The Mask Syndicate: Demonstrating fear, loathing, and state control

Well, of course its political, Amy Acton, the crazy lunatic leftist, pro abortion Obama holdover of a Health Director in Ohio has said so—face masks are not for health, but for acknowledgment that people might be a danger to others. The purpose of them is to admit you are threat to life on planet earth. Once that is accepted, then behavioral change can be inspired, which is the point of the political left at their core philosophy. It should be of no surprise that Republican minded people will reject the idea, so of course its political and the longer it goes on, the more obvious the situation will become. The idea for the dumb face masks comes from Asia of course where tyranny is exported by the pound and was the source of the Covid-19 virus outbreak and the guidelines for dealing with it. Face masks are about hiding and destroying your individual identity and causing you to think of others before yourself which has been accepted in Asia for centuries. Yet for the conservative minded, the premise is rejected. Once it was realized that the masks were not for actual safety, conservatives began to rebel against them, and that’s where we find ourselves today.

Instead of the Nazi Brown Shirts or the puppets of Mao, Stalin, or Castro today the political left has The Mask Syndicate, the shamers who are confronting people in public about their mask wearing and trying to harass them into compliance. We are seeing more and more stories to this effect. Instead of trying to spread communism and socialism with actual violence as they have done in the past, these new leftist communists us the built in peer pressure that we all get from our government school educations to shove us in political directions we might otherwise not choose. This is obvious to anybody witnessing this situation of mask wearing as Covid-19 has proven to subside as a statistic. They’ll say that over 100,000 people have so far died of the coronavirus of 2020, but that is after they’ve counted so many gun shot wounds, car accidents, heart attacks, and diabetic complication and stuck the label of “Covid” death on them to get the federal money that is associated with giving the CDC a measurable statistic. There is nothing honest about the Covid death count, but that was never the point. The point of the Covid reaction just like the face masks was to change the behavior of free people into one of compliance.

The face masks are an acknowledgment of doom, they are to say that the person wearing them agrees that Covid-19 was dangerous and that as individuals they are acting in the best interest of the community as a whole. Their utilization says to all the governors and politicians who have wasted billions and trillions of dollars in overreaction to Covid-19 that they see the danger and that those politicians are not behaving negligently and are directly responsible for destroying millions of people’s lives with bad decisions, rather, the mask says that the wearer will participate in the charade with acknowledgment. In Ohio the legal way that the political class has forced this behavior of acknowledgment is by making it a law by order of the governor that if someone wants to work, they have to wear a mask. In essence, you have to plead to the state if you want to make a living and everyone must wear a mask just to earn money. This is one of the most tyrannical things to ever be done, especially knowing that the masks do nothing to stop a virus but are only symbols of consideration for “others.” It is a forced compliance to attach ourselves to other people who may not share our values, or work ethic and is an insult to everyone participating or not.

So a panic is setting in already that the plan isn’t going as they thought it would. Now four months into the Covid-19 “plandemic” which is what it has been, people are taking sides on one side or the other on the face masks. Democrats want to wear them generally, while Republicans are pushing back against them. The plan was to use the masks to give common ground to an “invisible” enemy that united us all under statist pressure to move from a capitalist society to a communist one. The masks were to be the transition point in the eyes of the planners, and yes, there were planners in the medical community who worked with world governments to secure research funding to move society in general in that direction. For them it was financial security and a push toward universal health care and a “living wage” provided by government in upcoming elections. For the governments, the situation was obvious, they wanted to get rid of Trump and spread socialism and communism to the world through emergency powers, which in the United States many governors willingly participated. The plan was humming along nicely until people could see that they weren’t dying, that the statistics were inflated to make it appear worse than it was, and the bad decisions ruined their lives and took away the things they liked. Then they were told to wear masks in public to save the rest of the world, and that was the dividing line.

Now that there is a resistance to the masks, the political left is upset and is trying to publicly shame those who won’t wear them, who refuse to accept responsibility for their birth and role in the world. Because none of this will have mattered if the masks do not unite the world under communist intentions. It requires everyone to participate. Ohio’s Amy Acton knows that and that is why all people who want to work must participate, it’s the closest a government agency has come to getting full compliance. Other states have gone too far and caused open rebellion among people and the line has been drawn between political parties generally. Of course, it’s a contentious issue and of course there will be fights. What these plandemic planners didn’t think of is what might happen if the plan didn’t work and only a portion of society complied. The rifts would be violent and difficult, and that’s what we see today. You’d think they would have been smarter than that, but obviously, they weren’t.

Thus, in losing their grip on the fears unleashed, the political left is resorting to their Mask Syndicate of compliance freaks and risk aversion specialists to harass people in grocery stores, on public streets and anywhere they can engage people who refuse to wear the mask, to cover their dangerous faces and reveal beneath an individual. Perhaps even a pretty face or a handsome smile. Like the Muslim radical who have already accepted wearing masks in public so not to provoke temptations of the flesh, the masks are there to suppress desire, expression, and even hope. They are there to acknowledge, doom, mayhem, and government control through visual acceptance. The masks are for admitting that individuals must submit to the state out of fear and a yielding of their individualities for the purpose of state control and are a first step toward the paths of communism which stands diametrically opposed to everything The United States was meant to be. So yes, the face masks are political and the fights over wearing them is just getting started.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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