Not the “Change” they Wanted, but Change they will get: Changing from live people to dead ones

The basic thing that Democrats and their terrorist supporters expect us all to understand is that there is a need for change. I was watching some NFL coverage of the upcoming season and what the players were supposed to be doing besides going to training camp and this term “change” kept coming up. Such as America is a racist nation and we need to “change” it transferring power from those who have it now to those who want it. That is the basic premise of the Democrat party and their not so subtle message is that if we don’t give them the change they are demanding that violence will continue until we do. What they mean by change therefor is a change in law and order, a change in values, a change in economic systems, a change in property, a change in everything or else, they threaten to destroy us all with social disruption and chaos, even death which was the case in Portland, Oregon where Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl carried out a political assassination against a Trump supporter who was part of a group who challenged the supremacy of the left-winged activists.

The Trump supporter was Aaron Danielson and was part of a growing number of people who are supposed to accept the change that Democrats want, or else they should expect violence and possibly an end to their life. Thankfully, due to Trump’s Justice Department the murderer Reinoehl was confronted and an arrest was attempted to be made, and a shootout ensued where the Antifa thug was killed. I normally wouldn’t say it because we live in a civil society, but I found myself relieved when I heard he was killed, yet I understand that for this menace to go away, I think many more like him will have to be killed before a just society can be restored and that is the real change that is likely to come from all this.

I watched very carefully the Vice interview Michael Forest Reinoehl did for them just a few days before he was killed confessing to the execution of the Trump supporter and it was stunning. Of course he didn’t get into the details of all the pre-meditated aspects of the case but the essence is this—Trump supporters showed up in mass to push back against the control of Portland that Antifa had so the domestic terrorists called Reinoehl up while he was out with his son that day, to come into town and take care of them, because Antifa couldn’t afford to have a bunch of monster trucks roaming through their barricades and spraying them down with pepper spray and beating the hell out of them. Reinoehl’s reputation is as a foundation member who would do what needed to be done, and that’s what he set out to do to change the narrative in the media from “Trump supporters storm Portland,” to something like “Trump supporters killed for challenging Antifa.” There is plenty of footage of Reinoehl killing Danielson even in a premeditated way looking for a good time to attack. There was nothing spontaneous about it or defensive, it was a political execution and the Democrats have been fanning the flames for weeks hoping for just this kind of outcome.

Mixed with this story of Reinoehl being killed after his confession to Vice was attempts by Democrats to turn the narrative on Biden’s position against violence in the streets where they tried to blame it on Trump for inciting his base to challenge terrorists like Antifa—as if it were Trump’s fault that people like Reinoehl were provoked to begin with. And of course as things were looking bad for Democrats after a good week of polling for Trump, the Biden supporters at The Atlantic came out with the military hit piece saying Trump didn’t go to a cemetery in France to honor fallen soldiers, to hopefully hurt the gains the president had made among independent voters. Of course, the story isn’t true because if The Atlantic had such a story they would have used it two years ago when it supposedly happened, they certainly wouldn’t have sat on it. But what we are seeing is a media tied to outright terrorism to invoke “change” whether we want it or not and we are supposed to not resist it otherwise we may actually be killed. And if we fight back, then we are racists for resisting the change Democrats want.

What Democrats haven’t thought of is that they are the cause of the violence, they are proposing the taking of our country and turning it into a global state and that the acceptance of these terms are not going to sit well with the kind of people who supported the Trump presidency. If you take away the law, and you take away the order that we all enjoy, and remove the consequences for killing—then what is going to keep Trump supporters from killing all of them? If there are no laws, and they have removed the police and instead they offer chaos and mayhem to the point where Antifa mobs actually believe they have a right to kill people to fulfill their political objective, then of course they should expect the same level of violence, if not greater than what they are proposing. The American society that has been in power and uses capitalism to fuel its economy isn’t just going to bend the knee to Joe Biden and a bunch of tattooed Antifa thugs like Reinoehl. Before freedom is given up if the hope that elections will solve the problem is removed, there will be much more violence on hand to witness. Of course there will be an answer to this kind of thing and I would dare say that Antifa, Black Lives Matters and all the socialists of the Democrats are greatly outnumbered by people like Aaron Danielson who are really given no choice but to defend their life and liberty by giving people like Antifa members death.

Listening to Reinoehl talk about his reaction to Trump supporters driving their big trucks into town to challenge them, it was obvious that none of these little thugs have really been challenged in life, that Antifa is made up of couch potato losers who were given too much in life too easily and have never really been pressed for anything. And when those big trucks came into town from outside the city limits to challenge Antifa it scared them, and they reacted with a political assassination. But I would dare say that such a show of force is only the tip of the iceberg as to what kind of energy there is in America to eliminate these antagonists who threaten the happy life of the rest of us. Take that happy life away and offer to replace it with Marxism through the tech industry, or the Democrat party in general, and offer globalism with more coronavirus restrictions to our way of life and everyone is going to learn that the Trump supporters are capable of much more violence. That’s how Trump came into power to begin with and that power was represented in our Republic by a vote. If that is taken from them, then there is nothing to stop them from hitting the streets and killing the many thousands just like Michael Forest Reinoehl who are out there. A change revolution in America will not take place easily as it had other places in the world. The power that put Trump in office is the same power who can take power back in other, more forceful ways. And that is the element of change that Democrats have not calculated into their plans. Things are the way they are because they were meant to be that way, and changing that is not something people want to do and they will fight with blood and violence to protect it after the election, before the election, or at any other time in history. There will be no bending the knee to Marxism, socialism, or communism. The advocates of those changes will find that the change they do get will be to their very lives, from live people to dead ones and that if that’s what it takes to get peace, then they will get change. Just not in the form they have been planning.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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