More Mass Killings in California: But why isn’t the media covering it?

OK, so a loser angry at the world committing robberies and stabbing people to death across Orange County in two different cities occurred yesterday evening, around 4 PM in Garden Grove and ended at Santa Ana at a 7-Eleven. Four people died in the rampage and 2 others were injured, which is more than the latest California shooting incident yet there was no wall to wall coverage on the cable and network news outlets. It was hardly covered at all. The perpetrator was yet another young person, this time a 33-year-old tattooed freak. He was a white guy, we don’t know much else about him at this time, but unquestionably he was a loser. So why no coverage, doesn’t everyone care about the poor people who were killed? Well, unfortunately, no. The problem with this killing spree was that it was not centralized to an emotional center people could relate to, like a school, a bar, or a Walmart, and that it didn’t involve a gun. No gun legislation or “red flag” law would have prevented these murders. Rather, this is evidence of what I have been saying for a long time, and why we need looser gun laws, not stricter ones. This is a social problem and we will see more of it, and nobody can handle that, because they are all a bit guilty in this matter. You can’t pass a law to protect us from ineptness, which has caused all these social problems. And that is why laws banning guns in any way at all will never stop the mass killings. If lunatics like this guy in Orange County want to kill people, they’ll just grab a knife, or whatever is available.

I hate to be right about all these things all the time. I was talking about the dangers of socialism in our public schools before Glenn Beck had his show on Fox in 2009 which arguably fed the Tea Party movement dramatically. The concerns have always been there, it didn’t take leaders to bring about the dialogue. Rather the conversations were going to emerge regardless of any particular person, whether it was me, Glenn Beck, or Donald Trump. People could see these things coming and they were concerned. And for good reason. Now we are seeing what we were all concerned about. Young people in the millennial category are disasters, results of epic social failures, drug legalization, a breakdown of the family, a loss of religion, and explosive and irresponsible entertainment culture, terrible educations specifically liberalized which didn’t prepare them for the real world—I could go on and on all day long. The bottom line is that these people are now in our mainstream culture and are decision makers. They don’t have unifying music like we might have had growing up, they have chaos and anger and they’ve had it their entire lives and now they can use weapons and function without their parents, and they are dangerous.

There is no way to put the lid back on the bottle. This generation of violence is going to have to play out. These kids are going to have to get older and be replaced by a newer generation that isn’t as bad as they are. I see hope there, perhaps the young people coming of age during the Trump administration will be better since as a nation we are talking about these problems openly. As much as people are upset at all the divisive rhetoric on social media these days at least the talks are happening. For these young killers, including this 33-year old stabbing murderer, they grew up where only the left was speaking, and they thought that was the path of the future because that was the only side they heard. They weren’t proud of America because nobody was defending it ten years ago when these kids were in their formulative years. Drugs were being pushed. Crazy music. Homosexual themes, loose sex, no religion except for environmentalism, socialist economies, selfless activism to drive leftist agendas, all that was in full swing and these kids are the result of those activities and beliefs.

We see even now all the radical bra burning hippies who were outright flower children in the 60s who are now heads of newspapers, colleges, and the publishing world, they are as radical as they were as young people only now they are in charge. For the foreseeable future, these modern millennials will get better but they will still believe the same things as they get older, and they will be dangerous for at least the next 30 years. They could snap at age 21, or 33, or 55—we will never know no matter how much “red flag” laws are passed. We will be helpless to solve the problem because we never dealt with the real issue. The problem was behavioral change activated by liberal, progressive values and the reaction that the human being had on those values. When those values don’t match up to reality, of course they will be traumatized. And when they are traumatized and nobody can help them out of it, they will sometimes lash out in violent ways. So we might as well get used to it. You can’t outlaw behavior, obviously.

We’re not talking about everyone of course. Most everyone feels some kind of anxiety about something or the other. But it only takes less than 1% of these troubled young people to become mass murderers that everyone fears. What you put in your mind ultimately makes us all, and most of what these murderers will be proven to have in common was bad stuff put in, so bad stuff came out. You can’t have a society that does not value life, come out being good. If the things we talk about is how bad capitalism is, or how we should kill babies with abortion, or how we should get stoned to escape from everything, what kind of world do we think these kids are going to make once they are responsible. This loser in Orange County was behaving just like a player of Grand Theft Auto would. Don’t tell me that video games have no influence on the behavior of young people. That 2018 study they keep pointing to is just as truthful as the FBI trying to tell us they weren’t spying on the Trump administration or that they weren’t trying to instigate a coup of his government in favor of Democrats.

The bottom line is that we are there, we are at a time where we have made these kids and now we have to deal with them as a society, and not just for a few years, but for the next half of a century. It will take a long time to correct the course that all these liberals have created in our society without much of a defense by conservatives. And this is the result. Killers on our streets, violence everywhere and a society numb to the shock of it all. And a media that is so much as conspiring activists that they won’t cover these stories because it doesn’t fit the gun control narrative that they all want. Because they all have a sense of it, that when average everyday people realize what a mess all this has been and they want to know who is responsible, Democrats do not want a society of guns to come after them to change out the ranks of power. They hope that like other places in the world, they can maintain their positions once the public finally understands what has happened to their country. Some do now, enough people to vote for President Trump. But those numbers will grow as these senseless murders go without offerings of real change. That’s when the wheels will really come off, which I would say has already started well in advance of this latest incident. I saw the wheel wobbling long ago, and now its too late. We will have to deal with the results.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrat Policies Have Caused Mass Shootings: If we have Red Flag laws are we going to arrest all of them as potential terrorists?

Ahead of President Trump’s visit to Dayton, Ohio the Democrat mayor of Dayton was very disingenuous toward his intentions and toward guns in general. Rather than talk about the victims and the circumstances leading up to the recent mass shooting she made an open pitch for gun control which would have done nothing to stop the problem. Rather, the shooter was from her own political party and actually was an advocate for gun control. The shooter didn’t really care to live, and he knew that if he did conduct a mass shooting that the debate on gun control would rage, largely by his own making. So it was rather astonishing that Governor DeWine surrendered so quickly to appease gun control advocates when it was really political radicalism antagonistic toward President Trump’s successes that caused the violence. Yet nobody covered that issue. A few reporters tried to get the Dayton mayor to say something about the political motivations of the shooter, but she ignored the questions and deferred. Meanwhile, most establishment Republicans did exactly what Democrats wanted them to do really without any reason whatsoever.

Now rather than talking about the cause of the violence, everyone is talking about “red flag laws” which is a very dangerous platform. In the future, no matter what they say now, once we accept that red flags brought up by friends, neighbors or family are a means for preventing crimes then we have essentially entered the realm of the “Minority Report.” It will be the next level of social control which Google and Facebook are already performing for the government with censorship and is a direct attack not just on the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, but the Fourth and Fifth. Red flag laws are an absolute abomination of American law and serve only one purpose, by giving government more control for which they don’t deserve.

There were plenty of red flags surrounding the life of Conner Betts, but our government didn’t act on any of them. There were plenty of people including many mainstream reporters who were interacting with his extreme liberalism on social media, and he had a history going well back to high school that showed a propensity toward violence. Yet there he was running around in the world planning a mass killing. The solution to him was to have more concealed carry holders there on the spot to kill him within the opening shots instead of waiting for the 30 seconds that it actually took for the police on the scene to engage him. Because it was a nightlife district, there were plenty of police there with guns, so the carnage could have been much greater. But it could have been reduced even more if the engagement was within 5 to 10 seconds. I have a few guns that I carry that would have stopped that guy with or without body armor, and to be honest, in a society like the one we have now where moral conduct has lost its grip, that is the only solution for the short term, until we can restore some structure to our society once again. But we are a long way from that. Until we deal with the real problems, more concealed carry holders are going to be needed in traditional gun free zones so that we can cut down the reaction time from when a shooter reveals themselves, to when they are stopped. If politicians, especially on the liberal side of things don’t want Wild West shootouts in our streets, then they should have managed their cities better.

The Dayton mayor really made me sick over these last several days of news coverage. We have been talking about how Democrats are ruining cities and Cincinnati and Dayton are certainly no exception. I like both of those cities, but the evidence of Democrat leadership is grossly obvious. Yet the mayor only wanted to talk about laws like red flag and how to keep CCW holders from expanding into day cares. As she spoke it took everything I had to keep from leaping into the TV to explain to her that if we truly did what she wanted the entire Democrat party would have to be red flagged, because their rhetoric and activism against the flow of the nation makes them all a menace. Are we really going to arrest them all and throw them in jail because they “might” do something illegal and against the safety of society in general?

All liberals want out of these mass shootings are more laws that they can use later to get more control over all of us. Red flag laws once started will then be used to attack political opposition just as Google and Facebook use them now to attempt to control the First Amendment. Democrats are seeking to attack the entire Bill of Rights and they aren’t shy about it. And for most of us, we should see that as an open assault. Democrats in general don’t care about the people who died in these tragic shootings, they only want to see how they can advance their cause on the backs of them.

In Chicago, which is an important story, over 1500 people have been shot so far in 2019 to the date of this article. Most of those shootings have occurred in the south and west sides, which is filled with years and years of socialist government experimentation. The results have been a completely failed society that is obvious from the air when landing at O’Hara. There were 59 people shot the weekend of the so-called mass shootings. 7 people actually died which is just as bad as the Dayton mass killings, but nobody is talking about that with equal vigor. That is because the cause of the shootings are the results of Democrat policies and social tampering. Guns are already illegal in Chicago yet they have no control as a police force of how to stop those killings which are happening every day. More laws won’t do anything to stop the problem because the causes are in education, social safety nets and their effects, low moral conduct—no dads in the homes, drugs, and poor economic outlooks. Neighborhoods that are poor have generally adopted socialist policies over the years pushing capitalism to the suburbs which cause bad options for jobs and micro economies. High taxes, high government tampering into investments, and government run housing that nobody wants to live in are all contributing factors. To fix all those things we have to admit that it is liberal policies that have failed. No new law can mask that.

It is good that at least President Trump gets it and he showed as much on his visits to El Paso and Dayton. The political class under him are still functioning from unearned guilt, but maybe they will follow his lead and stand up for themselves. Red flag laws are already in place, but what are you going to do when we have an FBI and CIA who see and monitor this activity but fail to act. Yet Alex Jones and many other conservatives are de-platformed off social media for uttering nothing even close to the kind of rhetoric that Connor Betts participated in leading up to the shooting. The lack of attention to his activity almost look as if authorities wanted him to commit a mass shooting so that more anti-gun legislation could be enacted. That isn’t the kind of thing many of us would utter in the light of day, but we all think it within the confines of our minds. And it isn’t Democrats that are changing their tune, they are demanding that Republicans change. That is outlandish because it is Republicans who are offering and have been offering solutions. Democrats have been making them, and their lack of responsibility in the matter is truly astonishing.

Rich Hoffman

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