The Hunter Biden Distraction: How do you cover up a failed president, with sex, drugs, and nudity

Nothing like sex, drugs and nudity to cover up a failed president

I don’t mind, I expect it really.  When I first started this blog I would get thousands of hits on it per day, but now over ten years later its down to a few hundred.  That’s not because people aren’t interested in the content.  Usually, when something is around that long, the numbers go up, not down, but as we all know, there is a lot of censorship in social media and I am certainly on everyone’s list.  It’s been that way since well before Alex Jones was removed from YouTube, which was the first of the big tech high profile censorships of certain kinds of personalities off their social media platforms.  Social media, like YouTube put up with it to a certain point until they were ready to make their move.  That essentially started with Alex Jones and culminated with President Trump.  I have videos on YouTube that have been out there for years that still only show a few dozen hits total.  I suspect the number is much higher because they mess around with the output reporting.  I never care much about it because I figure its their platform, my content and it’s a free country.  If they don’t want me, or want to try to discourage my behavior, then its my decision to use them or not.  Most of what I do on social media including this blog site serves the needs of my subscribers which social media can’t block so well because the notification arrives in their email box, and doesn’t depend on search words to find a reader.  It’s been worth doing regardless of all that censorship.  But that provides some context to the rather miraculous Rumble video I put up a few days before this writing that is pushing 1000 views just before this article on Hunter Biden came out. 

Rumble has been much better than YouTube for a person like me because of the lack of censorship.  However, the audience for Rumble is much, much smaller.  That’s fine with me because I view my work as a kind of slow burn anyway, so it works for me just fine.  I have stopped for the most part using Twitter or YouTube on my blog site due to their massive censorship and editing of information regarding Covid-19.  Honestly, they disgust me.  I hate their brands and I can’t stand hearing their names.  They have broken a trust with me that I will never give them again and I count the days where they will be eliminated from public consideration, where they become the next MySpace washout.  I am very much looking forward to new social media platforms, such as the one coming from President Trump which will help facilitate that change.  Yet for a Rumble video to get that many hits in such a short period of time, it says something about the topic being so special that it punches through all those restrictions anyway, which says a lot about how much people think about this Hunter Biden story.  Everyone has the same questions which is what the video was all about, why Hunter Biden and why now?

Well, as I explained in my video, which I talk about my experiences with magic tricks and variety show entertainers in general, the Hunter Biden news is part of the President’s platform to divert attention from the massively unpopular policies we are seeing come out of the White House.  Beijing Biden is old and washed up, but he was put in place to provide a mouthpiece for all the big liberal agenda items that Democrats have been pushing for many years.  But he delivers it all with no tact, no strategy, no passion, and people are getting pretty mad at him and Democrats in general.  And when I say people, I don’t mean people like you and I, I mean regular people who take their kids to soccer games and consider themselves lucky to have a free Saturday night to visit a local beer garden with friends to have a drink or two while watching baseball games over the bar.  They don’t like having all this liberal nonsense rammed down their throats.  They might be more inclined to support liberal policies if they are sold to them with some slow burn tactics, but Biden is like that guy who asks a girl out for a date by saying, “do you want to go out, if you say no, I’ll punch you in the face.  Should I pick you up at 6?”  Naturally, aversion is bound to develop, and Democrats can see that a few months into the Biden presidency, things aren’t working, so out comes Hunter Biden.

As I said in the video, Hunter is a willing participant.  He’s a disaster of a person who has made all kinds of mistakes, and continues to make them every day.  But his presence in the news cycle as a reformed person who has in his wake quite a sideshow is an obvious diversionary tactic.  The sensational stories that come with Hunter Biden is meant to control the dialogue.  They need to get the corruption that is on the Hunter Biden laptop and all the connections to foreign interference hidden behind the admissions to sex, nudity that the president’s son is directly involved in, and the stories of drugs such as smoking that block of cheese mistaking it for crack that are now plastered everywhere.  Democrats figure that people can relate to Hunter Biden because they aren’t perfect themselves which makes Beijing Biden, and his presidency look like a sympathetically concerned parent, instead of a corrupt bag man for China.  The smoke isn’t what you should be looking at, it’s the fire if you want to know the truth, and everything that they are giving us with Hunter Biden, is smoke.  It’s a smoke screen for the massive failures not just of the Biden family, but in how the administration is launching itself in 2021. 

As I said from the beginning, they clearly cheated in the election.  They do not have the support of the masses.  You can’t rob an elected president with the massive cheating that did take place and expect to run the world systematically.  Social media from day one of the election were quick to edit and censor anyone who even suggested that there was election fraud based on their assertion that there are only “baseless claims.”  That is an admission of guilt in its own way, by what they did and when they did it.  Well, they said they were baseless from hours after the election results shutdown on election night to go find votes, and they have never revised their opinion even as there is evidence of many discrepancies that should and likely will be discovered in the months and years to come.  When you are being censored, as I am quite accustomed, and many others are as well, its because the desire to control what you see and hear is quite necessary for those doing it.  Which is obviously the case with the Biden family.  And where censorship and denials aren’t working, they send out the crazy kid who is addicted to sex and drugs and makes for an entertaining exhibition that is meant to distract people from the facts of the case.  Those facts are that the Biden presidency is failing already, there is trouble with the border, trouble with the green agenda, trouble with gun control, taxes, the handling of coronavirus, trouble with everything.  And all they have to attempt to sneak off the stage is Hunter Biden to provide the necessary distraction.  But people get it, they only need some way to frame their own thoughts on the matter, which is why my Rumble video in spite of all odds, is being viewed by so many people so quickly. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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