The Stupidity of Xi Jinping: China thinks A.I. is the future, but what they will learn is far from it

I personally think that China’s Xi Jinping is an idiot. If you haven’t yet noticed, all the bad guys in the world are trying to scare us all into behavioral change. They have picked China as their vehicle of intimidation. But they are taking advantage too of China’s desire to overcome their embarrassment from the Opium Wars a few centuries ago and to restore their dignity as the most powerful country on earth by 2050. At this year’s Davos meeting with the World Economic Forum, where the gang of Klaus and Larry Fink pulled on the strings of their political pets around the world, they put Xi Jinping on center stage to set up the narrative. Didn’t you wonder, dear reader, why Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden recently talked about how ruthless China could be, as if we were supposed to be scared of them, like some playground bully? Wasn’t that a strange position for what is supposed to be the most powerful country on earth?

Remember, don’t listen to what people say; pay attention to what they do. Some people in the world can be controlled by money. If you fill up their bank account, they will do what you tell them to for the rest of their lives. That is certainly the case with Mitch McConnel and most of the current American senate. Once they take the money, they lose objectivity toward all sense of law and order. China is willing to give away endless amounts of money to buy up what they call “elite capture” in America to fulfill their goals of global domination by the middle of this current century. They believe that if they buy up all our elected offices, or at least enough to destroy our election system, then they can become that next power, and Klaus and the gang have let them think that. They have also sold Xi as some kind of genius because the World Economic Forum wants to stabilize the world toward their investments and use Chinese communism as that stabilizing force. BlackRock is the first money management firm allowed in China, so the effort of building a middle-class there around 1.4. billion people can occur under carefully managed scrutiny. 

Yet Xi has become inflated with himself, and he has all the American tech giants eating out of his hand because they think of him as some kind of communist “chosen one.” Reading about how sold out Silicone Valley is to China in Peter Schweizer’s fantastic new book Red Handed is pathetic. It certainly paints people like Tim Cook from Apple as small-minded losers who just got lucky in their fields of endeavor. When Tim Cook had a chance to meet Xi at a Microsoft meeting, he remarked, “Did you feel the room shake?” All the big tech malcontents were there at that meeting worshipping the communism of China, so it’s certainly time for all of us to stop thinking of anybody from Silicone Valley as being smart. We should scrutinize all their products and assume everything we do online or through a computer is going directly to China, and ultimately, the Party of Davos. They are their financiers and manipulators behind the scenes. These losers want us to think of Xi as they do, which could run the world as the ultimate parent. If we step out of line, we’ll be spanked. If we do what they tell us to, they will love us and care for us, and for the Silicone Valley types, who all appear to have daddy issues, a strong central parental figure leading communism is attractive. So we should be skeptical of everything they do, including using Microsoft Teams. China has its hands in everything done by American tech executives. 

And with that knowledge, we should laugh at how these same people have put Xi on a pedestal and inflated his ego to the point where he thinks he’s some kind of mystic. Xi is saying to everyone that A.I. is the wave of the future. Whoever controls A.I. will control the world. And from what I can tell, many people believe that A.I. will take over the world and that China will be the first to harness this weapon like it will be tomorrow’s nuclear bomb, the significant threat that will put the world under the thumb of those wishing to control it. People like Xi.  Xi doesn’t care about money. What he does care about is power, and he thinks A.I. will give him that power and launch China into a reign of respect and terror for centuries once they all put an end to the “western experiment.” Clearly, there are a lot of Americans like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many other billionaires who are signed on to this Chinese communism and are acting as traitors now to our country. But never fret. Their strategy is laughable, and, in the end, they will find themselves grossly embarrassed. For all time and history, remember what I say today, that A.I. will ultimately be too stupid to take over the world. Humans will remain at the top of the food chain for the simple reason that human intelligence has many other factors besides raw brainpower calculations. All the A.I. that is being built now lacks that basic intellect that is still a mystery to those studying the brain. I think A.I. will be a valuable tool in a time when we will need much more labor for a growing economy. But it will not be all-powerful and invincible. Human imagination will prove to be the most essential ingredient and will remain that way for many centuries to come.

But never underestimate intent, what China intends to do. What the Party of Davos plans and who they control. Watch what they do, not what they say. They intend to use artificial intelligence to rule the world and all of us in it. Xi is too power-hungry to see the situation clearly. He has bought the bolstering thrown in his direction by that Party of Davos. Money isn’t the only way to inflate ego, and thus to drive someone to do something they might not otherwise do, so they can get it. Praise can be just as powerful as finance. They desperately want to be relevant in China, which is why they are opening their doors to Larry Fink, who sits on the board of the World Economic Forum. But in the end, Xi will learn all too late that he was just a pawn for a larger purpose. He’s playing his part. They will push A.I. but will discover that with all their captured data, the result will create an average intelligence at best, the average of all the people of the world they have collected information on. And that great average will still be short of the exceptional humans who live and thrive in the world and essentially make everything happen. The significant flaw will be the same as the outstanding flaw of communism, that the collective is better than the individual. The hard lesson that A.I. will learn is that it’s the other way around, and technology will still find itself inferior to the best that the human race produces with imagination and ingenuity. And Chairman Xi will see that all his hopes for a restoration of China’s power upon the world and the respect he thinks will come with it will just be another pawn in the great game of chess that has been going on for a long time. He thought he was the king, but he was only just a rook at best. And A.I. never was going to be able to put the crown on his head.

Rich Hoffman

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Don’t Forget to Watch, ‘Don’t Look Up’: In it, Hollywood shows why they are terrified of you

Watch ‘Don’t Look Up’

It was about a year ago when I sat down on my Rumble account and read off to the audience the 45 Planks of communist goals from the excellent book The Naked Communist. Many people at that time and for decades before were confused about the nature of our government and what they were really up to, going all the way back to the Department of Education during the Reagan years. I’ve been talking about these things for years, there was a time when I was a frequent contributor on radio stations and television, but like many of the modern Fox News personalities who now find themselves on alternative networks, like Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, and One America News, I was one of the first to be shadowbanned and ostracized because I saw too much and knew the truth long before anybody was really ready to admit to it. I even did some work in Hollywood during those years and quickly learned that my Cincinnati politics was not something any of them were willing to deal with. They all thought that if they controlled all those planks of communism listed in that book from 1957 as global objectives, they truly would rule the world. And in many ways, what I have been warning them out of kindness is coming true now that we are in 2022 and the midterms are coming up. I even noticed it while watching the U.C. v Alabama Cotton Bowl game on New Year’s Eve; the world that all these corporate types who took over our branches of government thought they were going to get is far from where real Americans are. Even though communists have taken over so many of our American institutions, they have not convinced Americans to accept communism. That was most notably obvious in the new Netflix film with some real powerhouse actors, Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up is something worth watching if you have a Netflix account. Anymore, I tend not to like Netflix. It’s primarily progressive material that does not represent what I’m interested in watching.   But I keep it so I can see what the other side is always thinking about, and Don’t Look Up is an obvious mirror to Hollywood and their obvious frustration that the 45 Planks of communism from The Naked Communist have not worked out the way they thought they would. The continued failure, which I have observed up close and personal among these media cultures, is the belief that culture is formed through art, not that art reflects life. When art is produced, for instance, out of the political or business realm, it is never effective. But when art comes from the realm of myth, well, then you can have life-changing circumstances that occur. Progressivism, socialism, communism are all products of the realm of politics. The MAGA movement and now the America First Policy Institute approach come from the realm of mythology, the core of American belief. There isn’t anything that any political class, business glass, or subcultural bubble can do to stop it. They don’t understand it, they have no desire to understand it, and their only reaction to these mysterious forces is to shut out people who challenge them, so they don’t have to face the music of their dismal failures.  

That is essentially what Don’t Look Up is, with its powerful all-star cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and many others is a mirror to Hollywood culture and its failure to wake people up to what they consider the impending doom of a Trump America. Meryl Streep essentially plays the President of the United States as Trump was but as a female version. It was almost a Saturday Night Live kind of hatred for Trump and his supporters that was an obvious mystery to Hollywood culture in general. In the movie, a giant planet-killing comet is headed for earth, and two astronomers work hard to let everyone know about it before the earth ends. They go to the President and get no significant reaction. So they hit the media culture and find that nobody in the world wants to hear about a comet that will end life on earth as the extinction event nears. The movie is essentially Hollywood perplexed about Trump voters and a culture that produced Trump as a candidate. Their blatant hatred of that culture seeps into every frame of the movie. I was perplexed why a major Hollywood project like this film, which was well funded and well-directed by Adam McKay, was going straight to Netflix. The reason was timing. Hollywood still believes that they could defend the Biden administration and the Climate Change objectives of the United Nations if they can get this message to Americans before it’s too late. For the director, and the actors involved, Don’t Look Up was a satire on reality, kind of like a modern version of Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. But to the Netflix executives and the producers of Don’t Look Up, they have political hopes that they can rock the world with their silly little movie and change the nature of human beings in general. 

I say that last part out of personal experience, in talking with these types of people where they live and eat. I know what books they have read, what they learned in college, and how they speak at their parties. It’s communism that they have wanted because they are insecure by nature.   They lack identity, so they are actors because they need other people to give them identity. I thought all the actors in Don’t Look Up were fantastic in their roles. After the first act, I thought the movie was very well directed. The last part of the film went off the rails too much, almost like a desperate basketball team down 11 points with 1 minute to play and trying to full-court press and foul their opponent hoping to catch up while there was still time. But I was OK with it because essentially, the haters of America were showing their hearts in this movie. It was extremely revealing in just how scared they are of the rest of us, the majority of America who has not been seduced by communism even after all they have thrown at us. In so many ways, Don’t Look Up was an admission of failure and a desperate plea for another chance to convince us that communism is the way to go. People who wanted Trump and still want him as President are just stupid and can’t see the science of climate change, Covid, or the need for a global communist community run by China. Don’t Look Up pretty much says that very thing when the characters are frustrated over nobody in the world wanting to listen to them about the impending comet even when they could look up in the sky and see it for themselves. The entire movie was written and produced from that famous Santa Monica, California view of the world, a phony caricature of progressivism that has looted off the hard work of those who founded the area and are now inhabited by spoiled brats who have the philosophic grounding of a sliced potato in a garden of weeds. I would highly recommend the movie not for the reasons they want you to see it, but for all the reasons they don’t because it shows the cards of the political left going into 2022 and shows just how scared they are of the upcoming elections. And that is a wonderful thing to watch.

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci and the Lost Giants of Ohio: Government science is not real science–its cover-up

Giants of Ohio

Yeah, we’ve seen this trick pony do its one-act before.  That is precisely what Dr. Fauci meant when he said that “he represented science” on Face the Nation.  Science is not the allocation of government money to distribute to various researchers so that they’ll say what you want them to.  For instance, several glaciers are retreating in the Grand Tetons, which I recently returned from. Because it’s such a popular area, it gets people’s attention with short attention spans.  The scientific evidence shows that the advancement of glaciers and their retreat is a continuous cycle over thousands of years.  Glaciers were retreating before there were people to cause the action.  When state science gets involved in giving people money to say that glaciers retreating have been caused by man-made climate change to fulfill a communist political agenda, that is not science.  Like hydroxychloroquine from people trying to manage Covid, a government-made virus in a Chinese lab intended to drive the Great Reset of the United Nations, hiding therapeutics is not science.  Gathering evidence and learning what that evidence means is what science is, and the definitions over time can change with future discoveries. What’s true today may not be true tomorrow with more evidence.  But governments want to use science to gain control, which was one of the main topics in the great American novel Atlas Shrugged.  What Dr. Fauci is talking about regarding science is the State Science Institute in that book, and that is what we see in our governments.  Hijacked science manipulated to fulfill a political agenda.  Today it’s Covid-19, yesterday it was the exploitation of Indians by suppressing information about the real indigenous people of America, the Giants of Ohio.

Now for evidence of what I’m about to tell you, you can visit the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia to see the 7′, 6″ skeleton of a giant of the mound-building era.  That particular skeleton was purchased from Northern Kentucky and is on display to avoid controversy; they use it to explain the effects of pituitary gigantism.  It just so happens that I first learned about a giant race of prominent people in North America while I attended the Mothman Festival in West Virginia several years ago.  One of my most popular articles out of all the many thousands that I have written was my Giants of Ohio article that still gets a lot of attention.  Since I wrote that article around 2010, many other people have joined the questioning process of science with further evidence.  The skeleton in Philadelphia is just one.  As it turns out, before the progressive era of state science came along to develop a narrative they wanted to use to argue the creation of America in the first place, the science of discovery was finding these giant bones all over America and the world.  There were plenty of hunters and gathers running around during the Archaic period that fills our books on archaeology today.  But there were massive empires of these very advanced people who were also very large that would have filled that book of Genisis in those early chapters, perhaps the Book of Enoch, for instance.  There is a lot of information from that period that did not make it into the early Roman versions of the Bible.  Yet, the bones were discovered and kept in private and public collections in abundance.  Yet, the study into those people has been turned off from academic circles just as hydroxychloroquine has been discouraged through modern censors because, for governments, it’s about an exploitation narrative that justifies their change state.  And for all others involved, it’s about money.  If you want government money to study these giants, you won’t get it.  If you want money to learn the mating rituals of a lizard, you could get that money if you could show that they were going extinct due to housing developments.  But you would not get money to excavate an Ohio mound to discover more about these giant people who predated the Indians in North America.

So it was on a map of the paranormal that I bought at that Mothman Festival, I first learned about giant sitings in Ohio specifically.  And there were many in Northern Kentucky where that one from the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia came from.  They call them on that map the Augusta Giants.  There was another collection up by Cleveland.  Since that map was published, we have found through private investigations many more.  It used to be so well known that President Abraham Lincoln talked about them at Niagara Falls when people could still speak freely about their observations on reality.  It’s been something I’ve been interested in for much of my life.

Still, people thought it was a kooky thing to think about because the science funded by academics associated with a liberalized government made sure that new evidence of our ancient past stayed concealed so that a new order of government-driven takeovers could occur unchallenged.  Modern progressives intend to erase America from history using slavery and the ruin of what they call “Native Americans” as the public narrative.  To learn that the Native Americans were just another failed society of the Vico Cycle does not help their cause, but it looks to be the case.  When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, the Vikings had already been to North America.  It seems like the culture that built Stonehenge had as well, and many of these giant people came explicitly from them.  It also looks like Egypt and Phonecia came to America before there was a Roman Empire to mine copper.  The Chinese were coming in their giant ships that sailed the world to show their intent for global domination.  Some things never change.  When we thought natives lived in harmony with nature rubbing sticks together to make fire, there was a complex society obsessed with astronomy. They existed coast to coast before even the Mayas of the Yucatan came on the scene.  America was just another attempt at civilization as others had tried and failed in history, leaving behind what we call the Indians of today, failed cultures barely getting by, not thriving in harmony with nature as state-funded science would have us all believe.

Governments want people like Dr. Fauci to rewrite history; I’ve been screaming about it for years at the top of my lungs.  If not for the Trump presidency, where all these deep state types have had to come out of the shadows to conceal their work, we might never have seen some of this.  Even the book I showed that I was reading from some of the most recent investigations into this matter by Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira in their excellent book, Giants on Record, is just scratching the surface of what is known.  Science is all about discovering evidence then figuring out what that evidence means.  As you get new evidence, you get new meanings, so to get to the truth of a matter, you always have to gather evidence and take it to where the truth is.  Government science contains the fact that the funded science can justify the state’s power distribution.  That is precisely what’s going on with Covid-19.

Treatments have been concealed so that the virus can advance and change the nature of society with the government in charge of the result.  The evidence of these giant bones changes what we think about indigenous people and the politics that has been exploited with the concept of the American Indian.  The modern governments of the progressive era want to erase America in favor of a new global government run by the United Nations.  Convincing people to give up their country to new bosses in the United Nations is easier if they feel guilty about the slavery that Europe and the Democrats had brought to the south.  Or in the eradication of the Indian through Westward Expansion.  So it is for that reason, the new evidence of these Giants of North America and the world really is concealed.  It’s not science that we are discussing regarding government interference in the evidence that would obviously change what we know and how we know it.  It’s called a conspiracy, and that is what the science of Dr. Fauci is in all its glory.  And for proof, just as you can visit the Mutter Museum in Philly to see one of these giants, the evidence of this cover-up scandal is with Dr. Fauci every time he goes on television to say one thing when the reality is something completely different, based on the evidence. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why Climate Change is a Complete Hoax: The escape room of planet earth

Climate Change is a Hoax

One of the biggest scams in the world currently is the ridiculous notions of climate change that communist lefties are perpetually talking about.  It is the exact voodoo government science that we get from Covid virus talk.  They are trying to tell us that there are Delta, Beta, and Alpha variants that could kill us at any moment, all in an attempt to keep us under the control of fear for their political maneuvering.  Climate change is much worse because they don’t have anything tangible to point to and say that it’s real, such as they did with Covid by pointing to a few sick people and declaring the suspension of all global constitutions to have a political coup where health directors became the new dictators.  Yet in our modern-day with all the science at our disposal, the Biden administration has identified climate change as the priority of our military, of our pentagon resources. It has set targets of achievement that will strangle our economy, chasing after a specter of zero emissions and 100% pure Sierra Club emotion rooted in sentiment, not facts.  For the facts on the matter, I would point any curious mind to Dinosaur National Monument, a perfect destination in Utah and Colorado to see natural science at work at the Morrison excavation site where dinosaur bones are falling out of the rocks from 150 million years ago.

The first answer to the question on climate change can be seen in those rock layers, which at that particular place in America is a very pronounced layer of ancient soil that used to be a winding river that fed an ancient inland sea.  All this was at sea level back then. Still, over time the earth would buckle and wrinkle due to the movement of plate tectonics and, even more dramatically, the same caldera forces that push Yellowstone many miles to the north into essentially a giant pimple on the face of the earth from immense volcanic pressure underneath.  The last major eruption of the Yellowstone caldera was around 600,000 years ago. Compared to the many millions of years that the dinosaur bones were being fossilized in their present locations in the Morrison excavation site, Yellowstone and the forces under the earth had erupted several more times in that duration.  Eventually, those eruptions (and other forces) pushed up the ground that used to be at sea level to where those rock layers from that ancient river bed to well over 6000 feet today.  That is a lot of rock movement and force shaping the earth over a very long time measured in human years.  Not long in geologic time, but for the lifespans of human beings, it all in the blink of an eye. 

They have a wonderful exhibit at Dinosaur National Monument on the Utah side of the park that is just fantastic; they have a quarry discovered in that particular rock layer that has over 1,600 dinosaur bones from that ancient river.  There is a safe assumption that under that current quarry that is now sealed off from the weather with a nice air conditioned building to allow study and visitors to see all this for themselves, many more bones can be found.  The story becomes apparent when you go outside and take a fossil hike through the desert to see literally that more bones directly fall out of the erosion of the surrounding peaks.  I read about all this before visiting Dinosaur National Monument with my family. Still, even I was taken aback by looking at all the various rock layers on display at the peaks of these mountains that were revealed through erosion bit by bit.  Talk about climate change driven by geologic change; it had been going on for a long time, well before there were ever human beings that we know about.  To be so high up in elevation relative to sea level and to see such a vast fossil record stuck in those places, where what is now high up in the earth’s crust used to be at the very bottom, which is how the fossilization occurred in the first place, is to see the truth about global warming.  It’s not a new fad that politicians have just seized upon to drive communism into the cultures of social organization.  Global warming has nothing to do with human beings at all, only that the evidence of millions of years of dinosaur occupation of the earth shows that they were painted with extinction early on and left to die and rot in those rock layers.  Humans have approximately 30,000 years or so to get their act together and get off the earth before the same thing essentially happens to them.  Space is the only way to survive. Otherwise, history would repeat itself, and another 100 million years from now, some lifeform may contemplate us in the same way.  Only what luckily is fossilized under near-perfect conditions of mineral-rich soil preserving everything we have ever done about anything.

Looking for Dinosaur Bones

We also visited Yellowstone, and it was a little unsettling for me to know the truth about what was under our feet.  Yellowstone isn’t just a pretty place; it’s a massive supervolcano that, when it erupts, will turn the soil like a plow everything for hundreds of miles in radius around the park.   It was a reminder that climate change happens on earth and is driven from it through cosmic forces both throughout the solar system, the galaxy beyond, and the universe in general.  Likely even a multiverse plays its part in the movement of forces that tug and pull on the earth that constantly change its surface.  Therefore, climate change activists are some of the dumbest people ever to cast an opinion because they look at the world today and assume that it should stay that way for all eternity, which is entirely unrealistic.  All the preservation attempts made to “save the earth” are futile because humans thinking in the way of climate change activists are just too small-minded to get their minds around the truth.  The earth is almost daring humans to escape its surface before the next great extinction event, which is poised to happen at Yellowstone at any moment.  It’s due for its next eruption, and when it does occur, life on earth will change dramatically. Not for the first time, but as the dinosaurs learned, for a terminal limit on the current life crawling around the surface. It’s not about saving the earth from humans; it’s all about humans leaving the earth before the planet kills everyone.  That is the game at play. 

Dinosaur National Monument

The earth and its violent forces will continue to live and do what it does until the sun eventually expands and consumes the entire planet a few billion years from now.  Many life forms will rise and fall on the earth in that time frame, and what are now oceans will be tomorrow’s mountain peaks.  Nothing will stay the same as it is now.  If all civilizations were to climb into a tent and live a zero-emission life to save the planet from carbons that plantlife consumes anyway, imminent destruction for all life will still threaten all of us.  The game is not preservation, but to look at our term on earth like an escape room.  We have a time limit, and it’s not infinite.  We make our scientific discoveries and hope to invent a way to escape earth as a species before the earth does us in.  All those beautiful mountains we see and coastal areas where we build our condos are all in a state of flex.  Tomorrow they will be gone whether or not humans live or not.  And that is the nature of climate change.  The fact that there is change is irrefutable.  But the cause of that change is not political or controlled by humans.  It’s essentially a geologic escape room that is watching us with a smile on its face, and we are running out of time to get out.  Because the next extinction event is right around the corner. And most people don’t see it because they don’t look at the big picture of how things connect; they only stay in their tiny realms of professional understanding.  They never connect the dots allowing looting politicians to fill the void of knowledge with speculation and power grabs.   

Rich Hoffman

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The Mysterious Middletown Mound: What the Giants of Ohio have in common with election fraud

Not to just spawn off conspiracy theories, I took a moment to go to a site that honestly pisses me off to no end, the Middletown Mound near my home, literally just a few minutes north above the Great Miami River to show a site where I will bet everything that there are the bones of giants within the contents of the mound shown in the video above.   I say that because it is well known now that it’s twin, the Miamisburg Mound just a few miles upriver from the Middletown Mound has known large skulls found within it and full skeletons of people 8’6” in height.  The people who excavated the mound were so terrified of the contents that they have not returned to excavate the mound since 1869.  Its not as if people didn’t know about the mounds or the giants, but the government came along and built the Monsanto Nuclear site right on top of this ancient complex, which dated to 200 B.C. to 1000 B.C.  All this was chronicled in a little booklet called The Brief Historical Background of Miamisburg Mound that cost $3 and was passed out at the May 1975 Explosive Safety Engineering Conference conducted on site by the Monsanto Research Corporation.  Copies of that little booklet are still floating around among the local residents.  Of course, the Monsanto site of Mound Laboratories is tied to Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and all the Hanger 18 mysteries that involved alien retro engineering and the nuclear war program in general, right there on the site of a city of ancient people who were 7 to 8 feet tall—people who would make Shaquille O’Neal look like a little fellow. 

The point of the matter is that there is still excavations that could be done at Miamisburg that would prove the point that I’m making.  And its twin, the Middletown Mound as you can see in the video is just sitting their untouched for all this time, except for some obvious looting that took place many years ago that likely has giant skulls stuck in some private collection because nobody wants to get busted by the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act.  Which was the point in my video, modern politics has decided that Native Americans as identified by the traditional Indians of cowboy movies should be exploited as an argument against the creation of America.  That’s why I addressed that issue quickly in my book, because to understand the real story of America and ironically the history of the world, you have to redefine what a Native American is.  Obviously, we aren’t talking about cultures that existed in a vacuum in 1750 A.D. or 500 A.D.  These mounds look to have been built a thousand years before Christ, before even the Greeks were doing anything about considering philosophy as an educational opportunity. 

Because of the politics of Indian exploitation by modern politics, we are avoiding a real truth to our ancient past that likely would be very valuable to understand, which is why it makes me pretty damn angry to think about.  As I pointed out, the evidence is right there in front of our faces, and there has been so much of that evidence already destroyed.  And people in the know understand, which is why there is no desire to do any kind of real excavations and to discover what kind of giant bones are in those mounds in a modern sense so that we can properly study them and move this topic beyond speculation and into the realm of science fact.  I would suggest that we have enough reports to ask the questions and to draw some basic conclusions which is what I do.  But to get into the place where we actually can write new history books and make new laws based on new understanding is something we should be eager to do as a society, but clearly are not.  The goal of modern politics is to exploit races of people based on an assumed history that evidence is showing rapidly was not correct and needs updated interpretations on what a Native American was or should be. 

For instance, there is so much evidence that there was a massive culture of these giants roaming around the Ohio River Valley that we could have that debate now based on the limited information we do have.  Even the very popular Serpent Mound has reports of 7 foot skeltons there, so this isn’t some regional anomaly involving the Great Miami River.  These giant bone findings are everywhere reported.  That leads to the question as to why aren’t they in museums? Well, the answer to that is the same as why nobody will admit to election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  The cost of that admission is greater than the management of our present society can afford to accept.  To admit that there were advanced cultures in North America well before what we would call Indians is to deal with a larger problem the world has seen since its inception, that of the Vico Cycle, of cultures that rise and fall constantly and the reasons for those failures pointing to the kind of problems we see in modern politics.  Obviously, any culture wants to believe they have the answer that nobody has previously had before, so to maintain that illusion to themselves, they chose to either destroy prior evidence to the contrary, or to ignore it even when its in front of their faces.  Which is the case of the Middletown Mound shown in the video above.  The evidence is being selected to be ignored, because modern politics does not want to surrender their ability to exploit Indians for their progressive causes, in this case to argue that the United States should have never been created, and should be disassembled and rebuilt as some global woke culture under a communist government.  Thus, the Giants of Ohio remain a mystery still, but not because there isn’t evidence, but because of political sentiment desires to pretend that they have all the answers and that they aren’t just another failure on the great wheel of the Vico Cycle and the continued failures of every culture that chooses to ignore those hard lessons of birth and creation. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America: A masterpiece by Fritz Zimmerman

IMG_4354It was a rare treat to come home for the weekend on a Friday and to have a stack of really good books to read on a subject where I had a lot to learn.  My oldest daughter and I had been talking about this problem recently while dining at a very nice restaurant in London—that books were getting harder to read for me as I get older because most of them seem so trite and unimaginative.  I blame the publishing industry on that problem as they continue to put out the same contorted material to fit neatly into the turbulent social conditions of our day—instead of pushing against those limits to actually expand human culture.  But I did manage to find some great books in the literary capital of the world which for me was like a drink of water after walking in the desert for three days.  But the biggest jolt came while I was at the Stonehenge site off to the west of London.  It wasn’t just the stone monuments that had my mind racing—it was the entire area and the way that the English Heritage group had built the new welcome center—which removed the tourists from Stonehenge and put them a mile away giving visitors an excellent overview of the entire countryside.  And to me that countryside felt remarkably like my home in Ohio—so much so that as soon as I returned home I bought three books that I had been thinking about for quite a while—yet didn’t really have the time to give to them.

After my trip to Stonehenge, my mind was racing and I needed more information to connect all the jagged evidence I had been collecting intellectually for more than 40 years.  So I bought the books I wanted from Fritz Zimmerman and they arrived on a Friday and by Monday morning with no sleep to my credit for the weekend, I had read through the one I had most on my mind, his The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America and the result was simply magnificent.  This is a book that should be sold in every museum in North America and be the go-to reference material for all things related to American archaeology.  It’s a great collection of a newly discovered phenomena that is unlocking our true American history and it does what all great books do and that’s expand the dialogue.IMG_4355

It’s been a long time that I started reading a book on a Friday night and literally didn’t put it down until Monday morning with only a couple of half hour power naps to sustain the necessity for slumber put off until I was finished with the many discoveries shown in the book.  I thought it was a fabulous work constructed with great passion for the subject and it’s a real treasure.  Since all this ancient giant skeleton reporting started breaking reluctantly from the scientific community my best reference for all the material had been scattered internet reports from armchair archaeologists hobbled together from reports cuts from newspapers during the 1800s.  The reason for that is that it was during westward expansion that so many farms were constructed all around the nations and while building new homes, all these mounds were discovered and people would find all these really large bones of human beings who had obviously been in North America for many centuries prior—and the mounds that contained the bones were everywhere.  That’s why the reports exploded during that particular time period but died off at the start of the 20th century. The evidence was pretty much destroyed during all the construction that took place building a new nation, and academia had a line of Christianized dialogue that they wanted to adhere to preserving Europe’s claim to this New World.

Readers here know that I have covered many topics related to these Ohio mound builders from an ancient time that nobody in the orthodox scientific community was able to properly articulate.  For instance, I find it just a little disturbing that right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati on the spot where Fountain Square resides today was a very large mound which took up nearly an entire city block and within it was found the Cincinnati Tablet which is on exhibit at the Museum Center nearby and is an object of a little obsession by me.  That story and the artwork that poured from it do not fit the classical idea of the conquered Indian nomads that we read about in our history books. I have also covered the Mothman mystery from up the river at Point Pleasant.  Additionally I’ve covered the Illuminati exploits of the rich, famous, and politically connected all along the Ohio River and told many stories of mysterious frontier life from the Pennsylvania border all the way to the Mississippi River with the mysterious Cahokia culture and it took a lot of reading and collection of obscure bits of information to put it all together.  Much to my delight, all those topics were covered by Fritz Zimmerman in his books—especially the Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants and it fed my mind in a way that sleep couldn’t.

IMG_4356I think most stunning, and surprising for me was in seeing just how many mound sites with very precise earthworks existed, particularly in Portsmouth, Ohio, West Virginia and on up to Marietta.  I’ve been to many of the sites, but seeing them all in the same book really puts a point on the issue and shows what a vast and complex culture we are dealing with here.  That’s the reason I was so shocked at Stonehenge.  I had wanted to go there for years but just didn’t have the time to get there.  So when the opportunity arose, it was at the top of my list because it always felt like a key to something and the reports I read in my books as a youth were coming from very new assumptions.  But I was clearly able to see that the culture at Stonehenge was precisely the same culture that had built Newark, Serpent Mound and the Miamisburg Mound.  And on that note I was very shocked to learn that a mound the size of the Miamisburg Mound was literally right across the river from my house all covered up in trees near a road I’ve driven down likely a million times yet it’s always been hidden there in plain sight my entire life.  It’s remarkable if it is placed into this larger story.  By itself people just write it off as an old Indian relic, but taken as a portion of a very vast culture all over North America it begins to take on added significance.

Ironically Fritz even had in his Encyclopedia a picture of a Pazuzu which is the winged demon that I had just seen on display at The Louvre in the Assyrian section.  The Pazuzu is the same crazy demon that was supposedly possessing Linda Blair in The Exorcist and may have actually caused trouble on the set.  I had just been thinking when I saw it that ancient relic that it reminded me of pictures I had seen of the Birdman from Cahokian culture over by St. Louis.  As I was reading about the strange reports of mounds found in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia Fritz made mention that the Shawnee had a name for the mouth of the river, they called it “The River of Evil Spirits” and they had a name for that birdman—they called it Piasu—which is remarkably similar to “Pazuzu.”  That’s when all the gears clicked for me and not only was this the obvious Mothman that had been reported in that particular region made popular by the Richard Greer movie called The Mothman Prophecies, but here was direct evidence that diffusion had taken place from Sumeria to the Ohio Valley which explained why the mathematics and effigies were all so similar.  Right around 3000 B.C. to 800 B.C. which is a very long time—Sumerian culture and North America where trading with each other and likely the British Isles were involved in the commerce—the Shawnee were not indigenous to the Ohio Valley—so they wouldn’t have been directly exposed to that commerce.

They came up out of Florida and picked up legends that had been told for quite a long time and it’s no accident that their word for the great demon is so close to the name that the Sumerians used.  And it’s also no accident that an ancient Sumerian demon happened to be terrorizing West Virginians before a major tragedy there in the late 60s because the same character showed up and was worshiped hundreds of miles downriver at Cahokia.  Whatever bizarre rituals had taken place around the West Virginia mounds had evoked the same paranormal circumstances as were seen on the other side of the world in Sumerian culture.  And just like that, Fritz had connected the dots by showing all the work in one place for all to see.  And don’t fret orthodox science; Fritz doesn’t make supernatural claims about possible quantum fluctuations in reality that might manifest such a demon creature at Point Pleasant.  He simply points out that the names are similar.  Hey, the people of West Virginia saw something there whether it’s illusion or reality—something haunts them at Point Pleasant—still.  And I’ve always wondered about it.

Obviously The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America is a self-published enterprise and some of the reviews I read on the book prior to buying it criticized it for that case.  I understand self publishing, I’ve been through it myself—because a more traditional publisher is looking for an ROI on their projects and they tend to stick close to a formula they understand, and don’t like to take chances—especially these days with all the costs involved and marketplace changes that have taken place.  Saying that, I do love a well published book and one of the best I’ve seen in a while is Francis Pryor’s masterwork called Britain B.C. Harper Perennial did a fabulous job with it from beginning to end.  You know with a book coming from a top tier publisher that you’re getting great editing and many eyes looking at the manuscript so it’s clean of errors—and I like that.  But I also know that most books through the ages were not published in this fashion.  Most of the time they were done the way that The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America was—with an author who poured a lot of passion into their project to the point where its infectious and that’s the case with Fritz’s work.  There was no way a big name publisher was going to put their name on a project like this because there is just too much politics and religion in this particular topic—and the only way to break through those barriers is through a self published enterprise.  With that said, I did notice little things that seemed like fragmented thoughts and little format errors here and there—but it didn’t bother me because the essence of the material was so good.  Fritz Zimmerman has spent 15 years putting together all this material, which saved me a boat-load of time doing it on my own.

I’d recommend getting this book even if you are just a little curious.  It’s a jaw-dropping collection of what will be a revolutionary realization regarding North American history.  For instance, as I’ve pointed out in the very good book called 1421: The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzies it is highly likely that the Shawnee from Florida were actually migrants from China who assimilated with local tribes and eventually became the Shawnee of Ohio.  As they were “assimilating” and running into what was left over of the mound builders they learned the name of Pazuzu slightly wrong from its original Sumerian roots which came to North America from the British Isles most probably.  And this is why books like Zimmerman’s get ignored by big publishers, because the entire publishing industry is chained to an academic structure that is in extreme denial over the obvious diffusion that took place well before our modern documented history—and they don’t want to be associated with that kind of controversy until they can be assured that they can make money off it.  Right now, this giant species of human that existed in North America before the arrival of Columbus is way too controversial.

We are lucky that Menzies was able to publish his book in a conventional way.  But this information is coming in too fast for academia to contain, so there is a lot of tension in the industry.  That’s why to me it was such a miracle to run into Zimmerman’s book—and why I spent my entire weekend reading it fully—sleepless.  It was a fabulous read and a book I will turn too often for reference.  And it’s the kind of book that should be on every bookshelf because it’s a pioneering work well ahead of its time.  We should all be thankful that Fritz Zimmerman took the time to write it—because it couldn’t have been easy.  That’s for sure.  To really study this kind of topic you have to have vast overwhelming evidence in one place so you can see the big picture—and that’s precisely what Zimmerman has done.  This isn’t some video game where you run across a fantasy driven forgotten cultures like in Uncharted or Zelda, or even a popular novel like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.  This is real and it’s right under our feet—literally.

Rich Hoffman


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The Future of Medicine: The Art of Regenerative Tissue Repair

I’d much rather cover positive topics than negative ones. My anger at many of the rants that can be found here has a common source. A student from Mason that is enchanted with Stacy Schuler, the teacher that was arrested for having sex with five students from her school, told me that she was sure that if she analyzed me the way I do other people, that there were sure to be Freudian slips reveled in my behavior too.

Well, she’s right. There is a pattern to my so-called rants. I have an extreme anger at institutions that stand in the way of exciting new scientific developments. So I tend to lash out at politicians, union leaders, corrupt employees that favor job security over innovation and universities that cling to their past discoveries and subvert new discoveries that are controversial. I even set my sights on religion that holds back civilization with a desire to control the masses like sheep of which they offer themselves as a shepherd. In general, I support religious activity because it gives people something to hold themselves together, and the fear of god will keep them from committing wasteful sins such as over indulging in sex, substance abuse, and being vengeful toward their neighbors. But I often get frustrated when religion stands in front of science, because science offers constant new information that requires frequent adoption adding to religious ideology. To become fixated on events that happened 2000 or 4000 years ago holds people back, because there are miracles happening right now in front of our faces, but people don’t have a spiritual mechanism that allows them to see it. And that can be a real crisis.

When the congress of 2010 marched Health Care Reform down our throats in March of that year without even reading the bill, and voted on it strictly on ideology started by philosophies begun in the 1960’s and even earlier while communism from the Soviet Union was making a push to replace capitalism. Those congressmen didn’t care if Health Care was in violation of the United States Constitution because their plan is to change the law with Supreme Court Case Law. They also didn’t care that Health Care, as we’ve been doing it is going out of style.

Health Care of tomorrow won’t be controlled by pharmaceutical companies like it is now, the days where our elderly will take drugs and have costly operations with artificial body parts as replacements will be a thing of the past within the next decade. People won’t take drugs to extend their lives and regulate their bodies as they age and stop performing normal function. Science is literally on the cusp of regenerating parts of the body with its own cells, and that is the future of medicine.

Doc Thompson had on a doctor promoting a new show being exhibited on Nat Geo 10pm on February 7, 2011. After its initial run, the program will run again and probably be on YouTube, so make certain to look for it. It’s about the science of regenerative tissue. But for now you can listen to that doctor talking to Doc.

By the time Health Care becomes a staple of normality in our society like Social Security and Medicare is now, assuming that it stands up to a Supreme Court Ruling, which I don’t think it will, this new science will be mature enough for average people to participate in. And I can tell you right now that all those companies that are looking to the Health Care Industry to make money will oppose regenerative tissue technology. I will also say that religions will violently oppose it, because suddenly the whole idea of life expectation will change. If people can continue to heal all through their lives and build their own regenerative tissue from their own cells DNA, then people will live a LOT longer, and that will force religion to catch up and adapt, which they will be reluctant to do.

That’s why the Health Care Bill is a foolish, pointless piece of legislation. It needs to be repealed and politicians need to start looking to these emerging sciences to solve the problems we have with Social Security, and Medicare. With regenerative science, the cost of keeping people alive will dramatically decrease, and people who have built their lives in the health care field will have to find other things to do for careers. We are on the cusp of true technical marvels that will change the ideology of the human race. And we need to embrace those changes boldly, and not cling to the status quo.

So that young lady is right. My purpose here is to let people know where I see the walls that are holding back that changing ideology. I do rant about the walls I see. And my overall Freudian logic behind those rants is to do my part to break down those walls so we can all enjoy the benefits of mankind’s science without becoming lost as godless heathens. It’s important to recognize what we’ve done right as humans, and what we’ve done wrong, and to boldly go to the next step, because we are standing at the foot of those steps. All it takes now is to have the courage to walk up them.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

My Love of Real Science and the Adventure of Discovery!

It’s certainly not that I’m against education. Quite the contrary, I believe an education never stops. However, since I have continued my own education well into my adulthood, there are some glaring issues that emerge regarding traditional education.

About a decade ago, I read Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, a very meticulously written book. In short it is a catalog of anthropological and archeological artifacts that don’t fit nicely into the authentic endorsement of historians. The book demonstrates that relics that don’t fit in the scheme of things are routinely ignored. At first that sounds conspiratorial, but my experience says this is quite possible. Education institutions are routinely provided with facts that they ignore. Namely funding issues, where the unions insulate their membership from the evolution that is occurring in the outside world.

The new way of learning is quickly turning to computers; Rosetta Stone Software for foreign language comes to mind. And if the free market was opened up, and unions didn’t resist the change, similar programs would emerge for mathematics, reading, history, literature, just about every academic endeavor. The role of the teacher is changing, yet they are being paid more highly than ever, in a time that education is on the precipice of change, for the better. Do we still need a teacher in the front of the room teaching like an authority figure? But because of the protectionism that goes on, nobody can even ask the question.

And the same thing happens to relics. When evidence is presented that doesn’t fit the endorsed university theories, there is a lot of resistance, because that puts the credibility of the university at risk who published the original theories. It shouldn’t, but in the world of big business education, change threatens the income stream. So the result is that education is stagnate, and not constantly evolving as quickly as our technology allows.

Below, I’ll let Micheal Cremo explain for himself.

Because of this resistance from authentic education, emerging sciences, such as cryptozoology, and paranormal research is being ignored. Those sciences are at a phase similar to where archeology was at the turn of the century. Universities and their published results were what gave legitimacy to archeology and anthropology in the first place. And because universities are slow to accept new and larger ideas, they are missing the boat. The History Channel, and Travel Channel, and these kinds of cable entertainment are doing actual scientific investigation that will soon be considered legitimate. A show like Ghost Hunters is doing what universities should be doing, but they aren’t because at some point in the past, so-called legitimate scientists with university backing proclaimed paranormal research as hokey.

Yet all across the country, there are thousands of paranormal reports each year, and this phenomenon has a direct correlation to our own history.

For instance, how can you study the motives of North American Indians without investigating the source of their beliefs where they routinely reported visits from the Gods, and had a strong belief that the rulers of the spirit world dwelled in animals?

A few years ago I went to the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In case you don’t know the story, in 1967, to 1968, Point Pleasant was ravaged with UFO reports, strange government agents, and a creature called by the press, a Mothman. The Mothman is a 6 foot tall creature that flies around with red eyes terrifying people, and supposedly shows up before major disasters.

I don’t want to get into all that here, but I couldn’t help but compare the stories of the Mothman in Point Pleasant to the civilization of Cahokia just outside of St. Louis.

Cahokia was an ancient city of Native American habitation around 1200 AD and contained at least 20,000 residents. It wasn’t discovered until developers built a neighborhood over it in East St. Louis. Developers thought the ancient North American city was just a bunch of hills. As it turned out, Monks Mound at Cahokia is the third largest pyramid in the world by volume.

At this site they worshipped a god called “Birdman.” Its description was almost exactly like that of the Mothman, which was just up the river about 400 miles in Point Pleasant some 700 years later. This in itself is a mystery. And while at this archeological site, you can’t help but think of the world without buildings. You can see St. Louis from the top of Monks Mound. The primary highway runs right by it, yet most of America doesn’t know much about Cahokia because it’s not taught in school. It doesn’t fit nicely into the scheme of our educated belief system.

But the evidence is right in front of all of us. And I’m the type of person that will try and connect the dots even further. I’d be inclined to ask why such a city was built at that particular location in the first place. I mean there are lots of locations along the Mississippi River.

An interesting aspect of St. Louis is that it is built on a series of caves. Caves used to be very important to Native American cultures. Most agriculturally based cultures, and especially hunting and gathering cultures have ceremonies for the youth that involve going into caves and letting the spirits guide them to some sort of revelation.

One of the most haunted spots in St Louis is the Lemp Mansion, which was a family of early beer brewers that had a tendency to commit suicide. The Lemp Mansion had access to these caves where a fantastic pool was build down in the cave system, under the mansion. It is hard for me to not connect some of these mysteries that are hidden to us by the busy contemporary existence that hurries itself on the surface of things. I can’t help but think that the caves of St. Louis were important aspects to life in the city of Cahokia, and that the same god that residents of that city worshipped is possibly the same creature that hunted Point Pleasant, West Virginia. And the same “spirits” that resided in the caves, that ancient Cahokian’s sought out in their rituals were the same ones that haunted the residents of the Lemp Mansion and inspired them to decrypted lives of misery and suicide. It’s just a thought, you never know.

However, modern science doesn’t have anyway to deal with all that. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or aren’t connected in some way.

In the end, it all comes back to money. Money is the god of modern institutions. And because they are always primarily concerned about how they will get it, or how they will preserve their union endeavors, they will overlook obvious mysteries that are all around them, and actually take steps to suppress the information to protect their budgets for fear of explaining how scientific theories of the past are suddenly wrong.

Basically, we are changing as a human civilization. And we’re changing faster than orthodox systems can keep up with. And that makes just about everything they are protecting irrelevant.

We know now that there are over 10 known dimensions. Quantum physicists can even name them to some extent, even if we can’t yet understand how to relate to something that is not part of our 4 dimensional realities. Much like radio waves, these other dimensions exist even if we don’t have a device that can detect them. There are many such revelations that are coming at us at a furious pace. And yet orthodox education and politics is always in the way of understanding.

So when I speak out about institutionalism, it’s for reasons such as those mentioned above. I look at people who proclaim the above as “hokey,” “crazy,” or even “silly,” as being a big part of the problem. They are the same fools that proclaimed the world was flat, or that Hell was under the earth because they were aware that volcano’s spewed lava. Science is expanding and institutions cleaving to the old ways will soon be as relevant as a dinosaur fossil in a museum and we’ll laugh at how old and archaic we used to learn information truly was.

When it came to Forbidden Archeology, the evidence of suppression was so obvious it started me thinking of how much of that suppression actually goes on. And it is clear that there are many scientific factors that are not yet discovered, and not part of our human existence by understanding. They may be felt, or suspected, but not yet proven. So to cleave to the old ways is to cleave to what is false.

Rich Hoffman