Trickle-down Economics is the Only Kind: Joe Biden should be impeached just over his connection to China

How bad is it? The proof is out about the Biden family and their connections to China. Joe Biden should be impeached just over this issue. By far, I am not anti-government. I understand the need for a government to manage the people’s affairs. The biggest challenge, to prevent corruption is to have the smallest possible government that can accomplish that task before you get diminishing marginal returns. This comes up now because of the obvious debt ceiling talks, with I think Speaker McCarthy is handling as well as can be expected for this culture of thieves. You can’t just turn off the money addiction cold turkey without destroying your entire society. You must have an intelligent debate and work backward, hoping that your pace of change doesn’t destroy everything with such a cumbersome approach. After all, big government has grown without care for entirely too long, and for all the dumb reasons that you hear in a typical Joe Biden speech, when he talks about trickle-down economics not working, but that it’s the middle class that makes all jobs possible. That is why revenue is down the third year of his presidency, because the government has placed too many fingers in the cookie jar, and people have just stopped making cookies because of it. What the Keynesian losers of advanced economic studies in all the universities have never admitted to themselves was that Karl Marx had no idea what he was talking about regarding centralized government serving the power of the people. It doesn’t work that way and never has. People on their own don’t generate anything. Jobs just don’t happen because people exist. It takes thought to make a job and risk to implement it. Nothing happens in life without risk, and that is always the element that is missing from Joe Biden’s talks about economics. When he says bad things about trickle-down economics, the standard complaints by Democrats regarding Reaganomics, he essentially declares that he has no idea what makes economic activity happen.

This alone should impeach Joe Biden. The Biden family took money from China and is compromised.

But there is a form of trickle-down that Joe Biden knows well, as do most politicians, and this has led to the mess of government expansion that we see now, with multi-trillion-dollar deficits and out-of-control spending to hope to buy votes and stay in power essentially. It’s the trickle-down effect of obtaining high political offices and then selling access to influence, such as what has made Joe Biden rich over the years. And Mitch McConnell. These politicians didn’t get wealthy because they were in politics. Those political positions, even up to the president of the United States, don’t make that much money. They only get a few hundred thousand dollars annually for most high-ranking positions. So how in the world do they end up with enormous mansions and several estates like Joe Biden? Well, that’s the real trickle-down economics that they are talking about, where wealth pours into their banking account because they have sold access to their elected positions to foreign investment of domestic terrorists (those who knowingly plot and scheme against the American Constitution). The ultimate insult is that such an economic system is essentially built on whoredom, where value is given away for something that the politician never really possessed. An office elected that was given to them through a vote, an office that was never theirs to sell in the first place. Then they are selling a perceived value of deception, manifesting in flimsy definitions of trickle-down politics and the economics that fuel it. 

In truth, the only kind of economics that matters is one where there is a need for a service or good, the human mind comes up with a satisfactory solution to that need, and then risk is applied to serve that market need. Without thought, there is no action; without risk, there is no fulfillment of market needs. This union nonsense created by Karl Marx and embraced by tyrannical governments everywhere from the bottom out indicates that the people saying such dumb things have no idea how economics works. I majored in economics in college, and I learned really quickly that none of the teachers on the U.C. campus of Cincinnati understood the true concepts of the economy and its cycles. And I have learned over the years that politicians like Joe Biden understand even less because they were all taught by the same dumb people. All Keynesian economists have it all wrong from their very foundations of understanding. Reaganomics is the only kind of economics that works, where people are freed to take risks and create jobs that the middle class can then enjoy and fill. There is a big difference between a job filled and one created. And the government has tried to pretend this rule of risk doesn’t exist because they are naturally timid people. So they have created jobs off taxpayer-funded risk-taking which was the scary part, then have expanded government office to cover up the illusion. And that essentially is what makes up the massive deficit spending. The government jobs created then get filled with low-risk personalities who simply take money created by the value of those who manage risk to generate wealth. And it becomes a cycle of doom that politicians sustain with outside investment from places like China. Ask Biden about where most of his money came from, and it will trace back to China’s investments in him as a political whore. And Mitch McConnell couldn’t say otherwise. Many books have chronicled this problem explicitly, so what’s going on is well known. It’s just too inconvenient for anybody to do anything about it because they keep listening to this bottom-up mentality regarding economics, which is essentially a scam of looted money spent to hide the open theft and whoredom of modern politics as we have allowed it to manifest. 

Trickle-down economics is the only kind of economics, and countries and businesses that have utilized it best are the most successful. America is the wealthiest country in the world because it has empowered thoughtful enterprises and risk-takers to gain opportunity through action, and that generates wealth and jobs. There is no other method of job creation or of generating economic value. It all flows down from a risk taker who created wealth and the people from the middle out who then fill the jobs of that economic creation. The trickle-down politics Joe Biden only understands is the one where you get elected to an important office that you can then sell to foreign investment to enrich yourself. Then to hide the scam, you pretend to be some Keynesian economist built on a fake middle class that owns all private property, including the means of production. The truth is that the mind of a risk taker only creates production, and everything else is stolen from someone who did the hard work first. In the case of nations who invest in American politicians with money stolen from their own people, that is certainly the case with China, the real trickle-down effect is looted wealth. Financial tyrants have invested and propped them up. They want global control of all politics. So they use countries like China to buy up politicians like Joe Biden, to make it easy for them to rule the world from the shadows. And Joe Biden then distracts everyone from the real problem by talking about bottom-up economic policies built by a middle class who, like millions of hungry little birds, are waiting for the big mama of government to drop a worm in their desperate mouths. And the gap between reality and our American deficit reports is represented in actual dollars of value, which is obvious to all now. 

Rich Hoffman

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Does Anybody Love Joe Biden: It would be terrible to live his life

Taking a step back from politics for a moment and considering the life of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t say that I have sympathy for him. On many levels, I have a distinct hatred for people like Joe Biden for many reasons that we’ll get into here. But I do feel sorry for him, sorry for such a disastrous life lived, for who he has become. For the kids he has. The life he has led. I feel sorry for him that he can’t look in the mirror and be proud of what looks back at him. I think I would feel sorry for anybody in that condition, especially at the end of their life after many years of living it and not deciding to become a person that people love. Because the real problem with Joe Biden the most obvious question is, does anybody in his life really love him? Has Joe Biden ever known love or what it feels like to be loved? Has he ever sat at the dinner table and enjoyed being loved for who he is, rather than people telling him that because they wanted something from him? Joe Biden certainly isn’t unique to this problem, but since he is President of the United States, we get to watch him every day, and his life is an open book to the degree that we know even small details about his life which then provoke the question, is there anybody who really loves him. And I say that because I saw a nice note yesterday from Yuna Lee, the television anchor who was married to my friend Doc Thompson. She’s a very beautiful young lady, and I remember when they married because he was fired from Clear Channel while they were on their honeymoon over political wokeness on many levels. Doc has been dead for a number of years now; he was hit by a train while jogging. He had been working for Glenn Beck at the time. Well, it was his birthday, and Yuna put up a sweet tribute to him, wishing him a nice birthday in heaven. I would say that what they had was real love, something that even transcends death. But is there anybody in Joe Biden’s life like that? I think the obvious answer is no.

Sure, many people would say, but he’s the most powerful politician in the world. He’s been in politics for a long time and was the VP under President Obama. And he has a Corvette right next to all the classified documents that he had in his garage. For a lot of people, they would consider that a successful life. But, and this became very obvious during the Democrat primary in South Carolina, where Biden suddenly jumped out in the lead over the other rivals, Joe has always sold himself as the “yes man.” As a simple whore who would sell his integrity for a pack of gum, and when things were tough during that primary, and nobody was stepping out, it’s evident that the Deep State types saw that there needed to be a front-runner. A deal was made with the rivals to step out, and Biden found himself propped up and ahead for many reasons, none of them good. A decision was made to put compromised Joe into the White House to stave off the populist movement that was developing in America. So Joe was the guy with his hand up, and with his family history and all the compromises a life lived poorly has over him, he made himself a great target for the powerful to use to impose their authority controls over American society as a kind of Trojan Horse. 

With all that known, Biden didn’t earn the White House through merit. And much of his life has been that way, including his marriage to Jill. Looking at Joe Biden’s life, there aren’t many moments where he earned something good because he was the better person. Instead, he was given titles because he was willing to be a compromised asset. And then, by acquiring that power, he could sell it to outside influence. So the game became, achieve the highest offices you can, then selling that access would then grant him more personal wealth. You don’t get to acquire the kind of wealth Joe Biden did as a public servant all his life by not selling out. Joe Biden didn’t have vast private sector experience making much money before running for public office. Instead, he has spent his whole life selling his titles to contributors who wanted access, and that is the role his son, Hunter Biden, played in setting up that access, which is quite evident in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that was suppressed before the election to contain the narrative. The same kind of intelligence influence that suddenly propped him up in that South Carolina primary. It’s a phony game that he allows himself to be the face of, and he gets financial power in return. 

Then it becomes evident that the people in his life only cared about his financial power gained as a looting politician. Choice, love, and respect are attributes that are missing from Joe Biden’s life, all his life. Now he’s a rambling old man who has told so many lies over the years that he doesn’t know which one he is talking about. And the people around him are there for the power he has acquired as a sell-out, not because they love him. People happy with those kinds of choices tend to be not very good people themselves, as is obvious from Hunter Biden and the stories of Joe’s daughter who wrote in her diary that she took showers with her dad. The FBI stepped in and tried to suppress that information to preserve the narrative. So when you look at Joe Biden’s life, he is surrounded by people who want to use his power and position for their own purposes. For what they can get out of the relationship. They don’t have a relationship with Joe Biden because they love him. They only care about Joe Biden because of what they can get from him, including the globalists, the Democrat Party, his children, his wife, and the labor unions. They only like him because he has acquired power. And Joe apparently knew this early in his life, so he worked to compromise himself to acquire more power so that people would like him. He has obviously never had a life where people liked him because he was likable. And to fill the void, he has had to make up all this fake backstory about his life. It would be a terrible way to live. It certainly isn’t the kind of love Yuna had for my friend Doc Thompson. And that certainly isn’t the only example. But when Joe does move into the realm of death, will anybody remember him for who he was? Or will they simply move on to the next sell-out? Well, the answer to that is in their behavior while he’s alive. He’s obviously struggling as an elderly person, and everyone around him is letting him because his power and position is the only thing they value about him. And if he makes a fool out of himself while doing it, they’re fine with that. Because they only care about what they get from Joe Biden. They don’t care about the guy himself, which is a very sad condition. 

Rich Hoffman

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MAGA is a Big Tent Party: Understanding Republican Party Politics in Butler County, Ohio

There seems to be a lot of confusion from liberals who thought they understood the political landscape and who have learned recently they didn’t understand anything about it, especially regarding the Republican Party of Butler County, Ohio, where the Lakota drama unfolded during the presidency of Joe Biden. After all, they see pictures of politicians they know, watch their behavior, and think they understand politics. But their assessments have been all wrong. For instance, they think Darbi Boddy, the first-year school board member at Lakota schools, represents the fringe extreme right-wing politics that is so scary to the purple-haired people eaters of the communist LEA labor union. When, in fact, all those sympathetic to the labor movement from the police unions, the teacher unions, the electrical union down the road, all the moderates, the RINOs, and the many, many Democrats who run for office in our very conservative county who put an R next to their name because a D would get them thrown out of their local Target while buying socks if people knew. The political landscape can be pretty confusing to the latte-sipping prostitutes I’m always talking about who are out there trying to save one child at a time with screams for more safety, vaccination status, and bicycle helmets worn to get the mail out of the mailbox. The confusion comes from the scope of the political movement, not its limits, and that is where all the mistakes are made, which for Democrats is catastrophic.

When we were vetting candidates for the Lakota school board, I knew that Isaac Adi had some liberal sentiments. We had a campaign event at Jags Steakhouse, where it came out several times while he sat beside me. But I thought Isaac would be great on the Lakota school board anyway. He was softer-shelled than I am, but I thought it would be much better than the liberals we had been dealing with at that point. So I put my differences aside and got behind him anyway. For me, it was about presidential politics instead of the local disputes that I was after. MAGA is a big tent party, much bigger than traditional Republicans, who were thought of as rich white guys represented in the past. MAGA is all about women, diversity, immigration, and people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. At that time, Isaac would say to me that he was “MAGA,” and I was okay with that. I still am, even though the confusion is apparent, such as at the Republican Christmas Party, where Isaac took a picture with the black-hatted villain himself, Sheriff Jones, who was at the center of the Matt Miller controversy. Jones who has been a big supporter of President Trump especially over immigration issues played his part in assisting bad behavior at Lakota schools while trying to destroy members of the Republican Party for personal reasons.  We call people like Sheriff Jones people playing Battleship with political rivals rather than chess, and it sends the wrong message to actual political enemies, that is very confusing for them.  Those labor union brothers stick together, even when they do the wrong things. But Isaac is honest and believes what people say to him because he isn’t a person to mislead himself. I look at the picture of those two guys and see voters and supporters for President Trump. But I also see a Democrat and a person thinking about being a Republican. They are about as conservative as Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Relative to the rest of the Democrat Party, they look conservative. But compared to the Tea Party types who are really behind Republican Party politics at the grassroots level, the politics aren’t even close to being consensual.    Now liberals trying to figure out who are Republicans and Democrats in the county would look at that picture and think they have the Republican Party all figured out, and those two are what they are dealing with. So, of course, their lives will be shattered when they find out that just referencing them as MAGA Republicans isn’t the same as legislating as a conservative.

Another good example was a recent photo of West Chester Township Trustee Lee Wong at a Chinese New Year type of event getting a selfie of himself with Joe Biden, giddy as a schoolgirl. Lately, because the political sentiment has demanded it, Lee has voted more conservatively, more along the lines of my friend Mark Welch than toward the liberal leanings of the past. I would not call Lee a Republican, ever. But he has voted more conservatively than another friend of mine who is another fellow trustee, Ann Becker. I’ve known Ann for a long time as she was president of the Cincinnati Tea Party and openly campaigned against John Boehner for being too much of a RINO while he was the third most powerful person in the country as Speaker of the House. These days, however, next to Lee Wong, Ann looks like the liberal. So that gives a little perspective to how things can change over time as the political tides roll in and out. But then you learn what a person is really about when they get a chance to meet President Biden. I wouldn’t be caught under any circumstances shaking his hand under any condition. Biden represents the worst in politics. But you can see from the picture that Lee was enchanted to have a picture with Biden, which says everything about his political motivations. 

People only casually concerned with politics to preserve their wild sex lives and extracurricular social nonsense wanted to think that Lee Wong, Isaac Adi, Sheriff Jones, and others represented the Republican Party because they see them at the same kind of events, so they misplaced their strategies. Many real conservatives in Butler County never go to social events because the people are too liberal for them. If they get a candidate to vote for like Darbi Boddy, they will show up on election day, the same as they will for Trump. But if they get just another RINO, they will probably not vote. And when it came time for the rubber to hit the road with the Matt Miller drama at Lakota, there was a surprising level of support for Darbi, who is considered a radical right-winged Republican as opposed to the much more moderate Isaac Adi. Liberals looked at the situation and thought they could work with Isaac. But not Darbi, so they endeavored to get rid of her and made quite a show of it. But they didn’t understand that much of what they thought was the Republican Party was an illusion. They were looking at the big tent MAGA party with all kinds of people coming to it because MAGA means wins. Being associated with President Trump means winning in politics. Obviously, people thinking of running want to be associated with MAGA politics, despite what the liberal news media wants to believe. But when it comes down to personal beliefs, people are generally conservative; they lean much more toward Darbi Boddy than toward Isaac Adi. And Democrats, to them, is a very dirty word. So is working with them. While the moderates, the RINOs, and the communist union supporters all talk about working together, what the voting public wants is a fight. They want fighters who will sort out all the nonsense and represent them in government. Darbi Boddy certainly does that, and so does President Trump on a national level. But the mushy middle is what gives politics a bad name because politicians who claim to be more conservative than they really are just to get elected end up disappointing everyone. And in a world of lies and misleading action, those are unforgivable sentiments. It might win a vote under the big tent of MAGA. But it certainly doesn’t win the hearts of the public. 

Rich Hoffman

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Would Nancy Pelosi Fake an Attack on Her Home Ahead of the Midterms: She’s done it before, so YES!

I live in a neighborhood where a former Speaker of the House lives. Based on that and knowing many of the law enforcement in the area, do I believe they would cover up bad behavior to protect a reputation or advance a political narrative? Absolutely yes. So, it’s not a big surprise that after a green party nudist was found in the House of Paul Pelosi in his underwear and hit the husband of the current Speaker of the House over the head with a hammer, the report done by the Justice Department evolved a lot from the initial reports to the dispatcher. By the time Paul Pelosi called the police from his bathroom and said he didn’t know the attacker, then called him David, and a friend, by the time the corrupt Justice Department told the story, it was just a random attacker motivated by the MAGA movement to attack Nancy Pelosi. And since she wasn’t home, poor old Paul suffered at his hands. It will be interesting to see if the attacker, David DePape, ever gives a public statement of this case in a courtroom. Hearing from DePape himself would be the only way to clear up the story, because we know we certainly can’t trust anything the Pelosi household says. We absolutely can’t trust the Biden Justice Department or the FBI that reports to that criminal crime boss put in the White House by the Desecrators of Davos attempt to take over the entire world, especially the American government. And obviously, we can’t trust the local San Francisco police, who are obviously interested in protecting the Pelosi family’s name, just as they did when Paul Pelosi was recently involved in a DUI and had a car wreck. The police and prosecutor covered it up as much as they could, and a deep investigation as to who was with Paul Pelosi that night was not conducted. They just wanted to sweep the story under the rug, as many police tend to do with people they consider to be powerfully influential. 

When the story broke, I first thought of the old Dirty Harry film where Scorpio hired someone to beat him up so that the criminal could blame the beating on Clint Eastwood’s character. Movies used to be so much smarter than they are today. When talking to people about it on Truth Social and Gettr, I used clips of that Dirty Harry movie to show how a person looking for a political distraction two weeks before a midterm election where Nancy Pelosi is poised to lose her power might pay for a distraction to change the media narrative. Do I think the Pelosi family is that dirty? Yes! We just saw Jussie Smollett do just such a thing in Chicago, hire people to beat him up, then blame it on Trump voters as if to change support for the MAGA movement. Would Nancy be so low as to fake an attack on her home, to beat up her husband, and would Paul go along with it for a chance to win public sympathy and maybe hold power in the Midterms by preventing a 30-seat slide to a Republican majority? Yes! These are terrible, evil people; they are not normal human beings. Nancy and her husband, Paul’s racket, is one where she provides stock tips that Paul then acts on as the third most powerful person in the world. As a family, they make investments based on that knowledge and have gained 300 million dollars in wealth, being essentially a public servant. Would they do anything, including orchestrating a fake attack on their home to hold power? Yes, I believe they absolutely would, and I don’t trust a thing that any of these people say about anything. I don’t trust Joe Biden. I certainly don’t trust Nancy Pelosi. I don’t trust the FBI, the DOJ, or the San Francisco police. Likely the best story was what was reported by the dispatchers initially, where Paul Pelosi said that the guy with the hammer was a friend while in his underwear, and there were zip ties by the nudist who is reported to be a male prostitute in the area. After that, the professional liars got a hold of the story and tried to make it beneficial to Nancy’s struggles to hold the House through the Midterms by scaring away MAGA voters from voting how polls indicate they are poised to do. 

Nancy has done this before, she could have listened to President Trump regarding January 6th, but she chose to allow the fire to burn because she wanted a distraction from all the liberal problems. This blatant election fraud put Joe Biden in the White House, her own scandalous abuse of power with two impeachments of Trump, and her using the Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to create a coup against a sitting president. She wanted an angry mob to storm the capital, and the police let people in to do their damage. What happened at Nancy’s House with her husband and the green activist nudist high on drugs all the time is normal for liberals. It’s the kind of behavior that many of us have grown tired of, and it’s precisely why these people find themselves losing power as we speak. 

Whatever the story ends up being, Americans deserve better than to have losers like the Pelosi family and their supporters running the House of Representatives. They are embarrassments; their goofy progressive lifestyle does not represent the majority of American voters, which will be evident in this next election. And to hide that from the world, yes, Nancy and the gang would harm her husband, Paul Pelosi. He might even agree to it to hold on to the kind of power that made them rich in the first place. And the police would help them do it because it gives them power, too, as a tag along to serving the Speaker of the House. That power certainly goes to their heads; they will say anything to hold that power, even lie or change the events as they witness them. But essentially, people are tired of this kind of behavior in their politics, and they are choosing better people represented by the MAGA movement. And the only defense that Nancy Pelosi has in preventing it is to create doubt or guilt to stop the power about to overwhelm her. I don’t believe that David DePape went to Paul Pelosi at 2 AM on his own accord. I think the true answer is closer to the old Dirty Harry movie or what Jussie Smollett did than to it being a random act by some near homeless drug addict that suddenly became a Trump supporter a few days ago. And as the media grabbed hold of the story so quickly without vetting any of it, it says all we need to know about the motivations just a few weeks out from one of the biggest elections in our lifetimes. To see the truth, you must accept what bad people are willing to do to hold onto power, even if it puts them in the hospital to undergo brain surgery. Nothing is too low for these crooks and diabolical liars. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Attack by the Fourth Unelected Branch of Government: Joe Biden is their pawn, and they are out for blood

There was always speculation about the Kennedy assassination that has pointed more toward the American intelligence agencies than to a lone shooter who wanted to assassinate the president. But people had a hard time believing that anybody could be that evil or that we couldn’t trust our various government members. But if there was any doubt, that is now gone by watching the Liberal World Order freak out about another Trump run for office, specifically what Joe Biden has been willing to do to keep his political rival away from the White House. The Biden White House obviously approved the raid on Trump’s home in Florida. The Biden Department of Justice greenlit the raid, and the FBI conducted the deed with drool dripping from their salacious mouths. A chance to abuse their authority and send a message to the former president. They took documents out of their boxes and put them on the floor for all to see, including a Time magazine cover to serve as a metaphor that was clearly intended to be an intimidation tactic; there is no longer any speculation about a fourth branch of government unaccountable to voters who think they are in charge. In their global formation’s early days, they committed assassinations and killed their targets. These days, they try not to do that; they just confiscate bank accounts, destroy reputations in public and make it so their targets would be better off dead. And that’s what the raid by the FBI was, an attempted assassination and a clear message that they were in charge, and they didn’t give a damn what voters thought about it. Now, do you understand, dear reader, why they stole the election and gave the White House to Joe Biden? This fourth branch of unaccountable government wants power at all costs so they can abuse it. And they’ll eliminate anybody in their way to acquire that power. That’s what we are dealing with here. 

Then in the aftermath, as a leaked photo was making its circulation around the media showing how the FBI could desecrate a private residence of a former president by a raid sent by the current occupant of the White House to attack his political rival for the next election, Biden gave several speeches trying to claim that it was the MAGA movement behind Trump who was the real terrorists and that January 6th was the crime of the century. Not because it was, but because the government said it was. We weren’t supposed to look at the crimes of the Biden family, the sell-out of America to China, and the United Nations, the Desecraters of Davos, the many hostile characters who Biden represents in the White House with his stolen election, and we are supposed to believe him when he says that Trump Republicans are dangerous? Well, dangerous to whom? The answer, Trump is a danger to the Administrative State who thinks they are in charge and that they will use any power necessary to exert that power. The raid on Trump and the distribution of pictures, the redacted documents, and the stiff arm by the Department of Justice to any liability on their part for the damages that the raid caused Trump or the nation are all clear indicators of a vast and corrupt evil that is in our current government. It was all a message that they intended to go after anybody who got in their way. That the American Constitution is not their legal limit to conduct against innocent people. But the public should be afraid, and if they weren’t, they would be because the power of this new global government was the master they served, and people better get used to it. 

They had to have an unethical liar like Joe Biden accept his role as the occupier of the White House. Because nobody but a loser like him could put up with the deal. Joe Biden is the spokesperson for a massive power grab by the Administrative State that intends to spit on the Constitution and turn over the acquired power that aggression could give them to the pinheads of Davos and the finance community around the world who want a bloodless coup. And Trump must be removed so that compliance by that world can begin. Because Trump is still a symbol of traditional America, the America they fully intend to destroy. And until he is removed from public view and humiliated, the MAGA movement will continue to be a danger to their attack on American sovereignty and the intentions of globalism. Of course, they are hungry for power, for all the reasons people have been for years. And now we can see just how hungry they are, which appears unbelievable. But the actions only confirm the suspicions. It should be quite clear by now just how dangerous this fourth unelected branch of government is and what they always wanted. The other three branches, the Executive, the Judicial, and Congress itself, were just the façade. The real rulers have been this unelected fourth branch that we have been calling the Deep State but are more appropriately now referred to as the Administrative State. They are globalists in nature and expect to implement a global religion of dualism and international control that they have been thinking about for thousands of years. They are alive and well now, shown by that raid of Trump in Florida and the audacious actions demonstrated in the aftermath. 

These people have been cheating in elections for years; likely, we seldom get the people we really want to represent us because we have not been a representative republic for many years. The Kennedy assassination and the many other killings in the 60s that occurred were the early warnings of the power of this Administrative State. They were happy to blame the mob or Russian communists, but that’s how they have played the blame game for centuries. The goal was to make us think we had a representative government but that we could be forced through actions of fear into doing what they wanted us to do. They allowed the mobsters to exist to create that fear in society, but it was they who fattened their bellies and had control from the beginning. And now they have control of all three government branches and aren’t afraid of people knowing who’s in charge. They feel they can raid the home of a former president and then lecture the world that it’s his supporters who are the real terrorist threat. And some people are tempted to listen because they are afraid of the bullies and don’t want to get beat up or put on the harassment list. Then to further discourage people from resistance to this unelected fourth branch of government Biden told us we need an F-15 to defend ourselves from air raids that he could call in a moment, that a little ol’ gun wouldn’t be enough to stop the power of government controlled by the occupant of the White House, put there by the power of the Administrative State. If there was ever doubt, it’s gone now. This is a hostile government filled with terrible, corrupt people. And it’s the task of our age to fight them off and remove control of America from them. And only then, when America is restored to a proper republic, can the rest of the world have a chance for a good life as well. These international mobsters, criminal insurgents, and maniacal globalists are playing for keeps and have threatened to spill blood if necessary. They’ve done it before and are warning that they’ll do it again. Their message is to comply, or else. And the raid on President Trump was meant to scare us all. It was their horses head in the bed that was the intention, not so much for Trump but for the MAGA movement that feeds off him. They want it gone forever and are ready to fight to make that happen.

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Biden Using Covid to Hide in the White House: The Lazy, unproductive, and losers of the world have now become the rulers of the zombie apocalypse

I’ve said it from the beginning, and I’m saying it now, Covid was always a hoax made up by government in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon meant to usher in the Great Reset for which the United Nations planned to use a health crisis to grab power and sovereignty from the world over fear of death.   I would even go so far as to say that Covid was and is a weapon of terrorism, terrorism in the extreme. It was meant to make people afraid and to cleave to government in unhealthy ways. But it was never engineered to be a killer virus. It was only meant to be a fast-spreading cold and what made it terrible were the new rules that the CDC unconstitutionally implemented to deal with it, which was a radical leftist plan to destroy all economies in the world and to run over anybody who stood in the way. Sure, some people have adverse effects with Covid, just like any cold or allergies. But Covid was made and distributed for reasons the global administrative state wanted. They didn’t necessarily want to kill everyone; they just wanted to control them. And with that said, I always said, and many have joined me in saying, that Democrats were going to try to use Covid to steal another election and to expect them to resurrect it just before the fall elections of 2022 to open the doors for massive cheating, and to minimize the damage they were about to see in the midterms. To back up my statements, I would refer anybody to the Children’s Health Defense books and others who have told the story of how Covid came about and how it was managed in destructive ways. It’s not a secret or conspiracy. It’s hard for many people to admit to what suckers they were and how they allowed such a dumb scam to be played on them massively. It’s the biggest story in the world, but it’s also the biggest embarrassment, and many people don’t want to admit to how stupid they were in reacting to Covid, now that the truth is quite clear of what it always was.

Right on time, President Biden came down with Covid and locked himself in the residence of the White House, hoping to inspire a national concern for his safety. It was meant to do two things, get him out of the bumbling around in public that had been killing his poll numbers with gaffes literally every day, falling off bicycles, tripping over stairs, walking like someone has stuck a stick up his caboose to keep him standing straight, the constant embarrassments coming out over Hunter Biden’s crack use with illicit whores on video and the FBI helping to cover it up. Covid was meant to tap into the fears, and concerns Americans had just gone through and that they might feel sympathy and concern for the old man in the White House, which might help his polling. But, Democrats cannot win an honest election; they have no platform that people want, they stand for the destruction of America, and their game plan is in full action now, and people can see the evidence for themselves. Bread costs too much. Gas is outrageous. And we are told that climate change is the biggest threat to our lives, and to drive that point home, they need something to remind people that life could be snuffed away from them at any time. That there was something worse than everything they could see around them happening. They needed to dust off the Covid virus again and make people afraid of it once more, as they did in 2020, to change the political landscape into something they could regain control of. So Biden, over the last few weeks, has come down with Covid several times and has remained locked up in the White House as his handlers work on some public relations activity to boost up his opinion sentiment with the public. 

But it wasn’t working. As all the mainstreamers tried with great diligence to scare people back into a Covid frenzy, people are done with the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and all the big government nonsense. The only people who still want Covid around are those who put it in play, to begin with, the lazy, the stupid, and the agents of the administrative state. Because when you look back on the CDC “recommendations” (they are not laws, and we do not have to follow them), you will see the dream of the average bureaucrat know-nothing. Covid gave them cover for their laziness; it was a free get-out-of-work plan where they could keep their jobs but stay home for days on end to stop the spread. Covid protocols were the most ridiculous socialist concepts since Karl Marx wrote his dumb books. Covid was designed to make the lazy look brilliant by following big government orders and changing the entire value system of society at large. It put the weak losers of life in charge of the thrifty and industrious. And now that Joe Biden is attempting to use Covid to hide from the public behind a controlled wall White House façade, many around the country are using his example to get falls positive tests that get them out of work for the same reasons they always have, because they are too lazy to work. They wish to hide their behavior behind a made-up public emergency. 

I’ve never been a supporter of a “doctor’s note” as a reason to get out of work. There are legal obligations to follow those types of social norms, but I’ve always thought of a doctor’s note as an intrusion by some medical bureaucrats into the business of life, and they had no mandate to intrude themselves on anybody’s life. When an employee brings a doctor’s note to work to alter their work schedule in some way with reduced duty or time off, it says to me that that person doesn’t want to work. I’d be looking for employees who don’t bring in doctor’s notes because those who do are liabilities against productivity. Government has stuck its nose in private business too much on many issues, and the doctor’s note is just one of those terrible incursions. And Covid was meant to play off that culture built by government over many decades of acting as the mediator between the big nasty employer who is just too evil to accommodate employees’ personal needs when they are sick. It is socialism that Karl Marx would be ecstatic over, and it has always made me sick to see. But Covid exploded that culture into ridiculous proportions, nearly turning our entire society into the zombie apocalypse. Covid as a policy has been the dream of socialists and communists everywhere, it has empowered the worst of our society into gaining merit through compliance, and the payoff for them is to get out of work under the protection of government making employers utterly helpless in the process. And what Biden did by using Covid to stay home and play in his residence was to remind all the lazy and worthless who exist that Covid is their get out of jail free card. And you can believe it; they are using it.   In the end, that will be what people remember Joe Biden for; he empowered the lazy and punished the hard-working. He led through fear because he was so incompetent that he had nothing else in the toolbox, which was the point of Covid all along, to give those like Biden merit in the world through the terrorism of fear and the unearned control over everyone’s lives by the administrative state.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump Can’t Ride Off Into the Sunset: There is a reason for all the political anger, and it must be expressed

I generally like Elon Musk, but his comments about Trump and how he should ride off into the sunset were misguided and foolish. I hope Elon Musk accomplishes his goals with Space X. But I think Tesla will be headed for rough waters mainly because of how government has tampered with the electric car market. They are saturating the industry with assets that nobody wants, creating competition where there wasn’t demand, and making buying regular gas cars a taboo that will last for decades. Before the Biden administration stuck its nose into the electric car market, Tesla was a pretty cool option for people looking for a vehicle alternative. Tesla could support its own network infrastructure, complete with charging stations. They didn’t need government. But government has now interrupted that market and made electric cars something people hate. So Elon Musk has some trouble coming because of government tampering. And with that said, without government, Elon Musk would not be so wealthy and gained so much prestige. Elon Musk’s place in the world is very much a creation of government. Like most people who strike it big, Elon Musk made a good bet, and in his case, several, and he became wealthy. He’s not a magnificent genius beyond our comprehension that knows a bunch of things that we don’t as a species. He played with house money and came up big. But in his case, that house money was from the government. Without government subsidies, Elon Musk would be just another computer geek trying to buy expensive coffee at Starbucks. So his comments about Trump have been extremely misplaced. His political advice is worthless because he has too many government tentacles in him and foreign nations to have a proper opinion on the matter. I hope he has continued success. But his political advice is worthless. If anything, we don’t have enough drama from Trump. The world is angry, and for a good reason. The last thing we need is a tool from China telling us what to think, and because Elon Musk needs China so much, we can’t trust a thing that he says about political opinion.

We are living in a world where Hunter Biden has put so much of himself on video with known prostitutes smoking crack that it’s beyond comprehension. This is the President’s son, who is seen by the world committing serious crimes, and nothing is being done about it. Forget for a moment the many other scandals that are out there or what anybody might think about Joe Biden as a person politically. To have a direct member of the President behaving so badly is enough to justify profound anger at the world’s injustice. If there were never a Trump, never a Tea Party, never any opposition from political parties, the behavior of Hunter Biden would be enough to justify a revolt of the American population against the Biden administration for the embarrassment that it has brought to our nation. But then consider all the crimes of Covid by government imposed on the American people. Consider the inflation rate. The war on fossil fuels that have pushed up the cost of gas to unforgivable standards. The impact of the stolen election in 2020 which is now apparent. After the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on drop boxes, it’s clear that there is a trend in America that is finally figuring out that Joe Biden should have never even been inaugurated. People have a right. Actually, they are obligated to be upset about the crimes committed in 2020 between the government-created Covid pandemic and the election fraud that followed. If people weren’t outraged, it would be weird. It’s perfectly justifiable for people to express themselves with anger at the Biden government, the people who put him in power, and the governments of the world that have imposed themselves on everyone’s lives in such destructive ways. Trump represents that anger in a manageable way, and everyone should be happy that there is a Trump out there to discharge all pent-up anger.

This anger in the world, in general, didn’t just happen during the Trump administration. The Trump administration was a creation of that anger. The lead-up to it occurred for many decades. Most noticeably during the 90s, when the political left tried to cram down America’s throats a liberal view of the world that was revenge for the eight good years of Ronald Reagan. Reaganomics was revenge for what America saw during the Carter administration. Ford was destroyed because of his association with Richard Nixon. Nixon was destroyed because he was a threat to the administrative state. Kennedy was killed because he was a threat to that same administrative state. Bobby Kennedy was killed because he was a disruption to that partnership with the administrative state and the façade of organized crime that ultimately could be traced back to government. This has been a political fight that has gone on for a long time, and it was evident to conservatives that after 2003 the media would not give George Bush a fair shake. Bush was hated, and the political left pushed that anger to launch Barack Obama, a terrorist candidate from Bill Ayers launched in the living room of a Weather Underground radical. They lied about it to our face even though we had the evidence. They lied about his birth certificate. They lied about Benghazi. They lied about everything, and those stories mounted to the point where people lost trust in everything. Mitt Romney in 2012 was another loss for conservatives who had been burnt by losers like John McCain over the years, moderates who wanted to play by the rules while the political left broke the law and rubbed our faces in it. By the time Trump offered himself in 2015, people were ready to fight back, and they elected him despite the administrative state’s goals to stop it. 

Things were good under Trump; the country worked. We discovered that a lot could be fixed in the world if only we had someone in the White House who wanted to solve problems. The administrative state wants perpetual problems because that’s how their funding works. They never wanted to fix anything, and Trump showed what a scam everything they said really was. Then they took Trump away and expected people to just put up with it. No, that’s not how it works. All that has happened was that the political left represented in America by the Democrats stole away the natural sentiments of what America wanted and imposed on them the desires of an administrative state they didn’t want or support. In more polite times, they might have held their nose and put up with it, but after all the years of disrespect by the left toward the right, things finally broke. Trump was the discharge of that anger, but now that anger is far greater than it was just a few years ago. America is not a centrist nation. The media has all the wrong terms for left and right. When they talk about the political left, they are talking about communists and socialists.

Nazis were socialists; they were not the “far right.” America has its own definitions for conservative thought, and most of the nation is conservative. They are not “centralists” as the Beltway defines them. The way America is was always determined by the flyover states, not the crazy lunatics who live on the coasts. So the more crimes the left commits, the more lies they impose on America, and the more bad behavior disrespecting America will only lead to more anger. That anger isn’t going to go away. It’s only growing; until it is dealt with, there will be lots of “drama” in politics. And that drama will continue until respect is given to those who actually run the country, Trump supporters, and the person they picked for President, President Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Declares Drop Boxes Illegal: Joe Biden was not elected and does not belong in the White House

It’s not a conspiracy in any way. It is one of the most significant crimes in the history of the world that we are untangling, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court is part of that untangling process. And what they found in the Wisconsin Supreme Court was that the drop boxes created by left-leaning radicals like Facebook to manipulate the election in key states targeted for Joe Biden were illegal. All votes counted from those drop boxes in future elections would not count.   Additionally, all votes counted in the 2020 election were illegal and must be subtracted from the final vote counts, which clearly would put President Trump as the state’s winner. Donald Trump won Wisconsin, and he looks likely to win several other states in the same manner. Based on that evidence alone, Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. He is in the White House illegally. That is not the statement of partisanship but of legal, factual information based on actual results. What’s significant about this case is that everything Joe Biden does is illegal. He was not put in place by the people of the United States. He was inserted by people who wanted to destroy our country, and of course, now two years in, we can see to what extent they were willing to do it. The stolen election of 2020 isn’t just Trump supporters against the world; it was a military attack against America, ignoring our nation’s sovereignty for globalism’s benefit, and it is at their doorsteps that we must convict and punish. And all the news outlets that do not want to cover the election fraud that occurred in 2020 are contributors to the effort.

The crime was committed knowingly in 2020; Covid had a solution to the spread, the known use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to fight the virus. But the intention of the virus was never to stop the spread but to blow on it like one would blow on a campfire to perpetuate its growth. And the primary reason for that was to force on states all kinds of crazy emergency protocols like these drop boxes that would allow for massive cheating under the guise of emergency Covid recognition. From there, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg specifically, would put half a billion dollars into ballot harvesting operations in all the key battleground states, for which Wisconsin was one.   And the plan was, which Nancy Pelosi was obviously aware of before the election, as were many thousands of others whom the half a billion dollars touched, which is a LOT of money, was that election results would not be decided until they counted ballots from those drop boxes, and until they had enough made-up votes to declare Joe Biden the winner. Again, none of this is a conspiracy; it can all be proven. Facebook funded the exercise. Bill Gates funded the perpetuation of Covid to keep the story alive until the election so that the cheat could occur. There were thousands of people in on the steal, and we know from their cell phone tracking who got paid to steal the election by stuffing the drop boxes and which nonprofits were issuing those payments. It would be a very easy investigation in a J6th kind of congressional hearing, and it would melt the paint off Beltway politics, which is why they are showing their fangs as aggressively as they are. They are caught; they know it. Jan 6th and the Committee of clowns led by Liz Cheney knows they have been caught. They are harassing anybody who questions them, abusing their power in grotesque ways because it’s the only card they can play because of their own implicit guilt. The actual crime was not in President Trump’s reaction to the crime, the insult of having to put up with it, but in the stealing itself, which is now well known, and its not a story that will go away. 

The second half of the steal, beyond what they did with Covid, and the ballot harvesting with the drop boxes, was the purposeful attack on our judicial system, knowing that the time between an election and the inauguration of a new president in January was entirely too short to do anything legally properly. So part of those many millions of dollars that came in from all kinds of progressive sources, including Fox News, was to force a narrative that the certification of the election was legal and anybody who said otherwise was trying to overturn it. The corrupt money that caused such dialogues knowingly committed several crimes, with the knowledge that the certification process did not legally allow for legal questioning of controversial ballots in such a short period. Many of us, Trump included, Steve Bannon particularly, knew something was wrong with the election because the ground game told the whole story, precinct by precinct. The anomalies were apparent the day after the election, where consistent voting results showed areas where dropbox spikes were occurring, where the Zuckerberg millions invested were contaminating the actual election results. But courts move slow and require careful contemplation of their cases. And these criminals behind this massive election fraud effort knew that and made it part of their strategy to put the courts on their heels by overwhelming them and forcing them to stick to a bad story for their credibility. Part of the crime was to make the judiciary part of it by using the pressure of time to keep them from injecting themselves into the certification process. To run out the clock and put Joe Biden into the White House before anybody could contest the results, and all that was done knowingly, understanding that massive election fraud had occurred. 

The significance of this crime is incredible, of course. Joe Biden was not legally elected. He does not belong in the White House. He should not be talking to other nations and negotiating on behalf of the United States. His placement in the White House by all kinds of forces with ill intent was not constitutional, which is our law of the land, and to commit the crime many thousands of people committed sedition and treason to do so, the kinds of crimes that are punishable by death traditionally considered. This is very serious stuff. It’s not the opinions of politics over one side lost; one side won. It’s a legal, factual matter where the courts are finally catching up to the case, which we knew would take a few years. And here we are, there was election fraud in the 2020 election, with lots of evidence and known people who participated. And they had bet everything on the destruction of the United States before they got caught in the act of the crimes they committed, the knowing attack on American sovereignty and the elections of its representatives for the planned destruction of the country and its borders. The Hunter Biden stories where the son of the sitting president is seen smoking crack on video with known prostitutes, which embodies all kinds of grossly illegal activity that should be punishable by very severe jail times, is turning out to be just a metaphor for the much more significant crimes of election fraud that put these criminals in the White House for the purposeful destruction of our country. From day one of the Biden White House, inflation started pointing upward. The war on fossil fuels commenced, which has personally robbed all Americans of many millions of dollars of wealth. We have seen over two years of attacks against us, starting with Covid, which shut down our lives.

Then to cap it off, we have an inserted president meant to wreck our economy, which he is doing despite our elections and against our wishes in a representative republic, which is direct theft of us all, each and every person in America. It’s time to stop looking at this situation as a conspiracy theory. Wisconsin is just one of the first to make such decisions about drop boxes. Joe Biden did not win 81 million votes. I’ve been all over the United States, and I can report that not many people voted for him anywhere. Those votes were manufactured with the millions of dollars that liberal activists like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg put into the election to undo our nation over to the doors of globalism. And they were caught and now must pay. 

Rich Hoffman

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Mitt Romney is Wrong, Joe Biden is Not a Good Man: The collapse of the Liberal World Order as shown on the Family Guy

Mitt Romney’s article in The Atlantic was remarkable in many regards. It reflects the view of The Liberal World Order, as they call it now, and their perplexed quandaries into the nature of political existence. It sums up their coastal assumption that peer pressure was always going to be able to pull everyday Americans over to their view of things and that they would end up as the masters of that liberal society as the borders of American thought came down and the rise of international globalism would replace old ideas of nationalism. Their entire premise was like asking fans of the NFL to cheer for the football organization instead of any particular team within it. Instead of having a favorite team to go to a stadium to advocate for, the Liberal World Order believed that people would cheer on the NFL itself.   They believed that after all their liberal educations, top-down management style, and tampering with markets with their slow and cumbersome ideas, people would cheer on this Liberal World Order and would like it. So they are bewildered as to why President Trump is so loved and why there are still investigations into election fraud from the 2020 election, even two years later. It was just announced that Maricopa County in Arizona rejected the election results of that 2020 election, which is taking us historically into new territory; more will follow. And on that same day, Wisconsin declared that drop boxes were illegal that were used during Covid to steal votes for Joe Biden. And that those drop boxes were illegal during 2020, so all votes counted by that method must be rejected, which would give the state to Trump naturally. The Liberal World Order is watching all their schemes fall apart and see how much they are hated, and it’s shocking to them. However, they only have themselves to blame. 

Over the 4th of July, I was looking for some kind of White House celebration, which I couldn’t find. Biden did give a speech, obviously to his progressive base urging people to hang tight, that things would get better. But the contents of the speech really weren’t aired until the next day. Not even ABC News, owned by Disney, showed it. Yet what I did find on television was a 2019 episode of Family Guy that featured Peter Griffin working at the Trump White House. I like Family Guy, and even though they are typically a very liberal group of creative Hollywood types, their humor is usually funny. But this particular episode was obviously filled with frustration and hate toward the Trump family and a direct shot at the people who elected him. It was so filled with hate that I wondered who at Fox, who aired the program, did they think made up their audience. Satire is one thing in comedy, and usually, with a show like the Family Guy, that is where the laughs come from. But this was an episode I had not seen before, and they were showing it as a repeat on the 4th of July, which seemed like a pie to the face of America. It was interesting to watch, especially in the context of Mitt Romney raving in The Atlantic about how a return to Trump’s America would essentially be the end of their dreams of the Liberal World Order. After all, that was the view of that Family Guy episode. They didn’t make it for the general public but for their progressive viewers, whom they think are the majority. But only now do they see that they don’t have a majority, and they never did. They are being rejected wholesale and aren’t sure what to do or think about it.

What’s different now as opposed to times in the past is that they have let us know during the Trump years what they really think of us. And now that the information is out there, they’ve created this awkward society where the truth about how we feel about each other is known.   For many years, just like the Family Guy show, we put up with their liberal viewpoints because we wanted some entertainment. So we gave them the benefit of the doubt so long as everyone was generally polite with each other.   But after we elected Trump, and they failed to secure the election for their pick, Hillary Clinton, they felt entitled to make fun of us and use all methods of peer pressure to drive us toward their Liberal World Order, which was never going to be an option. Yet they thought it was.   That much was evident in art like what the Family Guy broadcast. Before we knew just how much they hated us, we could join together mutually over popular entertainment or good food. But once they revealed how much they hated Trump and his voters, there was no way to put those sentiments back into confinement. The problem was always their intention to take America someplace it didn’t want to go. The frustration from Mitt Romney and his good friend Joe Biden is reflected in that mentioned Family Guy episode. It was a joke to their kind of people, the Liberal World Order. It’s an inside joke only they understand because it’s their view of the world. To us, it seems like some foreign sentiment that is not American. And now that those battle lines are clear, we do have a different kind of society, and they realize just how much in the minority they have always been.

When Mitt Romney said in his article that Joe Biden was a good man, he clearly was out of step with the rest of the world. According to Joe Biden’s daughter, the two showered together. That isn’t a “good man,” that’s a pervert, a scum bag by every measure. There is nothing good about it. And knowing that, it’s no wonder that Joe Biden and his wife raised a bunch of screwed-up kids, especially regarding Hunter, a known drug addict and sexual deviant at best. The Biden family was selling out the highest office in the land for years and got rich off it. They are what the Liberal World Order intends for a specific class of elite rulers Mitt Romney wants to be a part of. But Joe Biden is not a good man, by any measure. Yet that is what that side tells us, and when we refuse to see things their way, they feel entitled to attack us, just as a group of Antifa thugs harassed Bret Kavanaugh at a local restaurant upset about Supreme Court rulings. These same Liberal World Order people who run The Washington Post, The Atlantic and make cartoons for the Family Guy will deny that Antifa even exists, as they have burned down cities. But they seem upset when they see the wrath of MAGA as they steal elections because it’s the only way they can attempt to prop up their world order that nobody but them wants. And they are in the gross minority, yet they appear to have just discovered it. I would say to them, they would have seen this reality earlier if they didn’t steal elections to maintain power. Because the people are not with them. They have never been. Any assumptions they have made about the nature of American life were made in a bubble of their own creation. That is a fault of their own; their failure to acknowledge reality and assuming progressive peer pressure games would shock and awe ordinary people into following them. They never liked us; we used to work to get along with them. In entertainment programming, we have put up with their jokes against us until we realized they were serious. And now they have to deal with our anger, which they made. That means for the Mitt Romney types out there that Liberal World Order is collapsing under the many mistakes of the left, and it’s not coming back. That fault is their own, and certainly not from MAGA and the Trump voters who were always in the majority no matter how much smoke and mirrors, with the help of media, attempted to hide it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Biden Purposeful Failures Dedicated to the Neo-Liberal Order: People hate globalism more than Vladimir Putin

You might have noticed that Joe Biden is much more at ease when talking overseas, such as during this most recent trip at the end of June 2022. While on this trip, he complained about our Supreme Court and continued to blame high gas prices and inflation on Russia’s Putin to a supportive crowd. And do you know why that is? Well, he’s talking to his people, the globalists in Europe who have been plotting and scheming for over a hundred years for a New World Order, and by their measures, Joe Biden is the best president in the history of the world. The collapse of America is what they want to see happen, and Joe Biden is delivering. But unlike in the past, whether it be Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, or even the two World Wars, the propped-up wars against communism in Korea and Vietnam were always intended to stack the deck in favor of communism and show that the “imperialistic” America could be beaten and embarrassed on the world stage. Now the strategy that has always been in play from the beginning is clear. It’s clear because Joe Biden doesn’t do a very good job of hiding it, and you can see the praise for him in a more obvious way now that he has taken on Vladimir Putin the way he has. Back when wars were fought with American participation, we all put aside our differences and joined behind the effort for the good of the country. We might have scratched our heads at the motives, but if the stars and stripes were involved, we rooted for the good guys. But with the obvious United Nations game with Ukraine and the way they provoked Russia to attack the country so that they could attempt to bring down Putin the way they have so many world dictators in the way of globalism, this time has a different feel to it, and more people see the truth than ever have before. 

Remember when Fox News had wall-to-wall coverage of the invading Russian army going into Ukraine with miles and miles of tanks traveling down a single road to take control of the cities of Ukraine? That was many months ago, yet the coverage made it look like Ukraine would fall to Russia within a few days. And the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, wasn’t that long ago a comedian playing the piano on stage with his pulled-down pants using his penis to replace his hands. He’s a complete joke which was put in place by the same Desecrators of Davos types who rig elections with electronic machines just to show they could. They put Zelenskyy in power to shut him up and use him as the pawn piece they always intended him to be when the crises would come, the crises they would create. They put Joe Biden in office, too, for the same reasons. And when Putin came to reclaim their border territory, Zelenskyy, the entertainer, would know precisely how to expand NATO and the grip of the United Nations on the world and attack all concepts of nationalism directly.   Russia was being baited so yet another nationalist ruler in the world would fall to the intentions of globalism. But Russia was never ready for the war, which showed in the troop movements. Now months later, Ukraine is still intact, Russia has not taken over the country, and the globalist types have put all the blame for changes happening in the world on Vladimir Putin. And in that game, Biden has been successful. They love him in Europe as a good dog who has sold out his country for the goals of the Desecrators of Davos, and he finds the pats on his head from his masters rewarding. 

Remember, these are all the same characters who were involved in the first Trump impeachment attempt that was orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and abused the authority of the House of Representatives greatly. In that scheme, they used their propped-up Zelenskyy as the fall guy of corruption even while many from the Democrat Party, including Joe Biden himself, conducted all the corruption they were attempting to blame on Trump. The targets in these cases are the nationalist types of rulers or presidents who stand in the way of a borderless world run by the United Nations. And when they can get them and the people of their countries fighting each other, the goals of globalism expand. This is how it’s been for years until the Ukraine attack. Russia never had the ability to take over the country, so with Ukraine sort of flopping around in the wind as it is, with a propped-up comedian as the president, the parade of centralized government types who have come to support Zelenskyy as they have, to a threat that was mostly propped up camera work on television, revealed the whole effort for the sham it always was; what nobody planned for was that Vladimir Putin would still be around in the summer of 2022. Remember when everyone was calling for him to be assassinated? Yet the people of Russia like what Putin is doing. There are no riots in the streets. If you understand Russia and the way their minds work, they’re OK with a little inconvenience so long as they get a chance to win at something. And none of that was predicted by anybody in the beginning. Well, I predicted it, of course. But nobody else was. 

There They Are, All Together, the People Who Think They Run Your Life, When They Can’t Even Run Their Own

Now the media is panicking; those extensions of the global liberal order that has been built by these same Desecrators of Davos groups see the whole thing falling apart. People in America are not uniting behind the Putin message, as they were suckered into with previous wars in Iraq and other places. This time is different. It’s not like they are ready to invite Putin over for a party any time soon. But they aren’t rooting against him either because they can see, maybe for the first time, that the whole situation with Ukraine is a global scam meant to sell climate change religion to the world the same way the Crusades were meant to reclaim the Holy Land for Christianity in the Middle Ages. Only this time, people see the enemy as the globalists, not Vladimir Putin. We may not like Putin as a person, but at least he’s fighting for the borders and values of his country. Ukraine is a creation of the United Nations for the goals of corrupt politicians. The t-shirt-wearing Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the fool in a card deck being played as the front man for a grand globalist scam. And it’s not working. The invasion has gone on too long, and the characters foolishly showed their cards too early. They have not functioned well under pressure, revealing what the real game has always been. The bad guy has not been Russia’s Putin. It’s been Joe Biden and the characters who have been seeking to destroy America from within by tricking us all into extending ourselves into globalist causes that would ultimately topple us and for our country to unite with the United Nations under a one-world government. And Ukraine was their latest plan, which hasn’t gone as they hoped. Now everyone is stuck in a purgatory of sorts, which is precisely what I said from the beginning was going to happen. But the truth is obvious now. What’s not so obvious is what happens next.   It does put things in perspective for the crime nobody has yet paid for, except for the people who lost their lives over Bengahzi.  Remember what happened after those attacks, they were blamed on a YouTube video, and we were supposed to believe it.

Rich Hoffman

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