Biden Wants the Pillsbury Dough Boy to Lead the ATF: There is no wiggle room on gun control–zero

The first thing that always comes up from liberals regarding gun control is, “what would you (meaning Republicans and pro 2nd Amendment supporters) be willing to compromise on regarding gun control?  Of course, the assumption is that there is gun violence and that government should do something.  Gun grabbers even go so far as to indicate that massive amounts of Americans also support the liberal agenda for gun control.  With that said, there are over 300 million guns owned by Americans, largely in the spaces between the cities of America.  So what votes are they counting, the same votes that said Joe Biden won the 2020 election?  They say that Beijing Biden won, but logic also says that he only won because the Democrats cheated massively and the RINO Republicans in a position to challenge the results didn’t have the guts to do it.  Yet the question remains, what are we willing to give up on gun control, as though it was our obligation to do something because people are getting killed with guns.

But I’ve spelled it out pretty clear in many places, gun violence is more a factor of liberal action than of the guns themselves. You don’t find NRA members and mass gun owners shooting all these people.  In many cases, most every case, its victims of liberal society that have done it and continue to do it.  Like I pointed out in the video above, liberals are doing with guns what they have done with the black vote.  They are the ones who fought Republicans after the Civil War once Republicans went too far in cracking down on the secessionists.  I talked also about how Jesse James was a Democrat fighting to keep slavery alive because his mother was a massive supporter of slavery as was most of Missouri.  After the war Republicans cracked down too hard on the slave-owning Democrats which caused more violence.  Now with the shoe on the other foot, Democrats should know better.  But even more than that, Democrats maintained that anti-black attitude until they threw in the towel during the 1960s Civil Rights act.  It was LBJ who worked out a deal with Martin Luther King to rebrand themselves into supporting black people, which is what everyone thinks to this day, is that it was always that way.  Democrats are doing the same thing with gun control.  They are the cause of the problem, yet by forcing gun control action, they think to steal the entire political platform for themselves. 

I also told the story in the video of how Democrats went too far in the 90s when they thought they had gained power forever.  When Biden mentioned that he planned to put Dave Chapman in charge of the ATF I couldn’t help but think he was Janet Reno part two, going much further than she did.  Chapman is a conspiracy guy over Wako because he is planting the seeds for future government overaction with his assertion that the Wako victims were shooting at patrolling helicopters as if to justify the massive violence that the government caused in that tragedy, which should have never happened.  All these are lessons that the Biden administration should already know.  If we had a real education system, this is the kind of stuff people would be learning.  Instead, education is all about social programming, so people don’t know these things.  And ironically, Democrats should at least know their history and have learned from it to avoid problems in the future.  But nothing about the Biden gun control assertions show that they have learned any lessons from history, or that they care. 

However, the truth of the matter is that any gun control measures that Democrats might come up with will be worse than the byproduct of prohibition.  It was progressives who tried to stop liquor consumption in the 20s with prohibition.  That of course gave rise to Al Capone and the mobs that grew in most American cities and stayed in power for most of the last century.  When it comes to guns, the Ghost Gunner market is here to stay.  People will make their parts if the gun manufacturers go out of business due to lawsuits by the government.  If people can’t get their guns at the store, they will build them at home and the government, especially the ATF, won’t know anything about them.  The government will push gun ownership underground, it’s the natural human reaction to any overreach that central planners always instigate.  Nothing about today is any different from the past.  The government doesn’t get to decide if people can have guns or what guns they might have.  If I want a machine gun, I have a right to have one.  If I want a silencer, I have a right to have it.  Public safety does not overrule our ability to have guns.  Public safety could be argued well is always in jeopardy, by the way, the government operations and that their dumb decisions are the cause of most of the worst things we deal with in life. 

Biden during his announcements forgets that the Constitution is what it is, it was written to limit the power of government.  He doesn’t get to decide if the Second Amendment or any part of the Constitution is “absolute.”  The government is hired to do a job, and if we find they can’t do the job and they get too big for their pants, then an ass-kicking may be needed.  And we aren’t going to push them out of the office with BB guns.  They were so shocked when people attacked the capitol when it was realized that Trump was being forcibly taken from office by cheating the vote.  That was nothing compared to the anger I see out there.  People have been pretty nice, waiting for the next election.  Waiting for any kind of new news that America will be Great Again.  But if that hope is taken from them, what happened at the Capitol is nothing.  The politicians that are so scared as a result of that day have seen nothing yet.  Let’s hope it never comes to that, but guns are there for us to manage our government.  Not so that we can be ruled by the government. 

Guns are here to stay.  Nothing that government can do or wants to do will stop that.  Joe Biden does not have a right to institute any gun laws.  Based on the little history reported here, it is not the obligation of Republicans to give an inch on any gun control measure, no background checks, no red flag laws, no banning of Ghost Guns in any capacity.  The more government squeezes, the more validation that we have as a country to have more guns to defend ourselves from their power grabs.  Anything that the government does regarding guns, will be ignored or pushed back against.  At the very least, and I think this will happen regardless.  Texas is already talking about becoming a sanctuary state for the 2nd Amendment.  I know Ohio has a similar bill.  States are going to do what Democrats did to them, they’ll ignore the executive orders, sue the Biden administration, and go in the opposite direction.  Democrats should know better.  But reality will check them in ways they won’t like, and that’s how the ball rolls down the hill folks.   

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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