Waco had a Point: If we wanted to, we could easily kick the crap out of our government

There was a great line in ‘Waco’ the mini series that was produced for the Paramount Network and has since been released to Netflix that is very much worth watching where one of the lead FBI agents explained his very aggressive actions as “there are 5000 of them to every one of us, and that if they ever find out that they are more powerful than we are, it’s over,” or something to that effect. Essentially he was saying that the FBI actions at Ruby Ridge and at Waco were justified because the government had to assert their authority over the people so that they wouldn’t realize that at any time, they are meaner and tougher than the government, their entire military, their police, and that if people decided to turn against them, there would be nothing they could do about it. Waco was well over 25 years ago, a quarter of a decade yet I remember it vividly and not even knowing the situation of those people killed during that ATF raid which was heavily exacerbated by the FBI we have seen the same arrogance and aggression in modern times with the Russian hoax against President Trump and the attempt to destroy anybody close to the administration before it ever took power. And we must wonder how many lives have they destroyed that we don’t know about from then to now?

And that has been the theme of the insane behavior of the lockdowns over the coronavirus where we have seen firsthand governors get out of control and go full authoritarian. Mike DeWine of Ohio led the way as a Republican. They’ll tell you his poll numbers are high, just as Amy Acton’s, but these are the same phony propaganda ways of obtaining information that have put out the hit against President Trump during the entire time he’s been president, even longer. We have a press that has cheered these small minded politicians along, like DeWine into complete tyranny and within just a few months most of our society was wearing facemasks in public because the government told them to and were being overly compliant when they shouldn’t have been. The government had overstepped its boundaries, had moved beyond the Constitutions we make law to, and bypassed legislative debate to run a complete police state over what has turned out to be a silly little virus. People want to believe it was more dangerous than it was because they must justify all the damage they caused by their dumb decisions, but I think its time we remember, vividly.

If people thought the economic activity was bad before the aftermath is where the trouble really begins. In Ohio we are starting off with a 3-billion-dollar hole in the budget that likely the federal government will have to supplement, because the state will have no way of covering the gap. DeWine has already announced $775 million in budget cuts to the 2020 budget which you know what that means, every school district everywhere in the state will be looking for a tax increase to supplement what they are losing from the state. It won’t matter that 40% of parents are considering homeschooling their kids, which would be a great idea, now that they’ve had a taste of it. The government schools themselves have shown themselves to be as worthless as I’ve always said they were. My assertion was that they were simply baby-sitting services for most parents and that the learning that went on was purely socialist garbage. Kids are much better off not going to those meat grinders. Yet they are all attached to our property regionally, and wrongly, and they will want a piece of our value to stay alive and pay for all their inflated union wages, and that will be a painful fight county by county everywhere because of the truly dumb decisions made by Governor DeWine’s reaction to Covid-19, which the rest of the country followed right over a cliff. And nobody has yet smashed into the bottom yet. The school levies aren’t even the start.

Then there are the cops, the firefighters, every government worker out there looking to cover what they lost from the state. Obviously as we have seen in reaction to every employee Trump has fired while in office, government types never think they should lose their job. In the past when we have had government shutdowns we hear all the crying about how devastating it is for them, and they shut down the national parks and other things to make it rough for people, to force them to vote for the perpetually higher taxes to feed the beast. Yet those same people just shut down everything in the economy to some extent over some nonsense about “social distancing,” that was made up by some doctor on a napkin in a far away land screwing his mistress while he told the rest of us to obey the “orders.” And now that we are turning back on the economy, the people on the political left want to shut everything down longer and to put people through more pain for no reason other than to control them, and to retain power for themselves just a little longer. It has been a maddening experience that showed the true ugly side of our current humanity.

Yet it took people too long to stand up for themselves. To some extent, they are doing better at it now, but way too many people allowed themselves to be led like sheep to their own slaughter, destroying their jobs, their economy, their very way of life and pursuit of happiness over voodoo science from a bunch of people I wouldn’t trust to put trash in a trashcan. I attribute it to what that FBI agent said at Waco, too many people have been broken and are too quick to obey orders and to trust the government without question. But history says we should question everything. I’m not an anti-government advocate, we need people to manage the affairs of a nation, but we should also know that the best and brightest are not attracted to that practice so we should always carry a weary eye at what they do and why they do it. I personally don’t acknowledge any person on earth as my leader. I don’t have a “better.” I look to no one for guidance or leadership. I am that for a lot of people, but nobody does that for me, and I would never put up with anybody sticking their nose into my life that way. What I need out of a government is someone who can make sure the checks run on time and that there is a military out there so I don’t have to fight every bastard in the world myself. I have been ready for a standoff with this over authoritarian government during all this, and I fully expect it to happen at some point. They are going to push the barriers as they did to those people at Waco, Ruby Ridge, or even arresting Roger Stone early in the morning to embarrass him in front of his neighbors. It wasn’t the law they wanted to enforce, it was their power so that people would learn not to stand up to them, because if everyone did, government could never assert control.

It has been very disappointing to me to see that so many people are already conquered, as they were so easily pushed around over the government response to the coronavirus. I don’t care what the rest of the world was doing, I expect more out of free Americans. They allowed themselves to be pillaged by incompetent losers and when they found their lives ruined, were too quick to forgive and forget. I find the civility despicable. And going forward, I don’t think its wise to promote so much civility. It does not serve the purpose of freedom, and if something does not benefit that, then we can say with all certainty, that it is useless as an endeavor.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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