Lakota Parents Stand up to Transsexual Activism: Finally parents are making their voices heard to save their children from public school

It was a remarkable thing to see for a change; angry parents from my home district of Lakota showed up at the mid-April school board meeting and let it be known what they thought of the transsexual policies advocated by the members of the board.   Their concerns about Critical Race Theory were another topic that is now all the rage in public schools.  It was much of this lunacy being given directly to teachers of all public schools in by the Ohio Department of Education. So it’s not fringe actions by radical leftist groups, the radical leftist groups are now mainstream and in the government, and they educate our kids.  And several of the Lakota school board members in my community have been lockstep in support of the government push for diversity training in public schools making racism the central issue of our education of children.  That may sound fair and balanced to the helicopter parents who fly their kids into the government schools for the free babysitting services that are very much part of this scam of political insurgency. Lakota’s transsexual policies attempted to take the lead on what has been an outright attack on the efficacy and future of all children attending. Parents in my community are finally starting to stick up for themselves.

As I said in the video above, Lakota, the public school in my neighborhood, is a good baseline for what is happening nationally with public education issues. It’s a wealthy district with a budget, what the labor unions consider the best teachers money can buy, and parents who sincerely care what is going on with their kids.  Likely more than average, there are two-parent homes in Lakota, and it votes heavily Republican.  However, the public elected the school board in the typical way that labor unions put their people in power to protect themselves from the outside world.  And those school board members, specifically names like Brad Lovell, Julie Shaffer, and Kelly Casper, have gone out of their way to endorse these liberal policies, especially the transgender elements.  The community indeed wasn’t screaming for it. It’s an extensive district and for the most part, considering the massive population of over 100,000 people in a county of 400,000, everyone stays pretty well behaved.  Delinquent children are an anomaly, they certainly aren’t familiar, and because of the two-parent homes, the sexual issues are much less an issue than in other places around the country.  There are more guns in the school district of Lakota, for instance, than there are in some states, but there is very little violence.  The newspapers have to work hard to find any real controversy to report.  That makes Lakota an excellent place to start to understand the massive activism that is threatening our children.  If it’s evident in my community, you can bet it’s every bit as bad in yours, or worse. 

The Lakota school board has forgotten who they represent.  As mentioned in the accompanying video on this site of the actual meeting where the parents lined up under social distancing rules to speak at the public portion of the meeting, school board members aren’t paid for their work.  They do it as representatives of the community to make sure the massive $200 million-plus budget taken from property owners gets where it needs to go for the sake of the kids’ education.  However, all the members except for Lynda O’Conner out of the five officials voting are leaning toward the far left mandates coming out of the state, which ultimately comes out of the Ohio Education Association, the teacher’s union, which shapes a lot of what happens in public education as a radical progressive group.  They have chosen to make the decisions on transgender policy that they have, which has many parents terrified for their children’s lives, correctly.  I would argue that I know this school board and that these parental complaints will fall on deaf ears.  But it’s good to bring them up in public anyway and take the complaints several steps further than their little 3-minute spots in the board meetings.  These issues are far too complicated to be capped off under the Lakota management structure, and the urgency for the kids’ sake is nothing short of dire. So even if the school board doesn’t get it, it’s a fight worth having.  As a community, we could always elect new school board members.  But the discussion needs to happen in a front and center kind of way.

I used to do hundreds of articles on my blog site here about specifically Lakota challenges, but I have readers in most of the major countries.  I have been covering overreaching national and international issues now, but that doesn’t mean that local issues aren’t necessary for the scheme of things.  For Lakota, what is happening in my backyard is happening in yours as well; it’s worth mentioning what’s happening so that you, the reader, can take similar actions on your own.  However, for my newer readers catching up to the past, I have a long history with the Lakota school system.  My warnings were that this day would arrive.  I started formally just arguing the merits of the tax increases against property owners, and I was a frequent guest on talk radio and our television news.  I gave speeches all over the place and met with concerned parents all over Ohio, so I understand well how concerned parents are and can be out there.  But the more work I did in looking into the various progressive issues, the angrier I became because it was evident that public education was headed in this direction. They wanted our kids, and they desired as progressive activists and outright communists working in public education to ruin the minds of our children so that when they grew up, they’d become activist voters, and that is where we find ourselves today. 

However, public school activists never plan for the parents to speak up for themselves.  They expect them to drop their kids off at the government schools and rush off to Starbucks before gossiping and becoming distracted by a thousand other things. Simultaneously, the teachers attack the children’s foundations with sexualized educations and race relation discussions. School distracts them from the elements they should be learning, such as how to grow into a critical thinking adult and how to read.  Modern educators want kids as dumb and witless as possible so that they will be easy to control in the future and for methods that we are now seeing openly on the news.  None of this is new, but what is new is that a group of parents stuck together and showed up to speak out against it.  They tried to communicate with their school board, which is part of the problem and is destined to blow them off.  But it won’t end there.  Challenges to the school board are bound to happen in the upcoming elections. The state of Ohio is taking notice, and some powerful Republican politicians are just as upset about this attack on our country.  That creates an atmosphere that has some potential for real reform.  And if it’s happening in Lakota, it’s happening in other places as well, and that is something to celebrate.

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2 thoughts on “Lakota Parents Stand up to Transsexual Activism: Finally parents are making their voices heard to save their children from public school

  1. I am SO happy to see this article! (Even if it’s frustrating for the parents right now, it’s worth the fight!)

    We are growing in numbers & won’t stop!

    Thank you for helping us talk about these issues on a larger scale!


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