UFOs, Giants, and Covid-19: How Trump got suckered and why “experts” are so destructive

When people call something a conspiracy, what they are usually saying is that they are too lazy to get the facts so they are prone to just listening to what they think is a trusted source has to say about something, and to stick with it. That source in the case of the Covid-19 virus is the government, which we are seeing has lots of conspiracies that are largely true to some degree or another. But other conspiracies are those such as the UFO outbreaks, which the Pentagon recently released a very mysterious video that has been out for a while now. Before the release of that video, UFO talk was very conspiracy based, but obviously, the government knows there is something to it that is going to be revealed as we move out into space and they can’t hide it from the public any longer. Another conspiracy that I am quite certain is true is a topic I have long talked about on this site, the species of giants in Ohio who predated modern Indians with advanced culture in the Miami Valley and up into New York, who likely are connected to the people who built Stonehenge in England. The big news there was that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who discovered America, it was many people going back tens of thousands of years who were seafaring long before our history credits them, and that is something that academic institutions have been slow to accept.

The point here is that just because an academic class of people who like to be called “experts” say something, that doesn’t make it true. And when a society begins to point to experts and say we should listen to them, then that is a start to a problem. We saw this coming when it came to Covid-19. The political class who wanted to change presidents this fall blamed Trump on not listening to the “experts” enough, goading him into finally listening to Dr. Fauci during an election year, which opened the door to the “Plandemic” that has become Covid-19, a socialist grab for power that has unleashed all the leftists dreams they had been dreaming for many years. I saw it clearly for what it was from the outset, it was Plato’s Republic, his cave analogy, where experts knew what caused the shadows on a cave wall but didn’t want people to see for themselves what the causes were. To keep people from seeing for themselves what’s going on “experts” want to remain in power so they do whatever they can to keep everyone focused on the shadows of life, not the actual elements that cause the shadows themselves. To do that, they call anybody who wants to see the cause of the shadows in our lives conspiracy theorists.

I have always had a problem with institutional style learning because to see the big picture of things, which is really all I’m interested in ever, you need to study all categories of thinking, all topics—everything from aviation to philosophy. From biology to physics. From mathematics to literature. I for one could never be bored in life, my head turned and saw what caused the shadows on the cave walls many years ago, while I was still a child and I have never had much faith in “experts.” While they were studying to be “experts” they missed all the other things in life that contribute to the things we see and experience. So while what they say may have relevance to a very narrow field of observation, they miss the big picture every single time and that was never more evident than the massive disaster that has been Covid-19. Trump’s mistake was that he gave them a seat at the table and look what they did with it. But if Trump hadn’t, he would have had much more trouble by the press who has been advocating an “expert” class for over a hundred years in the United States. Most of the members of the media obviously haven’t read Plato’s Republic, and they should. Because there is a lot more going on in life than the drivel they report and the scope of existence is far beyond the limits of what any “experts” can tell us about anything.

Just like the problem with the species of giants who once ran massive empires in North America, often rivaling Greek and Roman society in sophistication, there are many “experts” who have written doctorial thesis papers on standard archaeological pre-Columbian theory and they can’t have new evidence destroy that academic criteria. To admit that the North American Indian was not a native, that white people didn’t take their land from them but that they simply took the land from others who came before them for tens of thousands of years would have major political and historical consequences. The information is getting out anyway, just as we are learning quite painfully that we are not alone, that likely our current government has been interacting with other species of interplanetary lifeforms, perhaps from the beginning of time. The government doesn’t trust us with the information, and we don’t trust the government because they don’t trust us—it becomes a vicious cycle and the mud in the middle becomes “conspiracy theory.” Like the academic “experts” government too wants to be the one that stands between people and knowledge just as the “experts” did in Plato’s cave analogy.

And that brings us to Judy Mikovits and her experiences with Dr. Fauci way before there was a coronavirus outbreak that has been talked about in the Plandemic video that Google, Facebook and the rest of the Silicone Valley tech companies are censoring on their platforms. The goal is to keep the rest of society asleep at the wheel, just like the Giants of Ohio conspiracy and UFOs, the desire for “experts” to remain experts has driven the discussion and created mistrust on both sides. In the case of Covid-19, the conspiracy was that the virus was used by the “experts” as a launch vehicle for their needs for funding, and the cooperative governments saw it as a push for outright socialism. Trump tried to make the “experts” happy by listening to them during an election year and that’s how they stuck him. But to see all this, you can’t be looking at the shadows, but the cause. For those willing to see, its easy. But the people who have lots of things to hide will discourage you by calling you a conspiracy theorist.

Obviously, knowing something is different than speculating, and when it comes to the UFO situation, we are seeing a movement toward full disclosure, where we will learn what the government knew and for how long. The world is too small and moving too fast to hide it anymore, so that is likely why the video was released now rather than years ago when the event actually happened. And that is the fate of these other issues too, the Giants of Ohio, the truth behind Covid-19, its all going to come out in time. What matters now is to understand why any “experts” would want to keep people from that information. The answer of course is power, and the weight of their reputations which means everything to them. New evidence or contrary opinions make them no longer experts on a topic, if people can see other views for themselves. The point of keeping everyone focused on “expert” opinion is to keep the experts in power and valuable and nothing else. Yet the truth is needed to actually solve problems and understand where we need to go and why. So in that context, that is why “experts” are so destructive to our society. They are not valuable, and so long as we allow them to stand between us and information, there will always be conspiracies and the false power they get from getting in the way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The US Government Admits to UAPs: Reality isn’t the same for everyone

One of the most persistent criticisms of my work on this site which has permeated over the decades is my legitimate coverage of ancient aliens’ stories, well before the History Channel show was popularized. While its true that I cover lots of mainstream political topics more accurately than any other source, from school levies, to presidential politics my first love in all categories is cultures and the aspects of them that rise and fall on a universal scale. In that regard it didn’t surprise me at all that the Department of Defense and the United States Navy has come forth and admitted that UFOs are real, they are calling them Unusual Arial Phenomenon, but that yes, they are indeed true and are beyond our present technology and are quite perplexing. I would not call them “them” per say however, I would call “them” an aspect of “us.” We all come from the same places and want the same things in the context of things. But we are not all equal, for us reality is a determination limited by the human mind which expands or contracts depending on intellectual fulfillment. In essence, those who have criticized my thoughts on things eventually come to learn that what I have often stated turns out to be true, but it was the limits of their reality which prevented them from seeing it sooner.

I was in a meeting last week with a lot of smart people and there was something of an argument about reality. It was suggested that I wasn’t conveying reality to the people who needed to know something whereas my statement was that reality wasn’t the same for everyone, and that before saying something my version of reality needed to be implemented. The people controlling the reality we were discussing were lazy people not very intellectual, therefor the constraint on understanding reality was limited to their measuring instrument, their own intellects. While those people were happy to name off their Fantasy picks for the upcoming NFL games on the weekend, they didn’t know jack shit about quantum mechanics and the ability to use the mind to move mountains in an intellectual jousting period so we were discussing two different realities in the context of space and time, yet the circumstances hadn’t changed. All the elements were there, it was just limited by our ability to measure it, based on our intellectual limits.

For many, the idea that there is alien life in space flying around in spaceships that behave by unique rules of physics is terrifying, because they worry that they are not the top of the food chain in life forms and it makes them worry about being preyed upon. Of course, the American government worries about revealing what they know because in doing so they would have to admit that they aren’t in control with our physical weapons. And of course, the evidence is quite obvious that the history of mankind goes much further back along the Archaic Period, even up to at least the last Ice Age. Much of what we call history is just now being unveiled and we are shocked by what we are learning. But the essence of that shock is that government fears letting normal people know that they are not in control and never have been—when for most human beings, that illusion of control allowed their lazy minds to feaster through life following some didactic path of unhealthy living without the expectation to do more with themselves.

But nothing about meeting alien life is scary to me. I see them as just another lifeform, like we’d observe in a new species of bird, or an elephant. They are just out there doing their thing. I don’t consider them or anybody who may exist in the universe or multiverse to be superior in thought and action. They just may be on a different reality based on their unique experience. I read four books last week, spoke to hundreds of people on the upper levels of society, and personally worked over 85 hours and I still had time for my family and to enjoy life without feeling wore out. Yet I heard complaints from people who barely worked 40 hours how tough life was and how they couldn’t find time to read the numbers and letters on their television remote. Those are the types of people who look at these UFOs and UAPs and are scared. They are the same people who have criticized my many articles about ancient civilizations in the pre-Columbian North America sphere of influence and in sites predating Europe’s reigns of kings and queens. That well before there was communism in Asia that they had already traveled the world many times over and that the North American Indian was in fact the results of those travels. They were not indigenous people for the modern progressive movement. The reality of these suggestions is limited to the intellect of the proponents. Live a week in my shoes and you will see things vastly different.

And that’s going to be the result of the meeting of minds that will eventually take place once we admit to ourselves that the Milky Way is teeming with life and we are far from the only advanced species functioning within it. I have never allowed my reality to be determined by dumb people and that is always at the core of my work whether we are talking about local and national government, or science and technology. The theme for me is consistent and my support for the Second Amendment even comes into play here. Dumb people who have lazy intellects are not going to be allowed to shape my reality and that is the fight we are all conducting. And we’ll find that the lifeforms flying those UAPs are no different than us in that regard. Intelligent life tends to want to build, not destroy. Dumb people do that. The whole question about life from other places visiting us here on earth has been suggested as a reality by dumb people.

Once we realize that there is life visiting us from space, and that this behavior has been going on for many millions of years, we can move on to other stages of human development that is not chained like a prisoner to our current versions of history that look back 4000 measly years and thinks that is a long time. Humans are much older than that and likely so are the lifeforms in those UAPs. Nothing would surprise me about what we learn there. What is surprising is that people are so lazy in our present age that they can’t wrap their mind around it until they’ve been exposed to the material for a decade or two. It has always been obvious to me. And while it can be frustrating to listen to people try to defend their reality built on lazy assumptions about the universe, I also understand that all thinking people will eventually come around to my version of reality anyway, because while reality can be different depending on how its measured, ultimately, it is what it is. A mind that can handle more reality than a mind that can’t will obviously see more of it and work with a larger aspect of it. And that is what really scares people about the UFO assumptions and why to appease the masses we have always tossed that study into the bin of tin foil hatted conspiracy theory. Let’s just call it what it really has been, lazy, loser people who didn’t want to challenge themselves with thought so they could continue the illusion that they were the only life in the world that mattered. But in reality, it is the mind of the hungry intellect whether it be an alien or a human, that truly thrives in this universe, no matter what level on the history of technology they find themselves on.

Rich Hoffman
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Operation Paperclip: If the Deep State will lie about Trump, they’ll lie about aliens, UFOs and the origins of the human race

Again, the History Channel’s Project Blue Book television show is some of the best that I’ve seen in a while. I’m not what you would call a UFO enthusiast. I did do a book report on UFOs way back in the fourth grade that earned some rewards and was quite good at the time, but my association with the topic isn’t an obsession. Over the years I accept based on the evidence that our documented history is not correct, humans did not evolve by themselves into what we see today, but were accelerated along by interactions with different cultures, some of those coming from outside of the earth. And this has been going on for millions of years, not just thousands. Additionally, our lives extend into at least 11 dimensions. Our biological bodies only have senses designed to record four dimensions but even those have a very limited audio, visual spectrum of understanding. There is a lot that goes on that we just don’t see or hear because of the limits of our biological senses. So some of the assumptions that are being presented in Project Blue Book to not shock me. But for what the producers were suggesting about the real life Wernher von Braun and Dr. Hynek in Episode 4, “Operation Paperclip” I thought was quite extraordinary, revolutionary even.

President Trump was the first president I’ve ever met in person, and I’ve met him a few times now, each time was very enjoyable. But personally, I was able to have the façade of pretense removed upon these meetings. For all our lives we are led to believe that the President of the United States is a kingly like persona and once you meet them, they are really just normal people like anybody else. It’s the office that holds all the mysticism, which actually shouldn’t be part of the package. For me, President Trump won’t go down as the greatest president for all the things he did, which has been a lot of very good things, he’ll be remembered for what he didn’t do. Because he didn’t come from a political background or a cultured one, such as the Skull and Bones Society, he has been able to expose the Deep State, a branch of government that has been operating in the shadows of our tax paying system without any congressional oversight for years and does not report to the general norms of our Constitutional law. They are what Alex Jones would call the “globalists” and the maniacal Bilderbergers—the key holders to many suppressed technologies and the progenerates of many historical falsehoods to keep everyone off their trail, such as Columbus discovered America, Native Americas have indigenous rights and communism is the way of the future. Watching how the Deep State has gone after Trump just for winning the election of 2016 the evidence of many conspiracies long under suspicion have shown themselves to be true.

It took me a long time to admit it to myself buy without question the CIA has been on a campaign to allow drugs into American culture likely for the ultimate goal of dumbing down our population. Even now, many politicians are endorsing marijuana as a new tax revenue and much of this change has occurred with the behind the scenes involvement of the CIA. Learning the back story of the former TWA pilot Berry Seal who became one of the greatest drug smugglers ever under the direct employment of the CIA connecting him to the White House of Reagan’s second term in office was very eye-opening. Without question it is the desire for drugs to pour into American culture that is behind the resistance to Trump’s border wall. And the Deep State thinks of the president as a temporary employee anyway that they function independent from. They are not living by the American Constitution, they have their own code of conduct and that extends globally. In just the way that the FBI has behaved with Trump and the way that the current president has been threatened, and compromised with leaked information to the press that could have only been obtained through NSA recordings, CIA manipulations and FBI corruption. The Deep State has been revealed in how they have acted toward President Trump. Presidents used to be put in place to deflect attention, and Trump has not done that exposing all these maniacal plots in a way that has been very positive.

Yes, because I have seen the cover ups of science regarding North America’s true history, that well before Columbus arrived there were advanced cultures functioning as an Empire well before any flint chucking Indian came on the scene, their structures are everywhere and they date before Christ. Academia has ignored this evidence to carry on a storyline that fits what this Deep State wants. So it’s not hard to believe that the Airforce has been and is currently covering up alien contact and UFO technology reverse engineered to present some of the modern miracles we see to this day. The evidence is quite clear that there are life forms that have been visiting from outside the earth and have had their hand in shaping our culture. There are even lifeforms that exist in other dimensional planes. It is not far-fetched in my mind that many of these UFO sightings began when we learned to split the atom. The concern that UFO sightings seem to have around nuclear sites would best be explained by nuclear explosions having an impact into other dimensional realities in a negative way—they would have an interest in mitigating that risk. What to us looks like a massive explosion coming from a very small source likely pulls vast resources in other dimensions that are at this time incalculable.

And it is likely very true that our current government that is Deep State related and uses tax payer sources to run a global campaign of disinformation and panic driven synopsis to control the world’s populations is sitting on levitation technology and “free energy” so to maintain the current order for which they control. They are not eager to give up that control even though it is obvious that they are going to have to. Because of free speech and the rules of capitalism, they have not been able to suppress us all with their communist plot. People like Trump were elected anyway and now privatized space travel is going to space without them. They have lost control and they aren’t happy about it. I believe very much that all this sudden information such as Project Blue Book and Ancient Aliens is being released to the public because everyone knows that once we get to the moon, and to Mars that we are going to discover that we’ve been there before. Our relics and archaeology will uncover it all once again and we’re going to have to come to terms with that knowledge. And this Deep State will lose all their power even though they’ve done everything they could to hold it for another century longer. Perhaps their intention for inventing the Internet was to get everyone addicted to free porn and to keep their wondering minds quiet with abundant access to drugs. The human race is crippled by these things, but their curiosity didn’t stop as was planned. We have arrived to the doorstep of the 21st Century looking to space anyway and now we are discovering that it’s not only part of our own history but its an active place full of many life forms coming and going all over our Milky Way Galaxy.

I don’t know how much Project Blue Book has taken creative liberty with the material of the actual Wernher von Braun and Dr. Hynek. But I can see exactly how such a thing as proposed by the Episode 4 could have happened and is still happening to this day. We have seen it with how the Deep State has treated Donald Trump and how they are willing to lie even when they are busted beyond any hope of recovery. And even when the President picks his own people and puts them as heads of the intelligence community, they quickly revert to the culture of those Deep State tentacles. If they will lie about little things, such as how the FISA warrants to spy on President Trump during the transition of 2016 occurred, then they’ll lie about the origins of the human race and the current relationship earth has with advanced lifeforms. From what I have seen regarding the behavior of the Deep State in how they deal with Trump, I have no problem believing the theories of Project Blue Book. And it’s up to us to unseat those power-hungry despots, because they are not functioning for our own safety. They are doing everything to hold their own power just a while longer as king makers and class dividers. It’s not aliens we have to be concerned about or their invasion. Its our own people who would stand between us and them just for the desire to control the flow of information in the world, even to the detriment of millions of individuals. I think its time to end that practice in the here and now, and not some future time when all this will come hitting everyone in the face anyway. Now is the time, not later.

Rich Hoffman

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Cliffhanger’s Exopolitical Theater: Giants, a galactic alliance, and human immortality coming to ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’

While I was on the air with Matt Clark during his WAAM radio broadcast recently he wanted me to talk a bit about my latest Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  However, time ran out and we couldn’t get into the details.  Actually, I don’t think I could cover all the details in an hour show, or a 10 hour show.  For me, what started as a simple pulp fiction series has evolved into something I would term as a philosophy for the 22nd century.  The below videos will help with the context but essentially what I’m doing is this: over the next one hundred years we are going to discover that we are not alone in the solar system, let alone the galaxy.  We will learn to defy death.  We will unlock all the potentials of a Type 1 civilization and that will require us to completely revisit our current political and religious philosophies—because the present ones just won’t be sufficient.  That’s not a knock on anybody, but the discoveries of the next century will just unlock a massive amount of potential that isn’t even forecasted on the horizon as of yet—and people will need some means of thinking about those things if they want to survive.

I have been pretty adamant about my hobbies and positions.  I essentially grew up studying mythologies and religious cultures, but I like to make money, so I chose professional endeavors that I could raise a family on—but there is a lot about me that is very sympathetic to the Nathan Drake video game character.  The people I most admire these days are people like Josh Gates and his friend Erin Ryder.  If I did not love family as much as I do, I would have loved to live the life that they have—and believe me I have no regrets.  But I do read and watch a lot of what those fantastic people have put out as far as discovery over the years.  When they tackle some crypto mystery much of it comes out to nothing, but it’s the asking of the questions that I find absolutely amazing.  There are a lot of people, many whom are featured in these videos who have committed enormous amounts of time and resources to asking hard questions about mankind’s origins—and I’ll be honest—I love each and every one of them.  When I listen to their lectures and read their books I think in the best case scenarios, they may be getting 50% of any given idea correct.  But even 1% of what these people are saying they are major game changers for the entire human race and the world at large.

In spite of my love of guns, capitalism, business entrepreneurial activity, innovation and pop culture, I am most at home with books, museums, and very smart people.  One of my best friends growing up had an IQ of around 170 so I know those types of people excessively well, and I love being around them.  Some of the people in these videos like Steve Quayle remind me of that friend.  They are too smart for mainstream society, and they are usually defined as lunatics by a society which embraces too openly—sheer stupidity.  As long as I’ve been on earth, I have asked similar hard questions and sought the answers and I have a general theory about the reason that ancient cultures collapse—actually all cultures including recent ones.  I published my thesis in a screenplay, which won a few awards along the way called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.  While most archaeologists and anthropologists will point to environmental conditions and say that the reason that a culture fails is related to a loss of water, or of food supply—usually those opinions are corrupted by their left leaning educations.  My theory is that cultures fail because of the human inclination to the Vico cycle—where they just can’t seem to get off the treadmill—and they have been like that for their entire existence.  That screenplay would probably make a good movie and I should probably push it more toward production—and maybe I will.  My goal in writing it was to get the thesis down in an entertaining way that people could enjoy—but come away from the story asking hard questions like—what is the primary driver of a successful culture—then offering the answer as the climax amid the usual expectations of exciting storytelling.  After I shopped that script around it became obvious that I’d have to produce the picture myself to do it right, and honestly, I didn’t have the time or patience to “collaborate” the way it takes to make a movie.  So I shelved it and offered it as a legitimate thesis about the rise and fall of civilizations.  On the surface, it was an action adventure horror story, underneath was something that meant a lot to me which was based on many thousands of hours of reading and personal discovery—traveling all over the world checking things out for myself—a little the way Josh Gates has—only with fewer frequent flyer miles.

Lately, there has been an explosion, likely because of the Internet, of conspiracy theories and examinations into a hidden past that does not agree with the Leaky evolutionary theories.  The latest revisions are probably driven more by Jurassic Park’s DNA examples and the popular Lord of the Rings movies about Middle Earth—art has helped our society ask new questions from a fresh perspective—and the answers to those questions might just be explosive.  If only 1% is true, mankind is in for some startling revelations.  The best movies and books are the ones that make you ask, “what if,” and as the videos included here surmise, there are some very smart people who are asking lots of questions tainted by their personal backgrounds.  But it is what they agree on that has stimulated my thinking and focused my mind on the hard evidence that is rapidly pouring in.

I wanted to write another Cliffhanger novel but I wanted it to be relevant to the world 100 years from now the way I read Jules Verne, Ayn Rand, H.P. Lovecraft or even Shakespeare.  My favorite play of his is Titus Andronicus.   His use of extreme violence to tell the moral story of love and loss—as well as dedication are the kinds of things I find infinitely fascinating and it doesn’t matter when in history we read such a story—they still communicate a truth which is valuable.  Having these kinds of interests I couldn’t just write some average piece of fiction reviewers of today would like—I wanted to write something that people a century from now would marvel at and would still draw inspiration from.  Yet I also wanted to make the argument that the values America had from around 1870 to about 1900 were the best the world had ever seen, and that those values should be captured in a bottle and examined in actually a scientific way—as having merit on culture building itself.  The economic means of the country was explosive during that period, morality was respectable, and collectivism was being defeated wherever it was encountered—namely during westward expansion.

For about forty years I have had in my mind a really terrible antagonist and a concept for painting it into a story against the ultimate protagonist—but I needed to collect a lot of information to tell that story.  Finally, I feel like I’m there.  Once I had all the details worked out, I went to work writing it—and as I thought, it has turned out to be the byproduct of a hyperactive imagination, a technical background, legitimate scientific investigation and all the life experience learned in every hard way imaginable.

Knowing that over the next couple decades history will have to reflect what we are learning now—and that we will learn that not only are we not alone, but that we are currently in a relationship with thinking beings not from earth’s origin story and that the essential ingredient to a successful society resides within individual behavior as opposed to collective salvation—and that once that process begins—where democracies run by a mob take over the individual input of actual leaders—that all civilizations stop functioning and regress back to their beginnings.

Even as my protagonist, Cliffhanger fights bad guys with flaming bullwhips all in the name of justice—it is important these days to define the merits of that justice.  It is not enough to simply show bad and good—it has to be defined by actual universal rules of engagement as defined by the observable conditions of our cosmos.  To do that we have to step beyond our veil of politics and modern philosophy and take the next step.  Taking that step is what and why I’m committing so much time to this new Cliffhanger story.  Similarly to that Cannibals of Cahokia story—this Curse of Fort Seven Mile has the benefit of an additional twenty years of hard living and earned observation.  Like H.P. Lovecraft I have a love for pulp fiction written in a romantic fashion—and on the surface that is what these new Cliffhanger stories are.  But, my protagonist, Fletcher Finnegan in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is actually named after one of my favorite literary figures of all time, the giant in Finnegan’s Wake from the James Joyce classic.  My goals with the work are not to reach the New York Best Seller’s list, or even to get reviews from Publisher’s Weekly.  It is to offer a useful philosophy for people grappling with real significant challenges to everything they believed was true for over 10,000 years and to provide them a softer landing philosophically—so to maybe for the first time in human history to provoke a change in mankind’s propensity to always revert back to the Vico cycle.  Thus Spoke Cliffhanger.

If you want a preview of this work they are available on the sidebar.  But the real meat is yet to come and why I am dedicating some specific time and resources to completing it.  To get a sense of it, just watch all these videos and you’ll get your mind ready to read what I’m putting into a story intended for readers of the next century.  I’m not giving up on politics.  But rather it is too small of a shoe for me now.  The next obvious evolution is exopolitical theater and the vast changes it will bring.  Currently it is a bit on the fringe side, but that will change rapidly—and when it does–well, people will want a point of reference and fiction is a good place to begin—by bridging what we know with what we will come to understand.

Rich Hoffman


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Kingdom of the Cthulhu: The Lovecraftian horror of an ultraterrestrial universe built on sacrifice

Horror to be relevant as an art form must have some hook of reality to it before it can be considered effective.  The best horror writers avoid topics that are so fantastic that they extend beyond belief.  Among the best of the horror writers was a creation that John Keel would later term more scientifically as “ultraterrestrials” and that would be H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  This is a dominating creature that lives outside of human time and space pushing against a cosmicism of projected reality driven by limited human senses to manipulate the actions of the technically defined living being.  In theory those who attempt to reach beyond their senses into that world of Cthulhu run the extremely high possibility of insanity as minds often fold over on themselves once they leave the boundaries of four dimensions.  Cthulhu was a fictional creation by a writer who lost both of his parents to an insane asylum and had himself suffered tormenting dreams by strange creatures from a very young child.  But like all great horror writers, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu has its roots into a reality we all understand—but fear to comprehend for many reasons.  The mythology of Cthulhu allows human beings to explore those strange possibilities from the safety of their senses without plummeting over the edge of sanity into a realm they clearly are not ready for.  It is in that realm however that my own eyes have always looked as the cause of much misery and defaults in living as the primary source of superstition and religion—and a barrier to the truth.

When talking about such things I prefer the term ultraterrestrial to reference the type of creatures that Lovecraft wrote about in his Cthulhu mythos which has taken on a life of its own since his death in 1937.  The stories Lovecraft wrote were well ahead of their time as it has only recently been proven that there are more than 10 dimensional realities known to mathematics—and probably more.  Lovecraft’s stories explored the possibilities of beings from those other dimensions visiting from their realms in ways humans could not—which was a terrifying prospect.  It still is, and is why even nearly a century after his death there is a cult following of H.P. Lovecraft.  The reporter John Keel seemed particularly obsessed with this type of reality and reported about it in The Mothman Prophesies.  In that book Keel was very level-headed and factually based even though the subject matter was extraordinary—UFOs interacting with people, strange monsters appearing out of nowhere, Men in Black walking about dressed as government agents not quite appearing human—being slightly off to those who spoke to them.  Keel in that book was knocking on the door to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and it could be said that the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, or the “Bird Man” of ancient Cahokia or the many thousands of gargoyles poised from the buildings of gothic structures—particularly the Budweiser brewery in St Louis—were there to appease the demons who come into our world to terrorize and manipulate our reality.  Keel’s other books, Strange Creatures From Time and Space, Our Haunted Planet, Operation Trojan Horse, The Eighth Tower, The Cosmic Question, and Disneyland of the Gods are all works obsessed with this realm of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  Keel had been opened to the possibilities before his investigations into the strange creature in Point Pleasant during 1967 and once there had everything confirmed as though it was tailor-made for him by what he would later call ultraterrestrials—or tricksters.  Because of their power and influence he would spend much of the rest of his life all the way to age 79 when he died in 2009 avoiding any kind of electronic device such as computers, phones, televisions etc., because Keel believed that the “tricksters” used those devices to control and manipulate the world of human beings with impunity to counteraction.

As time went on Keel’s books became more and more paranoid, and his subjectivity diminished for a time as he appeared to have gone too far down the rabbit hole of sanity for a time.  Perhaps not as far as Lovecraft’s parents did—but the rope to reality which Keel held on to was slipping.  Toward the end of his life he regained some of his grip on reality.  The 2002 film adaptation of his book The Mothman Prophecies appears to have helped him and he spent the rest of his days giving lectures as the film brought his ultraterrestrials with the help of Richard Gere into the mainstream.

I have personally noticed this manipulation of these ultraterrestrials by Keel’s definition for a long time.  The lazy relegate their definition of ultraterrestrials as angels and demons but that has never suited me.  I have never been comfortable handing over my fate to beings that just flash in and out of my life with some advice—or appear in a dream to leave an imprint of instruction for me to execute.  If I had been Noah and God appeared to me in a dream telling me to build an Ark, I would have woke up the next morning and told him—“dude, I don’t have the time to build you a stupid boat.” And I would have ignored the command.  When the floods came, I would have survived somehow regardless of the advice.  My opinion is that unless the motives of such individuals from other worlds is known, there is no way to attribute value to them leaving you to play the part of a pawn.  Without knowing those beings personally there is no way to validate if the sources are good or evil.  My assumption is that they are almost always evil posing as good.  So to properly serve the good in the context of universal merit, those beings should be ignored.  In this way for years I have poked and prodded into their world without the usual fear of insanity because I simply don’t trust any of them even though they have constantly tried to throw me off the trail.

One night on New Year’s Eve my family was playing a late night game of Pirates the Constructable Strategy Game.  We were between rounds so as everyone got up and stretched I resumed to my living room chair to read another quick chapter of The Mothman Prophecies which I had taken an interest in after seeing the movie.  In the book there was a surprising amount of coverage of UFO lore and as I was reading it I couldn’t help but wonder if Steven Spielberg had read this very same book to inspire him to write Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Poltergeist because this was the subject matter by the very fact based reporting of John Keel.  I found the book terrifying refreshing and a key piece into a lifetime puzzle I had been assembling most of my life which attempted to define the world of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  As I had conceived that very thought outside my front window clearly over the golf course was a UFO floating freely over the tree line.  My first rational thought was that it was a helicopter picking up a crash victim, or maybe even some kind of pyrotechnic display celebrating the New Year.  But it was just floating there enticing me like a seductive siren attempting to lure me into the hidden rocks in the choppy waters of the ocean.  My children were in the kitchen so I calmly grabbed their attention and directed their sight asking them to identity what was there.  They went through the same process I did, helicopter, fireworks—UFO.  Once we realized that the strobe displays on the vessel did not look like anything Wright Patterson Air Force Base nearby could have put out—it was too large for a drone—and too lit up to be stealthy we put on our shoes to rush out and meet it. We piled into our car and raced down the road to intercept it as it was now moving slowly.  We turned left onto a road about a hundred yards north of our home and saw the vessel floating over a home valued near a million dollars and the strobe lights flashed down upon it.  I blinked to make sure my vision was not faulty and when I opened my eyes it was gone.  I stopped the car, got out and looked to the north.  The entire sky was filled with a blacked out vessel roaming northeast.  The moonlight had been showing the outlines of clouds, but this vessel concealed them all.  My kids saw it too and we watched as it was there moving toward downtown Trenton one moment covering the entire sky from our home, over the Miller Brewery all the way to Trenton.  It appeared to be about 7 or 8 miles wide.  Then within the blink of an eye, it too was gone.  If my kids hadn’t seen it with me, I would have thought it to be an illusion, but it was actually much more sophisticated as other minds witnessed it simultaneously.  Within 30 seconds of the encounter we were left wondering if we actually saw what we saw.  I got out of the car and walked up to the house where the vessel had loomed over and they had lost power.  Nobody appeared to be home at the time, but their internal lights had flicked back on and a computer in the living room that had been on was in a reboot phase.   So something material had been there and it caused the power to drop then come back on.

We had seen our first UFO as a family and it was exciting—it certainly wasn’t our imagination.  However, I was skeptical and not so sure that little green men came down from E.T.’s home planet to pick some flowers.  Rather, I was thinking of Keel’s ultraterrestrials—or even more cynically something like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  It was more than a coincidence that I was studying The Mothman Prophecies and reading about those exact occurrences at that particular moment.  And out of all the years I had been alive I had never seen a UFO until that moment.  I didn’t even have to leave my home to see it, the thing practically landed in my front yard to get my attention. But as soon as we could chase it down for confirmation and get our cameras turned on and toward the object—it was gone.  My intentions as it was happening was to find a way to get on the vessel and pull one of the pilots off and capture it so I could conduct a proper investigation.  I doubt that was the intention by the perpetrators—but that’s what was going to happen.

I did the same thing as I spent some time hunting for a Mothman one summer in the regions where sightings had occurred.  I was determined to capture the creature and put it in a zoo dispelling any folklore about it with scientific fact.   But the more I looked, the more obvious it was that I was not going to find it—it would have to find me because those things only appear in our dimensional plane of reality when they want to.  Over time I concluded that the UFO at our home, like the Mothman hunting, was a creation by ultraterrestrials to bait me into insanity by feeding my curiosity and thus directing my thoughts on the matter into a direction they desired.  The circumstances were just too perfect to be real in the context presented.  After that event I had a lot more respect for John Keel—he was certainly on to something.  And without question H.P. Lovecraft was as well.  The reason his Cthulhu mythos is so terrifying and is still very much alive after a century of development is that deep down inside we know there is some truth to it.  The fictional creation of Cthulhu is an attempt to put into mythology a reality that is difficult to otherwise deal with.

To a writer like Lovecraft who had been tormented by ultraterrestrial monsters in his dreams from a child to an adult constantly and lost both parents to insanity his philosophy of cosmicism is understandable.  The philosophy of cosmicism states that there is no recognizable divine presence, such as a god, in the universe, and that humans are particularly insignificant in the larger scheme of intergalactic existence, and perhaps are just a small species projecting their own mental idolatries onto the vast cosmos, ever susceptible to being wiped from existence at any moment. This also suggested that the majority of undiscerning humanity are creatures with the same significance as insects and plants, who, in their small, visionless and unimportant nature, do not recognize a much greater struggle between greater forces.


John Keel had come to many of the same conclusions as Lovecraft when he said at the end of his book The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings, “there are entities on this planet, and around it, that are far beyond all efforts to translate them into understandable cellular creatures.  They are not real in the sense that we are animals motivated by sex and emotions.  They are part of the energies that were scattered into space billions of years ago.  Their intelligence is so vast and so ruthlessly inhuman there is no way for us to comprehend it or communicate with it as we talk to dolphins.”  Keel would then propose twice in that same book, “Someone within two hundred miles of your home, no matter where you live on this earth, has had a direct, often terrifying, personal confrontation with a shape-shifting, unbelievable. (ultraterrestrial)  Our world has always been occupied by these things.  We are just passing through.  Belief or disbelief will come onto you from another direction.”  What Keel was talking about was essentially Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

Charles Fort said in his 1931 book Lo! during the time of Lovecraft, “There may be occult things, beings and events, and there may be something of the nature of an occult police force, which operates to divert human suspicions, and to supply explanations that are good enough, for whatever (minds) human beings have—or that, if there be occult mishiefmakers and occult ravagers, they may be of a world also of other beings that are acting to check them, and to explain them not benevolently, but to divert suspicion from themselves because they, too, may be exploiting life upon this earth, but in ways more subtle, and orderly or organized fashion.  In “The Call of Cthulhu”, H. P. Lovecraft describes the fictional Cthulhu as “A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind.”[5] Cthulhu has been described as a mix between a giant human, an octopus, and a dragon, and is depicted as being hundreds of meters tall, with human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back.[5]Cthulhu’s head is depicted as similar to the entirety of a giant octopus, with an unknown number of tentacles surrounding its supposed mouth. Cthulhu is described as being able to change the shape of its body at will, extending and retracting limbs and tentacles as it sees fit.”  This description is remarkably like the Mothman and is a creature of imagination brought to life through the reality of some ultraterrestrial shape shifter which is a trick as old as time.


Many of the cultures of times past as in the present which call for sacrifice to bring about something desired must point their superstitions toward these creatures.  Not surprising those who attempt to map out that realm of the ultraterrestricals even in a fictional sense—such as the Cthulhu end up dead.  Lovecraft died by the age of 46 and many who go down a similar path end up in the same state.  Looking into that other world brings upon the cells of the human body an undoing which prevents living.  I too have seen this as most notably reflected in my personal UFO story.  There have been many times when shape shifting entities made their entrance onto the stages of existence and did just as Charles Fort stated—“policed” the explanations of reality to suit their desires.  But if an inquiry into the other realms goes too deeply, then death is soon to follow.  Sometimes it’s not even by deliberate attempt.  Every year, roughly 15,000 people vanish under the most incredible circumstances, again according to John Keel’s studies into the matter.  “A family man steps into his backyard to mow the lawn. He is never seen again.  A waitress steps out of a restaurant to put a dime in the parking meter and disappears forever.  A family of five in a suburb melt into nothingness, leaving behind all their cloths, bank accounts, the family car.  We have dozens of puzzling cases in our files.” (Keel’s files)   These Cthulhu stories by Lovecraft are terrifying—because they are grounded in a reality we are aware of but dare not probe.

Most people are happy to carry a lucky rabbit’s foot, avoid unlucky associations, or pray to a deity to navigate through the minefield of the ultraterrestrial traps.  I have seen the attempt firsthand to divert my own attention obviously when doing an investigation by having those same beings throw me a bone as a UFO flew outside my front window to take me in a direction of inquiry they approved of—a classic case of misdirection.  Entire societies have adopted the notion of sacrifice in substitution for productivity to essentially satisfy their unconscious appeasement of these metaphorical Cthulhu’s which loom like gargoyles over charity events and suck off the vanity of opulent socialites and the perfume bathed on to cover the smell of their decaying flesh.  From the darkness of other dimensional realities our world is observed and manipulated to suit the needs of the ultraterrestrial, not our own as the strings of many living marionettes are tied to the fingers of an actual Cthulhu.

But unlike Keel and Lovecraft I do not believe the human race is destined to be meager insects in comparison to the cosmos.   I believe in the thin veil of cosmicism but do not believe that the Cthulhu type creatures residing there are superior to the human being.  If they were, there would not be all these elaborate tricks, like UFO’s landing in our front yards, or strange stories to captivate the tabloid lover in all of us—to keep us distracted and thus sacrificing to these gods of the unseen.  Their tricks only have power of the one way mirror for if they enter our reality with us, they discover they have no real strength—only the ability to scheme for their own ends as a competing organism.  And that goes for any entity in the universe—if they were so bold and audacious, they would not avoid direct contact and hide behind curtains of dimensional reality.  So there is nothing really to fear from them once it is understood that they gain all their power and terror from dwelling in the unknown.  But science is taking human beings into their realm whether they like it or not—and once we are there—there won’t be anywhere for them to hide any longer.  They are not to be feared, but to be conquered and the way to beat them is to remove the concept of sacrifice from the human landscape.  They obtain their sustenance off the emotional energy of the human race by a means not yet discovered and require misery, fear, and death to fuel their own existence.

Good horror touches these known truths—these deep suspicions we all have that just walking out to the mailbox may be the last time our bodies inhabit the earth.  We all know someone who has suffered from paranormal experiences yet nobody discusses it because we feel the breath of the Cthulhu on the back of our necks.  We try to counsel ourselves that the breath we feel is God and we seek to appease him with more sacrifice at churches, or financial donations and our prayers, but deep down inside we suspect that God is really a Lovecraftian monster ready to yank our lives from our bodies and consume it like a snack on Superbowl Sunday.  So we don’t name the evil for fear that it has power over us, we don’t talk about it with others for fear that we might be discovered betraying our overlords.  But those beasts have no real power—only the ability to operate from concealment.  Cellular attacks can be countered, diseases overcome, and mental breakdowns—alleviated by a strong—well-read mind.  If one is playing the Arkham Horror game which is a Lovecraftian journey I said weeks ago that I would take because of the nature of it, the characters of Harvey Walters and Sister Mary who both have a sanity of 7 would be the type of examples I’m refereeing to.  I like Harvey and would like to teach everyone to be more like him so that they could have a proper defense against the Cthulhu terrorists of inter-dimensional sacrifice.  But man’s fate is not destined to yield to these creatures, rather the other way around—which is the big secret they don’t want you to know about dear reader.  The human mind has the power to create these Cthulhu monsters—but it can also destroy them.  The reality of the horror of the Cthulhu is that they cannot match the productive enterprise of human imagination and effort.  With those efforts the driving force of humanity, the Cthulhu has no defense leaving the ultraterrestrial empire without armament in a war that is as old as time.  It would be my position to teach people how to make those Cthulhu into pets instead of Gods and the horror of their imprint into a children’s story.

Rich Hoffman





Secrets of the Shadow Makers: Unidentified Flying Objects and the real Men in Black

I first ran into my recollections of Neil Armstrong–the astronaut as a kid in the museum up in Wapakoneta, Ohio. I then read about him as he appeared in Chuck Yeager’s book Yeager during the time that Tom Wolfe’s great book The Right Stuff had been made into a wonderful film. But Neil Armstrong for being the first person to walk on the moon has been something of a quiet spokesman on the topic and has a reputation for not wanting to speak too much about his experiences. However his crew mate Buzz Aldrin has not been so quiet and has let out over time that there were encounters with intelligent life during the Apollo missions.

All this was fun speculation however I was a bit stunned when Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay took the speculation of that first moonwalk and used it as a way to introduce their fictional Transformer robots in Transformers 3. I would have thought NASA, Armstrong and Aldrin would have protested such an outrageous use of their likeness, but they didn’t.

Instead the movie came out, and the talk was all about how cool the Transformers were and how hot the supermodel in the film was, but not much talk went on about the strange events of that first moon landing. After all, there are many conspiracy theorists who believe that the entire moon landing was a fake designed to convince the Soviet government that America had beat them to the moon to demoralize the communist country.  Being a fan of Spielberg for many years, I have an idea of how much money he has personally invested into the research of extraterrestrial life, and without a doubt he had access to detailed discussions with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin at some point in the past and felt comfortable enough with their statements to inject them into the movie he produced.

My interest in extraterrestrial life stems from my rather detailed research into world history, comparative religion, scientific evolution and the time line of philosophic thought. After my own investigations into The Mothman Prophecies of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and searches around the deep woods of south eastern Ohio for cryptozoologic creatures and remnants of the legendary Bigfoot, I cannot report seeing such creatures, but understanding that there is a lot more to the world we are living in that is not revealed to us. After seeing how our society denies the existence of socialism and Muslim extremism right in front of our faces, something that is just too big and outside the parameters of accepted religious understanding is just too much for people to comprehend. For me the final proof came when I realized that archeologists and anthropologists were hiding a great number of discoveries to protect the education institutions that founded original thesis concepts, and that science was more interested in maintaining the status quo rather than truly understanding the REAL nature of human existence and the origins of life. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

So I do not say it lightly when I say that most of what the modern human being thinks he or she knows—they aren’t even close yet. Our feeble grasp of our history, of our nature, and of our potential future is but a blade of grass in the vast never-ending horizons of the Midwest in America where grass can be seen as far as sight will take us. Humans have a lot to learn and it is our superstitions, religions, and fears of discovery that hold us back.

Mythology, which is another subject of mine that I study intensely, is formed in that attempt to bridge what we can rationally discover through a philosophy such as Objectivism by Ayn Rand and what we suspect is just over the horizon of thought. When we observe something that does not fit neatly within our senses, yet know that something has occurred, we are left to piece together the puzzle pieces logically, and logic does not take us to the door of virgin births, and gods who grant wisdom from unknowable places in time and space. Nor is the mathematics of Pythagoras in 490 BCE going to provide everything we need, because much is still unknown waiting for a philosophy to uncover the tools to detect more of the known world.

The human tendency to believe that everything has been invented is the approach of the living dead, the modern version of the zombie who uses Lao Tzu as a crutch to hide from the danger of adventurous knowledge and reside peacefully in a life of harmony, and contentment. Compared to where the human race should be, we are no more advanced than Thales of Miletus and his deduction that everything in the universe is made of water, which is true if the basic material of the cosmos is analyzed at one level of understanding. We know now that there is much more to the cosmos than these simple observations made in 540 BCE.

Within the year of this writing the news in the scientific community is ablaze with the discovery that neutrinos have destroyed the premise of Einstein’s equation E=MC2 by moving beyond the speed of light for the first time in human history. The media wishes to profess that Einstein was wrong, but he was not. He was no more wrong than Thales of Miletus; he observed the world and went as far as he could with limited knowledge. Within 100 years, quantum mechanics using sub atomic particles went further than Einstein could. And in 100 more years we will discover that breaking the light barrier with neutrinos is an archaic field of endeavor. We currently know that 72% of the universe is made of something called Dark Energy and another 23% is made up of Dark Matter. Only 4.6% of the Universe is made up of Atoms, the stuff we detect with our senses—only 4.6%.

I am 100% sure that our current government in the United States, for the same reason that religions desire to maintain control over their flocks, wish to deny science—to revert back to The Dark Ages–so that they can still be in charge, have maintained a level of secrecy against the public from what they have learned. They are motivated by the same trends Plato observed in his book The Republic in his cave allegory. Those who are in positions of power wish to keep that power due to a primitive desire in the human mind to maintain hierarchical relationships and such thoughts are a sickness. They stand in the way of mankind’s fate.

This is why I believe that Neil and Buzz discovered on the moon what they sought out all along, relics from a society either camped out in observation of life on planet earth, or an abandoned facility in a state of serious decay. I believe this is the primary reason that funding has been cut to NASA and we have never returned to the moon. The governments of earth wish to keep the spirit of human kind under their thumbs so to preserve the old order of stupidity prevalent for over 10,000 years. Earthly governments wish to keep mankind quiet for the same reason that Athens sentenced Socrates to death, because to the view of the Athenian government, Socrates was corrupting the minds of the young with his questioning philosophy. Socrates was offered to be exiled disgracefully, or to drink a fatal dose of hemlock in 399 BCE. Socrates chose the hemlock but lived on in his pupils first Plato, then the magnificent Aristotle who then instructed Alexander the Great.

We are no different now than we were then. A few minds think ahead of the social train of thought while everyone else lingers behind. When the rest of society catches up with those great minds it’s finally realized that everyone should have listened. A few hundred years’ later great minds like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and many others are finally recognized for their genius by followers who are simply second-handlers and fill in their own lack of proper recollection with myth. And the frustration continues.

The gates of wonder are open, yet mankind fears to go in because we still cling to leaders to lead us! In America we rebelled to push these leaders away, and we created the greatest country in the world using the miracles of capitalism to drive a technological boom unheard of in the history of the world, culminating sadly in that space voyage with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins. For the last 50 years America has enjoyed the technology developed during the NASA space race, but since Bill Clinton took office in the 90’s NASA has been dumbed down and defunded like the rest of society through a public education system that cares more for thoughts and feelings than adventure and scientific breakthroughs. This is done not to advance mankind, but for the kings of the hill to remain where they are, and to eliminate competition to their thrones of power. These days America is no different in their quests to throw off the shackles of political confinement than any other country in a global push for socialism. The motive was articulated by Plato in 340 BCE by the Allegory of the Cave which portrayed that the knowledge of the world is limited to mere shadows of reality and truth. And this is what our modern world is, mere shadows of a reality we do not yet have the courage to face.

Listen to Neil Armstrong in this clip at The White House in one of his rare and cryptic dialogs. This is not the speech of a conspiracy theorist, a con man, a hustler just trying to sell a new book. This is the voice of a fantastic test pilot who became an astronaut and had the courage to ride in a capsule the size of a car through the vast ocean of space to hit a small, unknown target. And what they found there was beyond human comprehension that is easy to see in hindsight.

If the human race starting with America could have the courage to tell it’s politicians to go to hell and shut the hell up—and get out of our way—we would discover on the moon the remnants of earths distant past, colonies set up to stage landings onto earth. We would also discover the means there of galactic, possibly intergalactic travel with technology that would make our discovery of the neutrino seem childlike. We would then discover on the planet Mars that Ray Bradbury was not so far off on his Martian Chronicles novel published in the 1950’s. There will be archeology on Mars that reveals great societies long gone and eroded away. Some of them coming to earth to settle, some of them trading with earth like America and China trade today, and we will discover that all this occurred over 100 million years ago and that these are our ancestors, and that the characters of Noah, and Solomon are our close relatives in the concept of time, instead of the distance figures we think them to be. We will also discover on Mars that some of its inhabitants left our solar system all together to settle someplace else in a cycle that is as old as time itself.

We will also discover that god is not out there in the heavens someplace or even on a distinct planet, but resides within one of the 11 dimensions that we are just beginning to get our minds around in quantum mechanics. These realities parallel our own existence completely in a complex pattern that can only be explained through the new rules of physics that show themselves at the quantum level.

But such discoveries will seem like science fiction always to the individual who seeks collectivism in a herd of cattle migrating through a bar or night club on a Friday night intoxicated and looking for a place to satisfy their sexual stimulation. They will belittle such concepts like amended ideas about the start of the human race, or technological breakthroughs that are easily within grasp, because they are living in a land of shadows, and are victims to the creators of those shadows.

It is even beyond comprehension to most minds that our current governments may actually be in present contact with extraterrestrial life, or are analyzing the documents left behind by such cultures that are kept locked away in private vaults peered at by those who wish to crown themselves kings. It would not be Presidents like Obama and the Russian KGB agent Putin who would involve themselves in these activities, because they are mere puppets to the hands of power that hold the cash they eat from.

I’m not personally interested in the shadows of our lives. I’m interested in what makes the shadows. To prevent investigation into their activities, the shadow makers have created the term “conspiracy theory” and other mechanisms to control speech and investigation, and alien technology falls under the umbrella of lunacy. Any serious scientific examination is discouraged either by politics or religious beliefs into the world behind those two facades. It is there that the real answers reside.

In my own life I have scrapped much of what I was taught in public education and in my 23 years of religious training on a quest to see what makes the shadows in our lives, and for me, it is easy to see the shadows everywhere, and many times I can see the shadow dancers in their true form as they cower in disgrace hoping to remain in the world of illusion. To a large extent that is what I report here every day at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, my observations of the shadow makers and what their motives are—as the rest of society seems content with just the images of shadows. We talk about school levy problems, public education deficiencies, philosophy, psychology, world history, politics, collectivism versus individualism, and the art of living a good, healthy life. Many who know me here believe that I’m an old-school cowboy type who wants the world to revert back to the days of John Wayne’s America—which I do. But more than that I love science, and all the possibilities that are before us, and it’s not just an anger at the progressive institutions who seem determined to take America back to the Dark Ages and reject the traditional values of American Excepetionalism, but also in the rejection of scientific discovery in favor of archaic protections of beliefs that belong to the evasive second-handlers.

I don’t wish to maintain a world that has national health care, or a Social Security system. I wish for sickness to be cured and old age to be eradicated through science. I do not wish to have a world of greenie weenie carbon credit salesmen running our governments. I wish to take manufacturing into space and onto the surface of the moon where heavy equipment can be moved easily and trash can be dumped directly into space. I do not wish one global world under socialism controlled by a few banking tyrants. I wish to spread the brilliance of the United States Constitution into China, and the countries of Africa, even Russia the art of capitalism to bring prosperity to the entire world as adventurers begin to colonize space. I don’t wish to maintain roads to the level we are today, because I want my own personal Skycar from Paul Moller so I can leave my driveway and be in Disney World just a couple hours later from anywhere in the country. Driving a car is archaic. You should just be able to plot in your coordinates and the thing will fly you to your destination while you sleep. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE.

I’m not interested in the restricted vision of our current world. I’m not interested in learning what they like, care about, or fear, because to me, they are simply in love with the shadows because they fear the unknown. I want to know what kind of archeology we will discover on Mars, and that seems so far away right now because academic institutions aren’t even open to the discoveries on planet earth like the situation of Malden Island. CLICK HERE FOR MORE. I want to know the truth. If there are extraterrestrial influences, I want to speak with them directly—not behind the face of some goofy politician. As an American I don’t recognize any higher authority besides myself, and I don’t want a bunch of comb over politicians standing in the way of my understanding and my will to learn more. I want the infinite possibilities that are before the human race and anything that stands in the way of those possibilities is an enemy to my life of adventure.

It is sad that America has not returned to the moon. But the fact that we haven’t says to the world that our world governments wish to remain the shadow makers. They do not want to yield their monopoly on our understanding. They do not want us to discover that they are useless to us, because the discoveries that sit directly in front of the human race are infinitely productive, and beneficial. And the world of tomorrow is not destined to be enshrined in tyranny, and social apathy, but in discovery, adventure, and never-ending quests to see the makers of the next shadow on the wall. This is the fate of humanity that has been concealed by our would-be-kings to ends of preventing mankind from maturing into a fully technological society no longer dependent on leaders and their disreputable arrogance.

It’s a world so far only seen in myth, but in the case of keen observation, the myths of our culture are closer to reality than the shadow makers and their governments who cover themselves in secrecy by the funds we all send to them. All we must do is declare our independence, cut the money which maintains the façade and embrace this new world that extends beyond faith, beyond convention, into the world of tomorrow and all its possibilities.

Myth reflects reality in the eyes of an artist. Many times, the keys to understanding a deeper concept is in our fantasies in the form of fiction.

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Rich Hoffman