Everything You Need to Know about Ukraine: The “false solution” of the Democrat Party to remove Trump from office to hide their own crimes

It was never a conspiracy, but there are a lot of people who’d like you to believe it is. The real reason that the Democrats want to impeach Trump is out of their own preservation on many levels, mostly the debacle that has always been lingering out there involving Ukraine and the many billions of dollars that were lost out of tax payer funded assistance, which without question has trickled back out into several directions to build the media correlation that we see now that has been largely anti-Trump in its narrative. Many liberals in politics use what magicians call a false solution in order to establish a psychological misdirection to perform whatever trick they are attempting and there is an actual science to it. In that science, there is massive theft going on that is enriching many beltway participants, far beyond people like John Kerry’s son, Joe Biden’s son and obviously the fall guy Paul Manafort who was placed into the Trump campaign as part of the sell. Unfortunately for all these criminals and outright thieves which go straight into the Obama White House and the Hillary Clinton campaign of 2016 and was assisted by the FBI with a clear document trail that Glenn Beck established quite clearly in this remarkable bit of reporting he did on his Blaze television show, the evidence is quite clear as to their guilt. You would do well to watch the entire episode shown below and to share it with a friend, because this is what’s really going on with Ukraine and the desperate attempts the Democrats have to cover their crimes by getting rid of the one person in the entire world who can expose them, President Trump.

One thing that Beck didn’t cover much in his scathing report on the who, what, when and where regarding why so much American attention was involved with Ukraine to begin with is the whole false solution robbery that is the center of all activity there for which Paul Manafort was set up from the beginning as an insert into the Trump campaign to destroy it from within. You’ll have to remember dear reader that in the summer of 2016 even with Trump obviously clear to secure the Republican nomination the political beltway types didn’t give the New York billionaire much of a chance of winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton. The sentiment, even with the Wikileaks emails revealing major problems within the DNC and the Clinton campaign itself, that Hillary would easily beat Trump and that the White House would stay in the hands of Democrats. So, they were sloppy in their dealings in the Ukraine to funnel money and buy favors within the media paying off a lot of mortgages and providing a lot of vacations to exotic locations for those they wanted to influence.

To see how they played the trick of building up and positioning Manafort you would have to go back to March of 2016 where a reporter for Brietbart News, Michelle Fields complained that the previous Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski had forcibly grabbed her at an event in Jupiter, Florida which she pressed charges. At the time several other candidates were still hanging on to secure the Republican nomination, so the accusation was obviously political. Also at that time people still believed that political consultants and campaign managers were how you won a political race. Trump was running his own campaign which nobody had really seen before, so the thought was that Lewandowski had some kind of magic sauce and that if that were removed, then Trump might fail. Also, at that time was the very real possibility that Trump would win the nomination and beat his rivals to go up against Hillary Clinton, so Paul Manafort was hired to secure delegates at the convention, which of course caused a power struggle between Lewandowski and Manafort.

Once Trump saw that he had a real shot, but the media wasn’t giving him the credit he deserved he moved toward Manafort to shut up the constant criticisms by the media about his chances at maintaining dominance at a contested convention in the upcoming summer, so he needed he felt a mainstreamer in Manafort to represent him. The Trumps as a family had never done anything like this political campaign before so they wanted to put to ease all the claims that Donald Trump wasn’t experienced enough to hire the “right” kind of people. Manafort was dangled out there like cheese in a mouse trap to shut up all the critics but what was really going on was that Manafort had been a plant all along to derail the Trump campaign at the last minute and attach this Russian corruption story by Manafort to Donald himself in the last days of the campaign giving Hillary Clinton an easy shot at the White House. Clearly the Democrats wanted Trump to win the nomination over the other Republican rivals so that they could have what they thought would be an easy win in November for their party. What they didn’t expect Trump to do was to fire Manafort in August once he had secured the nomination and hire Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

The Russian corruption story was what Democrats had been building all through the nomination process to hide their embezzlement of billions of dollars siphoned off the Ukraine involvement, so they stayed with it to control Trump no matter what happened in the election. The FBI had been involved and found itself stuck with maintaining the story even though it was quite clear that Hillary Clinton should not have been the Democrat nominee due to her email problems with her server. Director Comey found himself in a tough place, his wife and daughters wanted Hillary to be the first woman president but he was running an FBI that understood the rule of law had been violated and Loretta Lynch had been caught on an airplane making deals with Bill Clinton to put the whole email investigation to bed and to get control of the FBI from the Department of Justice. So, Comey tried to play it both ways and give everybody what they wanted, which caused him to open, close then reopen the case just days before the election which kept the whole Hillary Clinton scandal open right up to the election.

The unthinkable happened, Trump won the White House and this left all these corrupt players now exposed with lots and lots of loose ends, so they did the only thing they thought they could, they attacked Trump right out of the gate so they could pull the pin on the Russian connection established by Manafort from the outset. Only there was no Russia story, it involved them, not Trump and being smart the new president wouldn’t play along. If he had been the type of person who listened to political consultants and danced to the media strings like most past presidents had, they may have duped him into playing along. But, as a billionaire, he didn’t need their money or their opinions, so he followed his own instincts giving their attempted magic trick no power over him. And now they are stuck with the story they tried to pin to him only it doesn’t fit and they have ended up looking like complete idiots.

Since so many people are involved, and likely have seen some of that stolen money come in their direction they have no choice but to stick to the story of their “false solution.” Its kind of like a magician conducting a magic trick on stage and they try to divert the attention of the audience on the false solution while they put the rabbit under the table so they can pull it out of a hat, but a little girl in the front row keeps her eyes on the magician and not the false solution and points it out to everyone embarrassing the magician greatly in the process. But the magician must keep the show going in order to save a little face as the scrutiny increases and that’s essentially what we have here. They have all been caught and they are trying everything to divert attention away from the crimes they have committed, at very high levels involving many of our best and brightest in politics and the media. Their last hope of concealing their crimes is to impeach the President of the United States. That is their only hope of getting away with the biggest scandal in not just American history, but of the world. But we’ve seen the rabbit under the table, and we can’t take our eyes away now.

Rich Hoffman

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The IRS Cover-up: Doc Thompson breaks down the timetable

The Blaze as a news source has really excelled during the recent IRS scandal. Doc Thompson particularly had a wonderful broadcast on the timeline of the IRS cover-up during an obvious attempt to destroy evidence once they were caught targeting specific groups filling for tax exempt status. That broadcast can be heard through the video below. What is clear while listening is that the IRS hoped to contain their actions by slowly releasing the story to the public under controlled circumstances—and when it blew up, they destroyed the evidence.

The same day that Doc recorded that broadcast Trey Gowdy had his turn with Commissioner Koskinen and as a former prosecutor—he deservedly dismantled the smug government employee representing the IRS. Gowdy during his examination asked the commissioner—what criminal statutes were looked at to determine that the IRS conducted no wrong doing.

“I have not looked at any,” Koskinen replied.

“Well then how can you possibly tell our fellow citizens that there’s not criminal wrong doing if you don’t even know what statutes to look at?” Gowdy shot back. “How would you know what elements of the crime existed? You don’t even know what statutes are in play.”

Koskinen said he believes he can rely on common sense, but Gowdy blasted that answer out of the water before Koskinen could finish his thought.

“Common sense? Instead of the criminal code, you want to rely on common sense?” Gowdy said as Koskinen shook his head at the table.

“You can shake your head all you want to, Commissioner. You have said today that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, and I’m asking you what criminal statutes you have reviewed to reach that conclusion.” Gowdy concluded that Koskinen had “no idea” whether any crimes have been committed.

Koskinen then tried to close out his argument saying enough evidence is in to dismiss the idea that the IRS scandal was a coverup directed from the White House. But Gowdy rejected that idea, and said it’s Democrats who are trying to say the GOP is “obsessed” with the White House when it was the White House that first intervened.

“It was Jay Carney that perpetuated the myth that it was two rogue agents in Ohio, it wasn’t any of us. Was that accurate?” Gowdy asked.

“Not that I know of,” Koskinen replied.

“So that was inaccurate and that came from the White House. Who said there’s not a smidgen of corruption?”

“My understanding is that was the president,” the commissioner answered.


The IRS for many years has maintained an edifice of competence. It has been feared to even contemplate an IRS agent coming to demand an audit of a suspected tax evader. The IRS has the power to totally destroy the lives of virtually any individual—and this has made them something to fear—and they maintained that fear through sheer intimidation. Behind that intimidation was the façade of a government bureaucracy that had excellent record keeping. That is still likely the case—but the minimum damage that the IRS has inflicted upon themselves with this scandal is that they have either shown themselves as completely incompetent—where they don’t know a head from a rear end—or they are criminally negligent and corrupt at their highest levels. There is no middle ground that will come out of this scandal.

In the recent history of America the lies which came from politicians have proven to do them in—most notably, when Clinton claimed he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. But George Bush the senior raised taxes after he declared, “read my lips, no new taxes,” and Bush the younger when he declared war with Iraq without there being weapons of mass destruction. Americans don’t forget these things—and what the IRS has been caught doing is far worse than all those collection of lies put together. There is no way to explain the conduct or the manipulation by the IRS—especially regarding the destruction of evidence. They have lost their authority to impose themselves on an American public as a governing authority. If they will lie about silly little things like 501C3 targeting of political rivals—they will lie about anything.

But there is something worse about the IRS than their propensity to lie—it is their arrogant assertion that they are above the law. When the current IRS commissioner declared that he didn’t believe that the IRS had anything to apologize for, he was declaring that essentially the IRS was beyond the law and that his ignorance of the law or behavior of the IRS in general was not his burden so long as he didn’t have knowledge of the offenses. The commissioner actually proposed to Gowdey that his ignorance of the law was testimony to his innocence and the innocence of the IRS in general.

It is unlikely that the IRS will ever recover its reputation. It has been compromised, and forever tarnished—and will never again resume its previous status as infallible—and an authority of utmost integrity. Like the police scam of traffic citation writing, the IRS as been exposed as a politically partisan attack agency designed to confiscate wealth with the law at its back. But that law only works one way—against the American people. When it is supposed to be applied to the IRS, the law is to be manipulated with countless excuses and re-written to serve the needs of the government against the people they are supposed to serve. The IRS is corrupt beyond repair and has proven to be everything but competent—and no matter how much they try to evade their treacherous actions—are now in league with the criminal class of America more reminiscent of the mob. The IRS like the various mafias throughout the world is simply an organized crime syndicate that uses force to steal wealth. It is nothing more than a gang of thugs who don’t even have the courage to project to the world who they are—which are thieves sanctioned by the government to commit piracy against the enemies of progressive enterprise. Instead they tried to play innocent and ignorant of the very laws they were supposed to be masters of—as they clearly destroyed evidence hoping nobody would notice.

The IRS doesn’t belong in our communities enforcing any type of revenue collection—they belong in jail.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


Doc Thompson and Skip LeCombe on The Blaze Radio: ‘Voice of America’–The New “Cincinnati Liar”

A few months ago while planning a 2014 project to work on together, Doc Thompson, Skip LeCombe and I had lunch at a very non pretentious Springboro, Ohio deli—a little hole in the wall that might be considered in future years to be a kind of sacred spot for the fires of independence.  It was a brilliant autumn day, rain bursts mixed with intense sunshine as the leaves were rapidly changing color and Doc was telling me what was in store for The Blaze—not just the online news organization, the television show on The Dish, but the massive ground swell of listenership that had rocketed the new radio format into a stratosphere with intensely loyal listeners.  I myself had become a fan of The Blaze Radio formally being faithfully supportive of my home town radio station WLW.  Prior to that meeting with Doc, The Blaze had taken over as my premier news providing service.  This of course was before Politico announced that Glenn Beck—who is the man behind The Blaze was one of the top 10 journalists to watch in 2014.  The Blaze Radio had become in a very short span of time a kind of rebel radio for those yearning old-fashioned traditional values in broadcasting that they weren’t getting anywhere else.  It was easy for me to see why; as The Blaze is not controlled by the FCC because it’s all internet based broadcasts are beyond the reach of such government control.  The limits to such a thing even two years ago have now been overcome and this new format was making a serious push to become not an ornamental gimmick, but a legitimate force in the media.

During our lunch I reminded Doc of the days not that long ago when Voice of America which had a famous set of three towers just down the road in West Chester, Ohio—right next to 700 WLW’s gigantic tower in Mason, began in 1942 as a radio program designed to explain America’s policies during World War II.  When I was a kid listening to AM radio I’d hear some of those broadcasts in several languages which sounded deeply mysterious and exotic.  For many of the residents of Lakota—the recent come-lately types from the progressive East—the latté sipping Lakota levy supporters—they have no memory of the big towers which have since been taken down and replaced with a gigantic park.  Most of them do not even attempt to check out the museum at the park explaining the past history of the place as they are content to see and be seen by the whose its and what’s it’s of Butler County around the large lake.  VOA piped in music to the Soviet Union during this early period against the communist movement with the simple words, “Hello!  This is New York calling.”  Each night suppressed communist residents would hover around their radios waiting eagerly for the latest music coming out of the United States—especially American jazz which they developed a bottomless appetite for.  Culture had been destroyed by the communists in the U.S.S.R and the only semblance of art and entertainment that the poor people of communist Russia could get was from the VOA.

After the Cold War the towers came down and West Chester built a park to memorialize the place—a very impressive endeavor which will allow the memory of the VOA’s importance to be remembered as long as the park remains.  People have in a very short time forgotten the role the VOA played in spreading freedom throughout the world—and seemingly the book had been closed on the issue.  Meanwhile, the Russians under KGB influence had some of their own mechanisms in place to spread their message of communist propaganda.  They didn’t have the VOA—but they had a collectivist philosophy to broadcast so they infiltrated through a spy network communist advocacy that took hold in the Democratic Party rooted in colleges and all levels of academia which targeted not the older generation of Americans dead set against communism, but the youth of tomorrow—who are today’s grown-ups.  The net result is the bell-bottomed latte sipping prostitutes in favor of high taxes—for the children at Lakota schools–spending the day at VOA Park renting paddle boats and gossiping about their neighbors have more in common with the communists hovering around the radio in 1957 Russia than they do their parents and grandparents who actually built, provided content and advocated freedom to the world with the VOA.  The KGB had infiltrated American education with a collectivist mentality that would eventually shape the modern-day European Union while American influence in Russia would bring down the communist front of a repressive government.  The repressed people in poverty struck Russia thirsting for American jazz on the VOA threatened to rise up against Russian leaders forcing them to compromise reluctantly with capitalism.  The rest is history.

The KGB strategy of turning American youth against their parents and traditional value worked.  In the present day millions upon millions of confused people educated by collectivists for the spread of large central government are attempting to put shackles on human thought—which is colliding violently with the easy access people have to means of freedom, video games, underground news organizations, and internet businesses like Amazon.com and eBay.  The old broadcast mediums like 700 WLW are losing major ground to upstarts like The Blaze just as  ABC, CBS, and NBC television is losing to Fox News, and the new A&E program Duck Dynasty—places where traditional value is re-emerging.  On The Dish and cable outlets all across America The Blaze television is emerging as a serious force to be reckoned with as the old stations heavily encumbered by the FCC are stifled by bureaucrats trained by the KGB through public education to think as non-competitive statists.  My former school teacher father-in-law who lives in Louisville in a half million dollar home which resides in a neighborhood where the average home costs over $1 million keeps The Blaze Television station on constantly—out of all the channels on The Dish.  The Blaze is his primary choice over CNN, Fox News, or even The History Channel.  And he’s not alone; many of his neighbors are doing the same.  Ten years ago this same group of people were tending to their boats on the Ohio River—hobbies only the very well-off could afford.  Now they are cleaning their AR-15s and daring the government to come after their money and flying Tea Party type flags from their garages.  And what does anybody think these people listen to in their cars on satellite radio?  Of course, Doc and Skip on The Blaze Radio Network.  Companies encumbered as such like 700 WLW are slowly dying as companies not held to such restrictions are thriving.  The Blaze is one of those examples of a thriving endeavor.

As Doc and I spoke I went on one of my hour-long dissertations about the history of the world, the vile reaches of limited educational perspective and just how important The Blaze was proving to be in all of it.  I reminded Doc and Skip that what they were doing with the radio show set up from hotel rooms and small bungalows all across the nation—set up in airport lobbies, marathon broadcasts from Oklahoma, and constant travel to Dallas, New York, and Dayton was more powerful than the original VOE stations.  They had more power in their computers, microphones and portable devices than those gigantic towers in West Chester used to have.  In this day and age the iPads the iPhones, Twitter, online streaming have far more ability to reach people than at any time in the entire history of the world.  On a daily basis I am in constant communication with important people all over the globe.  I actually use the clock feature on my iPad so I know what time it is where people I’m talking to are at—so to plan my messages to them around their sleep schedule.  I check their local times regularly so not to be disrespectful.   Those messages are real-time conversations communicated with the tap of a virtual keyboard which in itself is an amazing achievement.

On my iPad, The Blaze is always on in the background.  The iPad has become my new radio.  I just leave it on, and because of modern technology I can do that.  I can listen to The Blaze unbroken from Florida to my home in Ohio without ever being concerned about losing a signal.  If I stop for lunch at a Steak & Shake outside of Knoxville, Tennessee I can take my iPad in and listen to Doc and Skip at 3 AM in the morning—that is the kind of world we are living in.   With the app features being as convenient as they are this means pure competition is dominating the new broadcasting market.  This is bad news for old stations like 700 WLW in Cincinnati who used to dominate because of their gigantic tower which dwarfed the old VOA towers.  However, on a drive from Central Tennessee to Cincinnati the station is reliant on the AM signal and cuts out in the deep valleys of lower Kentucky.  Internet streaming radio on an iPhone or other satellite service through iHeart Radio or Pandora does not miss a beat.  If I wanted to listen to Doc and Skip on The Blaze in the middle of the Cumberland Gap next to a roaring campfire outside of my tent—I can.  I can listen to The Blaze at an airport in Chicago as I wait for a flight or on a transfer flight across the Pacific at LAX.  I can pick up Doc and Skip in Tokyo, Hong Kong, or on a long flight from Singapore to Paris.  It is no problem in this day and age—no problem at all.

When Tampa Bay—my favorite football team is the Buccaneers—fired their head coach Greg Schiano, I listened intently around the clock to 620 WDAE in Tampa to get the inside of what was going on with one of my favorite cities and the coaching prospects coming in the wake.  Without question some people still listen to 700 WLW and their online streaming to keep up with the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds while they travel for business around the globe.  But what endures is content that the listener values—not values shaped by the FCC—and going head to head against stations like 700 WLW, The Blaze is dominating.  In 2014, it looks like The Blaze Radio will expand even more.  Conventional stations like AM broadcasts in Los Angeles are now syndicating Doc and Skip the traditional way in an attempt to stay relevant.  That is the power of The Blaze Radio which the engineers of the Voice of America would have marveled at only half a century ago.

So it’s an exciting new time, and good things are happening in 2014.  There are a lot of bad things too, but for the first time in human history, those bad things can be discussed clearly, aggressively, and resolutely on The Blaze without distance, government regulation, or international boarders stopping the conversation.  I can listen to Doc and Skip on The Blaze as clearly from a private table in the corner of the Restaurant Bar la Madonna at La Isla Shopping Village in Cancun, as I can from along the river at The Anchorage in Milwaukee over fine wine, and seafood flown in daily from all three coasts.  That freedom new to the human race—has never occurred before—and Glenn Beck is on the cutting edge of it.  As I’ve said before, Glenn Beck has the opportunity to be the new Walt Disney.  He will continue to provide political commentary and news content—but it’s what he’s otherwise working on that will take him in the coming years from something of a fallen star at Fox News and CNN—intentionally sidelined as a way to appease the dark forces afoot in statism—and take him to well beyond where Duck Dynasty currently is.  This will occur because when competition goes head to head with various ideals, the good ones that have always been supported finally have the ability to fight it out under a free market system for the first time.  And that—is why Glenn Beck’s The Blaze is something to watch out for.  It is growing by the day and Doc and Skip are at the front of that wave.  I’m happy to know them both—because this is an exciting time—a time that nobody has ever experienced before—and it’s happening right now.

To see why Doc Thompson is the new “Cincinnati Liar,” watch the video above about the history of the VOA in Cincinnati.  Doc went from an employee of 700 WLW to a star on The Blaze, and the rest is history.  Hitler did not like Cincinnati–and neither did Stalin.  People who think like Hitler and Stalin in the present and future will not like Doc for the same reasons–but they can’t stop it now.

Rich Hoffman



The Iron Men Doc Thompson and Skip Lacombe: Raising $1.5 million for Oklahoma tornado victims after a marathon 24 hour radio broadcast

On Thursday morning, May 23, 2013 The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson and producer Skip Lacombe broadcasted for 24 straight hours to raise money for Mercury One’s Midwest Tornado Relief Fund with support from The Blaze Radio Network‘s Glenn Beck, Jay Severin, Buck Sexton, Pat & Stu and other special guests such as yours truly.  The broadcast began at 6AM Thursday morning and ran through 9 AM Friday Eastern time 5/24 from Oklahoma.  The time over that 27 hour period that Doc and Skip were not on the air was during Glenn Beck’s regular 9 AM to 12 PM broadcast.  The marathon broadcast was quite an achievement as Doc and Skip spoke straight for the entire time with a performance that far exceeded Rand Paul’s recent filibuster in the Senate and successfully helped generate over $1.5 million dollars for victims of the Oklahoma tragedy.  It was halfway through this marathon that I came on with Doc to talk about the IRS situation surrounding Lois Lerner and how much mutual affection we had for one another.

I have worked long periods of time that also exceeded 24 hour intervals, so I have an appreciation for what Doc and Skip achieved.  Since Doc joined The Blaze, I leave their streaming audio on just about everywhere I go.  With phone apps being what they are these days and computers being so mobile The Blaze Radio can be heard anywhere through streaming audio, so I never have to worry about signal strength that was so typical of AM radio.  I can now travel anywhere in the country never having a break in a broadcast, and that is the single best reason for using The Blaze as my new primary news source.  But I wasn’t willing to give it a chance until my good friend Doc joined The Blaze.  Now that he has, I am hooked.

I left Doc and Skip’s broadcast on for the entire period and was surprised to hear them displaying the same enthusiasm at 4 AM as they did at 6 PM the previous day.  Before the 27 hour marathon performance, Doc and Skip had done remote broadcasts from Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia, in the same week which demonstrated the strength of The Blaze’s Radio program to pick up from one location and successfully set up a remote in another location so quickly.  The innovation that was being used at The Blaze means that Doc and Skip due to their iron man-like endurance no longer have to be constrained by cumbersome equipment as other radio stations are limited to.  The phone screener no longer has to be in a booth in the next room communicating to the radio host through a glass window.  Modern equipment efficiency allows part of an operation like The Blaze to function out of New York City, Dallas, Texas, and then the road team represented by Doc and Skip communicated over computer networks through headsets in real-time.  This means that ambitious projects like the Oklahoma fundraiser on the heels of an already extensive road trip are possible because Skip can pack up their radio studio and put it in their car easily to set up in the next town quickly.  The Blaze has been one of the first, and best of their kind, who have a large news organization that is so mobile, and is free of FCC regulation.  That makes them very unique.

After Doc left the air to catch up on some much-needed sleep, The Blaze Radio Network switched over to Glenn Beck who was broadcasting from The American Dream Labs in Salt Lake City and immediately stepped into coverage of the London terrorist incident where a young soldier was beheaded by a radical extremists in the city streets.  The Blaze is a creation of Glenn Beck built by the money he earned off his popularity gained at CNN and Fox News.  Instead of becoming a pompous ideologue, like so many do who have even a fraction of Beck’s talent, he took his money and did great things with it as an entrepreneur.  It is because of Beck’s commitment to The Blaze that it is such a dynamic radio program and had the ability to send Doc and Skip on the road to Oklahoma to raise money for the victims there so efficiently, and effectively.

As I’ve said, more than once I have worked 24 hours or more, and I know how tired Doc and Skip had to have been.  But add to that the need to talk for such a long period of time without the assistance of visual aids, or even music to fill the time.  The entire show had to be filled with Doc and Skip’s voices and that is difficult, because to do so, there has to be enough thought in the mind to articulate words in a voice.  As a fairly frequent guest on talk radio, and occasional public speaker, I can talk for hours without notes—but this is due to the many books and information I put into my head with a daily education that I work hard to maintain.  So I can appreciate the sheer volume of thought it takes to generate 24 hours of straight talking with only breaks at the top and bottom of each hour for the news.  Doc’s performance with Skip was a Marconi Award winning endeavor in my opinion.  No other radio host in the country could come close to what Doc pulled off.  Doc and Skip’s unique brand of news radio and commentary is laced with comedy that is the conservative equivalent to Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, it was funny stuff at 6 AM Thursday, and it was still funny 27 hours later at 9 AM Friday.

Doc didn’t just get to such a level over night.  When he was in Cincinnati Doc did 6 hours of radio every single day.  He did three hours at 700 WLW then 3 hours in Richmond, Virginia at 1140 WRVA for well over a year.  I used to think that was a lot of radio for a voice to perform, but Doc blew that trend out of the water with his marathon Oklahoma performance.

Doc’s iron man tenacity in radio was reflected in his broadcast, and ultimately, it is that type of on-air personality that makes The Blaze a much better news organization than is offered any place else.  The Blaze hires and recruits out-side-the-box types of employees like Doc and Skip, and the results are overwhelmingly obvious.  The Doc Thompson Show on The Blaze demonstrates a passion for the material that is simply unheard of anywhere else.  It was a pleasure to listen to Doc and Skip on the radio for more than 24 hours.  I came away from that broadcast wishing that every day could be so wonderful as to hear the Doc Thompson Show on the radio with fresh content every hour of the day for the entire duration.  I feel fortunate to have witnessed it, and even participated in a small way—to be a part of that magnificent history.  Doc’s broadcast was a shining example of how individuals come together in a crisis without government coaxing, to do good things for good people with all the ingenuity and tenacity that is typical of the American spirit.  All those elements were present on The Blaze Radio Network’s 24 hour fund-raising efforts in Oklahoma during a tragedy that brought good will to millions upon millions of listeners who were joined to a great cause by the voice of Doc Thompson and his producer and sidekick, Skip Lacombe.

Nice job guys!

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”