If Not for those Pesky Republicans: The Scooby Doo villain’s of liberalism

If not for those Pesky Conservatives

“If it weren’t for those pesky Republicans, the Democrats would have ruled the world.” That is essentially the message lately from Democrats as they see their long-laid plans going up in smoke.  They worked hard to dominate the media, to capture the minds of everyone with their liberal nonsense.  They thought they had us with monopolies at Facebook and Twitter, the networks, the movie industry.  But as they clamped down after the 2020 election and started censoring people in the way China behaves, which Google had advised that communist nation how to do it, here in the United States, conservatives found other ways to express themselves.  They turned from Fox News and went to Newsmax and OANN.  They switched from YouTube to Rumble.  From Twitter to Gab, and Mike Lindell’s new platform, Frank Speech.  Liberals have now been caught saying out of frustration that if only they could destroy all those news outlets, then perhaps, they could gain control of the hearts and minds of all humanity.  Their frustration has ended up sounding like the end of an episode of Scooby-Doo where the villains utter when caught in their maniacal crimes, “if only it weren’t for those pesky kids, we would have ruled the world!”

Yet, that is how stupid the plans of liberals have been.   They assume that people are so easily manipulated.  People may be shallow regarding commercial statistics, but human beings are much deeper in their wants at an epistemological level, as is always the case.  Humans may enjoy media at a superficial level, but they seek independence with just about every cell in their bodies and will not run toward collectivism efficiently.  Just capturing the media outlets by leftist communists isn’t enough, and liberals are discovering too late that people are more complicated than they gave them credit for.  Just getting rid of options does not change the nature of people’s hopes and dreams.  People will run to what they want, not just what’s convenient.  People who wish to have conservative media will go to where that media is, whether it’s a blog like this one or another station like Newsmax.  If Fox News turns liberal as it did at the end of the 2020 election, people will do what surprised everyone; they’ll leave on a dime and seek alternatives.  If no other options are there, they’ll invent them.  They will reject liberalism if they don’t like the message because that is the nature of choice.

When the Berlin Wall was at its height, the big mystery to communists in East Berlin was how they could trap all their people behind a curtain of fear to keep their society under control.  When Castro took over Cuba, we had a constant barrage of “boat people” risking life and limb to migrate to Florida to escape the communist regime.  Even today, immigrants are fleeing Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and other socialist countries for America’s freedom. It’s an innate human reaction to tyranny to leave it. For media to assume that turning on the television is so easy that people will watch anything put on there is ridiculously naive, even stupid.  Yet that is what the media tycoons like Zuckerberg at Facebook thought would happen.  When it comes to primal needs like sex, food, and medicine, people will watch at a certain level.  But when it comes to their core philosophy, they will reject intrusions on their basic thought processes with great rebellion. 

And that is where Democrats and global communists are right now; they spent decades planning the insurrection of 2020 by trapping people into the human mousetrap of Facebook, Fox News, and Twitter only to see people turn on a dime and reject those platforms overnight and to seek out alternatives.  For liberals, their whole plan was to dominate culture and be the central source, state governed.  But people in America showed too quickly that they would go in another direction which for the villains of insurrection is a nightmare that runs counter to everything they have built their lives around.  This has reduced them to simple Scooby-Doo villains wondering how their maniacal plans were thwarted by a shaggy hippie and a dumb dog.  Choice is the centerpiece of American culture, and people will never accept a lack of choice.  If they are forced, that is when Americans will fight.  Just as everyone learned from Covid, Americans will go along to get along, but they will be looking for a back door.  Once they find it, they will take it and use it.  They won’t stick with Fox News if it shows that it can’t be trusted or is just another political hack organization.

But even seeing all that happening in real-time, where people are turning away from liberal media, social and network, Democrats didn’t have a plan b.  All they can do is complain about the nature of conservatives and ponder that if only they could control the media, they could rule the world and everyone in it. “If only we made it illegal to have competition,” they have been wondering, saying such things openly.  They have never learned that communism has a fatal flaw, and it is revealed in every culture that it is tried.  The flaw is most noticeable in America because it is a culture of choice.  But in other places in the world where a lack of choice noticeably conquers people, people still plot and scheme to get away from liberals at every chance they can.  If liberal, communist ideas were so great, then in a choice market, people would pick them.  But liberals who want to eradicate choice say everything about what they want to do to all of us.  They don’t want to live with us; they want to eradicate us.  They want control of your mind, your family, your future, of everything you are.  And they want it so bad that they’ll spend more time looking to take away your choices than in marketing their ideas to you as a choice pick.  But they can’t, so they only have the elimination of choice as their only option. 

Just as every Scooby-Doo villain came up with elaborate, maniacal schemes to scare people into making bad decisions to supplement their evil intentions, the end of every show broke down how those schemes failed in the end.  That would leave the villains exhausted and distraught, which is where liberals are today.  Their elaborate plans have been unable, and they never had a plan b leaving them wondering how they were caught.  But they were seen by people they consider inferior to them, less evolved, and even stupid.  They think that they are supposed to be the most intelligent people globally, descendants of some aristocratic bloodline out of Europe or something.  Or that their parents wasted a lot of money on a Harvard education and that it should have amounted to something special.  Yet, the world does not see it or care about it.  And the world certainly doesn’t want to watch their crap on television.  People don’t want to be trapped by liberals and, whenever possible, will seek alternatives which is what is happening now.  Rather than accept communism, socialism, liberalism, people are going to other options. If they aren’t there, they make them themselves, which was never part of the liberal plan to take over the world.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “If Not for those Pesky Republicans: The Scooby Doo villain’s of liberalism

  1. Your nearly there. Study this. The Great Reset by billionaires At the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. Watch President Trump Speech there. Read Klaus Schwab plan to use Covid for their Great reset from capitalism. They have to control the narrative. They have to depopulate because of their sick power. This country is going down with or without our consent. Another thought. Ask people to test their vac China Jab for metal. With a magnet or a metal object like a fingernail file please. People will freak out. Happening with both Pfizer and Moderna. My good friend did it today and the finger nail file stayed on both shots of Moderna and no where else. It is happening. Spread the truth while we can. They fear free thinkers. I went into Walmart and a table across from the shopping cards. Get your vaccine today.

    On Thu, May 20, 2021, 7:00 PM The Gunfighter’s Guide: wrote:

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