Facing Down Evil: A brief history of Iraq and why America went to war

It’s OK to hate evil, in spite of any Christian sensibilities toward turning the other cheek. Sometimes its far worse to turn away from evil than in not loving thy neighbor as thy self. Evil is evil and it must be recognized and dealt with. For far, far too long Americans have been reluctant to pass judgment on evil for fear of appearing as “judgmental imperialists” to the rest of the world—and that has been a mistake. To see evil in all its gruesome antagonism and to understand what the Iraq War and Afghanistan War have always been about watch the video below.  I can’t guarantee that the video will still be up when you have the chance to see it dear reader—but for those who catch it before it’s taken down, it is horrible to look at. What is in the video is a row of prisoners under the control of ISIS. The terrorist group is behind the row with firearms waiting for the approval to fire. Once they get it, they unleash their violence into the heads of each prisoner one by one before unloading their magazines into the helpless bodies. While watching, ask yourself what any of those people could have done to possibly justify this horrendous action. Nothing comes to my mind and I can think of a lot of things. The only proper designation is that the act is pure evil by an evil group of people and it deserves answers from a just people in a just nation.  Warning, the video is very violent.

I was happy to find that Glenn Beck the day after a Jordanian pilot was burned to death inside a cage by ISIS terrorists had a similar reaction as I did. Even Beck is tired of pussy-footing around with terrorists as he showed the pictures on his Blaze website. The video was even worse than the still photographs. I think it was in many ways worse than the above assassination of the prisoners because it was just so cruel. The video was cut together with very cartoonish music and was done with the type of theatrics that might have been seen in the worst James Bond villain. Glenn Beck put up the pictures below.


In the movie American Sniper many opponents to the Iraq War have come out against the United States premise of occupation and have said that Chris Kyle and others were not heroes in that war-torn land. As much as I sympathize with the debacle that was the Sykes-Pikot agreement which ultimately broke up the Middle East into French and English territories after World War I what has been the result of that entire region with the exception of Israel, has become like a giant inner city in America. The good intentions of bringing civilization to the Arabs have resulted in a theocratic society rolling in poverty, aggressive religions, and communism in their core economic beliefs. They are now a very dangerous people in the Middle East because of their belief systems and that has left them vulnerable to the most aggressive, and repressive of their kind to emerge as global bullies.

George W. Bush knew of the complexity in the Middle East and took it upon himself to find a way to remove Saddam Hussein from power—to complete what his father had started. The so-called WMD’s in Iraq were moved across the border and hidden in Syria to be used later by Hussein knowing that U.N. inspectors would be looking for them. Of course the United Nations never found the weapons, but America went to war anyway—basically to punish evil. However, Bush didn’t do a very good job of explaining the reasons behind the Iraq War and once Americans discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They thought that Bush had lied just to provoke a conflict. The intelligence from the region indicated to Bush the kind of violence being conducted similar to what we are seeing today from ISIS. So off flimsy intelligence, and a moving target scuttling the WMD’s across the border, George Bush went on a Christian crusade into the heart of the Middle East to punish evil as he saw it. Likely he felt the way we do now in seeing prisoners burnt in cages and shot in the head one too many times to turn away. When you have the United States military as a weapon to use, he did—and I can’t blame him.

President Obama did similar acts for different reasons. He seems to enjoy the caliphate of Islamic extremism going on around the Mediterranean. Just like Bush before him Obama has used his power to assist those he identified with. Who does anybody think the rebels were in Libya who toppled Gaddafi? Obama made the decision to act alone without Congressional approval to basically assassinate Gaddafi, arm the rebels and topple that dictator so to make way for the caliphate to strengthen in the power vacuum. He supported similar actions in Egypt, and if anybody has forgotten the Benghazi situation—clearly some of the same work was at play there as well. Remember when Bahar al-Assad was accused of using chemical weapons against his own people in Syria and Obama empowered him with inaction choosing instead to arm the rebels. Well, where does anybody think ISIS came from? Where did they get their weapons—who gave them all the weapons of terror to use for a push back into Iraq after Obama announced that he was pulling out all American ground troops? ISIS didn’t get the weapons out of a Cracker Jack box, and they certainly didn’t make them. The weapons used by ISIS are a combination of Soviet tanks, and large advanced U.S. made systems acquired through direct raids, rebels who have joined ISIS, and black market purchases stocked by weapons floating around the Middle East from the Libya deal, and Syrian debacle. So the Middle East is now a mess. On one hand George Bush punished the radicals in Iraq with war. Then Obama sought to undo all the gains made by that advancement—right or wrong—by pulling back the troops and funding those rebels who wanted to form an Islamic caliphate. So look what happened, ISIS wanting to take back Iraq from the American occupation used American weapons to retake the region and now they are on a killing spree—and it is grotesque.

ISIS not even grateful to Obama for giving them all those weapons threatened just a few weeks ago to cut off the president’s head in the White House so to inspire further fear. Yet the president did nothing to step up aggression against such a rival, baffling critics. The whole modern trouble with ISIS is just another Fast and Furious scam gone terribly wrong on a massive scale and now torturous thugs are armed with American weapons giving them superiority over the innocent—and America isn’t there to help this time—and have no plans to do so—because the same president who empowered them, refuses to raise a hand against them—even when they threaten his life as well.

There is no way to step back and not have an opinion on the matter. America like it or not is all over the issue which was originally started by the English and French. Yet even when France was attacked recently by ISIS terrorists—Obama didn’t go with all the other world leaders to march with them in solidarity against ISIS in Paris. If the event had been a global warming conference, or a sick turtle caught in some mud pit in Florida Obama would have attended—but in a show of solidarity against ISIS—Obama didn’t show up against the radicals even though he loves his European allies. Why?

Evil is all around us and it is acting against our sensibilities at every level. The Middle East is now beyond hope. Good people are being killed there every day violently by terribly bad people, and those bad people are going unpunished. Leftists in America have empowered that evil with their passive actions—and literal actions—and the responsibility is now on the United States to correct the situation. That responsibility won’t just go away because it’s inconvenient. That Jordanian pilot was helping with Obama’s bombing campaign against ISIS, so we have an obligation to set things straight. The killings of these innocent people in the Middle East has to stop and before that can happen people need to understand what evil is and make a judgment to act against it. The intelligentsia class from American and European society are wrong about leaving the Middle East alone. George Bush, with all his faults had it right. Evil cannot go unpunished and under Obama, it is. Inaction in the Middle East is helping evil spread like a wildfire upon dry grass under a heavy wind. Unfortunately the wind in this case has come from the White House—and that is a question that needs to be answered only through the prism of proper identification of evil itself. The situation is very, very serious.

Iraq had evil in it before America “invaded.” The war was about stopping that evil. It wasn’t about oil. It was about beating evil. An evil that provoked a do-gooding president to do something about it—and another president to feed it like a pet.

Rich Hoffman

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