Obama Sucks, Literally: Joe Biden is a criminal, not a candidate

It was a long time ago, and so much has happened from back then until now.  When the reports from Larry Sinclair came out way back in 2007 that he had given Barack Obama oral sex at least two times, and other supposed male lovers of the future president suddenly were gunned down in their homes in Chicago, it was clear to pave the way for the first black president to beat a withered old man in John McCain and usher in a socialist state in America.  I had read the book Cocaine, Sex Lies & Murder by Sinclair and thought there was enough there to be cautious about regarding the personal character of Barack Obama.  But that was before this blog site was started by a few years, and before we learned to what extent Barack Obama was willing to break the law to acquire power for his Democrat Party.  Obviously, Barack Obama did not have a traditional marriage to his wife, he was an avid drug user and was sexually a bit wild, and the deeper we moved into the Obama years the more I learned to hate him because it was obvious we were being sold a phony.  And in hindsight we can see it clearly.  Well, I was reminded about all this while watching Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie Trump Card over the weekend where he interviewed Larry Sinclair and retold that old story.  And then it reminded me that Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, now deceased, was the Attorney General who prosecuted Larry Sinclair shortly after the press conference revealing all these drugs induced sexual trysts by Obama.  At the time, all the pieces weren’t so obvious, but taking in the body of work between Obama and Biden, it is obvious how they operated.  They attacked Sinclair to shut him up so that any negative stories would be gone to help Obama win the presidency, and once they had power they continued to operate in that fashion all the way up to when they lost it, including covering Hillary’s lost emails and Biden using the Logan Act to destroy the life of General Flynn in an attempt to destroy President Trump.


The oral sex story isn’t just about Obama’s sexual proclivities but is about what his administration was willing to do to cover it up, and to what extent the media was willing to help.  It was one of the main things that reminded me about the forces against Trump while watching Trump Card.  Most of the rest of what the movie was about are topics well covered on this site.  But the movie was made for the masses which is good.  I always considered the Barack sex story a minor thing, what bothered me more was the connection to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground and Obama’s past with communism, and the type of things his mother was involved in.  He was never a squeaky-clean executive type.  So, when Trump showed an interest in running for president to clean up that terrible period of our lives, I was ready to jump all over it.  Trump wasn’t squeaky clean, to me he had been married too much.  But he didn’t do drugs and he was the least dirty politician I had seen in a long time, so yeah, the premise of the Trump Card is a variable that had not been calculated by all the mechanisms that Democrats and some Republicans used to control society and fill their pockets like organized crime mobsters, which is exactly what the Obama administration showed me they were all about.  They were willing to kill people who got in their way, like Seth Rich, and previously these lovers of Obama, and that’s how they roll, and still do.  That’s why the abuse by using the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign was never a stretch and now we have the proof of it, that Obama and Joe Biden knew about it and allowed it to happen to help Hillary bury her email scandal, which is coming out anyway right before the election.  Pretty amazing stuff.

As I’ve said before, it’s not just about politics.  I may be a Republican, but there simply isn’t any circumstance where the Biden people could win, and it would be acceptable.  With the level of criminal conduct, they have engaged in, just the issues mentioned here would be enough.  But the China, the Russian and Ukrainian money scandals would be enough to make Joe Biden disqualified for president.  He’s a criminal, not a candidate.  Then it becomes clearer however why they hate Trump so much, even some Republicans whom we know as RINOs.  Joe Biden must win so this global cabal can remain hidden.  Even from that Barack Obama sex scandal with gay lovers, imagine how much was buried behind the media before social media and 24-hour news cycles came along to peer under every rock the way they can today.  There are so many things to love about the Trump presidency, but the biggest has been in exposing how deep the Deep State really is, which has turned out to be bigger than even the wildest conspiracy theorist.  And you can feel that desperation by them almost like the O.J. Simpson case was where people knew the former football star was guilty, but the race card had been played and the jury acquitted.  This election has the same kind of feel to it, only people are the jury.  The threats of intimidation are meant to poison the jury pool.  But the Trump Card threatens to overthrow the entire balance of the corrupt swamp even bigger than what happened in 2016 and there is a panic forming on the left that perhaps all these crimes they have been engaged in may suddenly break loose.

The threats of intimidation are certainly there by the Biden supporters who insist that there will be some busted up heads if the left doesn’t take full control of the government. Trump however is a variable they never controlled and along the way, more and more people have joined the Trump movement.  I worked the campaign the last time and I can say this, there is a lot more love of Trump this time around than the last time.  I live in a pretty conservative area, granted.  But if you do the math all across the country adding all these new demographics to the mix and dividing them by the blue mayors across the country, Biden doesn’t come close to a win.  The mob that controls the media may want to wish they could control things, but they don’t, and they can’t kill everyone as Biden’s son likely had done with the Obama case back in 2007.  Dinesh D’Souza’s movie was just a reminder of these things, one that people should watch before voting.  Even fence sitters can see it clearly now.  Anybody who votes for Joe Biden and the Obama era that he emerged from is voting for a criminal, and a pervert.  Under any rules of morality, nobody could do it unless they were the devil themselves.  But to think back on it, with a younger Obama letting Larry Sinclair perform oral sex while doing drugs together, then Obama coming to Sinclair’s room the next day for more, we are reminded what the Obama years really meant with the acceleration of gay rights and building a nation of substance abusers instead of industrialists and patriots, we see clearly what the stakes are in this election.  There is no getting along with that other side, because the other side are criminals by the admission of their own conduct.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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