Brian Williams Signs Off: The smoke on the horizon that all progressives see coming

The Smoke on the Horizon

I had some very interesting thoughts about Brian Williams signing off his show on MSNBC, The 11th Hour, for the last time.  About the same time on Fox, the long-time news guy Chris Wallace was leaving for CNN, and Steven Spielberg, along with Disney, was reeling from the rejection of West Side Story that had just been released to theaters.  All kinds of mystification were transpiring at many levels of our society. Still, it all pointed back to one essential thing, something that had been brewing since the creation of America really.  Brian Williams could see, as they all could, that with Trump gone from the White House for a year, Democrats controlling all the levers of power couldn’t duplicate the success of the previous administration, and now they were folding under the pressures of their party.  The cracks were just too big.  Dr. Fauci had just been caught representing our government in creating a bioweapon, Covid-19, in a lab in partnership with China to cause a great reset in the world, and he had been caught.  IN CASE NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION, Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Dr. Fauci, was still the best seller on Amazon for several consecutive weeks.  That meant that millions and millions of people were getting their hands on the content to learn just what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had played in a global insurrection using Covid-19 as the cover story.  And to pave the way for that plan, many Democrat types had got themselves involved in some form or another in election fraud, to steal the election from Trump and give it to their hand-picked guy, Joe Biden.  And that wasn’t working out too well.  People weren’t buying it, and institutionalists like Brian Williams have been some of the first to see the direction the world is moving in. 

To see the story clearly, I think you need to look at the history of the United States as a whole, at the time when the Whig Party broke up and split into two factions, the Republicans who would go on to become the party of Abraham Lincoln and the “Know-Nothings” which was advocated by America’s most famous novelist and sensationalists, Edward Z. C. Judson.  Why were they called the “Know-Nothings” you might ask?  Well, when people asked them about their existence, members would say, “I know nothing.” They were a secret society of the Native American Party who were very skeptical of global powers moving to America as immigrants and bringing dumb, European ideas with them.  Democrats at that time were pushing to split the country in two because they were all about slavery and wanted to preserve it.  Those forces were at work against each other for most of the 19th century. Of course, after the Civil War, many factions were guilty of serious crimes, and progressivism from Europe came in as the Know-Nothings feared always they would and steered our country into a different direction using institutions to help the pill go down.

This went on for over the next hundred years, the rise of institutionalism and the class structure that European immigrants had brought with them to America to turn a free country into just another European territory essentially.  Sigmond Freud came along as a seller of institutionalism to discuss the practices of sex.  Albert Einstein sold physics, Carl Jung sold dream analysis.  Many fields of science arrived from universities copying Europe to create archaeology, paleontology, geology, astronomy, and many other “ologies.” The European answer to the problem in America was more education that was controlled by Edward Bellamy’s fans and the book about socialism Looking Backward.  Institutions were formed to give a tapestry to society that showed sophistication and innovation, just as the novel Looking Backward did projecting society into the future of the year 2000, all in an attempt to sell the work of Karl Marx to a gullible public on their heels after the Civil War.  The political left from Europe, the come lately that the Know-Nothing Party had warned everyone about, led to the Astor House riot and several others across the country that were very violent over essentially immigration issues.  The Know-Nothings believed the Come Lately’s did not have the country’s best interests in mind, and history showed their suspicions to be correct.  Yeah, compared to those riots, the little thing that Democrats saw on January 6th, 2020 was nothing; it was kiddie pool stuff. 

Progressives from the Democrat and Republican Party hoped to mask all these issues with institutionalism which worked for a while thanks to a few World Wars and several other regional wars like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  But essentially, the worry of mid 19th century Republicans and Know-Nothings who had formed out of the former Whig Party was still very much alive.  The concerns had not abated generationally because they were human in scope.  People who came to America came for freedom, but different people had different ideas of what freedom was.  And Europe, then later, the rest of the world was all too jealous to allow such a thing to occur, and people, real people who have to make a living every day, saw that as the case.  Now being someone who reads a lot of history, I knew a lot of this, but after Joe Biden was sworn in under the most scandalous circumstances, I hit the road with my wife to see what America was really about.  I learned that much of the country is still as it was initially.  They didn’t like institutionalism and wanted to be free of it.  It had nothing to do with President Trump.  He was just the latest vehicle that they thought might give them insulation from global nosiness.  They were still very much rebels in their hearts and minds, which the institutionalists know.  They know how many people really voted for Trump, and they know how much they had to cheat to make it happen.  They know what they did with Covid, and they expected to hide it from the public.  But, the public isn’t buying it because institutionalism is not providing the cover that Democrats and other liberals expected it would, as it had in the past. 

The failure of institutionalism has been evident for a long time, but you can really see it when films like West Side Story come out, and the early reports from Disney about their Star Wars Hotel, which is falling flat on its face with woke politics.  People don’t want that garbage; they never did.  People don’t care what college celebrities like Carl Jung say about dreams or scientists say about global warming manipulating data as they have with Covid to create a political platform.  People see through this stuff, as they always have.  And they want options.  And now that progressives went all-in after over a century of planning and manipulation, they are suddenly like the teenage daughter who was full of rebellion, wanting to run off with her boyfriend, smoking, and getting tattoos to declare her independence.   Once she had her freedom, she realized that smoking ruined her skin.  The tattoos stretched out as she got fat sitting around on her third husband in 10 years while she waited for a government check to arrive in the mail so she could get groceries.  The rebellion of instituting institutionalism was long over, and now people like Brian Williams could see the smoke on the horizon headed their way.  It was the same angry Americans who had been abused and treated terribly by these classes of people looking for social insurrection.  And now the table has turned on them, and it’s only going to get worse.  I should know, I’ve seen these people up close, and they are not happy.  

Rich Hoffman

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Liberals Only Want to Boss People Around: The mental illness of the Democrat Party

People Who are Obsessed with Bossing You Around Tend to be Democrats

Without question, especially after Thanksgiving dinner with family members, some that you may only see a few times a year, politics is always that unsatisfied topic that burns in the back of all our minds.  We have been taught that we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion even though both dominate our lives and thoughts almost exclusively.  And the losers who spread that bad advice to us were liberals who encouraged us to avoid a conflict at the dinner table or living rooms of our homes from people who may be liberal in our lives.  So in the same fashion that we see prosecutorial misconduct among liberal prosecutors or religious ideologies, like “climate change” coming at us with blinding speed, we are not supposed to engage it or talk about it. Instead, we are supposed to talk about Blue Pill stuff like sports or Black Friday sales and hope to avoid talking about supply chain problems caused by an illegal president Biden with a big-government approach that has crippled our economy and put China on a pedestal for world domination.  So in that way, we never talk about the solution to the world’s real problems; we just learn to put up with it, which has empowered them into all sorts of destructive behavior.  Yet, there is a reason we are uncomfortable with these political rules of our day because the rules themselves mask something we all know and feel about the matter, which demands a resolution.  And it all points back to what I always say about liberalism; it’s a mental illness that needs a psychological fix, not an understanding of fairness on the battlefield of ideas.  Liberalism, because of its severe disfunction in nature, shouldn’t even be on the battlefield. 

One thing that all liberals have in common is that they like to boss people around.  We obviously have seen this with Covid and the government’s reaction to it.  Blue state governors have been the worst, and those who want to tell people what to do have heard the dog whistle.  They have acted like that big brother who is babysitting all of us and wants to essentially be the parent out of control with power telling us where to go, when to wash our hands, when to go to bed, when to eat, change clothes, even what to watch on television.  They are obsessed with telling us what to do about everything.  And now that they have captured through all types of political theater, they have the congress, the senate, and the White House at the federal level; they are out of control.  It’s not that the power went to their heads; it’s that they needed power so much that they were willing to do anything to get it.

Another thing I say all the time is that the number one thing that people are most concerned with in life is their status on the pecking order with their peers.  Adults, more than anything, want to climb the social ladder of power and prestige among their peers more to satisfy their insecurities about their meaning of life-based on how it was taught to them as children. You’re born, you do what your parents tell you, what society tells you, and you gain power so that you can acquire the ability to do that eventually to other members of society.  If you work hard, you might become a powerful politician or CEO of some company, and people will respect you and do what you tell them.  Really, when it comes down to it, liberalism, in varying degrees, is one of the most destructive elements of any society, and it can be measured based on how much people want to boss you around.  The more conservative a person truly is, the less they like to tell other people what to do.  The more liberal, the more they want to boss people around. 

But it doesn’t stop in politics such as “elected office.” Still, it extends into every aspect of our lives, such as the nosy neighbor who is always calling the neighborhood association about some flag you might be flying that might bring down property values.  Or the slow person in the fast lane on the highway who travels under the speed limit because they intend to slow you down for what they perceive as safe conduct.  We see it with the mask police now in stores.  We see it in the places we work where some ladder climber boss is always there to tell us when to use the restroom or take a break.   It’s not enough to call someone who thinks they are conservative a RINO if they claim to be Republicans but have the psychological problem of always wanting to tell people what to do all the time.  We have to identify the mental illness for what it is, some form of liberalism that has migrated in name to the current state of severe mental dysfunction. 

The real quandary for many of these people and why their psychological disorder is so destructive to the world around them is that the essence of their behavior is that they must live off the efforts of others.  That is why they want to boss people around because they actually need the efforts of others to survive. After all, deep inside, they lack the courage to do things on their own.  So they make themselves part of the world around them as a figure of authority to mask their own timidity.  And if they appear to be in charge of the pecking orders of our existence, they can hide their most profound insecurities.  So when we find ourselves at some social gathering and there are always these micromanagement types who start telling us we have to take our shoes off to enter a room, or to tell us where to sit, what to eat, how to dress, and so on, avoiding talking about politics only makes the problem worse.  It allows these loser people to live free of judgment while abusing the world with their psychological disorders.  By avoiding discussion about their ailment, it never gets fixed, which isn’t good for anybody.  One of the reasons I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was to help people deal with the tyrants in their lives.  It may not be Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi who are the worst; it might be some nosy aunt or peeping neighbor going through your trash.  It might be a boss who goes out of their way to harass you so they can remind you that they are your means to a living, and you have to do what they say.  It might be the little Cartman mall cop or the latest local health department newly empowered by the CDC to ruin our lives in their effort to tell more people what to do.  But what it all amounts to is that the desire to boss people around is an illness of the mind, not something that should be respected or even dealt with as a legitimate manner of public conduct.  We don’t need to treat liberals with equality and understanding.  We need to get them help in insane asylums because that’s where they belong.  Not believing they are equal or above us on some invisible pecking order.  They are not our “betters.” They are malcontents and damaged people who need treatment, not a pass of the gravy and a tight lip uttered under sports scores. 

Rich Hoffman

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Perhaps Its Time to Bring Back Dueling: After Kenosha, the prosecution showed themselves to be the enemy

In Pursuit of Justice

I’m one who thought the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, should have never gone to trial.  If you have to shoot someone in self-defense, it’s a simple constitutional issue for me. The essential protection of private property starts with the self and expands to the assets that might be possessed.   A person’s life is their most important possession.  The riots in the streets that night in Kenosha looked to overthrow the town, destroy property and terrorize the people who lived there to make a political point. I’m all for debate with people who don’t think the way you might. I’m all for settling disputes with a vote.  But once campaign signs are stolen, or mobs are formed, it becomes a private property case, and the way to defend that property is with deadly force, whatever it may be.  Yet the Rittenhouse trial was an interesting one to watch.  That poor kid should have never had to suffer through it to get to a “not guilty” verdict in the end.  Thankfully there was a good judge on the case, and the jury was respectable.  But the kid should have never had to go through all that to satisfy the overly progressive prosecutor in the case who represented the state in more ways than just this specific murder case.  The prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case were disgraceful.  How many liberals are there in these roles?  I know the prosecutors in my community of Butler County, and I know many judges, and they are what I would consider “normal people.” They think and act like regular people, and they have a basic understanding of the value of our constitutions, state and federal.  Where did all these liberals come from in these district attorney positions who put on these cases?  That is the bigger problem, and it set my mind to consider what I proposed in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, dueling as a solution to the legal problems of our times.

I see it as a mistake what we did at the end of the Victorian era and the start of the Progressive era. I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing those mistakes recently as I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last several years.  When President Jackson was in many duels, or even Alexander Hamilton was, it is obvious we have lost something in our culture to turn over the responsibility for the conflict to pin-headed lawyers to fight on our behalf.  After all, that was what the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was; it was a duel between a young person who killed rioters and a state that wanted to make a case for the abolition of private property.  In the prosecution’s assertion was the concept that the people had a right to destroy personal property and terrorize people into collective belief and that Kyle had an obligation to appease the mob.  That is a standard position of the communist loving left. I conclude that nobody who thinks from a leftist point of view can co-exist with constitutionally minded people in America.  The left wants to erase the constitution; the right wants to live by the ground rules.  Those are opposing forces that will never get along, so why fake it?  The way to obtain respect for two such unmoveable forces is to blame the actors themselves instead of punting them to a third-party legal system to do it for them. 

I recently read a magnificent book that I bought at The Hole in the Wall bookstore at Wall, Drug in South Dakota.  It was called Outlaws of South Dakota and was all about legal cases where the people breaking the law either ended up hung or shot dead in most cases covering the gold rush period up until the time of the gangsters in the 1920s and 30s.  When the public just shot criminals dead, or as a group themselves, hung people for their crimes, things worked much better in society instead of catching a criminal and holding them for a trial that might not happen for months.  The presumption of fairness wasn’t worth the trouble if you take the cases in their totality.  Jack McCall, for instance, the killer who shot Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood right in front of everyone, should have been engaged and shot right on the spot.  Instead, they captured him, had a phony trial, then let him go, only to be caught later on another charge and eventually killed.  As it appears, the town of Deadwood did not want any law and order, so they wanted McCall to kill Wild Bill so the criminal element could continue to make money the way they had been.  As I read that book, I visited the actual sites where Wild Bill was shot and resided and considered these legal issues.  For me, it’s a perfect comparison to what the Swamp did to President Trump when we elected him to clean things up.  The Swamp didn’t want to be clean, so they got rid of those who threatened their criminal enterprises.  It costs a lot more to allow people like that to reside in the shadows than to confront them directly with a deadly duel in a lonely street when honor meant something because it was personal. 

Because of Covid vaccine mandates and other Biden administration matters, I have had to talk to more lawyers than I usually do. I have been astonished at how stupid they are; they are a lot dumber than they used to be. What’s worse, it’s the quality level of the Bar Association itself.   The standards of law have depleted over the years.  Lawyers and human resource departments are not suitable replacements for two people fighting out a problem among themselves.  The transition from dueling to court trials has not been a successful one.  The Rittenhouse case was a hit from the state against an individual for purposes of the state to erode the concept of private property.  Personal integrity is not a consideration of modern law, and because of it, the premise of all legal cases is flawed before they ever get started.  Kenosha was intended to be destroyed to advance a progressive concept of eradicating the police so that personal property could not be protected in society.

Therefore, all people would have to submit to the mobs of leftism.  If we allowed dueling to continue, as it had in the past, none of this legal assumption would have even established itself in our culture.  But because we have punted personal resolution to the courts, now the courts have abused their power and become the bullies themselves.  The thugs and losers who were shot in Kenosha obviously should have never been on the street if our court system had worked properly, and it would be people like Kyle Rittenhouse putting them in jail.  But the prosecution in the Rittenhouse case wanted the opposite; they wanted Kyle in prison and the thugs on the streets just as the town of Deadwood wanted Jack McCall to roam free to murder law and order so that crime could flourish.  And that is what we have in Washington D.C., a society of crime that advances while the innocent suffer under legal restraints meant to cripple them, not to empower them.  With all that in mind, we were a better society when we settled our matters not with lawyers but with guns.  It forced a much more honorable society and personal responsibility for the morality of our people, and it worked a whole lot better than what we see in examples like the Rittenhouse trial.  It should never have happened.  The night that Kyle shot those thugs, he should have been back home with his mother enjoying milk and cookies for a rough night on the town—not incarcerated for prosecution by a state that wanted to destroy him for even worse reasons than the killings occurred. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Cowboy Cafe: Seeing clearly the impact of bad progressive policies

The Cowboy Cafe

All these events have put me in a nostalgic mood.  I knew where things were going to go after the Biden move into the White House.  I was finishing up my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and decided with my wife to hit the road in the coldest part of February 2021 to complete it.  I wanted to be as far away from Washington and politics in general as I could get.  I was sick of the government debacle of Covid, of the subject of election fraud, and of thinking of the pain that was going to come from a radical administration that was essentially obsessed with the old book by Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward.  Looking Backward was an 1888 publication that was the third most popular book in America back when books were a thermometer of what public sentiment was. It was the book about a future socialist Utopia in 2000 when a man is induced to sleep for 130 years only to wake up to find the world strangely wonderful.  Long gone were the strikes of Marxism that infected the late 1880s, that European import attempting to destroy everything good about America. I was seeking the reverse effect as my many years of research had shown me that if we wanted to fix America, we had to destroy the progressive era and all the lead-up to it. So to finish my book and quest, my wife and I found ourselves in the far-flung town of Roswell, New Mexico, in our RV, looking out across a desert from our mobile kitchen at a frozen tundra and 14 degree temperatures.  It was the perfect place to finish the book, and reflecting on it nearly a year later; it was stunningly correct in every way. 

Roswell was the perfect place to see real America, without some of the shared politics that we see in more urban areas.  I happen to live in a wonderful place with great politics, so the effects of the Biden administration and its socialist incursions would be slow and not so immediate.  To really see what I needed to see to finish my book, I needed to go to one of the towns destroyed by government tampering due to globalism and the FDR New Deal politics, and Roswell is an interesting story.  Honestly, my wife and I traveled a lot in 2021, and all the trips were essential “looking backward.” I will have quite a story to talk about my discovery of how that book Looking Backward is a key to this whole story of socialism in America.  I remember very well when I suggested on WLW radio a decade ago that the teacher unions were socialist concepts.  These conversations led to a statewide attack on all public sector unions in Ohio in 2012, which fell apart because Governor Kasich was only faking his conservativism.  He would have understood how to win that fight if he had known what was going on in the subculture of progressivism, which would eventually consume him and destroy his role as governor in Ohio.  Each place we traveled to in 2021 contributed something important to my personal quest.  But to finish off the book, I wanted to be in Roswell, where John Chism had run his big cattle empire and where an obscure little dine-in restaurant called The Cowboy Café just outside of town made fantastic omelets.  So I finished the book at our RV dining table, looking at those windswept snow banks building up outside our window, then we celebrated the book’s completion by grabbing a late breakfast at The Cowboy Café.

The sad thing about The Cowboy Café when I was there was that they had been hit hard by Covid rules by their ignorant, progressive governor who had gone all-in on full tyranny, much like all the blue states had that year, and it was only getting worse under Biden.  We weren’t allowed to dine in at The Cowboy Café; we could only pick up and take it back to our RV, which personally I liked better.  I wouldn’t say I like to eat around other people; I like to have space for my thoughts.  I eat in front of people all the time, but I never enjoy it.  I much prefer the comfort at our RV while on the road to step away from society and all the noise, so I can read, think and write.  But for them, the restriction significantly impacted their business because people in Roswell go to The Cowboy Café to be seen and talk to other people, the old-fashioned way that farmers and hard-working people always have.  I can think of many similar places near my home, like Middletown and Hamilton. Still, it was easier for me to see many things in Roswell because it was an exotic atmosphere hiding behind the veil of all the alien conspiracies.  As it turned out, the alien story was just the way the town had chosen to survive as a result of all the liberal policies that shipped all their jobs overseas from World War II on, and that was the story for many of the far-flung towns in New Mexico and all up and down Route 66 upon getting there.  The impact of liberalism wasn’t so apparent in towns like mine; you had to go where America was further to see it. In Roswell, New Mexico, it was like an archaeological dig that showed various layers of human progress preserved in town perfectly.  In places like Middletown and Hamilton, Ohio, you get that history too, but it’s sprinkled in with progress.  In Roswell, things are as they were 100 years ago, growing until the mid-40s when the alien crash happened and refocused everyone’s attention to conspiracy instead of the military takeover of the area and the missile testing that then became the booming business.

We ate at The Cowboy Café for the rest of the week for breakfast and lunch, and I came to really like Roswell, New Mexico.  My wife and I found a little grocery store that specialized in local suppliers that were nice.  We became attached to a private brand of corn chips from a Mexican farmer who lived nearby that was fantastic to eat while we spent long hours camping in our RV waiting for the weather to break so we could turn north and go home.  We ate those corn chips for hours while watching The Weather Channel, which reported so many flash snowstorms along our path, but we didn’t care much.  Roswell was an excellent place to be and to think for me.  And thinking back on it, it was the perfect place to finish the book.   If I wanted to attack the ridiculous premise of progressivism and its destructive aftermath in our nation, Roswell was the place to see everything clearly.  And The Cowboy Café was the perfect story of tenacity which exists in all those small towns.  The world might have given up on such places, but the people find ways to survive.  But then again, that is why so many people supported Trump. Why Joe Biden was not elected president, he was put in place by globalists who were afraid another term of Trump would destroy their investments into what was their bible in Looking Backward.  Their socialist Utopia was actually deader than the town of Roswell, and to cling to it, they had to steal an election.  But when you talk to people in places like The Cowboy Café, you quickly learn what a fake our modern politics is.  And the truth is out there, not the truth of aliens and government conspiracy so much, but as to what people think and feel. I’m glad to have had those experiences at the times that we had them. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trent Emeneker is a Liberal in West Chester: Relative to Butler County, Ohio, the trustee challenger is a Democrat in disguise

Trent Emeneker Wants to Be a Liberal Trustee in West Chester, Ohio

Not a surprise; I’m a Mark Welch guy in West Chester.  Of course, I’m supporting Mark Welch for re-election to the West Chester trustees. He’s had that job for a while and has done a fantastic job.  West Chester, Ohio, is one of the greatest places to live in all of America.  As I said in the video above, I have recently returned from Jackson, Wyoming, which is per capita one of the wealthiest places in the United States.  I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming; I enjoyed shopping there with my family.  It was all very nice.  But it’s not nicer than West Chester, Ohio.  Not by a long shot.  I’ve been all over the United States and seen a lot of nice areas to live in.  When people vote for West Chester to be one of the best places anywhere to live, they aren’t kidding.  And Mark Welch gets a lot of credit for making it that way.  The process started long ago when Senator George Lang was a trustee and implemented a small-government philosophy, which the trustees still adhere to currently.  Small government anywhere, minimal, competent, government leads to prosperity.  A big, bloated government, especially filled by incompetent people, leads to corruption, disaster, and high costs to maintain that government.  In this upcoming race for re-election in November of 2021, Mark Welch is the small-government guy with a proven track record.  End of the story, vote for Mark and enjoy another term in office to keep West Chester great.

But there are always challenges to these kinds of positions, and this year is no different.  Liberals are always trying to replace conservatives as trustees, representatives, commissioners, everywhere.  And to do that, they have to pretend to be Republicans when, in fact, they are Democrats, relative to the kind of politics that we have in Butler County, Ohio.  The challenger this time is a guy by the name of Trent Emeneker, a recently laid-off employee at GE who needs something to do, so he decided to run for West Chester Trustee.  Now on paper, Trent will say that he’s a former Marine and a registered Republican.  However, the Democrats had a recent fundraiser for Trent hosted by the old Lakota school levy supporter Kathy Wyenandt at the AC Hotel at Liberty Center.  I was at the Roosevelt Room across the street around 5:30 PM on the Tuesday of that fundraiser and learned all about it from some little birdies who came to that back table complaining about the $10 drinks at the cash bar.  I didn’t know Trent much but thought it was strange that a so-called “fiscal” conservative was having a fundraiser with a Democrat, even if only a few people showed up.  I didn’t pay much attention to the guy until that point, but the fundraiser was enough of suspicion to inspire some research.  After all, who would question a former Marine?  Well, maybe people should ask those with a military record more often and not just assume they will be good officeholders.  That is how we ended up with General Milley.  In today’s military, many progressives are coming out of that system, so we can’t take anything for granted, which looks to be the case with Trent Emeneker.

The biggest problem with Trent is that he wants to hold a vote in West Chester to make the township into a city, which has long been a progressive plan wanted by people who attended Kathy Wyenandt’s fundraiser.  Do you know why they want to make West Chester into a city?  It’s not to better pay for roads and other social services.  We do well now with partnerships with Butler County to operate a great community with low crime, high service value, and without an income tax.  Liberals want to make West Chester a city to create more office positions for people who wish to sit in and get attention. I’m thinking of old-school levy supporters like Joan Powell, who has pushed for this city thing in West Chester for a long time.  With a city comes city council seats like what they have in Middletown and Mason.  Then, of course, there are significant positions such as mayors, vice mayors, and other offices.  Government expansion is what we are talking about, and for liberals, it’s a chance to do something progressive and raise taxes to pay for everything.   Right now, West Chester is run by essentially three trustees and a fiscal officer.  Parts of Butler County that are cities do not run better than West Chester.  The track record is unavoidable. 

Yet that is pretty much the campaign of Trent Emeneker.  Somebody that not even GE thought was worth having around since they let him go as part of their Covid-19 resizing. He wants to get on West Chester’s Board of Trustees and push to become a city so that more liberals can have some office to sit on and create more bureaucracy, such as what happens everywhere that government expands.  With West Chester interacting with hundreds of thousands of people in the residing area, providing services to them all efficiently and with a budget surplus most of the time, what else is there for Trent to do but complain about making government bigger?  This is where the “fiscal” conservative on his signs comes into play.  If he was a real conservative, not just somebody who might have voted for George Bush in the past or every other RINO like John Kasich, he does not think like a conservative.  It’s not enough to complain that the current Trustees spent millions of dollars on landscaping at the new exit off the highway.  Hey, when you manage your money, you can do that.  I like coming off that exit and seeing it look classy.  The amount of money that is generated off the Union Center exit in West Chester is enormous.  Planting a few flowers doesn’t make the current trustees fiscally reckless. Instead, they respect the great businesses camped out in West Chester because the trustees have protected them from the overly intrusive government Trent wants. 

These kinds of campaign theatrics used to work when people didn’t know better, but in West Chester, everyone can look at a track record of success.  Then to propose that government is what makes something great, which most liberals believe and what gives Trent away as a liberal, is to slap away everything successful in West Chester.  And that’s what would come with a vote for Trent Emeneker.  He can sell himself as Goose from Top Gun because he spent ten years in the Marines in the back of a Navy fighter.  I might like Top Gun, but I don’t know if I’d want Goose managing the money in my home township. I’d need more than that.  What matters to me is that he was so invaluable that he ended up on the lay-off list at GE when they decided they needed to reduce their workforce after Covid hit.  Why would he make a good trustee again if an employer didn’t even want him?  And when Democrats are pushing to get you elected, what does that say about the person running?  Yeah, I’m sure Trent is a nice fellow.  He probably is a nice husband and father.  But keep that guy away from money.  Because he’s a liberal in disguise, and he wants to expand government and change what has been working for us all very well already.

Rich Hoffman

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The LEA Union at Lakota Goes Too Far: Trying to screen school board candidates to protect their stranglehold on the district

Labor Unions think they are Management, they aren’t

It’s safe to say it now; it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, as it used to be when I first started talking about it years ago.  Teacher unions formed under the John Dewey public education system have been communist recruitment centers meant to re-shape the minds of our children into diabolical menaces against American values, life, liberty, and capitalism.  In my school district of Lakota, the LEA labor union has been a treacherous disaster for decades, imposing on the community, which tends to be conservative, a lot of liberal ideology that people aren’t comfortable with.  Many of the kids who have been through the Lakota school system and are now adults can easily see the damage.  Parents tell me all the time the sad stories of their precious little kids who were so sweet and wonderful, who turned into delectable losers through their high school and college years.   By the time the kids get into their 20s and 30s, they end up as unrecognizable communists of anti-American sentiment.  And where did it all start?  Well, in Lakota, there is a group of mad moms led by Sandy Wheatley, an old name to me but likely new to unsuspecting parents new to the school district.  She used to lead the local teacher’s union at Lakota and still has been one of the “sweat bees” always aggravating Lakota school business in the ways you can see in this article.  All the trouble starts with people like her.  In truth, all labor unions were born out of the push for communism during the mid-1800s when Marx published his destructive concepts that have stifled the world in many ways we see today.  But it’s one thing to look at it happening and have feelings about it, but quite another for it to happen in our backyards and not be expected to do anything about it.  I’ve never felt compelled not to do something about it.  I think we should fight these losers everywhere they show themselves because now many can see what I’ve been saying for years.  Teacher unions have not just been bad for our public education system, wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars over the years as an actual imposition. They are additionally harmful to our flag and country and must once and for all be considered domestic terrorists and threats to our children’s very lives.  Because they are.

Recently I have told many stories about a group of school board challengers endorsed by the Republican Party of Butler County, Ohio, running this year to replace three seats on the Lakota school board.  They are great candidates functioning on their own for good reasons which they have determined for themselves.  But I’ve been around for a while and understand the impediments that get in the way of good people intending to do a good job where good jobs are needed, and old labor union presidents like Sandy Wheatley don’t want to see a good job done in public schools.  They function from a different idea of what “good” is.  You and I, dear reader, might call “good” a well-balanced kid who can read, write, think, and grow up to get married, have good kids, a job, run a good household, and come over to a happy family gathering on Christmas for some quality exchanges.  For the communist labor union types, “good” is to turn the kids into servants of the state, do drugs, experiment sexually, collect unemployment, and vote Democrat.  And when it comes time for Christmas dinner, to send those children into those nice American homes filled with nice American families and to torpedo them all from the inside out with disappointment, anxiety, and malice.  Yet many people have always thought that my statements about the teacher’s union were overstated and purely political.  Because I have been more involved in these school board candidates this time around, I have seen how the labor union at Lakota behaves from a different point of view, and that view has been ugly.

One of these school board challengers asked me the other day about the questionnaire shown in this article, along with correspondence showing some Facebook postings from old Sandy Wheatley herself disparaging members of the current school board and the challengers in ways meant to impact the vote the way labor unions all over America intend.  These documents show the intent of the LEA teacher’s union at Lakota in a very honest way that voters should know about.  I found the questionnaire sent to this particular school board challenger to be reprehensible.  As I explained to them, they want to do a nice job for the district, and all this labor union radicalism can be a bit scary, that as a member of the school board, they are the management.  The labor does not get to interview the management. The other way around is the first problem with managing all public schools, especially at Lakota.  These labor union types felt it was appropriate to gather information on incoming school board members at Lakota.  Just read the questions for yourself.  What is being proposed by this questionnaire is that the labor union wants to know how progressive the candidates are.  Will they support the current progressive political agenda such as gay rights in the schools or uncontrollable spending with perpetual tax increases on private property through school levies.  How the candidates’ answer will determine the level of activism the union will perform against those candidates.  The LEA wants people like what they have molded on the current school board, lapdogs of union appeasement from Julie Shaffer, Kelly Casper, Michael Pearl, and the Brad Lovell replacement, Douglas Horton.  As you can see from Sandy’s direct comments on Facebook, they hate Lynda O’Conner because Lynda has tried to do the job a school board is always supposed to do, represent the community who elected her into place.  While the rest want to get along with the communist teacher’s union so bad things won’t be said about them.

People never wanted to face the facts of the origin of the labor movement, especially when it came to their kids.  Parents wanted to like their teachers; many of them started with good intentions.  Everyone always does, including Sandy Wheatley and the union thugs sucking the life out of the Lakota school system.  Even in the human body, viruses want to live.  Cancer wants to live by being a parasite of the host.  Everyone from their perspective wants to live.  But good is determined by logic, and that is why we elect school board members to insert reason into the management of children in a school and the millions of dollars it takes to teach them with free education.  But the quality of that education has always been under attack by teacher unions who want far more than just a job in a school district.  They want to act as parasites to our children and the property we own and maintain to fund their menace.  Attacking private property is one of the communist goals as they were adopted directly from Karl Marx and John Dewey was quite aware of it from the beginning.  It was a mountain of corruption from the start, and it shows in the products of public education, most of us, our children, and the state of our nation now.  And based on these documents shown here, you can see what is going on in your local teacher’s union.  These aren’t unique to Lakota.  But they do require action from voters who have a mind to fix the situation.  In Lakota, during 2021, voters will finally have a chance to do something about all this nonsense.  But really, this is a nationwide problem, and it needs to be addressed in America once and for all.  Otherwise, we won’t have a country, making all teacher union members very, very happy.

Rich Hoffman

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Obama is Losing Control: Its good to see

I am enjoying watching former president Obama wiggle with reality as the progressive hard laid plans of deceit and malice fall apart in front of their faces.  Like I explained to some people recently about how crazy the world appears to be, it’s a good thing.  For years all this stuff was pushed under the rug, and now the carpet has been pulled up, and we realize what a mess everything is.  But before, we were kidding ourselves.  It was always a mess, but it was just hidden carefully from sight.  And that’s how Obama, the communist radical terrorist, was trained to enter the White House under the guilt of racism and begin to demolish our country, for which Joe Biden has been tasked to finish.  Only, people are not following the way they are supposed to, and this has left progressives exposed and baking under the hot sun of the light of day, a place they don’t like to be.  Yet, I would say it’s a good thing to be tested like this and to punish those who have attacked us with the realization that they will not be successful.  And to see the color go from their faces as to what happens next.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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CEOs Deserve to Make a Lot of Money: Average workers don’t own equally the risk it takes to run a business–Karl Marx never figured that out

It’s the same old communist push from progressives in the United States, politicians like Sherrod Brown from Ohio and Elizabeth Warren, the loser we know so well as the Indian claiming “Pocahontas.”  We’re talking about their positions on CEOs, that they make too much money, many times more than the average worker.  Whenever you hear some loser like them saying, “CEOs make 400 times more than the average worker, and that something needs to be done about it, what you are hearing is a know-nothing loser who has the economic maturity of a cat spaced out on catnip.  I address this issue in some detail in the supplied video but let me spell it out briefly.  CEOs make a lot of money because it is they who shoulder the risk for all the workers.  There is nothing wrong with being an average worker, but there is also a lot of safety in earning a living.  CEOs have no such comfort.  It is they who make a company successful or not, and it is they who own the risk for possible failure, of whether there is a job to even punch a time clock to.  There is no such thing as shared ownership of workers and creating a business, any business.  Such thoughts that they are in any way come directly from the works of Karl Marx and are picked up by loser politicians like Sherrod Brown and exploited purely for political purposes by the ignorant and purposely malicious. 

CEOs are great for society

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What’s Behind the Derek Chauvin Case: We know the façade, yet that is only the beginning

Like a lot of news outlets, I have been asked many hundreds of times over the last few days what I thought of the Derek Chauvin case.  Much to my surprise, very few commentators understood the essence; Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens were pecking around on the surface of understanding, comprehending that it was a fear of the mob behind the verdict. Still, the situation is much more profound and is elusive to the usual analysis.  So, I offer my thoughts on the matter in the video above.  I understood what the judge was doing and can sympathize when he addressed the defense team about Maxine Watters activism that set the stage for an appeal.  She was wrong to fly to Minneapolis to stir up trouble within the black community, attempting to create a mob of extortion to use the crises to establish much broader political power grabs.  And her actions will likely destroy the entire case.  The judge just wanted to get his courtroom off the front page and protect the jurors any way within his power, which was noble.  What else could he do with a mob outside his window?  Without a doubt, the jurors were feeling the same thing.  Not one of them would dare utter a not-guilty verdict for fear of what the mob would do.  But Maxine gave the judge a way out, and he took it with his very unusual speech to the defense, signaling to them what their next steps after a guilty verdict should be. 

What we witnessed this week with the media urging on the mobs of insurrection was truly disgusting.  It was the same unified voice as we saw over election fraud, where there was no evidence, even though nobody wanted to look at it spread out for all to see.  The media refused to acknowledge it and continued to drive a narrative that told the political story they wanted.  An insurrection of President Trump and the America First populist movement to install a progressive dictator operating behind the puppet presidency of Joe Biden and hiding their massive crimes behind vote tampering and media compliance.  After the Chauvin verdict, the media lined up in the same way, sending out pictures of the former police officer in handcuffs, being checked in to the jail—being processed as a criminal.  It was symbolic of what progressives want to do to all police in America.  They want to destroy law enforcement so that they can rebuild our society with a socialist mob and destroy our Constitution in the ashes of that activism.  For them, Chauvin was a victory for them no matter what the innocence might be contemplated.  The mob drove the verdict, and it showed them once again that being a bully works and is how you get power these days.  Republicans won’t stand up to the bullies, and this only confirmed it further for them. 

But what are we supposed to think about the criminal act itself?  As I said in the video, I see it as an unfortunate circumstance of two pairs of opposites.  Chauvin was an aggressive, power-hungry police officer who collided with the tapestry of progressive below-the-line thinking, the drug addict George Floyd and a well-known criminal past.  Progressives sought to exploit the tragedy in similar ways to bring communism to Russia, China, and Cuba.  South Africa comes to mind too.  People forget that Nelson Mandela was a raving communist, and that is the same effort behind Black Lives Matters and all the mobs protesting police brutality.  They make race the issue when it’s much more complicated than that.  But the death itself was just an unfortunate accident between two people who knew each other from their days of working at a nightclub together and bouncing around with wild women and drugs each night at that establishment.  Chauvin married a woman who would soon be a beauty queen, so his life took a different turn but obviously, the past between these two people played out on the day of that death of Floyd.  Floyd being drugged out, and Chauvin showing off to his peers how to subdue a suspect. 

The marriage of Chauvin is another sad story.  His wife from Laos, who could barely speak English, was late in life when she beat out her rivals for the crown.  Good for her for taking a shot and putting herself out there.  But everyone saw what was going on, here was an aging minority woman in a politically correct world of beauty pageants.  They had to give her the crown, but it was enough for the shallow Chauvin.  It was bragging rights when he asked her on a date while working at a local hospital.  She was happy to have the attention of a person of authority and the two married.  But the moment Chauvin killed George Floyd, the power trip was over, and she filed for divorce.  She did not stand by her man of 10 years of marriage.  I only mention all that because it points to a problem with Derek Chauvin.  He cared too much about what people thought about him.  He didn’t care that his new wife was only into him for his badge.  He only wanted her for the bragging rights of having a beauty queen for a wife as well, so they both were getting what they wanted—until she couldn’t get what she needed out of the marriage once that relationship ended with his arrest. It’s a more subtle footnote to this tragedy built from the ground up on looks rather than reality.  Including the use of mobs to drive the verdict toward communist spread through the black communities using force as power. 

With the analysis of the wife and the competition of nightclub life, even as bouncers and security guards, you can likely understand that perhaps Chauvin put a little more force with his knee on Floyd’s neck due to those memories. I have some experience with these things from my early days.  I was a bouncer for a local nightclub, and women offer lots of things to get an advantage to the VIP sections.  And other men see these advantages that you have, and they try to kill you or hurt you any way they can. No doubt Chauvin was the kind of guy who enjoyed this power.  And it would also hurt him to see a guy like George Floyd getting the real attention from such ladies once the girls got into the club.  Hey, wild girls live and die by the sword.  Chauvin was a little too stuffy and strait-laced for those types of women who love to do crazy things with crazy big men of color.  Of course, we’ll never know for sure because nobody talks about these things, not even the men involved.  Likely Chauvin wasn’t smart enough to even consider what his subconscious motives were with Floyd.  He just knew the man from their shared past, and this was an opportunity to show off for the guys and impress his beauty queen wife when he got home that night.  The stoic cop she was attracted to being a big man on the job.

Much of this is speculation based on known conditions and experience.  But the question is not hard to determine whether or not Derek Chauvin went to work that day intent to kill George Floyd, and the answer is obvious. Derek Chauvin likely didn’t think too deeply about anything, even what he would have for breakfast on that particular day.  So he did not go out into the world intent to kill a black man that day.  Now when an old nightclub rival put himself at the mercy of the law and was intoxicated with drugs while Chauvin was instructing other cops on how to make proper arrests as an officer, well, you can see how things would have gone wrong.  But was it murder?  Or just an accident from two delinquents burdened with the responsibilities of manhood when in fact, neither was ready.  Yea, there was a lot wrong with this case, but murder wasn’t one of them. Instead, it was used to hide all the other intentions that are much more menacing. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Jesus Christ was Wrong: Turning the other cheek is a dumb idea

Jesus Christ was a socialist—they were of course called something else back in the day as religion and politics were less distinctive from each other. But a quick study through history will show that while Jesus was traveling in the wilderness he obviously came across Buddhism and adapted it for his own homeland in a way that conflicted with the powerful orthodox of the Jews who worked closely with the Roman Empire to be regional governors. Jesus used passivity to inspire the poor to rebel against their overlords and the Jews killed him for the threat to their society. Several centuries later the Roman Empire had a desire to turn to the political left so they imposed Christianity onto the regions they controlled and shortly thereafter the their entire society collapsed. The Dark Ages followed which had a Medieval Church that used the blunt hammer of Jesus Christ’s “sacrifice” as a mechanism to keep the living from trying to overtake their church leaders who ruled the lands with a Bible only they could read, as ignorance was the most powerful weapon in those days. People were too stupid and superstitious to think of individual rights until the Age of Reason rescued Europe from its long dark past. It was during the Renaissance that the ideas for America were born culminating in a mad dash for a country overrun with oriental savages from China with the same kind of leftist occult driven superstition as Jesus ran into during his days in the wilderness. The American frontiersman confronted those left leaning heathens on the western frontier and won. But along the way the Christian values they brought with them from Europe became the basic tenants of conservatism which worked well among their own kind. But the many oriental ideas in the teachings of Jesus paralyzed conservatives as they tried to deal with enemies to their value system—after all their leader had been crucified due to his threat to the Roman/Jewish relationship in Jerusalem.

That brief history flashed through my mind as I watched an exasperated Brit Hume on Fox News attempt to put his conservative finger on the problems of our day, as leftists were openly calling for violence against any Trump supporter in the streets of America. Brit’s comments showed us why we had turned away from Jeb Bush, John Kasich, John McCain and Mitch McConnell and started flying our flags behind Trump. It was a mystery to Brit how we could regain a civilized society under the value systems he embodied as a conservative. The Christian conservative is perfectly fine as a value system in the open spaces between the big cities of America. Just visit a Bob Evens at around 8:30 AM anywhere, and you’ll see America at its best. People are good to each other as old men sit at the counter and read the newspaper. Families eat in peace and treat each other respectfully, it’s an idea that has a lot of appeal—until a political leftist tries to steal that value through some kind of protest. At that point the same elements that ended the Roman Empire, destroyed the Churches of Europe and essentially led to every war that mankind had fought with each other throughout history is exposed and the conservatives have no recourse to deal with the intrusion because of their paralysis in the teachings of Jesus Christ. They turn the other cheek to their enemies only to find that cheek slapped too, and not just once, but twice, three times, and more, until the skin is literally falling off their face. The typical leftist is a heathen not that much unlike the Indians that Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother described in the famous novels written by that author constituting the Little House on the Prairie series.

The big story of the day when Brit Hume was musing about the lack of civility in our modern political world was that Laura Ingalls Wilder was having her name removed from a prestigious literary award due to her comments on Indians, which in her day were always a threat to kill families on the frontier. Modern leftists have attempted to reinvent the past by defining the Indians as the original inhabitants of North America and that the white European settlers that brought with them new philosophies of self-management from the Age of Reason were confronting Chinese settlers who had radically different ideas on the nature of existence, and the two sides fought it out. The new Americans won over the oriental colonists from China. Many of these Chinese colonists came to North America during the Ming Dynasty when their giant ships were trading with countries all over the world, well before the Europeans were even thinking of a journey to North America. The New World at that time was already well-known in the East because they had been traveling there for centuries. And before the Chinese it was the Vikings and Phoenicians. Ancient descendents from all those nationalities were already in North America and had many empires rise and fall well before Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother said that “the only good Indian was a dead Indian.” Many of the Indian nations were warring factions that used violence as a test of manhood—they were not docile nature lovers. They were the original leftists in the New World and the modern left has tied themselves to their ancient ancestors and have been trying for quite a long time to use that guilt as leverage over the newly founded country of America.

That is where conservatives find themselves paralyzed because the leader of most right-thinking people is ultimately Jesus Christ who was very ideologically aligned with the typical socialist and Indian warrior on the frontier of America. Maxine Watters isn’t the first radical to call for action through collective assimilation. So when the political left plays Jesus against conservatives by taking advantage of a turned cheek or a desire for peace, the political leftists attack and has been pushing conservatives further and further back for as long as humans have interacted with each other and we’re at a point where the running has to stop.

I would say to Brit Hume and to the estate of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and to Trump supporters in general that peace is not possible with the leftists. Just as treaties were not possible with the Indians because they were of a different mindset that was not conducive to the American idea. Or the Renaissance artist who was drawing naked bodies on buildings after hundreds of years of stagnant thinking coming out of the Dark Ages—the two sides of thinking are not compatible. Values cannot stand up to constant attack if the person with values always surrenders to the aggressions of the heathens. The Chinese were heathens during the Ming Dynasty because they were a collective based society seeking to impose themselves on the entire world. The Indians were heathens because they were another mixed batch of collective based cultures seeking to put superstition over the minds of reason, no different from the cults of churches in the Dark Ages were inclined to follow some priest who could magically read words on a page and decipher meaning from them. Or the Romans and Jews who were collectively based cultures who wanted to execute an individual preaching a collective eastern based religion that didn’t even need a church to guide them—a hippie from the wilderness known as Jesus who taught us all to turn the other cheek even as he was crucified on a cross with his blood dripping out upon the ground. The Roman Empire in its last days turned left and told us all that we should follow the teachings of the oriental Christ and sacrifice ourselves to the living so that we could live eternally in the afterlife. But in so doing they implied that we sanction evil in the here and now putting peace on earth above the morality of the good—and that is something that we as conservatives need to stop doing. We cannot surrender the world to evil with an eye to the everlasting. Because as many wise people have said over many centuries, what we do in life, does reflect us in death, and yielding to evil in life or death is not permissible. Jesus was wrong.

It’s one thing to be good to your fellow neighbors and to preach peace to people who have shared values at church, in our neighborhoods, and even at Bob Evens on a morning breakfast at 8:30 AM. But when the leftist as they are known to do, whether it’s the barbarian hordes that sacked Rome to officially end the Empire, or the Indians who were Chinese conquerors from the Ming Dynasty, and probably earlier, the Vikings or the latest clan of Maxine Waters supporters, they intend always to attack those of us who have individual values so war is always their first option. And when faced with such an option it is not enough to sacrifice ourselves to the crosses they wish to nail us to, which has been the path of most mainstream conservatives for many years—the world of Brit Hume. When faced with such a menace we must fight, and that goes beyond what our religions instruct us to do—unless you seek the deeper meaning of the plight of the Christian Soldiers, marching as to war. Not all of Christianity is a turn the other cheek religion. But for the parts that are, do not listen to those instructions, because they were created from the very beginning by liberals of countless names throughout history, and their intention was always to leave conservatives with no other option but to be conquered. And its time to change that history for a change toward the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Rich Hoffman

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