Back to Gas Lines: That’s what happens when you have a loser as President

I’m old enough to be able to say it, but I’ve seen this before, gas shortages and long lines.  When Jimmy Carter was president, he mismanaged the oil supply grossly, and America talked about gas rations.  After the cyber-hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, which extends across southern North American into New York and feeds the East Coast, the Biden people are directly responsible.  And given some of their dumb comments on electric cars, it almost sounds like they were part of the terrorist plot to rob Americans of gas at the pumps.  I know many people who are supposed to travel this upcoming weekend but can’t leave their town because they can’t get the gas to do it.  For environmental terrorists, like the Biden administration, this is a dream for them, just as Covid was. It’s a way to keep people locked in their homes so nobody can travel with those evil cars.  Oh, but if we had electric cars, we could—according to that disaster of Department of Energy Head Jennifer Granholm-would be the solution to the oil crises.  If I were a terrorist, I’d want to attack American again just because the first time was so easy. I’d see friends in this current White House who are even more dangerous terrorists. 

However, what we know about these Biden people is that they are undoubtedly stupid and that this whole mishap is likely an accident of their incompetence.  This is what happens when you get heads of corporations who pick a president, cheat an election, then think they can move Biden’s mouth like a puppet to get him to say whatever they want so they can rule in the background.  You end up with an incompetent loser who will make such an arrangement because they are desperate to have meaning in life and control their destiny. They have led a life of crime and want to protect their crack-smoking son from peddling foreign influence by directing the Justice Department.  If you were dumb, old, and failing and wanted to save a family of criminals, you might take that president’s job under that arrangement.  You might smile and put on the show as the corporate heads tell you what to do and where to stand.  But most of them can’t run their own companies.  Heck, Bill Gates can’t even run his own family. He’s not so bright.  And now they and we are seeing that running a government is hard, especially in the wake of Donald Trump.  Trump was a good president.  And now everyone can see just how good he was. It’s a rough world out there, and we never came close to running out of gas.  But with Biden and the gang of environmental terrorists, it happened within a few months of the Biden administration.

Many Republicans who didn’t like Trump’s tweets and his vocal presence with the press thought that being a little mean was not the role of the president.  They expected more empathy in such a high office.  You can now see what happens when you aren’t that way, especially these days. Trump’s way of doing things was needed.  A consensus-building might allow everyone to sit in a room without killing each other, but it doesn’t help to solve problems that are very real.  Trump is the kind of CEO who ran his company with the right touch of whatever was appropriate. You can be nice most of the time, but sometimes, you have to push back when people make you.  Most Republicans voted for Trump anyway, and they will again, but this idea of niceness being necessary to the political process of management is ridiculous.  This is what you get when you are too nice to hostile foreign agents.  They think they can attack our infrastructure and get away with it.  And when bad people out in the world watch our election process and see how easy it was to take away a credible leader and replace him with a complete buffoon, why wouldn’t they attack us?  If they had no moral compunction, what stops them the next time?

Ultimately that’s the main problem with this pipeline attack.  It might be for environmental reasons; it might be for terrorism to test the fences of the incompetent Biden administration.  Whatever it is, now, because of our reaction to it and spending most of the following week trying to get everything running again and watching the panic of millions of people, terrorism has been empowered.  There was no cost to the act.  Biden didn’t send in an aerial attack on the perpetrators.  He didn’t even send a strongly worded letter to the Russians who supposedly were involved with their partners in crime in China.  They haven’t done anything but suggest that we start sending people to school so that 20 years from now, they might be smart enough to defend America from a cyber attack.  Heck, I know a few 8-year-olds who are computer savvy enough to do the job better right now.  But Biden wants them to get a degree in the science of avoiding pipeline hacking first.  That lets the bad guys out there know that it’s safe to attack America anytime they want.  After all, they’ve watched attacks from the Democrat Party work against Americans for years now, so why not?

As I said in the video above, while you are sitting in a long gas line having to get up in the middle of the night to get a spot in line to fill your tanks, remember that Biden is president. We had a guy in office who solved these kinds of problems.  He didn’t cause the problems.  And in Biden’s case, he is a walking billboard for a cyber attack in the future. He’s stupid, weak, slow, idealistic, and a person without any conviction. He’ll say whatever anybody in power tells him to say, acting as a mask for the real villains in this world.  And many of them would love to see America torn to pieces with race-baiting and no oil supply.  Israel is being attacked, the economy is sputtering, and now we have gas lines.  While you are sitting in those lines, think about Trump and consider that maybe the tough-guy rhetoric kept gas in your car and food on your supermarket shelves.  Think about now that the world is coming alive again because of Covid that the environmental terrorists need a new way to stop commerce, and hurting the supply chain of fuel is their new gig.  Of course, people who don’t know how to solve problems think that being nice while doing it is essential.  But now it’s all too obvious that being effective as a leader is far more critical, and if we had one in the White House, there wouldn’t be gas lines.  Think about why it was essential to defend election integrity and not be pleasant as these same corporate influencers stole our last election and gave us this Biden loser.  Think about Mitch, the bitch McConnel who thought it was better to show support for Biden because the admission of voter fraud was too damaging to the Swamp for which he functions.  Because that’s why there are gas lines.  We showed the world that it was more important to be friendly rather than practical, and if you can’t have both in a management approach, they would and should pick friendly. That’s why we don’t have gas.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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