in their direction can take place. I would also say that regarding the recent Portland protests where members of ANTIFA and white supremacy groups clashed from the supposed “alt right” that both organizations are from the political left and are in themselves terrorist in nature. All the representation at the Portland protests were to the left of traditional conservatives in America and that is something worth discussing because we are all told to pick a side and that represents “us” as Americans, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This is not a First Amendment protection issue. Basically, in the case of the ANTIFA people, they are communists protesting the basic foundations of American life, so the First Amendment is something they are willingly giving up. And the White Supremacists that naturally spawn off these far-left groups are a natural reaction to being isolated by the progressive movement’s agenda but are in and of themselves a creation of it. Everyone knowns by now that it was Republicans who put down the white nationalists’ movements in America, who freed the slaves, and pushed for the equal treatment of all under the American flag. When they wave around the Confederate Flag at white nationalist events trying to go back to a time before the Civil War, they are too stating that they do not want to be a part of American law which considers everyone equal, no matter what skin color we have. If the issue wasn’t defined well enough when the original Constitution was signed, then it was made quite clear by the Civil War and the Amendments that followed that war. Essentially terrorism is the mode of operation of all these groups, and we need to look at them that way.

But for ANTIFA to call anybody a NAZI is to say that they are just a less severe version of Marxism. The Nazis were a socialist organization from Germany and their rise imposed themselves on the rest of the world with massive destruction and poor philosophy. The ANTIFA terrorists are even further to the political left and are pushing for harsh communism like what we’d find in modern China and North Korea—or even Iran. When they all start burning flags and spitting in the face of basic American ideas, its time to get rid of them as a terrorist organization by accepting that they are exactly that. The First Amendment can’t survive everything, and the line needs to be drawn at the American Flag. If everyone can’t at least agree to the Constitutional concepts that the flag represents, then whoever disagrees needs to be treated as a hostile foreign entity and a domestic enemy by the terms of modern citizenship.

To go further into this issue, the creation of a group like ANTIFA to begin with, we must blame the educations of these young people for arriving so far into their adult lives and thinking the things that they do which go against America. To consider that we have all paid massive amounts of money into the educations of these people only to have class curriculums teach anti-American sentiment which gives rise to this kind of radicalism is preposterous. And that even our modern media members are so stupid that they can’t even understand left from right thinking between ANTIFA, white nationalism, and normal Americans says a lot about their fundamental thought patterns created during their educations. And even so, some of them do understand, but by positioning the problem the way they have it forces normal Americans by default to endorse with their silence one side or the other even though neither side has anything to do with America as we have known it. I’m certainly nothing close to a white nationalist, and neither is the Trump administration, or anything connected to it. But once a stigma is created rather than solving the problem, we are forced to defend a narrative for which none of us ever played a part. To attach any conservative movement with the “alt right” of white nationalism is like calling a can of soda a glass of water. They may be both liquids, but they have nothing to do with each other. All white nationalists are advocating a form of socialism or fascism that were always born of liberalism, specifically the Democrat party as it evolved out of the early 20th century progressive movement in America.

Of course, a bunch of dumb kids raised poorly and educated to fail, because failure puts boots of radicalism on the streets to demand change, are going to want to fight someone. They must blame somebody for being losers in the world, and I place the blame on their educations which we all paid for and have proven to be destructive to the minds of young people. Which to me is just another form of inner bred terrorism. The white nationalists aren’t any smarter, they are looking to socialism and fascism for a reason, because they can’t think their way out of a paper bag soaked with water. So, they turn to collectivism to solve their social problems. The situation really is a mess and most people don’t have time to figure out all the players and how they became that way. Which if you look at how the media has positioned these stories to pick winners and losers both on the side of the left, the attempt against our American lives is obvious, which is yet another act of terrorism against our Constitution.

There is plenty of blame to go around, and there has been lots of unchecked terrorism that has been left to grow because law makers didn’t want to come across as harming the First Amendment. But all these characters in this play have forsaken the protections of the Constitution by spitting on the American flag in some fashion or another which is to say to the world that they don’t honor the Constitution for which it represents. In that regard declaring these groups and anybody for that matter who states that they despise the American Flag, we should then treat them as hostile to the American ideas and law for which our society demands we at least find common ground. If we don’t at least have that common ground, then what do we really have and what will be the outcome? We can’t just let ANTIFA act so badly in our city streets and bring harm to people all in the name of open communism. We do need to draw a line and I think the situation is quite clear. ANTIFA and all such organizations need to be labeled a terror group, no different from an organization like ISIS. And we need to run them off the face of the planet as domestic enemies to the American concept. And that’s the way it must be.

Rich Hoffman

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