“Absolute Interference”: The people saying there wasn’t election fraud are those who need to be investigated

Wait a minute; why are news outlets still insisting that there was no election fraud in 2020?   Now I know the answer, but I have to ask it that way for the facetious, rhetorical question which it provokes and has been a screen for massive, international crime.  It’s one thing to say that a person doesn’t believe there was election fraud that gave the election to Joe Biden.  It’s an entirely different thing to say that “there is no evidence.” Because there is a lot of evidence that there was something wrong. First, there are significant problems with the Dominion Machines in Antrim County, Michigan, and now we have the Biden Justice Department into the Arkansas audit.  There will be a collision course on the results regardless of what is found.  There will be people from now until the end of time who will believe that this election was cheated.  The only way to avoid that fate is for Dominion and the outlets claiming there was no fraud to let people look at their machines.  To understand that there wasn’t any Internet tampering through the machine’s IP addresses and that there were no deals with China to instigate the biggest cyber hack in the history of the world.  Saying there was no election fraud from media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and the network and cable news outlets controlled by massively wealthy billionaires giving infinite amounts of money to defeat Trump just isn’t going to cut the bacon. 

Most criminals will proclaim innocence when caught and pressed.  The many people behind the proposed fraud of the 2020 election are no different; the only difference is that the crime was a white one, not typically considered part of the criminal class.  But the evidence is mounting quickly, which shows that Trump did win that 2020 election.  It’s not just wishful thinking by Trump supporters.  It looks like our government has been working with a hostile foreign government to undercut our republic, and that is serious business.  Just having a bunch of people declare that there isn’t any evidence isn’t a valid argument.  People can say what they want about Mike Lindell.  I was watching some of Lindell’s work on election fraud on his new Frank Speech social media site.  I have observed how hostile news outlets have been toward that social media site, and I smell a rat.  If what Mike Lindell was doing wasn’t a threat in exposing the criminals who stole the election, they wouldn’t be so threatened by him.  They would let him do a social media site without much comment.  But that they do care tells you everything you need to know.  We see a cover-up, and at this point, everyone claiming that there is no election fraud are those we need to be investigating because, like most criminals, they sound guilty. 

I’d like to believe it when everyone says there was no election fraud in the 2020 election.  There would have to be many people involved, including news commentators like Bret Baier on Fox and Chris Wallace.  They aren’t precisely Republicans, but they are big names on a big station.  Would they be enticed by billionaire money, fear for their jobs if they didn’t play along?  I think they would be; I don’t think their journalistic integrity is that important to them.  The belief that it is part of their brand is not so intrinsically crucial to their beings’ essence.  Many people in the media will say and do anything for money, which makes them particularly dangerous when there are many rich political enemies of Trump and the MAGA movement who want to destroy the movement at any cost.  And there are always reporters and networks with their hands out for some money to say whatever they are told to say.  That is why so many of them say there was no election fraud without evidence that there wasn’t.  Instead, they offer themselves to say what they are paid to say and ask no further questions. 

If Dominion and other government election officials were more transparent about their counting methods, this story could be retired quickly.  Instead, the story has grown with more and more denials from them that aren’t aligned with reality’s facts. Their method isn’t to find the truth; it’s to confine it by eliminating competing outlets looking into voter fraud, like Mike Lindell.  Instead of offering evidence that no election fraud did occur, they have chosen to attack Mike Lindell, who is asking the questions.  They are using the Justice Department to harass legally President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and the attacks on Sydney Powell, Linn Wood, and others questioning voter problems with the Dominion voting machines.  Do you know what that means?  They are guilty and hiding something.  Likely they are hiding a lot.

Mike Lindell’s new video on election fraud that he has on his Frank Speech website Absolute Interference featured personal information for me.  It had voting results from Butler County, Ohio, and Hamilton County to the south, which is in my neck of the woods.  I know the area and know how much it leans Republican.  There was voting tampering discovered there also.  The difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania and other states is that the margin was so significant in Ohio that they couldn’t get the votes.  Things were tighter in those other controversial states, and even there, they had to go to extraordinary measures to get Biden votes.  All this has been captured as evidence.  Now that evidence might prove to be not enough, it should see its day in court, and people should want to resolve it.  What is the government afraid of?  What is Dominion fearful of?  If they were innocent, why are they so hostile and aggressive?  Well, you know, dear reader. You’re not stupid.

I’m going to go out on a limb here; this election fraud thing is genuine.  The scammers set the whole thing up with the Russian story over the last four years so that when they did pull off the election fraud that was long-planned, people would be too tired of the story and all too willing to listen to the authorities without question.  But not everyone.  There are people like Mike Lindell who are eager to ask questions and put some money behind the effort.  And they have uncovered enough to see a day in court.  Of course, the criminals in this election fraud case, including our own three letter intelligence agencies, our House and Senate members, our Department of Justice, countries like Iran and China, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, all thought they were too big to get caught.  And what we saw happen on January 6th was just a hint of what could yet happen as people are upset to see such a scandal go unpunished.  We have been made to look at them and think of the rioters who had their president stolen from them to appear crazy.  But they look now to be prophets who knew on that day by instinct that their government wasn’t accountable to them and was lying to them.  And perhaps that is the real point behind the cover-up.  To prove such massive voter fraud would destroy fundamental assumptions of our republic.  Many people in the Beltway can’t afford to have that question even proposed, let alone proven true.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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One thought on ““Absolute Interference”: The people saying there wasn’t election fraud are those who need to be investigated

  1. They got away with it in AZ! The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors: Jack Hack Sellers, Clint Hickman, Bill Gates(we are SO lucky to have our own), Gallardo, and Chucri, along with Communist Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, and RINO Gov Doug Ducey, approved the Devil’s Dominion Communist Vote Mis-Tabulation Machine so that NIT WIT joe biden, blithering fool that he is could be Obama’s SOCK PUPPET.

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