The Age of President Trump: The great work that Jennifer Grossman is doing at The Atlas Society

I truly wish that there were more hours in a day, because if I could get 120 hours out of a day, I’d do it in a second and waste not a one of them. I am not a formal member of The Atlas Society, but I think Jennifer Grossman is doing a great job as the new CEO, which is dedicated to the Ayn Rand philosophy of Objectivism. My lack of membership is that I am not a group person, and I have too many interests to stick with just one of them. While I support Objectivism over other current types of thinking, I think we have a long way to go as human beings to get where we need to, so I like to keep an open dialogue to the types of thought that needs to be invented to deal with the reality of our current discoveries. In that manner I pay a lot of attention to the Joseph Campbell Foundation, as well as the NRA and my Cowboy Fast Draw Association activities. I’m involved in local political groups and am very busy in business. I love to follow the science fields of archaeology, regenerative medicine and aviation so my main frustration is that I run out of hours to pursue all my interests every day, but I do try to get to all of them as time permits. With all that in mind this video shown below produced by The Atlas Society I thought deals perfectly with people’s fears about Trump’s trade policies. The video is about the evil of envy, which is the type of age that we currently are in and history will remember this period most succinctly.

While Objectivists are divided over Trump and have been since the beginning thinking him to be too dictatorial for their free market sensibilities I think he truly is an Objectivist as he has said before by stating the great Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead as his favorite book. As a major developer in New York, The Fountainhead fits his lifestyle over the years and now as an older person who has been there and done it all, I think he’s intent to play his own version of John Galt, striking not just at the world, but using the leverage of the American economy to break down socialist incursions in every facet of global politics and economic development to pave the way for a capitalist revolution that will usher in lots of wonderful productivity into the 21st and 22nd centuries. People say that Trump is not sophisticated and while he’s not likely to give any public speeches like Howard Roark did in The Fountainhead, or John Galt did in Atlas Shrugged, the President does seem intent to use the nature of envy in people to crush their addictions to social deformity.

It is amazing that the stock market values have stayed as high as they have with all the disruptions going on in the world, which says a lot about the power of Trump’s deregulation policies. But the trade war is something that has had to happen for a long time, and it takes a personality like Trump to impose it. While taxes on free trade goes against Objectivist ideas, I see them as a weapon against the current trend of mixed economies where the socialist nature of value depreciation is openly looting off the good produced by imaginative injections into human endeavor. If the socialist aspects are attacked and exposed for what they are by having the mask ripped away, and the pain of tariffs forces other economies to move toward a free trade policy as the ultimate uncle in a negotiation, then that would be a good thing, and is likely the end result of this current crises. While in Ayn Rand’s mind she envisioned striking against society to allow the parasites to be exposed, Donald Trump’s move is more aggressive, and more practical. As a salesman he is happy to promote the value of something while pointing out the flaws of the parasites, which will ultimately be more effective in the long run.

The American economy is the leverage that makes a trade war work. Trump is openly allowing the world to watch free market tactics work against mixed economies by beating them at their own game. America as it has followed others over the cliff as well is not a fine example of a free market either, and Trump is showing others what a totalitarian state-run campaign looks like, which of course has Objectivists worried—but the big picture is that Trump is simply showing cards. As President he has the authority to do so, but his nature is to go the extreme opposite way and lay the foundations down for a very laissez-faire capitalist system not just in the United States, but for the entire world. If there is one thing that Trump will be remembered for, it is in pulling together the global economy under the leadership of America and pulling away that guidance from the European Union or the Asian corridor. For those who work the markets, now is the time to buy. Trust me.

The reason this is important is because we are just a few years away from mining asteroids in space for the next great gold rush in human history, and all this socialist garbage needs to be over by then. With philosophy robbed from most of the world leaving people as empty vessels of ideology the danger is that the world won’t be ready to meet this space race of open territory not controlled by any government yet in space. For instance, who will control mines on the moon, and what countries will settle on Mars—and who will work the many asteroids to pull away the gold, silver and titanium that are abundant in them? All this activity is only a few short years away so someone needs to take the lead on this new age of wealth creation. Luxembourg is already deeply committed to space mining, and the UAB is well on its way to being the first to utilize the benefits. Space mining is going to happen, there will be a new rush into space driving tomorrow’s economy, the question is simply who will lead it. America is positioned to lead due to our economic power but what needs to be removed is the politics of envy that has been introduced which is holding back mankind in a destructive way.

If it was the Age of Reason that unleashed the concept of capitalism, and it was the Age of Envy that unleashed Karl Marx, then it will Be the Age of Trump that will take us to the kind of laissez-faire economics we have been wanting for many years. Ironically the evidence is in the video games that our young people are playing, in spite of the discussions about violence contained within them, the video game industry is the most laissez-faire industry I think we’ve ever seen and the nature of the games for which people enjoy are due to their nearly pure capitalist natures. I would argue that the reason so many millennials support socialism these days are so that they can stay home and play video games more often, because many of them find the video game world much more interesting than the real world, which is a shame. But to escape the effects of the Age of Envy, young people have turned to video games for the relief.

The key to good investments and in knowing what will happen next as the great new age of our times you have to see the big picture and I would argue that Donald Trump does, and that his end game is a more Objectivist world. And we need that Objectivist world to deal with the new economy of tomorrow, in regenerative medicine, deep space mining, and artificial intelligence. Our global economy could easily increase by 100s of trillions of dollars over the next twenty years and even the poorest person on earth could find themselves wealthy if only they embraced the correct philosophy. And to arrive there, the good work of Jennifer Grossman is bridging that gap rapidly. For those who are afraid that there is a big recession coming that will result in the Trump tariffs, actually the opposite is going to happen. We are about to enter an age of unprecedented wealth—5% GDP growth in the United States, and we are going to have to change the way we view wealth so that we can deal with all this excitement.

Rich Hoffman

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