Why We Need More Sea Shepherds in the World: Forget about the plastic straws

Watching the excellent documentary on Netflix reminded me of something I themed my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business around.  The documentary was called Seaspiracy, and it’s all about overfishing in the oceans and some of the politics around removing plastic straws from the discussion.  Because that’s not what is killing all the fish needlessly, it’s a film with a liberal slant to it, but it also points out a problem behind just about everything in our modern age.  In this case, big corporations have been caught using government corruption to hide their massive crimes and pushing the straw issue to save a few sea turtles from diverting attention away from the real problems.  The real issues are disregarded nets and overfishing, leading to massive waste because there is no regulation whatsoever in the middle of international waters.  To my point, like the great gunfighters of the Old West, these days, we have the Sea Shepherds who roam the seas challenging lawbreakers.  I would argue that we need a lot more good people in the world doing such things, which is the solution to the overfishing on the world’s oceans.  Let good people fight it out with bad people to save the earth.  Forget about more dumb rules by a government often in on the scams that we see all too often.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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