George Lang’s Leadership on ‘Stand Your Ground’: Doing the right thing at the right time

I could list and have the many reasons that George Lang has been great as a House member and why he will be a great Senator in the state of Ohio, and one is his proactiveness. He is so quick to actions that no one in the media even catches things until the story is well on its way and other people are involved leaving the initiation of the effort lost in the headlines. By the time the media gets it, the ink is cold and in many ways that’s the case for all leadership, which George Lang has an abundance of. In that context it makes me very proud that George Lang who is running for the 4th District Senate seat this year has already contacted the new Speaker of the House, Bob Cupp about getting in front of the onslaught of violence that the various political elements have been displaying in our cities and getting a meaningful Stand your Ground law passed that everyone can agree on and switch the burden to self defense from the current position of run like a coward and hope the police arrive in time. When the political movement of the moment and going well into 2021 regardless of who wins the election, defunding the police does not help anybody’s desires for safety. So, if there was ever a need for Stand your Ground in Ohio, it’s now.

We’ve all been seeing what’s been going on in Portland, Kenosha, even Columbus Ohio and we are obviously alarmed by the intent of what is emerging from a growing socialist movement of radicalism where participants feel entitled to destroy property and even beat people from any political party who opposes them. Case in point, nobody is safe, we all saw what happened to Rand Paul leaving the White House on Thursday, August 27th. Those roving mobs have been cogitating with increased audacity for months now and the lack of arrests because police have been hesitant to get involved due to immense political pressure, which has embolden the anarchists toward more violence.

When in Ohio we have a Supreme Court Chief Justice in Maureen O’Connor who stated after the massive vandalism that occurred of the Supreme Court building, and the Ohio State House, that sure the vandals broke the law, BUT the vast majority of the protesters were peaceful, exercising their right to demonstrate. “People in other countries lose their lives trying to do what we have a right to do in the United States: it’s the right to speak out. It should be cherished. It should be encouraged.” And she’s a Republican! Just think of what the Democrats think and say about the issue? When the interpreters of our laws think like this and do not consider how their words will spark further riots from dope smoking anarchists who spend way too much time playing Grand Theft Auto, only bad things can come next.

The former Speaker of the House, Larry Householder was not a supporter of Stand your Ground and like our current Governor, Mike DeWine have been loose on gun rights. But with Bob Cupp, which is a former Supreme Court Justice himself, it sounds like there is new life for Stand your Ground. Mike DeWine as bad as his reaction to Covid-19 has been and the controversy that is now hanging around his head like a lead weight, there are enough politicians who can see the writing on the wall, because literally the graffiti has been written on the Statehouse indicating that violence is coming from the revolutionaries in the streets. After the election one of two things are going to happen.

I don’t think Joe Biden will win, but if Democrats cheat and he manages somehow to become president, then the political left is going to feel empowered and they will start trashing the streets of every city the way that sports fans react after their team wins a major victory, and it will go on for quite some time after the election. At that point we will all be facing the direct violence of a communist movement unleashed in America in which these mobs will be going door to door bringing trouble with them, and we won’t be able to call the police, because the police will not have the support to act against the political tide. The other option is that Trump wins for which these mob intensities will continue on with greater emphasis as a protest. The best thing about option two is that the political left will be out of gas and will quickly diminish once we get into the winter months as Democrats have left it all on the table and the rejection of the election will set in. Either way, there will be continued violence from these defund the police movements of socialists and anarchists.

The point of Stand your Ground is to give people the right to defend themselves especially in these politically turbulent times where police are not the first option. We’d like them to be, but they aren’t and won’t be for many years until a Trump second term can take hold. In the time from now until then, we just can’t have thugs and goons breaking into people’s homes and prosecuting the homeowners because they had a “duty to retreat” as the laws are now written. There must be something that criminals fear in conducting violence, and that would be Stand your Ground legislation. We should have already had it, but Mike DeWine was against it before his mismanagement of Covid-19 and John Kasich before him turned into an open liberal and would not budge on the issue, which is why we are all in danger now. These violent protestor outbreaks are happening where rioters suspect that the laws are loose and in their favor. That is why Columbus, Ohio has seen entirely too much violence for a state that should be Republican through and through. There is enough doubt to empower bad people to do bad things.

Thankfully George Lang is not waiting for someone else to tell him that Stand your Ground is a good thing to do, he’s already on the phone with the new House Speaker to work out the terms of the legislation in the House and working the lines into the Senate for safe passage. This should be the most politically obvious thing to do, but as Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor demonstrated, there are people in politics who just don’t understand that what is happening is not peaceful protests, but military level strategies to use our good natures against us legally. The intent behind the protests has nothing to do with peace, or even their stated outcomes. They are attacking capitalism, and everything born of it, including the homes people live in and the jobs they use to fund their lifestyle. Once thugs believe they are empowered to treat people as they do in the movie ‘The Purge’ then we are not talking about rationality. We are not talking about even democracy, which America is not and never will be. We are a republic and it takes smart people to run one. You also must know who the enemy is and deal with them squarely, and while we wait for the dust to settle after this upcoming election, the chances for violence will be intense. And we need to protect people from unneeded prosecutions in defending themselves with Stand your Ground laws as soon as possible.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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