It’s Guilt that is Killing Joe Biden: Not old age

It’s Guilt that is Killing Joe Biden

There has been a lot of talk about Joe Biden’s cognitive ability, going way back to before the election.  The speculation is that due to his age, he is declining rapidly and may not make it through his first term without losing the office due to death or medical emergency as he may prove unable to perform the jobs of the elected office of president.  While I do think there may be some reasoning behind this line of thought, I would point to the South Carolina primary of 2019 as the turning point and the moment when things started to change for Joe Biden.  That is also around the same time that Kamala Harris dropped out well ahead of the primaries.  It looks like a deal was done in an alignment with certain corporate elements of international concern and a strategy was conducted along with the implementation of Covid-19 as the Trojan Horse to pull off the heist of the American presidency away from Donald Trump making this one of the biggest crimes in history.  It was so big that the government of America wasn’t big enough to deal with it, and that was the gamble.  To put a real puppet in the White House that was controlled by international corporate interests seeking to overthrow the governments of the world and usher in a new age of progressive reform.  That may sound like a conspiracy theory to average participants in the news cycle, but I would offer that the behavior of Joe Biden confirms it all, and the guilt from his deal is rotting his soul in front of our faces. 

I’m not anti-corporation.  I in fact do love corporations.  I love capitalism.  I love to see people making money.  Not receiving money but making money through new markets that bring industry to our doorsteps and improve our lives greatly.  But……….most corporations internally do operate like socialist and communist countries.  At the door to most all of them the Bill of Rights is suspended, the Constitutions of our governments forgotten, and our rights as private citizens go out the window.  And if and when corporations ever do get control of our government, of course those same assumptions would flow over into our private lives—our lives where we don’t sell our time to some employer where we temporarily suspend our constitutional rights in exchange for a paycheck.  I have literally written the book on this behavior, its currently at the publisher for review and a summer release.  Its complicated, but only if a proper context isn’t applied.  But as I have said frequently over the last month when we talk about some giant alliance between Russia and China regarding economic effort, that is a diversion.  Apple for instance as a company has more value in GDP than the entire country of Russia.  So, don’t worry about World War III with tanks and airplanes.  Corporations contain within them the next Adolf Hitler and they are seeking to overtake governments for control of the world’s resources.  I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bath water and be anti-corporation then turn over all this concern to a world government run under communism either, because as of today, those are our only two options.  To be run by massive corporations which is what the Biden administration represents, or to be run by Chinese communism.  They are telling us to pick between one of those two deaths, and to like it. 

As I said, I wrote the book on this subject, so my take is much different than any of those two offerings which is why I see in Biden’s behavior evidence of other conditional elements.  I think Biden is losing his mind, but not due to biological concerns related to age.  Rather I think he knows his role in all this, he knows how a conglomeration of corporations, from Facebook and Twitter to some of the massive corporate media cultures in America conspired to cheat the 2020 election by proclaiming themselves truly in charge and conducting a coup of President Trump using Covid as their cover-story.  The bleeding continues with all the investigations that are going on which I have said from the beginning will take years.  But the court cases challenging various evidence of election fraud all across America are taking place and they are going to find evidence of voter irregularities.  Joe Biden knows it and he’s acting like a guilty guy who knows it.  He also knows how his handlers covered up the antics of his boy Hunter Biden’s criminal conduct and selling of a public office to enrich the Biden family as a whole.  It’s a perilous balance to know that your fate is in the hands of a vast criminal empire backed by corporate aggression and government yielding to that power and an angry public that knows something is vastly wrong but can’t quite put their finger on it. 

The result of all this is that Joe Biden knows he’s caught between a rock and a hard place.  History will not remember any great victory of his for the presidency, they will only remember the controversy for which he won and the many years that followed which showed the evidence of voter fraud which once realized proved too late to do anything about it.  But the questions will be asked about the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency and he won’t be able to defend himself because he knows he’s guilty.  He knows that his family is guilty of selling influence, and that the only reason he’s not going to jail over it is because his handlers took care of the problem in exchange for his vote on progressive issues.  He may think those issues are stupid, but he has no choice in the matter.  Yet there is a choice, his brain can choose to accept these conditions, or collapse in on itself over the guilt and pressure from it.  And it would be that which I would propose is happening to Joe Biden and is obvious decline as a person, and the rapid aging process we see happening before our eyes.

I could point to numerous people in life, and you could too, who may have conducted an affair without their spouse knowing about it, or some secret that a married couple may have that they fear the kids finding out about, or perhaps some little theft of a purse from a local store that causes you for years to look over your shoulder at some symbol of authority you fear may catch you at any time for your crime.  These all may be minor things but knowing that you are living in guilt every day by them has a tendency to weaken you in every way, specifically your moral conduct.  Just imagine being Joe Biden where big forces have covered his stories of theft, some imposed on him, some that he knowingly committed.  He traded his very soul to get the title of President once in his life before he died so he would be remembered for something.  But now a few months into it, he’s starting to realize that it probably wasn’t worth it, and he’s lost his passion for the job before he’s really had a chance to get into it.  Thus, we are seeing the results in a terrible performance and a stumbling, conquered personality bumbling through life looking like a fool and a person quickly falling to decline.  Yet I would offer that it’s the weight of his guilt that is killing him, not old age. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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