What ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Says about Humanity: The politics behind the sexes

I personally don’t see any difference between the minds of men and women.  Women have done great things in history and are quite capable intellectually of anything that needs to be done at any level.  I have raised two daughters to believe that they can do anything and that no obstacle is too great and that there is no such thing as social victimization.  Yet there is a difference between men and women and that is their roles in sexuality.  Sex is a function of human bodies, like eating, breathing, or physical activity of any kind.  The mind often drives the body, but the vehicle that hosts the mind is different.  So it becomes very confusing to society when politics and philosophy have focused incorrectly on the bodily function of the sexes so to gain leverage in the great games of life—whether it was men trying to keep women from voting, or women using sex to gain advantage in a marriage or other relationships.  Such perilous activity is the key topic point to my new installment to the Cliffhanger series Latté Sipping Prostitutes.

Currently the intellectual capacity of our modern society isn’t very astute.  We are a consumer based species heavily focused on sign stimuli which drives our commercial activity to the point where intelligence has been frowned upon.  The Go Daddy commercials are good examples of this—they offer an easy product that virtually anybody can perform—but they use sex to sell their product placement and convince people to turn off their minds to the fact.  Most aspects of commercial society function with this intellectual weakness-Go Daddy is just an example.  The important aspect is that sex is used to place product importance into the minds of the consumer class.  Well, the very same tactic is used in politics, and it is a serious situation that needs to be explored which again is why I wrote Latte Sipping Prostitutes.

Progressive institutions like public education and media outlets have further distorted the contradiction by speaking out of both sides of their mouths as they have in a recent Hollywood Reporter article regarding the new Fifty Shades of Grey film being released on Valentines Day 2015 weekend to capitalize on the romantic event.  The book itself is simply a work of erotic fiction.  It is pornography that has been sold as mainstream literature in outlets such as Wal-Mart, Target and was featured on day time talk shows like Ellen as if it were a work of pornography finally aimed at females often referred to as “mommy porn.”  Men feeling like they needed to show support of women–after all they have the annual Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition that comes out in February along with other milder forms of pornography intended specifically for them–just went along to get along.  The book itself and the film that is following is seen as empowering women—so the mainstream bought into the effort and made E.L. James a multimillionaire.  Yet the story itself is all about the fantasy of women being dominated by a strong “ultimate” man.  In this case it is a young billionaire who is drastically handsome and has just enough of a broken psyche that the story’s protagonist can love back to health—which leads to the bondage subplot and the 1/5 of the upcoming film dealing strictly with nudity and sadomasochistic sex.  This has left men very confused because for three decades now they were told that women didn’t want those kinds of men.  They wanted big softies who cried and shared their feelings.  That is not the kind of man who is the object of love in Fifty Shades of Grey and the subsequent novels.  So to sum up the problem progressive society wishes literally to have their cake and eat it too—they instructed men to be less manly and controlling—to be more open and expressive—then promoted a movie that is supposed to empower women which is all about the lust of women for controlling—dominating men.  Then to top it off, the articles leading up to the film’s release–the pre-sales articles bragged about the parts of the country showing the strongest sales numbers and guess what states they were—they were strong southern states still leaning politically and culturally toward traditional values.  The not so subtle message from progressive organizations like The Hollywood Reporter shown below is that women in the south are repressed and desire liberation.  Read for yourself.

The highly anticipated big-screen version of EL James’ best-selling erotic novel is selling more advance tickets than average in many Southern and Midwestern states, according to Fandango. In particular, presales for Fifty Shades are nearly four times better than average pre sales in Mississippi, the online ticket retailer added. Sales are, similarly, at least two times better than expected in Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Louisiana.

Fifty Shades, which hits theaters on Feb. 13, is already the fastest-selling R-rated title in Fandango history. The company analyzed the state-by-state advance sales patterns, comparing Fifty Shades presales against the average and finding surprisingly high numbers for the Universal/Focus Features title.

Fandango is also reporting that hundreds of opening-weekend screenings of Fifty Shades are already sold out in cities like Tupelo, Mississippi; Florence, Kentucky; Chattanooga, Tenn.; San Diego; Houston; Las Vegas; L.A. and New York.



The sales pattern for Fifty Shades of Grey will be that the film will do between $80 million to $60 million on opening weekend but will drop quickly once the build-up audience sees the movie.  It will be lucky to make $160 million domestically which will make money on a budget that is reasonably low—and will be considered a success.  But it will not be on par culturally with something like American Sniper which speaks to the typical “Red State” voter.  Progressive institutions are trying to build a case for their viewpoints of expanded feminism by attacking typical red states and purple states such as Kentucky.

Of a particular interest Florence, Kentucky was mentioned which is a southern suburb of Cincinnati.  I know from personal experience a lot about that demographic which is typically very affluent.  There are a lot of professional couples living in that region where the husband travels a lot in their job and the women are independently building their own lives under a shared roof under very progressive conditions.  When you get a few miles away from this specific region of Kentucky the demographics move back toward Bible Belt traditional roles where women still are encouraged to wear skirts on Sundays and to stay home to raise their babies if it’s even a remote option with a marriage partner.  Yet the Hollywood Reporter took the pre-sales numbers from the Rave in Florence as an indication of the Bible Belt south as having women crawling all over themselves to see Fifty Shades of Grey.

Obviously the motive of the reports were political and agenda driven.  When the reality comes to pass and the film isn’t a blockbuster on par with films like American Sniper—everyone will forget about the build-up.  But they will remember that women in the south felt repressed and that they desire fulfillment they aren’t getting from their traditional lifestyles meaning they need to support more Barack Obama wealth redistribution programs, Hillary Clinton for upcoming president, and Elizabeth Warren as a viable progressive voice in Washington.  Men through their guilt will just throw up their arms and say nothing as their wives vote for Hillary and they vote for whoever the Republican is leaving the minority voting population as the pivot vote.  See how it works?  But all along the scam is clear—Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t empower women at all—it just exploits secretly the stereotype that was always there—that women in a sexual sense desire to be in possession of a man who conducts their life with sheer confidence and strength.  It has nothing to do with a woman’s mind or ability to conduct a hard task like becoming a scientist traveling to Mars or a technical wizard in a laboratory—but with their desires for sexual roles that they are biologically inclined to.  To fill those roles they want strong men—not weak crybabies. So it is in this way that feminism has confused the hell out of everyone with the strategic objective to advance progressivism.

It’s a complicated story and my narrative Latté Sipping Prostitutes means to specifically break down this issue in a way that provides context.  An example is often helpful because society speaks out of both sides of its mouth on the issue.  And it takes a great understanding of human nature to see through the haze. That understanding will not come from the Hollywood Reporter.  They are simply trying to make a point that will recruit more progressive voters in the future from states that typically vote the way their husbands do—because men tend to pay more attention to political aspects of society as women tend to focus more on social aspects.  In most honest marriages men leave the social engagements to their wives while the men read about local and state politics in the paper and the two typically trust in each other the result.  There is much more at work behind the Hollywood Reporter article that goes back to the training of progressives from their institutions of learning which taught them to think in such ways.  But it’s hard to see, which is why it is good to have tools which enable the curious to see those tricks played so openly upon the political and social landscape using the sexes to hide the truth.

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  1. We’re going to see American Sniper on Valentines Day….got the tickets already thanks to the internet, which Obama is about to control thanks to the FCC.


    1. A much better movie, to say the least. Those communists can’t have anything in the economy that’s free, otherwise they can’t control the message. If they can’t control the message, they have nothing anybody wants.


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