UFOs, Giants, and Covid-19: How Trump got suckered and why “experts” are so destructive

When people call something a conspiracy, what they are usually saying is that they are too lazy to get the facts so they are prone to just listening to what they think is a trusted source has to say about something, and to stick with it. That source in the case of the Covid-19 virus is the government, which we are seeing has lots of conspiracies that are largely true to some degree or another. But other conspiracies are those such as the UFO outbreaks, which the Pentagon recently released a very mysterious video that has been out for a while now. Before the release of that video, UFO talk was very conspiracy based, but obviously, the government knows there is something to it that is going to be revealed as we move out into space and they can’t hide it from the public any longer. Another conspiracy that I am quite certain is true is a topic I have long talked about on this site, the species of giants in Ohio who predated modern Indians with advanced culture in the Miami Valley and up into New York, who likely are connected to the people who built Stonehenge in England. The big news there was that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who discovered America, it was many people going back tens of thousands of years who were seafaring long before our history credits them, and that is something that academic institutions have been slow to accept.

The point here is that just because an academic class of people who like to be called “experts” say something, that doesn’t make it true. And when a society begins to point to experts and say we should listen to them, then that is a start to a problem. We saw this coming when it came to Covid-19. The political class who wanted to change presidents this fall blamed Trump on not listening to the “experts” enough, goading him into finally listening to Dr. Fauci during an election year, which opened the door to the “Plandemic” that has become Covid-19, a socialist grab for power that has unleashed all the leftists dreams they had been dreaming for many years. I saw it clearly for what it was from the outset, it was Plato’s Republic, his cave analogy, where experts knew what caused the shadows on a cave wall but didn’t want people to see for themselves what the causes were. To keep people from seeing for themselves what’s going on “experts” want to remain in power so they do whatever they can to keep everyone focused on the shadows of life, not the actual elements that cause the shadows themselves. To do that, they call anybody who wants to see the cause of the shadows in our lives conspiracy theorists.

I have always had a problem with institutional style learning because to see the big picture of things, which is really all I’m interested in ever, you need to study all categories of thinking, all topics—everything from aviation to philosophy. From biology to physics. From mathematics to literature. I for one could never be bored in life, my head turned and saw what caused the shadows on the cave walls many years ago, while I was still a child and I have never had much faith in “experts.” While they were studying to be “experts” they missed all the other things in life that contribute to the things we see and experience. So while what they say may have relevance to a very narrow field of observation, they miss the big picture every single time and that was never more evident than the massive disaster that has been Covid-19. Trump’s mistake was that he gave them a seat at the table and look what they did with it. But if Trump hadn’t, he would have had much more trouble by the press who has been advocating an “expert” class for over a hundred years in the United States. Most of the members of the media obviously haven’t read Plato’s Republic, and they should. Because there is a lot more going on in life than the drivel they report and the scope of existence is far beyond the limits of what any “experts” can tell us about anything.

Just like the problem with the species of giants who once ran massive empires in North America, often rivaling Greek and Roman society in sophistication, there are many “experts” who have written doctorial thesis papers on standard archaeological pre-Columbian theory and they can’t have new evidence destroy that academic criteria. To admit that the North American Indian was not a native, that white people didn’t take their land from them but that they simply took the land from others who came before them for tens of thousands of years would have major political and historical consequences. The information is getting out anyway, just as we are learning quite painfully that we are not alone, that likely our current government has been interacting with other species of interplanetary lifeforms, perhaps from the beginning of time. The government doesn’t trust us with the information, and we don’t trust the government because they don’t trust us—it becomes a vicious cycle and the mud in the middle becomes “conspiracy theory.” Like the academic “experts” government too wants to be the one that stands between people and knowledge just as the “experts” did in Plato’s cave analogy.

And that brings us to Judy Mikovits and her experiences with Dr. Fauci way before there was a coronavirus outbreak that has been talked about in the Plandemic video that Google, Facebook and the rest of the Silicone Valley tech companies are censoring on their platforms. The goal is to keep the rest of society asleep at the wheel, just like the Giants of Ohio conspiracy and UFOs, the desire for “experts” to remain experts has driven the discussion and created mistrust on both sides. In the case of Covid-19, the conspiracy was that the virus was used by the “experts” as a launch vehicle for their needs for funding, and the cooperative governments saw it as a push for outright socialism. Trump tried to make the “experts” happy by listening to them during an election year and that’s how they stuck him. But to see all this, you can’t be looking at the shadows, but the cause. For those willing to see, its easy. But the people who have lots of things to hide will discourage you by calling you a conspiracy theorist.

Obviously, knowing something is different than speculating, and when it comes to the UFO situation, we are seeing a movement toward full disclosure, where we will learn what the government knew and for how long. The world is too small and moving too fast to hide it anymore, so that is likely why the video was released now rather than years ago when the event actually happened. And that is the fate of these other issues too, the Giants of Ohio, the truth behind Covid-19, its all going to come out in time. What matters now is to understand why any “experts” would want to keep people from that information. The answer of course is power, and the weight of their reputations which means everything to them. New evidence or contrary opinions make them no longer experts on a topic, if people can see other views for themselves. The point of keeping everyone focused on “expert” opinion is to keep the experts in power and valuable and nothing else. Yet the truth is needed to actually solve problems and understand where we need to go and why. So in that context, that is why “experts” are so destructive to our society. They are not valuable, and so long as we allow them to stand between us and information, there will always be conspiracies and the false power they get from getting in the way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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