Liberals and Underaged Sex: Why pedophilia is the weapon of Democrats to usher in a reset of the Vico Cycle

With all the outrages over the Netflix film, ‘Cuties’ many questions about why sex with underage children is considered good and sacred, especially among liberal people.  Many wonder how it is tolerated at all at the most basic level.  Well, the answer is that many liberals have abandoned Christianity and the church, which is to say, the moral codes of conduct that have shaped western civilization.  Therefore, the Bible and the swearing to it to hold together the rules of a functioning republic do not apply to them, by their choice. This type of liberalism can be traced back to the writing of Utopia by Sir Thomas More in 1516 and has been the sort of pivot point that has advanced liberalism year by year from then to now.  Not that More was a pedophile, but that his way of thinking started a path of thought that has become modern liberalism and an eventual rejection of the tenants of western civilization especially among the religious.  Even more than that we have hard wired in our human brains a limiter switch that sets us upon a self-destructive path called the Vico Cycle, which was explored in the artistic novel, ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ by James Joyce, perhaps to my mind the most complicated work of literature in the history of all known civilization. I say all this because to understand the political left’s obsession with pedophilia, and pornography in general, you have to look at the situation at the level of the universe where its indifferent to the morality of our species, but the actions which are products of it, and why they exist at all.

When our species says that sex with underage kids is bad and should not happen, or that rapes shouldn’t happen, and that marriage is between a man and a woman, not a woman who becomes a man, or a man who desperately wants to identity crises themselves into a woman.  Or that gay rights should be rejected because the goal of the union is not to produce children, or even a family, but just to partake in animal oriented sex and nothing more.  These over-sexed values are part of a liberalized line of thinking which is meant to erase the gains of mankind on earth and to reset the trajectory of invention and science back to the beginning, which is what the Vico Cycle is all about, it starts with theocracy, then migrates into aristocracy, emerging into democracy, which is where parts of our society have been since the times of the Greeks and Romans, then eventually falls into anarchy, which is our present age—but as we can see from our current election, half of America wants to keep going and the other half wants to surrender to it and get back to nature, or otherwise, the beginning of the Vico Cycle.

My daughter an I had a very interesting conversation about this very thing as she took my recommendation to read Plato’s ‘Republic’ recently and commented to me that she was stunned how contemporary it was, it reads like it was written yesterday.  I pointed out to her things she already knew, but now with new context about how it was the barbarians (anarchists) who sacked Rome, and it was the Catholic Church which held Europe under a stringent spell during the Protestant Reformation and essentially kept everyone blind and stupid for centuries of authoritarian control.  Science was frowned down upon and people were even killed for asking obvious questions all in the time frame of when Plato wrote his Republic.  I told her that it was entirely possible that for many millenniums before Plato wrote that book mankind at different places around the world had likely gone through the same types of social evolution.  The reason we don’t know about them is because they are likely buried in the oceans and archaeology is not possible to discover them.  We know of the Greeks because essentially Muslims protected the works from the purges as the Roman Empire collapsed due to more and more external pressures to fall, much like those same forces are trying to crush America now.

I personally think Lolita, the book and movie by Stanley Kubrick from 1955 to 1962 is one of the most perverse stories about middle aged sex with a 12 year old girl that there has been, yet the political left considers it high art indeed.  I personally knew the director of the play Equus which played at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati in the late eighties to great controversy as it featured live sex between the actors on stage in front of everyone.  I was stunned when I saw it and my wife never got over it.  It rocked her Becket Ridge Country Club sensibilities to her foundations of Christian religion and she was angry about that play like many are now about the Netflix show ‘Cuties.’  As I said, the director of that film thought insulting the sensibilities of the Cincinnati political elite was a great thing and she took great joy in it.  A few years later in 1999 the film ‘American Beauty’ came out and won awards including Best Picture at the Academy Awards, so none of this modern context of ‘Cuties’ is new.  The Jeffrey Epstein behavior isn’t unusual, and liberals up and down the political ladder openly embrace pedophilia in the context that it has been presented to them through the arts, that fresh bodies just blooming into sexuality are pure and beautiful and meant to be enjoyed before they become wilted and slowly dying the moment they enter puberty.  For liberals they accept that cycle as a fact of life and find enjoying the first years of sexuality the best and most pure.

But don’t be fooled by all the art talk and awards that have come from pedophilia because they are only rewards given to a dog for rolling over and doing what they are told.  The behavior itself, just as it is to make pornography easy in our society over the internet is to pull the human mind back to the primitive and to keep people from considering higher thoughts.  In the great battles of a human lifetime, the real turmoil that most people feel is the need for a higher self to control the lower self.  But the goal of liberalism in every phase is to surrender to the lower self and that all notions of the higher self are rooted in sacrifice to the group order and impulses of the universe.  Individuality is to be overcome, but for many, sex keeps a mind on primitive needs always working with other people for the shared sexual experience, and once that obsession has taken over the mind from an adolescent to a young adult, then guilt keeps any single individual from becoming thoughtful and driven which assures a liberalized society into preserving the Vico Cycle well into the future.  And that is the goal of making sex a primary political objective on the large stage of international politics, and why so many fall for its short term gains.  At least with Christianity there is a desire to achieve higher individual thought above animal instincts and to manage them into Heaven.  To eliminate that hope and desire, liberals hope to trap a mind in animal needs sexually by casting the mind to the greatest source of the freshly blossomed flowers of humankind, underage sex.  And that is what makes it vast and evil, because it is truly a prison that is designed to hold a mind to the most primal aspects of existence, and nothing greater.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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