Electric Cars are Not the Future: Biden is setting up major car company losses

Biden is Wrong about Electric Cars

As I said above, I am not against electric cars.  Tesla is the kind of car I’m thinking about getting, especially the new truck they are about to come out with.  But the speech Joe Biden gave about electric cars being the wave of the future and that we are never going back was ridiculously stupid as he toured a Ford factory that is making electric F150s.  Someone needs to explain to these idiots that market decisions in an economy are driven by market need.  The government doesn’t mandate “need.” For Biden to proclaim as he did, electric cars were being pushed forward regardless of how anybody feels about it.  America would either lead or fall behind shows that he and his handlers don’t even understand the basics of economics 101.  Tesla has managed to do well in creating a market niche for itself.  But there is no indication whatsoever that electric cars from Ford, General Motors, or any other car company will be successful.  There are a lot of factors about American cars that the intrusive Joe Biden government is not considering that will spell doom for those who have fallen into the trap of building cars that people don’t want for needs that don’t exist except in the realm of the environmental wackos and far-left greenie weenies. 

The typical F150 buyer likes to rev up their engines at stoplights; they want to put modified exhaust systems on them when the trucks get later in age so that people can hear how powerful their machines are.  Electric engines are quiet.  You might be able to get some speed out of them, but who cares if nobody can hear it?  The evolution of the American auto in America is not just about getting from one place to another; it’s about the statement you make in getting there.  Many auto buyers like the sound of an engine to announce who they are and make proclamations of individuality.  And their cars and trucks help them express that need.  For Biden and team government, they ignore all those basic needs and trade them for concern for the environment that does not exist, nor can they even express that it is accurate.  Typical F150 drivers care far more about nature than these government losers.  They hunt, camp, spend a lot of time outdoors roaming the earth, and the perception of environmentalism created by prominent government liberals is simply out of touch with reality.  You can’t trust the statistics they use to justify their positions any better than the CDC was able to tell us that wearing masks helped even a little in stopping the spread of Covid-19, which Dr. Fauci helped develop at a lab in Wuhan, China.

There aren’t enough power stations to support electric cars to match the government’s push for all these car companies to flood the market with electric vehicles, which is a typical mismanagement plan by the government who never thinks things through properly.  For instance, there is a decent infrastructure for Tesla cars; they have a system in their navigation that helps you find a charging station.  You can swap out at some of these your battery for a charged one so you can continue driving.  But if there are too many electric cars on the streets, there will be long lines at these charging stations, and people won’t like that.  I can think of the proper use of charging stations at Disney Springs in Orlando.  On the top floor of the parking garage, you can charge your electric car while you shop. That’s a pretty good idea, but it can’t handle many vehicles at the same time.  If there are ten or twenty electric cars there at the same time, they will have problems, and if those drivers are counting on a charge to get home, and all the stations are occupied, those drivers will have a problem.  To create the infrastructure that will support lots of charges at fuel stops, the electric car market is a long way from where it needs to support the type of electric car market that Joe Biden is talking about. 

20% of all-electric car owners go back to gas-powered vehicles mainly because of this charging issue. The electric cars are great for about 300 miles, but then what?  It’s not like 50 cars an hour will be able to pull off the highway at some distant fuel station and get a refill, a box of donuts, and a fresh cup of coffee in under 15 minutes and get back on the road.  Recharging an electric car takes some time and resources.  For a niche market, we have the infrastructure to support small numbers of electric vehicles, but nowhere near the amount needed to have every significant car company putting out their versions of an electric vehicle that will be dependent on that same under-supported infrastructure system.  Of course, the government thinks that building infrastructure is as easy as kids playing with Legos.  They have no concept of cost, they print the money, and since they are government-paid stooges, they don’t and won’t understand why fuel station operators will be reluctant to change all their gas pumps to electric to support the need. 

Of course, the government thinks that solar and wind power, free, will support all these power needs, but they have not done the math.  Just as a metaphorical comparison, I have been looking for an electric generator for my RV.  I found one I like; it’s a 1000 watt-hour super battery thing that can recharge with solar panels.  I think it’s pretty cool to be in the middle of nowhere and be able to get enough power to run a microwave and recharge cell phones, maybe.  But I need the kind of power that will run an air conditioner and lots of other things, so a gas generator is still the best option until lithium technology advances to that level, which will be a while.  To generate the kind of power that will support the electric car market at all these fuel stations will require a lot of solar panels, more than most people have green grass on their property and far better batteries to store that energy in.  We are nowhere close to taking care of those needs, yet the government has pushed these car companies into making these substantial financial advancements into cars that people don’t even want.  The typical F150 owner wants to hear their truck roar; they don’t want to drive a fancy golf cart.  Ford will have all these poor trucks sitting around only to have people desire the gas option.  And for the government to say, “ready or not, here we come” regarding electric car sales and infrastructure, their attitude is that if people have to wait to get a recharge, then so be it.  They can stay at home, save the earth and collect a government check as people did during the covid shutdowns. 

I would love to have a Tesla as a kind of secondary play vehicle.  But as a primary mode of transportation, no way.  I don’t want lines when I have somewhere to go. Suppose a fuel stop takes longer than 10 minutes for me; it’s too long.  I have places to go and people to see, and I don’t have time to manage my life around electric recharging stations or even plug and unplug my car at my house every time I want to go somewhere.  There are so many problems with electric vehicles that the government hasn’t come close to working out that they have no idea how stupid everything Joe Biden said at that Ford plant sounded.  They think they are the most intelligent people in the world by using free solar energy to power the American car culture.  But what they don’t understand is that free doesn’t make it good.  It’s free for a reason. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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