Biden Will Always Be Known as an Illegitimate President: Evidence of massive voter fraud isn’t going away

It is pretty smoky out there; it’s a war between ideologies and, you know, the rule.  In wars or fights of any kind, the winner is determined by capitulation.  And right now, it’s impossible to tell who is thinking of capitulating, but remember.  We are not in a peaceful transition of power, and President Trump is not gripping power for power’s sake.  We are in a full-out war for the influence of American ideas in the world.  I think all this is healthy.  Because of Trump, the world has its ideas challenged. That challenge is forcing honesty where it has otherwise been hidden.  All that is good, as I said in the video above.  The cracks are showing through the many methods of election fraud that were performed for Democrats to get the power they have gained in 2021.  And no matter what happens as a result of this war, Joe Biden will never be considered the official president.  Only five months into 2021, just over 50% of all Republicans do not believe Joe Biden is the legitimate president.  And that number is growing as election audits are showing a lot of irregularities that factually did occur.  There will come a time very soon where all those in the media who said that there was no election fraud will have to retract their statements and admit there was, just as they have been doing with Covid coming out of the Wuhan lab in China.  And despite the smoke we see now, this is as good as it will ever get for Joe Biden and his Democrat insurgents.  And that’s not very good.  The best punishment is to force them all to live with what they have done.  Every day, they look in that mirror, knowing that they have been caught and will go down in history as losers of the highest degree and criminal scum who used government offices to hide their many crimes for which reflection will never forget.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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