I Want My Money Back: The kids who are claiming “eco anxiety”

If there is anything that should make us all very mad for the billions of tax dollars we’ve poured into our youth only to get some crybaby uttering “eco anxiety” it’s the current examples of their sputtering nonsense. We always hear about the overly paid government schoolteachers who are so invaluable to our communities and our children’s welfare, until we find out what they’ve been learning with that education. And the results are this eco anxiety that so many are now expressing regarding climate change. Its one thing to have political beliefs, but these kids are too young to have such impassioned charges. Rather, they have been programmed like any software to believe in all the nonsense regarding climate change conveyed to them from liberal teachers, liberal scientists and the big government message to maintain control over the masses with ignorance and superstition. Climate change happens naturally whether people were ever to live on earth, but the desire for the political left to make soldiers of radicalism out of our youth, paid for out of our own pockets is an ultimate insult that cannot go without a response.

Many of these young people went directly from playing with Barbie dolls to becoming eco terrorists plagued with this made up anxiety within a few short years. We can’t blame them for what our terrible public schools have taught them. The “inconvenient truth” is that many people wanted to believe that a government education system free to the public would create an educated population who could think and function within our republic. But like most things that are free, there is more to the story, like the difference between owning a condo and owning a time share. The time share owner only gets their property for a few weeks of the year. All other weeks they share that property with everyone else who may also contribute to those expenses. It’s the poor person’s way of having a vacation home without the major expenses of actually owning one. You don’t get to decide what furniture goes in the place, or even how its managed. You just get a key to the door, the real owners take care of everything else.

The condo owner makes all the decisions, what furniture goes where, when they vacation there, whether or not they rent it out to tenants at different parts of the year, but the management falls on the owner. They decide how the property is managed. People who turn to public education to teach their kids about anything are essentially time sharing their children with a radical elements of our society that wants them recruited for left leaning political enterprises. Not all kids get pulled into that mess, but the temptations will certainly be presented to their minds. Parents who don’t want to take any chances own their kid’s educations by sending them to a private school where they at least get to own the course of actions. People by nature don’t respect things that are given to them for free and our public education system certainly displays that truth vividly. They also view our children as a shared ownership, as members of the greater society and that they have a right and obligation to train their minds while the children are in their care, just as a time share vacationer might go around town talking about their “vacation property” when in fact they are only owners for a few weeks out of the year, along with twenty other influencers. Anybody who ever thought that system would be sufficient was fooling themselves.

Not everyone in the world wants to be the next Albert Einstein or Picasso—they are happy to live in the cracks their whole lives and just pay their mortgage, get married, have a few kids and retire into old age playing occasional golf. And for them, a time share relationship with their children’s future is fine, they don’t plan on ever stepping out of the social construct that is a natural byproduct of that limited vision. But when the people who know better are asked to pay for this garbage, well, that’s another thing all together. Don’t tell me that schools need more money and that teachers deserve more respect when their products are these eco-terrorists uttering anxiety at the prospect of the earth dying in their lifetime and leaving them all homeless in a big scary universe. As children they trusted us to teach them correctly so it’s not their fault, we let them down with these loser public schools and their radical environmental utterances.

Anyone who believes in manmade climate change is a person with a small view of the world and the human race in general. People are products of the earth and so is their ambitions. To honor nature is to honor the nature of human existence which do what they do just as a cow eats grass, or a fish swims in the sea. People were created to do what they do, and they are part of nature. Nobody looks at a beaver and decries their building of a damn, we just call it nature. But it is always the nature of the human being to build a skyscraper, or a highway and to put their vast imaginations to use, and to extract whatever resources they can to fulfill the needs of their imaginations. And if that was what public schools were doing, I’d support them. They are like that in the first couple years of an education where children are just being introduced and the teachers are bright eyed stewards of advanced babysitting while the parents are out building careers for themselves. The indoctrination comes one week at a time subtly. It starts with the lines to go to recess, or to eat lunch. It ends with the division of peer groups and the outright leftist indoctrination that comes out of history classes and English these days while kids are in high school. The school systems and colleges distract the busy parents with sports programs which hide the liberal brainwashing that goes on, so long as the home team scores more points than their rivals down the road. Even with that the obsessive emphasis is on team sports as if that makes a person better, when the real aim is to raise the kids to be time share contributors in their own right once the baton is handed over to them.

Its not a matter of believing in climate science, as the question is poised to us. Its what a waste of money building the mind of the kids who are uttering such nonsense is and what an insult that our tax money was used to create such a pathetic creature. Listening to these kids talk about their “eco anxiety,” I want my money back. I didn’t want to pay it before, but now that we have these results, I am even more against public education than ever before. I’m certainly a condo guy, I like to own my stuff. I don’t rent it. I respect that some people are just natural renters, they don’t have high ambitions in life and that is their prerogative. But they don’t have a right to destroy our society with this leftist fascism called eco anxiety created in public schools for their use only. A free education isn’t a high quality one under any conditions. Any school ran by a teacher’s union that is attached to government money is a bad one, and we need to completely rethink the entire system. Because by the evidence of these kids, it was a huge waste of money.

Rich Hoffman

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