The Intent of Court-Packing: Democrats want to destroy America, Republicans want to sip wine and watch

Well, we told you that they were going to try and do it, the court-packing resolution that the Senate initiated last week to expand the Supreme Court from 9 justices to 13.  But of course, they don’t have the votes to continue the bill with a simple, very slim majority as they are now pushing to get rid of the filibuster, so they won’t need a 60 vote majority to change those courts forever.  Many have been warning conservatives, independents, and life-long Republicans for a long time.  Now they have proven to be right once again about the intent of the Biden administration.  Unfortunately, Senators like Lindsey Graham, Marsha Blackburn, and Ted Cruz are some of the most vocal members of the GOP Senate, and they don’t get the game.  Most GOP members are ill-equipped to deal with these radical Democrats and what their true intentions are.  Sure, these senators will talk about things that are happening, and they’ll gather on the steps of the Supreme Court, but that’s where the activism stops.  We are not living in a civil society where the various sides work things out with mutual respect.  No, we are dealing with revolutionaries who are using the power of elected office to undo the nature of our country.  So with all these radical attempts we are seeing come out of the Biden administration, the goal of the radicals is destruction and nothing else.  And the game of politics needs to be played with that in mind.

Republicans don’t understand the game that the Democrats are playing.  They assume we all love our country and the ideas that gave birth to it, but more and more, the evidence is quite clear that is not the case.  Democrats want an end to America and roll the management of our country over into an international body, like the United Nations.  There is no intent on tradition in embracing what once worked.  There are only plans for the destruction of everything our nation is, and the reason for the sudden rush where some new bit of a house of horrors is coming out every day by the Democrats is that they are pretty aware that their window is narrow.  They want to cram through as much of their progressive agenda as possible while they still have all three houses of government.  They have illusioned themselves with the notion that people support what they are doing. Still, they forget that the only way they’ve managed to grab power is through cheating and manipulation and supporting mob violence as a kind of leverage over ordinary people.  Democrats intend to rule through fear, such as Covid-19 or race-baiting hoards of gangs who will attack dissidents in their homes.  It wasn’t their ideas that put them in power; it was their threats of violence, activism, and outright aggression that did.

I read John Boehner’s book as I said I would, and the former Speaker of the House only revealed what I had been saying about him.  He hates the Tea Party and the Trump MAGA movement that emerged out of it. Boehner wants to go back to the deal-making, wine-sipping days where everyone pretended to get along, and golf was the topic everyone could agree.  Politicians like him showed themselves to be out of touch with the management needs of the mass population, and he was on the out.  Boehner can blame Ted Cruz and Trump all he wants for creating all this division.  All he’s saying is that he has no idea what happened or what was happening, and I would point to people like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell as the current politicians who share John Boehner’s faults.  They want the Republican Party and politics in general to be something that it isn’t.  And it is their disillusionment that has fueled the aggressions of these radical Democrats and made our country much less safe.  Are they well-intentioned?  Well, of course, they are.  But so are the Democrats.  The way the world looks to a crazy person is not representative of actual reality.  That is why we have a government of checks and balances, to keep the dumb ideas out so that they don’t get in the way of people’s everyday lives.  And that is why the Senate itself is designed to slow down legislation so that cool heads can prevail in these proceedings.  But while all this is going on, the Democrats are grabbing for revolutionary power at all costs.  That is why they had to have such massive voter fraud in the last election.  They will never admit it, but that’s the only way they gained all the branches of government with the media help they had at that time.  They may never get another shot at such crazy reforms for their long march to progressive causes.

Over the entire last century, as the Democrats were planning the destruction of America, politicians like John Boehner fought the fight that insurgents wanted.  They were friendly Christian soldiers who went to church on Sunday after sipping wine on Saturday night under a haze of cigar smoke, and life was good.  But they didn’t understand the rules of the game.  Republicans might have thought they were playing a nice game of solitaire, friendly and without bets.  But the Democrats were playing aggressive strip poker, and they expected to take something from everyone each round until there was nothing left but a bunch of naked people afraid and exposed to the world.  Republicans were scammed, so voters picked Trump to fight back.  And he’d be in office now if Republicans had defended the purity of the voting process and not fallen for the Covid scam to change the rules to benefit Democrats.  That is what happens when you don’t know the game rules or even what game we are playing.  Democrats are not fighting for the continuation of our republic.  They seek to destroy it from the inside out, forever.

That is not angry rhetoric talking; the evidence is in the actions of Democrats.  It’s in what they have been doing.  The court-packing issue in the Supreme Court is what they decided they needed for their power grabs once Trump appointed a solid conservative majority into that judicial body.  Meanwhile, as he describes it, Boehner’s most significant achievement was bringing the Pope in to speak in the House chamber while he cried like a baby.  Hey, the Pope is a socialist!  He is one of them! He’s a revolutionary attacker who doesn’t have sentiments in favor of American sovereignty.  Just because he’s the head of a big church doesn’t mean his mind is infallible.  Yet that is the kind of thinking that has held all Republicans back, even Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn.  Lindsey Graham is all talk too; he’s not a fighter.  What we need to defeat these insurgent Democrats are fighters, not actors in a theater.  Of course, this window for the Democrats is closing as we speak.  They know they only have a few months to undo the American system entirely, or they will be pushed out of office one way or the other.  Cheating at voting won’t save them as people become angrier and angrier.  But their intentions couldn’t be more precise.  They are playing a game for keeps, and it’s time that Republicans figure that out for their own good.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Red Ed and the Communists of Europe: Public education in America training Cleveland revolutionaries

What have I been telling you dear reader for a half a decade now? I’ve spelled it out every which way but loose, and still you doubted. I provided facts, charts, long public speeches, countless live radio testimony and still you thought that I was kidding, or making the situation seem lighter for the purposes of defeating school levies. But I wasn’t exaggerating the situation—not even a little bit. I have stated repeatedly that public schools are teaching socialism and communism with a severe anti-capitalist curriculum by a progressive teacher’s union hell-bent on the destruction of the American way of life. This started in America during the sixties and was a strategic aim of the KGB at the time. It’s now in full bloom. For the proof, witness that no news organization in the mainstream reported the force behind the Cleveland riots recently, just as that same force was behind Ferguson and Baltimore. Yet fringe media discovered the evidence quite clearly as they had boots on the ground and weren’t afraid to report it. This is yet another case of Alex Jones, the Texas conspiracy theorist in the report below providing news that everyone else missed—I would say, on purpose. In spite of his reputation as a reactionary, he didn’t put the communists on camera—they were already there. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and all the other news outlets could have, and likely did see the communist flags and members roaming the streets trying to provoke a mob into riots picking minority communities because they have a history of being impressionable. But the mainstreamers have been taught in the same public schools as the rest of us, and they want to turn away from the hard evidence. But they can’t—its coming out anyway.

The communist insurgency in America is a full-blown conspiracy that is more than right-winged speculation at this point. It’s a fact and emerged as the United States listened to swindling politicians like Dennis Hastert and other elected malcontents strive to be like big brother Europe. The United States has lost their way and plunged unwittingly into socialism. Big mistake, especially given that Europe is currently in the fight for its life trying to reject socialism and its gradual path to communism at this present moment. France for example has a socialist president. Greece is downing in socialism. In fact most of the EU is openly socialist. All of Scandinavia is socialist. Russia is essentially a socialist nation which is just a softened type of communism. Of course they don’t call it by name, just like communism is not called such a Cold War reference in the United States, but the Russian president is a former KGB agent. Does anybody think he has magically just given all that up? China is communist, the only reason that their economy has expanded during the last 14 years is due to them reluctantly adapting some of Hong Kong’s economic free market capitalism. And the biggest brother of them all has been England who has struggled back and forth for years between capitalism and socialism. The socialists are in the Labour Party and the capitalists are in the Tory Party of which David Cameron was thankfully re-elected.image

When Great Britain turned Hong Kong back over to China they gave the communist country a money-making machine. Hong Kong was a free capitalist zone far away from the debates in London where socialism and capitalism were slugging it out. Karl Marx is after all buried in a London cemetery near a plot where Red Ed desires to rest on his journey to eternity. Red Ed is of course Ed Milliband who lost the recent election to David Cameron—and is called that because at least in Europe they know what the Labour Party is. Ed presented an anti-austerity plan similar to Greece which essentially means that the government defaults on its debts and swings full communist as a nation. The people of Great Britain had a May election for which they dramatically turned away from socialism by electing Cameron. The liberal press wanted to believe the polls were closer than they were, but Cameron easily won which can be seen in the pictures presented.image

The pictures shown in this article come from a newspaper scooped off the streets of London. They are not online articles by some fringe website, this is a paper sold in the airports and streets of London representing the views and conflict of the English people. What they are facing today is what is coming to America—since we foolishly followed them into the abyss—recklessly, and arrogantly. Most dramatically in the paper was a little chart that shows essentially the same demographic political make-up in Great Britain as we see in America. In England they show their conservative areas in blue, in America it is of course red. Just as the English drive on the opposite side of the road in England, America does the opposite to maintain their independence—but the function of their government evolved over time into a mirror reflection—which is how all this communist business so easily emerged into American culture. Just like in the United States it is easy to see that the urban areas are overwhelmingly supportive of the communist movement—displayed by those who voted for the Labour Party member Ed Milliband. Whereas the more rural areas of England voted for Cameron conservativism.

imageOf a particular interest is the extreme area of red around Newcastle which has been floored by socialism over the years driving away much of their industry leaving the youth essentially jobless. The areas in yellow are essentially open communists for which Scotland is pushing for extensively. During the election the Scottish National Party swept looking toward Scandinavian socialism as their model. The SNP believes in progressive personal taxation, the eradication of poverty, building of affordable social housing, same-sex marriage and subsidized higher education—otherwise known as social programming—does any of this sound familiar dear reader? As is clear on the map the coastal areas of Wales is overwhelmingly in support of the same brand of communism which of course migrates across the channel into Dublin, Ireland in the same manner. Places where there are large concentrations of people who have to give up individual space tend to lean toward socialism. Where people get a little elbow room and can think about their individual sanctity they revert to conservativism by default. Even with all the social experiments through public education, when times get tough, as they have in England for some time, people revert back to conservative concepts driven by capitalism. When a nation realizes that their industry isn’t coming back and there is no hope otherwise, they turn toward nationalism—like Scotland has.

imageThis has always been the plan in the United States by communist insurgents who are in every branch of our education system emphatically. I first learned about these people when I was having a fine little dinner overlooking the city of Cincinnati a number of years ago. It was a college professor from the University of Cincinnati, a theater director at the Taft Theater and an engineer who worked at City Hall along with myself. All three of those people openly advocated twenty years ago communism to me as they sipped wine and looked down into the city below from their backyard perch. I knew it then, but I was a young man and figured I needed to learn a lot more about the world before I opened my mouth—so I just listened. These fine diners vacationed in Paris and London often which was reflected in their global outlook. I was raised in a conservative area by conservative parents and I went to a conservative church. I was open to other people’s points of view and figured I needed more evidence before placing an argument in favor of capitalism. So I listened to them talk in their heady manner and contemplated that those people had no business near young people. They could think what they wanted, but they had no right to teach anybody anything. I had a similar experience years later while on the set for a project I was working on, the director showed up with his wife dressed in a hijab complete with no makeup on her face which I accidentally saw while she was adjusting it. She was as American as the rest of us, he was a college professor who wanted to direct a film and I was a bullwhip artist. We wouldn’t have been together except for a common artistic cause. But our political differences were so dramatic that we couldn’t complete the project together. The college where they worked was so liberal that they couldn’t even function in the world outside of campus life. It was a really big problem and that was over a decade ago. It’s far worse and more obvious now.image

The evidence is extensive and all around you dear reader. The freedoms of your daily life are under attack by global communists and they enter into your region through the nearest urban area. They are seeking to make America into a nationalist nation, and because they control the public education process, they have an entire generation trained and ready for the type of socialism that has destroyed Newcastle, England. That same socialism has destroyed Detroit in the United States and is presently destroying Chicago—which of course nobody wants to discuss in the American media either. It’s just too embarrassing for the liberal media to accept. So they ignore it, just as they ignored the communists behind the recent race riots—which was clearly evident in Cleveland.

imageIt’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Communists are likely in your neighborhood and they are teaching in your public schools. They call themselves by different names, but they are at the heart of their philosophy Marxists. Their strategic goal is an end to American capitalism and the traditional Constitution. They are openly seeking an insurgency and the media is assisting them in their task. I have a lot of experience in this as I have touched many cultural pockets over the years, and I tend to have exposure to other regions of the world—not just those in my backyard, and I can say with 100% confidence that the communists have always been there. It’s just been recently that they have made their moves in a bolder, more public fashion. But what’s shocking is that the media didn’t cover it at all. Yet Alex Jones, the fringe reporter viewed by the world as a conspiracy theorists was the only one I was able to find who had boots on the ground in Cleveland and actually reported the communist influence for what it really was. And that is all the evidence you need dear reader as to the movement that’s afoot. For further verification all one needs to do is pick up a newspaper from Europe and see what is going on there. They don’t hide the communists and socialists from the public the way they do in the United States because they are already well into the argument as to the cause and effects. But in the United States those trying to advance communism change the names and try not to rattle the cage until the radicalized youth are so strong that the red county Republicans can no longer stop the insurgency. That’s the plan anyway, and if you had half a brain dear reader—you’d listen. It’s one thing to be a Bible thumping, gun wielding conservative from the rural landscape. It’s quite another to be a cultured, academic from the urban regions contemplating philosophy and the future of mankind. I’ve had extensive exposure to both. I’ll take the guns, and let Europe choke on the socialism. And when it comes to the American versions of Red Ed, I suggest you fight them right now, and voraciously dear reader—or suffer a fate you can’t even imagine. Because communism is on your doorstep as we speak.

Rich Hoffman


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