Why Donald Trump is Best for the GOP: Some want civility, Democrats want war

Why Trump is Great for the GOP

As I said in the video above, the value of President Trump’s harsh rhetoric at times and aggressive demeanor can be seen in the gas prices at the pumps.   Never while Trump was in office were there troubles such as this pipeline hacking that occurred in on the largest oil supply route in southern North America as what has already happened to Jo Biden.  It’s a throwback to the days of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, even going back to the days of Bill Clinton where every little bird landing on the bow of a boat was cause for an increase in the price of oil.  It has always been a massive scam that politicians played for their own gain at the expense of the rest of us.  Now that Biden has weakened American oil supply domestically it has put the power back into all the crazy antics of the world’s villains at our expense and shows clearly just a few months into 2021 exactly why President Trump was so good and why being aggressive and bullish is a good trait to have in a president.  I could list many hundreds of other good traits, but most people can relate to problems at the gas pumps.  Politicians like Biden might come across as a nice guy as the pundits keep saying.  But they also are radicals selling socialism to us intending to destroy markets like oil to support their desires to control industry and of course they have a smile on their faces when doing it.  Many of us have been trained since birth to fear aggressive leadership because the hostile actors in the world want to have an easy time to get away with bad intentions, which is precisely why President Trump was so good and continues to be great for the Republican Party.

This all came up last week before the problem with the southern oil pipeline hacking that supposedly sent a spike in the oil supply prices.  I was speaking to a very good politician who happens to be a woman and wanted other options as presidential hopefuls to run in 2024, great personalities like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem.  This nice politician represented quite a few people who wish that politics was nicer, that we could talk to other people from the other parties without all the hateful banter and that we could have civility in politics.  The argument was that both of those names, and there are others out there, are able to govern logically and without a lot of division.  Of course, my thoughts on the matter are that those names have been great, but that they are not the front runners and are therefore not targets of the opposition forces which in America is the Democrat Party.  Once DeSantis or Noem were to be the leading presidential candidates, they would be ripped to pieces like any other candidate, man, woman, or child.  That is what the political left does and they won’t start changing their behavior anytime soon.  They are what they are and so long as there are people like them in politics, there will be fights and those fights will be vicious. 

Unlike a lot of people in my position, socially, I don’t take offense to what people think.  I am very comfortable with my own thoughts and can deal easily with contrary opinions.  When people get mad at people who don’t think the way they do, it is because they are insecure with their own thoughts.  So I can speak to people who have very different opinions than mine and get along just fine.  But I am also known to blow my stack often when people mistake that good nature with changing what I do which are driven by my own thoughts on matters.  I have wanted a person in politics like Donald Trump for a long time, someone who can play the game the way the game is going.  Wishing for the game to be something else just isn’t dealing with the problem.  The idea that members of the GOP should lead by example as good Christian soldiers only leaves us on the losing side in an aggressive and hostile world.  Jesus might say to us to forgive our enemies.  Society might say that it takes two to tangle and that someone should be the bigger person in a conflict.  But when enemies want to destroy you just for being you, surrendering to them only fuels their aggression which has given us this political world that is full of so many villains.  The fuel prices is just one aspect of that villainy.  When it is wondered why there is so much evil in the world, the answer is that there just aren’t enough people willing to confront it. 

My conversation with this very nice and sweet person was sparked by what should happen to Liz Chaney who is losing her leadership seat within the GOP because of her hatred of President Trump.  Chaney is one of those old Republicans like John Boehner and Mitt Romney who just don’t get what the fight is all about and why they are wrong to not play that game.  While they are trying to work with the other side, the other side is literally trying to cut their necks.  Democrats have no intention on making peace, or operating fairly.  They have always been out to destroy us all and change us into something they want, political socialists covered in tattoos and addicted to drugs.  Democrats are weak below the line thinkers and will never be redeemed.  Their basic philosophies prevent such fair behavior, so making peace with them only fuels their ambitions.  As I said, I can deal with such people civilly.  The reason is that I don’t seek their approval and could care less what they intend.  In my dealings in the end, they will do what I need them to do or they will be destroyed.  So why be mean?  But if they get in your way, they have to go, and that was how Trump handled the Executive Branch and it was obviously effective.  We see now the contrast and why former Republicans were picked on so intensely. 

I would like to see a world where Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem could be president.  But so long as Democrats and radical communists and socialists are bringing hostilities to everything they do, playing with them with white gloves isn’t going to cut it.  That party will have to be destroyed before there is ever civility in politics.  There is no peace with them, and I know that hurts a lot of people who are averse to conflict.  Naturally nice people like this politician I mentioned are capable of conducting politics the way they desire.  But the other politicians out there aren’t and yes it takes two to tango.  That presents the ultimate problem, if you are nice to them but they aren’t nice in return, what do you do about that?  Most Republicans would say that we should pray for them.  That we shouldn’t take and eye for an eye but to give up our own assets and happiness if it brings peace to the world.  But in practice, Jesus didn’t make it very far in life with this attitude.  Evil reigned in his day just as it does today because we have yielded to evil and fed it with our timid souls.  And because we allow evil to persist, we have been getting a lot more of it in the world.  That is why Trump is the only pick for the top of the GOP and why others need to come to terms with that battle against evil.  Because it’s a very real thing and if defeated, would truly bring about peace in the way that the most loving and nurturing among us truly desire.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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