Don’t Be Distracted by the UFOs: Government has been caught in major crimes, and they want a diversion

Don’t be distracted by the new shiny object.  Keep your eye on the ball.  Suddenly the government is talking about UFOs.  The Pentagon is revealing lots of top-secret information about the frequency of the UFO sightings and that they have become accustomed to the violations of restricted airspace.  But the real story is not about UFOs or the possibility of a “full disclosure” that aliens have been visiting earth for centuries.  The real story is about “gain of function” at the Wuhan lab. Dr. Fauci was directly involved in funding in China to modify viruses for whatever reasons making them more transmissible. Isn’t it something that Fauci became the mouthpiece of how to fight Covid-19 when in fact, he was directly responsible for its creation?  And we can only ponder now why he worked to create it in partnership with China.  We have seen how Bill Gates was behaving who was a partner in crime with Fauci.  With the divorce with Malinda Gates, we learn a lot about Gates, especially regarding the pedophile rumors that always surrounded Bill’s relationship with Jeffery Epstein. Isn’t it interesting that just as the divorce was announced of the Gates radicals and Dr. Fauci was getting in trouble with his connection to the Wuhan lab in China, suddenly we hear all these stories about UFOs splashed on the news, even on 60 Minutes?  Oh, and now suddenly there are very few Covid cases, and our country is going back to normal like nothing ever happened.  Hmmmmmmmmm. 

The UFO stories are nothing new.  The enticement that the government is going to come clean on what they know about UFOs is attached to a report that is due to us in June, which won’t say too much, but will tell enough to take all these other major scandal stories off the front page as headliners.  Compound the problems with Gates and Fauci and add election fraud from Mike Lindell, who refuses to go away and is all over the Dominion voting machine problems. Arizona is doing an election audit that has a lot of people very scared of the results. We have some of the biggest stories in the history of the world happening at the same time.  So, suppose you are one of the criminals involved and trying to save face for your involvement in any of them, especially from the perspective of the media. In that case, there is only one story that could be bigger than the sum of them all, and that is contact with an alien species. 

Yes, authorities are that pathetic to stoop to such a level.  For many years the UFO sightings have been dangled out there as a means of control over the population.  To get the public to look at one thing while the government did other things.  I recently spent some great quality time in Roswell, New Mexico studying at the UFO Museum they have there, an excellent facility full of inquiring minds.  I was very disappointed that their extensive library was closed due to Covid restrictions. Still, just a glance shows the massive evidence that there is that UFOs are very common. Our government has been deeply involved with them, kind of like a parent hiding presents for Christmas and blaming Santa for their concealment until someday in the future where they can be unwrapped.  Given the amount of conspiracy that surrounds the UFO cases, it almost looks as if the government has been building up the anticipation to play those cards for their self-preservation at some future time. 

My take on our time in Roswell was that the government was covering up something. I’d say that the prominent something was nuclear missile tests that were going on in the area and that the arsenal of delivery was housed there for a time.  Regarding the UFO crash, it was likely an accident.  Likely friendly fire and some diplomacy was involved in correcting it.  But it gave the military an excellent cover story, with Russia always trying to peek over the fence at the time to see what we were up to.  To build up that story, if the government ever got into some real trouble, like they are now with destroying the economy with Covid to get rid of President Trump, and their knowledgeable participation of election fraud, again to get rid of President Trump, then if they were caught, they could do as they did in Roswell, they could get people looking at these UFOs and hiding the actual crimes.  So perhaps some little fellows from outside of earth’s historic timeline were flying around over New Mexico and crashed.  The crashed remains were brought to my backyard and studied at Hanger 18 at Write Patterson Airforce Base.  So what?  The real story was the nuclear testing going on in that area; the UFO crash was just a needed diversion.   To this day, it’s evident that the dying town of Roswell is embracing its UFO past to stay alive as a tourist trap.  I can’t blame them; Roswell is a great little town.  It has a lot more going for it than just a UFO conspiracy, and people should go for its vast cowboy history.  But now, it’s all about UFOs because that’s what people are interested in.

From that perspective, it’s clear what the Pentagon is up to.  They have all these UFO stories tucked away.  Now they are in trouble for what they know about the Covid attacks on American sovereignty and the ill intentions of the government seeking to commit massive election fraud.  So out come the UFO stories to get everyone talking about the next shiny object.  Once they think the Covid stories are safely tucked into history, once they see that people have hopefully forgotten about election fraud, then they can turn the UFO stories back into conspiracy theories and get back to ordering their lattés for lunch without worrying about their complicity in the most significant crimes of the century.  UFOs are and have been for a while not so much about full disclosure; it’s always been a cover story for government ineptness and a shiny thing to look at to avoid people seeing the real problems.  It’s never about the UFOs themselves or the civilizations they may represent.  It’s always about using a perceived cover-up to hide the authentic cover-up, the crimes the government gets themselves involved in while micromanaging society at large.

It should come as no surprise that big-time liberals like the Clintons and Podestas are all about Full Disclosure regarding UFOs and their history.  They love the diversions from their governmental failures.  During the years of Trump, there was very little to talk about regarding UFOs.  Sure there were sightings, but the American First Agenda was more significant than the silly UFO stories, so the public appetite wasn’t in favor of hearing about them.  But now, with Biden in the White House, with America thinking small again, UFO stories are back in vogue, and they are coming at us faster than ever before.  But not because they are new stories, but because they are a convenient distraction from a government that is drowning in crimes they’ve committed and seek desperately to keep concealed from an increasingly angry public.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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