Sex, Sex, and More Sex at Lakota: Classroom romance by Robert Supinger




For the second time in a month allegations that a Lakota West High School teacher conducted improper contact with a student surfaced.  The Enquirer deserves credit for the story as they reviewed the personnel records of Lakota and discovered Robert E. Supinger, a former long-term substitute teacher at the Butler County high school had allegedly kissed a student and took her to meet his parents while he was employed by the Lakota school district.

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The important thing to understand about this case is the date of the offense.  Lakota did not reveal the details which were happening in parallel to the George Merk case.  The impropriety occurred during the 2011/2012 school year and was finally resolved in December of 2012 by the Ohio Department of Education.  The Merk offenses occurred during March of 2012 right after the much publicized cuts to the staff in February of 2012 because of the failed levy in 2011. 


It appears that the teaching culture at the Lakota school system is one of excessive sexual preoccupation.  The amount of sexually related offenses is not a coincidence, but comes from the day-to-day management of their occupational affairs.  As Robert E. Supinger was only 25 years old, he was still nearly a decade older than the girl he was parading around to his parents as an employee of the Lakota school system, which shows extremely bad judgment.  That begs the question of why Supinger was teaching high school level kids, and who made that decision.  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for Supinger to learn the teaching profession as a substitute in the middle schools where the children are much younger?  Wouldn’t it make sense to have teachers who are “older” instructing high school aged children?


It can be speculated forever why so many public school teachers seem to be obsessed with sex involving their students.  Yet the worst part of this case is that Lakota has had two sexually related scandals which they attempted to conceal, and were only revealed because The Enquirer did some digging to discover the information.  It should be clear now why Lakota cut a deal with No Lakota Levy to delay a school levy attempt in 2012.  When Channel 19 called me to do a story in June of 2012 I thought the timing was odd and Lakota seemed awfully eager to make such a deal.  Now the timing makes more sense.  Robert Supinger had just gotten into trouble with inappropriate conduct with one of his students and the district wanted to put time and distance between them and their next levy attempt once the Ohio Department of Education had finished their investigations.  Lakota had two sex scandals happen close together and they wanted to suppress the story.  If The Enquirer had not dug through the public records, the tax paying public would have no knowledge of these offenses and parents would have absolutely no idea what kinds of employees Lakota was employing.  They’d be forced to take the school’s word for it, which is of course is misleading 100% of the time.


Parents assume when they send their children to school  that the teachers aren’t going to attempt to engage in sex with the children no matter what the age of the teachers.  Teachers are supposed to “teach” not “date” the students.  Lakota stated regarding Robert Supinger that they had terminated the employee immediately, yet they didn’t publish the results in the flowery newsletter that the school sends home with the kids advertising the need for more money for those same teachers.  When I went to Homearama this year and browsed through the booth that Lakota had set up at the home building show the school did not reveal how their human resources team had taken evasive action to discharge sexual predators from their classrooms in order to protect the children of the “community.”  If The Enquirer had not dug through the public records the public wouldn’t have any idea that Robert Supinger had even been disciplined for anything.  The case would have been swept under the rug like so many other stories that are related to public education.


The question is obvious—how many teachers at Lakota are engaged in sexual enterprises with the students of their classrooms?  And how many such stories are being suppressed by the public relations machine the Lakota administration spends so much tax money on?   The answer is becoming known little by little as diligent reporters discover what many disheartened parents have attempted to break open for years, that Lakota may be a good school with an excellent rating, it may have a good football team, and may actually prepare students for a life in college.  But that preparation may not be academic.  It would appear by the behavior of Lakota schools that their teachers are overly sexual in their focus and intent to prepare students for the next college party, instead of a competitive workplace that expects good conduct and at least the illusion of sexual restraint.  Lakota acts as though their management conduct is acceptable and maybe it is for the Zombies of Lakota who vote continuously for school levies to pay for teachers who simply want to seduce tax payer’s children with flights of fantasy in their classrooms.  But for me, and many other people who are voting NO on the upcoming fall school levy, these employees are not worth the money.  If we wanted this kind of behavior at Lakota we’d simply recruit the teachers from a whore house.  

Rich Hoffman

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10 thoughts on “Sex, Sex, and More Sex at Lakota: Classroom romance by Robert Supinger

  1. The sexual shenanigans in all of the schools has been going on for years. They are always covered up. Even administrators have had affairs with students. The examples are many and in all districts.
    Kings has had the Superintendent having an affair with an employee. Mason is well known for their sex scandals. Students carry on pawing and kissing each other right in class. There are too many cases of teachers, administrators and other employees (married to others) having affairs. This is blatant.

    One teacher told me she had students that “all but did it” in the classroom. She further stated that it made teaching almost impossible. Kids like this don’t do their homework, but still are expected to be given good grades “for participation in sports” purposes. Kids told me a particular young sexy teacher wore mini skirts and deliberately bent over – exposing herself. Of course the boys just loved the show. A parent called me, with her sixth grader crying in the background, because the health teacher gave the mixed classroom homework that required she draw all sorts of male genitalia and write the dirtiest names for each picture. The boys were to do the same with the female parts. They would discuss the names and pictures in class. What kind of person is willing to teach these classes. This was a few years back. I shudder to think what they teach these days. Kids are reflecting what they are taught. That 25 year old was taught in these kinds of classrooms. Secular humanism is the religion of the schools. No right and no wrong – you decide – this starts in kindergarten.

    You are right. Lakota wants more money for “security.” They don’t think about keeping the children safe from the antics of their own staff. God help us one and all.


    1. Good point. Lakota is asking for more money for security. Well, what protects kids from sexual predators who are teachers? No cameras will help there. All these crimes are happening away from school.


    1. I was thinking the same thing. He most likely wasn’t covered by the same contract. They sound so tough when talking about a substitute, yet Merk just got his license back. I’m sure he suffered terribly over the summer. : )


  2. Well, I guess he is free to ply his desires all over again. Was he really punished? No! I hear many schools are hiring “long-term subs.” I know of one accountant that is on the job every day. He says the “real” teachers are basically baby sitting and most do not have any sort of lesson plan. No qualified engineer, doctor, dentist or CPA is qualifed to be a full-time teacher without about two years of the psycho-babble that is taught in the schools of education. Sad!


  3. “Lakota may have a good football team” ???? There are two high schools, bro. You can’t just use Lakota interchangeably throughout the article when at times, you’re talking about the district, and at other times, you’re specifically talking about Lakota West High School. You’re losing credibility here… Do you even follow the district outside of small excerpts in newspaper and levies on the ballot?????


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