No, Government Didn’t Suddenly Get Smart: The Department of Energy’s press conference on new fusion methods is just another scam by a corrupt administration

It was a ridiculous press conference by the Department of Energy, by the Secretary of Energy herself, Jennifer Granholm, who laughed when people complained to her about gas prices being too high when government policies toward the religion of climate change were driving the cost escalations. She announced something that many thought was a miracle: scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California had created a net gain fusion reaction. But the truth is, this technology has been around for a long time; the government didn’t just roll over one day and find the next great miracle. I have been talking about similar types of electric generation for years, specifically personalized thorium reactors that we could have had many decades ago if the government hadn’t stuck its noses into the invention process with over-regulation. This conceivable fusion technology wasn’t new at all; it goes back to the kind of energy that Tesla wanted to present to the world but that corporations approved of Edison’s designs because with Edison, there would be infrastructure, and governments could control it. Since then, the government has only allowed technological development to come along that they could control in some way. And have otherwise been sitting on technology that gave people more power and freedom. So why this information, and why now? Indeed this new fusion reaction was a miracle of modern science and a boon fostered by the government to usher mankind into the next phase of evolution. No, it’s just another scam by an intrusive, slow government full of bureaucrats and lazy losers with other needs for the information to hit the public. And it’s nothing more than that.

For a long time, going back well over a decade government has been forcing smart meters onto all of our homes so that they could eventually follow the United Nations’ goals for zero emissions in dedication to the climate change religion they intend to force on everyone. The smart meters have all been about telling you how much power you could use at home and then gaining the ability to regulate your personal energy use so that, eventually, you would be given an energy allowance by the government. Once you achieved that level, you would be cut off if you needed more. Much of what they have seen in California, where they have prematurely moved their power grid to solar and wind and declared war on fossil fuel energy sources, has been disastrous. Because of it, they have had a lack of supply that could not meet the demand resulting in many brownouts and other supply failures. And that is precisely their goal for the rest of the country, to regulate supply and force demand to a much lower standard controlled by the government for the purposes of their climate change sacrifice to a religion of their sentiment. It has never been about the realities of power supply. Nuclear power has always been a clean energy source, but the political left has been against that type of power because it makes too much power and takes away their climate change argument. For anybody to listen to their utterances of religious conversion, they must create a crisis, so a lack of energy supply has been their goal all along, going all the way back to the competition between Edison and Tesla. 

With personalized thorium reactors, as I have pointed out many times, a household could operate for 70 years entirely off a power grid, eliminating a power company regulated by the government, and each home could be independent of one another. So this work at the National Ignition Facility in California at Livermore is nothing more than a propaganda stunt meant to make liberals not look so stupid. The Biden administration is running a depression-era economy; we are well beyond four quarters of negative growth. The media has just stopped reporting it. Gas prices are low around the Christmas holiday of 2022 not because of some miracle, its because the Biden administration and their handlers at the Desecrators of Davos in Europe can’t afford the headlines in January of 2023 that Americans didn’t have money to spend on Christmas because of gas prices being so high. The prices are artificially lowered to encourage consumer spending so that they can hide the results of their inflation numbers from the public. It’s 100% about politics and nothing about supply. There has been too much government tampering with the economy resulting in high prices everywhere, and the government needs a story to promote itself positively. That’s why this fusion story is coming out now. The push for “green energy” has caused the political left a lot of trouble, especially in America. They are trying to do damage control with some little nugget of gold like this fusion story to keep people from full-on rebellion. 

But there’s something more to all this, of course. The government has tampered with the auto industry with its regulatory terrorism pushing Ford, GM, and others to get into the fancy golf cart market of electric cars. But there is no infrastructure to operate those cars. Tesla has a pretty good grid across the country for their customers, but electric cars are still a novelty and will continue to be so. But the same activists who tampered with Tesla (the man) and his competition with Edison are forcing the destruction of an entire fossil fuel industry and conversion to clean Energy without nuclear power in a brief period. It was never a realistic goal, especially for a country like America with a 19 trillion dollar economy. Those little European countries who are members of the World Economic Forum don’t care if America’s economy is destroyed in the process; they worship the new climate change religion and are willing to sacrifice anything for it. And they are imposing those beliefs on the rest of the world with these ridiculous policies of energy control by centralized governments. But they have pushed the big car companies into these electric car investments and are now hitting the market, but people don’t want them. People are not rushing out to buy these underpowered electric cars, which take too long to charge up, are too expensive to begin with, and have to be plugged up at your house, which will only drive up your electric bill. And now all these car companies will be left with massive inventories of cars that nobody wants, and the government will be responsible for that failure too. So to perform some damage control of all this bad information, Jennifer Granholm, on behalf of the crooked Biden administration, gave a press conference on a technology that the government has been sitting on for decades, so to convince people that their commitment to electric cars and clean energy will pay off ten years down the road when these types of fusion plants will finally be built. The government wants you to go out and buy one of their dumb electric cars. With their top-heavy managed economy, they are trying to put a few dollars in people’s pockets, hoping they can hide the inflation numbers long enough to prevent a total collapse, especially after the Christmas season.   This is the government here, the same losers who brought us Covid. They don’t do anything well. They are just trying to hold off the inevitable collapse of the American economy long enough to satisfy their climate change gods in Davos and their goofy ideas about centralized governments that only work in their own little minds, but fall apart when faced with reality, every time.

Rich Hoffman

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