The One Nation Rally Comedy Show

The One Nation Rally

Is this mainstream America? It looked like an episode of South Park to me, compare them below.

Who are these people?

This is what progressives have in mind for the United States?  What planet did these people come from?

I took particular notice that the Ohio Education Association was promoting the event as well. And people wonder why I think Teacher’s Unions should be illegal in government positions. They openly endorse this strange mentality.

And what is Ed Schultz talking about here?

And again, when people wonder why we need education reform; listen to how much he talks about public education. Who in the world wants these types of ideas in our schools? I don’t. I’m a conservative, and I’m certainly not evil. And you bet we want to change this country away from what people like you have turned it to under our sleepy eyes.  Who makes the jobs, Ed? 

The good thing in all this is that hardly anybody showed up to this rally considering all the power that was behind it. That is because like the ambition in socialist governments is reflected in union membership, where a majority of the people functions like they are half asleep. They get their dander up when they want something, but once their needs are met, the go back to sleep like a baby sucking on the bottle. And that is what happened at The One Nation Rally.  And with over 200 union organizations busing their members in, and a month’s notice, this is all that showed up.  And the one’s that did were mostly asleep.

I would like to thank the people who put the rally on, I laughed hard for 4 solid hours at the display of comedy that was presented. Not at the effort of the participants, but at the level of seriousness for which it was presented against the background of what is truly occurring.

The 8/28 Rally much more reflected my view points.  And it is nice to know that the people that went to that still represent sanity and American virtue.

Below, the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

You see all you progressive minded people out there, and this was reflected in the One Nation Rally,  you have about as many fans for your cause as the WNBA does.  And this rally reminded me of this Family Guy episode. 

That’s what the crowd sounded like during Ed’s speech, which was the most energized of the day. Thanks guys, that was funny stuff.

Rich Hoffman