In-Person Voting Starts in Butler County, Ohio on October 6th: Vote like your life depends on it, because it likely does

In Ohio, he did it once, we can only calculate that he’ll do it again on Election Night, that Governor DeWine will declare an emergency and cancel in-person voting for November 3rd 2020. He did it for the primary in March and it likely wrecked the political careers of several people who have constituents who are more motivated to vote in person than by mail-in ballot. It’s long been known in politics that Democrats tend to stay home when the weather is bad because they are generally lazy and will not battle hard conditions—especially if their favorite show is coming on Netflix that night. So in a close election where Democrats are expected to cheat massively, every vote will count and given that, there is just too much risk that Mike DeWine will further alter the election with more Covid-19 nonsense. With all that to consider there is an in-person voting solution in Ohio, specifically to my friends and neighbors who live in Butler County, Ohio with me, starting on October 6th we can vote in-person at the Board of Elections which is just down the road from the Bridgewater Falls Wal-Mart and you can get your vote counted so that we can at least get all the Republican’s votes cast.

We already know that pretty much, Republicans know who they are going to vote for, and so do Democrats. Due to years and years of public education teaching kids Marxism, the country is split roughly down the middle as to party affiliation. Further, there is a pretty even breakdown among most people who are too soft, too lazy, and too emotional to be a self-driver in life, and they make up that 40% or so who call themselves Democrats, so they can continue to hide behind life’s challenges to remain below the line thinkers, blaming the conditions of their lack of success on everything but themselves. Then of course there are Republicans who are driven to take charge of their lives who usually end up building small businesses, building apartment complexes for people to live in, and in general contributing their lives to wealth creation in some form or another. They make up the other 45% of all people in America who vote, and just slightly outnumber the below the line Democrats who are always looking for a free meal, free education, free sex, and free money. That leaves roughly 15% of the country that can turn an election one way or the other depending on participation and that leaves Mike DeWine’s activism as a Covid-19 tyrant to be a real threat to the tide of this year’s election that will be key to the battleground state results nationally.

I personally think Mike DeWine is no Republican. Like a lot of Tea Party type conservatives when it came time to vote for DeWine, I did after he won his primary against really good rivals like Mary Tayler. But he’s more of a John McCain Republican, which is to say he’s really a Democrat who took over the party after Ronald Reagan left office. But worse than that, Mike DeWine is like 4’ tall, he’s a very little guy and he obviously has the “little man syndrome.” Over the years as a politician he has sought to use a political office to overcome that insecurity. I think it worked to his advantage when he was Attorney General and I was particularly impressed by the way he dealt with the Wagner murders in Southeastern Ohio. But he’s ultimately a little guy afraid of a lot of things and he bought this Covid-19 thing hook line and sinker, then he will forever be to blame for the millions of lives he ruined with his bad decisions, and how he broke the law to do it hiding behind emergency powers of a fake pandemic. He has egg on his face that will last the rest of his life and he is hiding his massive failure behind Covid-19. As a result of 2020 Mike DeWine would find himself more comfortable with Democrats these days than Republicans and he very well may desire to have more Democrats in power as a result because it would make him look more Republican again. With that said, we need to consider that to save himself, Mike DeWine may once again tamper with this 2020 election by helping Democrats.

Independent voters is another way of saying, people who occasionally vote if they are motivated and generally don’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world. And those are the people who represent the eventual office holders. They may mail-in their ballots, they may try to show up in person to vote on Election Day. If they are turned away, they’ll just shrug their shoulders and move on to something else, they won’t care much either way. Democrats will likely mail-in their ballots to allow for the possibility of cheating by their party so they can give themselves a better chance at getting free stuff in the form of welfare opportunities. That leaves Republicans still in the majority but weakened because they tend to be traditional and show up to vote rain or shine on Election Day, which Mike DeWine might cancel. To mitigate that, Republicans can show up and vote in person any time after October 6th just like they would on the official election day, but they can take the mail out of the equation.

I don’t think anybody trusts the mail to decide an election, there are just too many hands touching a ballot under uncontrolled conditions. When we mail in person, literally the voting transaction happens right there on the spot where you can see it. With mail-in ballots there are thousands of unionized postal workers who are alone with your ballot for days on end, and they can easily tamper with the results. Anything that does not count a vote at the point where the vote is made is at risk for tampering, so for Republicans the best way to get your vote counted is to vote early, and in-person. If you wait for the official Election Day, Mike DeWine might rob you of your vote. As we have said, sure he’s a Republican, but he has a lot of reasons to provoke Democrats to win tight races and he’s canceled elections before, like this year. So, don’t take anything for granted, and certainly don’t leave fate to chance.

I personally don’t think the election will be close, Trump and all the down ticket Republicans should win easily, which is also why Democrats are so desperate this time around. They know they have no platform; they know they have weak candidates up and down the line. I will point out the race between George Lang, a solid Republican and a critic of Mike DeWine who will be in about a 56% to 44% race with the Democrat Kathy Wyenandt. Kathy will need help to have a chance in Butler County and Mike DeWine knows that. He’s not all that happy with many politicians in Butler County because of the resistance to follow the mask mandate directives the Governor issued and as things over Covid-19 get thick in 2021 Mike DeWine would likely prefer a less aggressive senator than George Lang representing the 4th Seat. I think even with cheating, Kathy still doesn’t have a chance, but if there is ballot harvesting for Biden going on with a mass attempt, and Republicans find they can’t vote in-person on Election Day, who knows. Its best not to leave anything to chance. Take nothing for granted, and on October 6th and on through the election, make sure to show up in-person, and vote like your life depends on it. Because it likely does.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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