Avatar, the United Nations Message about Sustainable Development: Liberalism has killed movies and Disney in general

I feel like it’s appropriate to gloat a bit about the box office disappointment of Avatar: The Way of Water is seeing. I predicted this poor showing several weeks away from the release in December of 2022, and everything is happening just as I said it would. I like Jim Cameron, and I have been very supportive of Disney as a company over the years. But these people and companies have moved much more to the leftover political time and use their entertainment platforms to communicate radical left ideas. And Avatar is essentially a United Nations sustainable development advertisement that centerpieces a save the whales campaign. In the world we live in today, people are tired of having left-leaning messages crammed down their throats. And that is what this new Avatar film is, a massive environmental message about how primitive society is superior to a technological capitalist one, and people aren’t exactly flocking to see it. Now with the first Avatar, back in 2009, when people assumed that there were freedoms of choice and that the political left deserved a chance to be heard from after eight years of George W. Bush, the massive growth of government after 9/11, and the belief that liberalism and conservatism could all live well together, people were willing to give Avatar a chance. And because it was a visually spectacular film, they went to see it and listened to what James Cameron had to say about the benefits of worshipping nature.

I don’t hate Avatar; here, my wife and I are at the Avatar land at Disney. I think it’s fantastic. But it certainly advocates a political, environmental message as its purpose. We filmed this for my children to see who were curious about what we were doing on our vacation.

This new Avatar film is doing good business from all normal measures. It is on track to break a billion dollars quickly with global box office numbers. Avatar is doing fantastic in countries where the United Nations is much more respected, such as Europe, and the greenie-weenie message is more accepted than in the United States. The liberal message with the fantastic visuals is worth seeing for people. But this film is now two weeks out and tracking with other blockbusters, and from the beginning, Disney was hoping this movie would be something special and that people would flock to see it like the previous movie. After all, Disney is committed to several more sequels of these Avatar films, and they think they will all make a few billion dollars each. Instead, what they are finding is a product with brand damage. In a post-Covid world, people are a lot more jaded about the liberal messages that are in movies. People watched their president being stolen from them. Instead, we were given by American intelligence agencies a loser in Joe Biden and told that all fossil fuels would be eliminated and we’d be forced to deal with power losses due to a lack of sustainability of solar and wind power. And the reason for Democrats is essentially the plot of Avatar 2. We have to save the whales. Capitalism is bad. And white people in big technical ships want to exploit indigenous people who live in harmony with nature. It’s the same argument against the formation of America and arguing that the Indians found in North America had their lives taken from them in favor of a greedy capitalist culture of technology lovers who are too into themselves and not bowing at the feet of mother universe.   

Of course, the pin-heads at Disney believe that the World Economic Forum people in Davos are the future and have bought into it. Larry Fink’s BlackRock has bought up much of the board at Disney. Now their leadership is filled with purple haired transexuals who think the grooming of kids in kindergarten is appropriate. They wanted to go to war with Ron DeSantis in Florida to throw their weight around as a company, which would somehow work out fine on the public trust front. When the first Avatar film was made, it was produced by 20th Century Fox, but now that Disney has acquired that production company, Disney has the rights to Jim Cameron’s creations. And behind the scenes, they have been attached at the hip with their environmentalism messages. While Avatar doesn’t appear to have much going on with gay characters, the politics of the green movement is clearly the driving force. And people get enough of that on CNN, MSNBC, and all the newspapers these days. They are not inclined to spend money seeing a 3-hour movie about those topics. In days before the government showed all its ugliness with election fraud, FBI insurrections to throw a popularly picked president out of office, and all the evils government showed with Covid and the lockdowns, we are in a much different world than when the first Avatar film came out. Cameron has always flirted with liberal messages in his films, the Terminator films were cautionary tales of the evils of technology, and the Abyss was all about aliens who were warning us about our own tendencies toward destruction. But the old truck driver in Jim Cameron managed to speak a language of violence and independence that people could relate to. Hence, they overlooked the growing liberal in Cameron because his movies were good.  After all, at the end of the Alien films, it was always the woman, Ripley, dressed in underwear, who representing Mother Earth would defeat the terror and save the quest.  The message was always obvious in those films, the feminine aspect of nature would always save the day.  But back then, Cameron and his fellow filmmakers were coyer about it.

But the success of Titanic, then Avatar went to Cameron’s head, and he has forgotten what made his movies great. Now he thinks he has the political capital to put very liberal messages in his movies, and people will love his movies so much that they might just learn something along the way. And that clearly is the belief of the Disney people who have drunk the Cameron Kool-aid. Where Cameron used to disguise his liberalism much better in the past, now he’s like the old man who farts at the table and just doesn’t care who might protest because everyone is hoping that they’ll get a nice present from that crazy old man at Christmas time, so they keep their mouths shut. And that Emperor Has No Clothes on mentality has hurt Jim Cameron. He has lost touch with his audience and thinks people like these blue people he created in Avatar are much beloved. But in truth, and this is the fact he hasn’t faced yet, it is because of technology, not the nature message, that people have gone to see Avatar at all. It’s all about the visual spectacle, not the message that people go to see, and this time around, people have seen it and done it. And liberalism is driving them away. It’s certainly not bringing them into the theaters. This isn’t Top Gun: Maverick which I would say is an average film from the 80s done now that people desperately crave a return to. People went to see Maverick because it made them feel good. Not because the movie was great but because they wanted to see that kind of patriotic story, even in places around the world separated from American influence. Avatar is the opposite; people go see it for the colors and the curiosity. But they forget the names of the characters after because they really don’t care about the people. Only the pretty scenery. And that gets them into the seats the first time, but we see that they go once and then forget about it. The film doesn’t have legs, and that is because of the grotesque liberalism contained in the story that has ultimately destroyed the Disney brand forever.

Rich Hoffman

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The Root Cause Analysis of All Political Problems: Mankind was meant to have dominion over nature–nature by itself is pretty dumb

The root cause analysis of all political problems is a very ancient one. I would say that it goes all the way back to the start of our present recorded history and likely goes back much further than that. What was invented in America was very special and has been part of an evolution that well exceeds the last 10,000 years, but is best expressed in the opening books of Genesis in the Bible, particularly Genesis: 28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be Fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” I would say until that passage was written in the Bible, put together by the Romans to unite their empire, mankind had been stuck on the Vico Cycle rut that always created a society of perpetual beginnings, moving through the standard cycles of theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy. Over many thousands of years of civilization, the Egyptians never figured it out, and they look to have built most of their society on a previously unknown ancient civilization, and what they gained from them was only a fraction of what was. Greek and Roman societies studied the Egyptians, who were essentially oriental in their approach to the everlasting, and saw themselves as perishable, except when it came to the embodiment of reincarnated Egyptian gods born again as Pharaohs. The Romans put together selected parts of the Bible but left out many others to control mass populations in Europe as they pushed their competing religions East into the orient. There has been a lot that went on, but everyone got it a little bit wrong until at least mankind began to think in the way of that which was put in the first pages of the Bible in the Book of Genesis, where God gave mankind dominion over nature. Not the other way around. 

Suppose you dive down with a root cause analysis of all the major political and religious movements of our current time and ask why so many people hate each other. In that case, the problem starts with mankind’s relationship to eternity and the misplaced idea that materialism is bad and that dying into a spirit is good, without question that is the core problem with the current climate change activists. Suppose you speak to them with the cameras off where they are comfortable and unguarded, perhaps with a few glasses of wine down their throats. In that case, they will admit to some variation of the four major religions presented to us by the standard bearers of humanity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Of those four, all of them view the modern world’s materialism as evil and the ascendency into the world of the dead as good, to leave the material world behind and embrace our spiritual natures. But, and I would cite the great work of the great Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo, a hero of the climate change religious fanatics of the world, that the greatest thing in the entire universe that includes quasars, black holes, concepts of a multiverse, anything and everything is the consciousness and imagination of the human being. I don’t say that just because we are all human and we can’t think of anything better due to our own human limits of perception. But in the observations of the universe and the rules that govern it. The creative force of the mind captured in a human form takes the tools of nature and puts them to the best use. The concept of America, while it might have been formed in rebellion against the tyranny of the Catholic Church, guided by what was left over from the Roman empire, what was created, as I often state in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is a unique new kind of human with a different kind of religion in America, where materialism reflects the boundless energy of nature captured and put to practical use by human beings and their wondrous imaginations. And the importance of this is that it has broken a destructive cycle of continued rebirth that has been limiting human development for many thousands of years. As intelligent as the Egyptians appeared to be, with lots of lost technology that we are still trying to figure out, it’s evident that their civilization wasn’t the first to rise and fall. We see those forces at work now in the modern age, violently and with great panic.

The current political order, especially Democrats and progressives, is trying to fit the world to that old religious model of sacrifice to the gods and yielding to the forces of nature. But our human intellect, captured whether on purpose or by accident in the creation of the Bible and passages like those in the Book of Genesis giving mankind dominion over nature, to use the tools of nature to create and perpetuate thought, which looks to be the greatest power in the universe, or the multiverse, then now we see what all the fuss has been about. The world’s religions, as the limits of mankind’s translations, presented them, have not been big enough to consider the true implications of what it meant to be human. To begin with, what role did humans play in the cosmos, and why did they have such vast imaginations? Even though the human being may be very small in relation to the rest of all matter in the universe, which may just be but one little cell in the grand body of God, the conscious reality of that small contribution looks to be the key to everything. Imagine if the cells of our own body decided to allow disease to manifest within us and did not fight them. We’d become sick. And so it is with the schemes of the universe. Our role in the whole thing is not to sacrifice ourselves to the body of nature but to act with our minds to correct nature with our imaginations and ability to think. 

I often point out what a mess nature is if allowed to grow independently. What the human mind brings is conceptual understanding and an ability to organize. Nature by itself can only do so much. It needs the human mind to make it better, and when the Book of Genesis was created as a conceptual faculty of thought, and America was the first time in history it was allowed to be put to use, then great things started happening, and the greatest country in the history of the world formed, and everyone wants to come to it to enjoy what can be done with a free mind and the toolbox of nature to perform great things. Yet, the rest of the world, the nations, and the religions that control them have not yet accepted this new way of thinking, this morality of materialism that runs contrary to all the things they understand about how the world works. I would say that all of them, millions and millions of people over many tens of thousands of years, have been wrong. They missed the point. Nature says that in its chaos of calamity, we can have a Younger Dryas period that has a comet hit Saginaw Bay in Michigan and created a life-ending cataclysm that likely destroyed a civilization that was much more advanced than the Egyptians were, that everything the Egyptians knew was part of the Vico Cycle where much was lost in the translation. But dominion over nature says we destroy the comet before it destroys the earth, and humanity continues to think about big things rather than wasting all their time sacrificing to the gods and trying to catch enough food to live another day. Nature is dumb; it’s not in charge. God, whatever version of God or religion that gives a relationship to such conceptual needs, is a thinking human being that can act with imagination and make nature better. And until the rest of the world figures out what Americans already know and defend it with their guns, they will continue to struggle as civilizations always have. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Nature of Power: 35% of voters want to overturn the 2020 election

The Nature of Power

Probably the most misunderstood thing in the world is the nature of power and how you know you have it, and others recognize that you do.  This came to my mind for several reasons, most notably the discussion on the Steve Bannon Warroom podcast recently where it was revealed that 30% of all registered voters want to see the 2020 election overturned.   From my perspective, I feel the United States moved in a new and healthy direction during the last week of October 2021.  Not through our political system, that is a disaster, but I feel that the right people see what’s going on and that Democrats are ruining their brand forever by what they are doing now.  When I heard that 30% number, it caught my attention because I understand power I have and want to share with people.  It is, after all, one of the big themes in my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, who really has power and what can be done with it.  Most everyone gets their understanding of power wrong.  It’s not their fault; it’s just the way we teach ourselves.  Much of the world has sought to mask that misunderstanding by making power a process and not an intellectual attribute, leaving many wholly lost about the nature of power.  It’s not in Democracy, the opinions of the masses that power is acquired, which is the current strategy of globalists, Big Tech, political parties, communist countries, every villain you can think of.  They seek to gain power by a recognized title, saying that Dr. Fauci is powerful because he’s at the front of the NIH and is the highest-paid government employee in America.  But in reality, he’s just a sniveling lier who could be crushed about as quickly as we might swat a fly.  In Dr. Fauci’s case, the power is an accepted system, whereas the real power comes from other measures. 

I often use the example in my book of The Lonely Stranger, who steps into a saloon in the Wild West and moves through a room full of desperate people, prostitutes, gamblers, cutthroats, swindlers, rustlers, robbers, and dealmakers.  The music stops when they enter and step to the bar for a drink with their back to the room.  All the power in the world is in this lonely stranger because the room’s contents are moved to action by the new presence.  Some are thinking about how they might kill the stranger and take all he has.  Others wonder if there is some secret knowledge the stranger has that might enrich the lives of those so desperate.  Perhaps a friendship would be profitable.  Prostitutes might hope for an easy new customer.  Everyone looks at the stranger and wonders who they are and what benefit they might be to the desperate. It’s a classic western theme that was developed in American culture and is unique in the world.  The power, of course, is entirely in the hands of the lonely stranger at the bar, making the room guess how the stranger’s life might benefit them.  Either through crime, friendship, lust, or even intoxication.  Power is when others are moved to action by some instigator.  Understanding that and then manipulating those around the room to your objectives is how good strategy is evoked and utilized correctly. 

Most people in the world want to step into a saloon-like that and be liked by the participants.  In so doing, instantly, all their power is given to the mob, and they lose any leadership prospect.  Leadership is not understood even by those who naturally possess it.  Leadership is in knowing how to use power to move the masses to the desired effect.  A good leader can make the people in the saloon do anything they want, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 people or 1 billion people.  The saloon can be as big as you want it to be; people always behave the same for the same reasons no matter what culture we are dealing with.  The leverage always goes to the lonely, unknown stranger alone at the bar with their back to the room until they give away that power by showing a desire for friendship.  Once that weakness is revealed, then the lonely stranger becomes another member of some peer group.  They may influence that peer group, but not the rest of the room.  As a great CEO, Trump came into the presidency understanding this trait of leadership. That’s how the MAGA movement happened and how Trump was even able to control the flow of the media.  They may have hated him, but he had power over them, just like those who wanted to kill the lonely stranger plotted and schemed in the corners behind layers of cigar smoke in how to end the stranger’s life.  So long as the stranger understands what’s going on, he can make it work to his advantage. 

But it’s a lonely realization, leadership.  And we are taught as little kids, and throughout our lives, that friendship is the most important thing.  So we walk into these rooms full of people and seek friendship, not the naturally associated power with our independence.  We all have tremendous power until we give it away under some assumption of winning the hearts of our attempted murders or the schemes of the whores, and gamblers with friendship.  If we just stayed at the bar with our back to the room, letting the various elements simmer on their thoughts, we would maintain power over all of them.  In such a way, one person can influence through leadership many hundreds of people.  Or perhaps thousands.  That is why it was significant to hear that 30% of all people supported turning over the election.  That is way more people than are needed to change society.  A considerable revolution could occur with influential leaders under 5%, which is essentially how the Democrats have made this current power play.  They are playing by the wrong rules and have made several fatal mistakes, and those mistakes are blowing up in their faces as I write this.  President Trump has maintained that 30% during his entire presidency and before and after because those people make up the lonely, stranger aspect of the saloon inhabitants.  And they haven’t turned to the room for friendship but have remained with their back to it, cooly sipping on their drinks and watching all the desperate faces from under the brim of their hat in a mirror hanging behind the bar to show the room and its cutthroats in all its glory.  And that’s more than we need to win the war and the world, which I find very encouraging.  When you understand leadership and how it works, you can then know that the modern political methods of acquiring power, whether Facebook, Twitter, or the Deep State, are all wrong because they seek friendship as their means of manipulation and the schemes of Democracy.  But that’s not how power works, and they are learning all too late that everything they have built their life around has been false, and they will fail as sure as you are reading this, which has presented them with a crisis many of them were never prepared for, and it’s to our benefit to exploit.

Rich Hoffman

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The Art of Water: Giving mother nature the middle finger

One of the great things about summer are the kind of days I just recently had where I spent the entire day swimming in my back yard as storms rolled through sporadically. The diversity of a hot steamy day from the vantage point of a Jacuzzi watching the clouds roll in swiftly overhead then experiencing the sudden 20 degree drops in temperature as the rain comes through blotting out the sunlight and within moments all signs of a blue sky are gone is invigorating.

During these some of these sudden downpours while the lighting streaked across the sky I would step out of my hot tub and jump into the cold water of my pool. The hot tub is approximately 102 degrees so sweat was pouring off my face. The rain was cold but not nearly as frigid as the 72 degree water. Jumping suddenly into such wild temperature fluctuations from the hot tub to the cold pool water are how I have spent many of my summers for over a decade. When I have those rare days where not much is expected out of my time, that’s how I enjoy spending it.

This year I had to do major structural work on my pool so after two months of rather extensive work, I finally have it back up and running just two weeks after the normal Memorial Day weekend openings. There were times during this major overhaul that I wondered if it would ever function again.

My wife has planted some rather extensive vegetation around our pool, so when swimming in the heat of the summer it reminds me of a bizarre tropical rain forest, especially when the rain comes down hard. Anytime in the summer when big storms come through I make a point to go swimming. There is something primal and necessary in the task that I find endlessly refreshing. With my body temperature over 100 degrees from the hot tub and only cooling off a little in the pouring rain, the sudden cold water of the pool has a tendency to quickly contract the surface of the skin in response.

But on this particular day in this particular storm there was added meaning. The pool water since I had to do such a major overhaul was all new. Not a single human being had been in the water before my leap into it during the ravishing storm. And not an ounce of chemical had been added yet. The water was pure, straight from the facet that was nearly as pure as the water falling out of the sky during. Water like that has a particular texture as you push your hands through it and when you dive underneath it is crystal clear. It’s fascinating to be under the water and feel the rumble of thunder outside and see the rain pelting the surface of the pool from under the water, then to resurface and see that the stormy winds are knocking around all the trees and kicking up the vegetation.

After my body cooled down to well below its normal body temperature I then went back to the hot tub and sat in it for another hour. In my duration there another storm came and went then I returned back to the pool for another 30 minutes of swimming. My wife kept a clear glass of water filled on the side of the pool for me to drink. Each time I passed by it I noticed how clear the liquid was and the ice cubes inside had a particular luster exhibiting luxury in a perverse way.

The trees around the pool looked majestic from inside the water. They loom up and over the pool just as my wife designed them to, giving the feeling of an eddy along a tributary of the Amazon, only without the dirty water or the piranhas. There just aren’t many places in the world where these things go together and are only the result of manmade creations. Watering holes like my pool do not exist in nature. The fact that you can walk in it without getting your feet dirty in the mud of a pond or river makes the experience truly soothing. The filtration system keeps the water crystal clear and scoops up the leaves from all the trees around the pool before they have a chance to sink to the bottom. That’s when it occurred to me that it is the filtration system that makes the unique experience of my pool so unique.

I’ve been on rafting trips and spelunking voyages where you crawl through the mud and water on your belly for yards as you freeze from being deep inside a cave and it’s very uncomfortable. Trees often grow along the sides of rivers, but in nature I never enjoy them quite the same as in my pool. You can never totally relax in the wild. It seems like you’re either always sweaty and dirty and the water of a river has all the garbage from everything that’s upstream. But after a hard day of hiking, it always feels nice to fill up your hat and pour it over your head to cool off.

My family and I have been a lot of places, and seen a lot of things, some of them quite startling. So I know the difference, and there is a time and place for adventure. I often ride my motorcycle in the hardest of winters, even when there is snow on the ground. And I’ve done and seen about everything there is to do outside in just about every condition it could be presented in. But there is nothing like a clean pool that has only had your body in it that is cleaned by a filter that you maintain that is in your back yard.

It’s a similar sensation as to why hot dogs on a back yard grill taste so good even though they are the same hot dogs that you can buy anywhere. It’s because the hot dog on the grill is the product of your private property. Your grill, your hot dogs, your back yard, cooked by your spouse—the operative word is in “Your.” There is a lot to be said about ownership, and those who do not have ownership are missing out on one of life’s great treasures. This is why when someone invites you over to grill out, they are so thrilled, but the food to the visitor just tastes normal. They are feeling the result of their property, while to the visitor; it’s just another hot dog.

My wife and I enjoy the Kings Island water park, but it’s never as fun as the pool in our own back yard. I always come away from the water park feeling dirty, and looking for a way to take a shower. I can enjoy the experience, but it’s never as refreshing. Even though the water in my pool has been swirling around the planet since the beginning of time, it has been in oceans, lakes, rivers and been drank by all types of animals even dinosaurs at some point in time. But the water that falls from the sky in the violent summer storms is as clean as it gets on earth, and I love to see it fall from the sky and bounce off my chest and run into my pool which is controlled and cleaned by me.

Most people would complain that the trees around my pool put too many leaves back into the water, but I don’t mind. It’s worth the extra cleaning to have the sharp contrasts, to have the diversified foliage mixed with the clean water, just as I enjoy the contrast of the hot Jacuzzi water with the cold pool water. The extremes are healthy and actually refreshing so long as they occur within the context of ownership.

As I swam in the storm and enjoyed the water most of the day, I thought of all the people in my life who told me that I should not swim when there is lightning flashing across the sky because it’s dangerous. I pity such people because they cling so resolutely to living when their form of living is just a fraction of life’s potential. If I could, I’d teach everyone in America to enjoy such afternoons of swimming in the summer storms, but that would require a majority of Americans to drop communism as an option, to drop the community pool with the dirty sidewalks and urine in the water, and give up apartment living. They’d have to buy their own homes and do what it takes to purchase property and maintain it. Then they could enjoy the food from their very own grill while they soak in their very own hot tub, and swim in their very own pool, because that is the way life is supposed to be in America. And it can be that way for everyone. All that’s required is context, and ownership, and the treasures of a person’s own back yard can eclipse years of adventures all over the planet which are always secondary in their fulfillment. I have done it all and seen it all, and there simply isn’t anything better than that moment when I get to jump in my clean pool after soaking in the hot tub for over an hour while heavy rain pours from the sky. It is an experience that the whole world should be able to realize at least for a portion of their lives, because within those simple actions are the highest aims in human existence—ownership and command over one’s destiny even as we mock the danger of Mother Nature by swimming in a pool of water while the jealous bitch hurls lighting down upon us. That’s when I love to swim on my back and give the good old middle finger to the angry clouds as they pass over head urging me to run for safety. No—it’s my pool and my time, and I will do with it what I please, in spite of what Mother Nature decides to do in protest.


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Rich Hoffman

The Nature of Government

On the morning of December 8, 2010, I went to work as I normally do, only the temperature was hovering just above 10 degrees with a wind chill shaping up to a goose egg. I was riding my motorcycle, as I do all year, rain, snow or tornados, and the explanation for our governmental troubles came to me in the beauty of simplicity.

Many people wonder why I do things like riding motorcycles in sub-zero temperatures, and the explanation I could give them isn’t something they typically would understand from their perspective. I do it for what comes to my mind in the pain and endurance of the exercise. Often, being in such a predicament, which takes a person out of their comfort zones, will clarify thoughts. Since I do a lot of thinking, there are a lot of thoughts to clarify, so driving to work in extremely cold temperatures helps.

On this particular morning, I looked at the cars around me. At a stop light the woman next to me had her heat turned all the way up and she had on a hood, windows rolled up firmly. She looked at me like I was nuts. At the next light was a man in a pick-up truck. He looked like a man that fancy’s himself as a rough and tumble individual, had mud flaps with the silhouette of naked women on them. He refused to make eye contact. I could see his hair blowing in the warmth of his cockpit from the turned up heat, again windows rolled up tight.

I thought this morning of all the books I had read about Native American culture, of Tecumseh, Blue Jacket, the great Shawnee nation, the Five Nations of the Iroquois. I thought of Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa’s eating the heart of his enemies like they were just apples, many times while the victims were still alive. I thought of Chief Seattle and his great speech. And as I thought of those men, and the nature they revered, I thought of President Obama and his famous speech to the Fort Hood victims, “I want to put a shout out to the Native American’s,” or something to that ridiculous effect. It was another car that pulled up next to me at yet another light, with the exhaust from his vehicle dancing around his car and whipping around me in the swirling frozen wind. This guy was a typical suburbanite, well-shaven, clean cut, and looking straight ahead at the road ahead. Again, he didn’t make eye contact, and he reminded me of Obama, just going through the motions of living keeping his eyes on the road ahead, but not willing to look at things to the side of him that didn’t fit his learned behavior. For all I know the guy could live in my neighborhood.

On the rest of my journey to work, I thought of the train trolley down in Cincinnati, Strickland’s letter to Kasich on the high speed rail deal, Obama agreeing to the Bush Tax cuts, I thought of the TSA situation, and I thought about the Lakota Levy that is sure to come again, especially once the unions discover that they will not be able to maintain the level of income they’ve negotiated for themselves when Governor Kasich cuts education even more to get Ohio back on a balanced budget track.

Who is to say that riding a motorcycle in the extreme cold is wrong? Only in relation to the rest of orthodox society is it looked down on. To me, it makes perfect sense. It clears my head, like I discussed, and it saves a ton of fuel. With fuel climbing up over $3 bucks a gallon, I don’t want to pay more for fuel, so I’ll buy less. I have a perfectly nice car in the driveway, but I don’t like to use it for all the reasons described.

Big government types have associated themselves with the green initiative to save the planet from human impact. These are the same individuals that roll their windows up tight to protect their skin from the cold weather. They are not what in my opinion an environmentalist is.

Nature is not a fragile organism. Nature lives in the extreme cold, and the excessive heat and it sends hurricanes to destroy entire cities that humans build for themselves. Yet if you consider what the modern progressive minded person asserts with their big government ideas, you would at first think these people have mankind’s best interest at the front of their minds. But when you look at their actions from the perspective of a motorcycle in the brutal cold of a sunless morning, you see how infantile these people are.

Which is more beautiful, the nature that can be seen from the Appalachian Trail atop Mount LeConte or the nature in someone’s back year where all the bushes and trees are trimmed nicely, and the grass is cut, and every rock placed in the yard was put there by the owner of the property.

The degree to which human beings attempt to alter nature is called government. If you look to the forest, where mankind has not put their feet, nature thrives. Trees grow, animals eat each other, and water flows in the path of least resistance. Trees in the forest compete for light, the smaller ones get pushed aside by the bigger ones, and survival of the fittest is the general rule. In the forest, the will to survive is so great that a tree will sink roots into rock in order to get what it needs. The nature of human beings is not different from the organism of a tree.

In the back yard garden, trees are pruned and sculpted to fit the contours of homes, or other trees. Plants are mulched to assist them to grow, and shrubbery is trimmed and controlled. The grass is cut to a desired level, and in some cases watered to ensure its survival.

Our government is simply a garden of which we all have different ideas of where the plants should go, or what flowers we need to plant and where. But the understanding of it all is that it is purely cosmetic. All the rules of mankind are simply made up in the minds of the human being. In the global neighborhood, what is happening in America, is pruning, where the branches are being cut away so that the other trees in the neighborhood can grow, because the big tree of America sucks up all the water, at least according to these green thumbed gardeners called politicians.

The fertilizer and various chemicals we use on our lawns are simply equitable to the stimulus money government has issued to grow the economy.

From the cold morning of December 8, 2010 it became excessively clear to me that the same people tucked away in their warm cars are the same people that buy flowers for their gardens in the spring, and cut their grass on Saturday afternoons in the heat of a summer day. And they’ll plant a tree in this location or that location hoping that one day the tree will provide some shade. And these people take this same mentality to their business, whether they directly work for government, or if they simply vote in the grand idea of a republic, and the politicians they elect do all those things and more to their lawns. And they believe with all their hearts and souls that the work they’re doing is important, and that they must trim trees, and cut grass or use fertilizer in order to make our world grow.

What they fail to understand is that nature doesn’t need human assistance at all. We are simply guests that have arrived like a pimple on the face of geologic time. Our duration on the plant will come and go without the earth hardly noticing. Global warming and every related issue are only musings from human beings that have an unhealthy belief of their universal importance.

For all the gardens those humans build for themselves will be wiped away in time by the true brutality of nature and its selection of what is beautiful or not, what lives what dies, and what is strong and what is weak.

It never made sense to me why so many atheists and others without some sort of faith to ground their terrestrial selves seemed prone to migrate to the conservation movement so embraced by the left, and why so many young people seem attracted to those mentalities. It’s because their undeveloped minds have not yet worked out their place in the universe. This is why so many senior citizens tend to vote conservative, while the young tend to vote liberal. The young still cleave to the ego based notion that they are all there is. The old know better and have learned after a lifetime of living. This is the difference. The silly, small minded politicians think they can actually improve nature with their juvenile influence. But all they really end up doing in the scheme of things is move some rocks around and plant some trees, most of which are quickly uprooted as soon as a major storm comes.

All the policies of mankind fall under this description. So is this a proclamation of anarchy? No. When I go to the forest, I walk the trail, which is not natural, but created by man. I build a fire with the wood that falls from the trees. And I leave the campsite looking the same as it did before I arrived. If I build a home with what the forest provides, I do it understanding that within 100,000 years everything I create will return to nature including every item a human ever created.

Notions like Social Security, Wiki Leaks, Communism, teacher contracts, health care, all laws, all government and every roadway built will be swallowed by nature in a relatively short time geologically speaking.

If the human race wanted to truly survive, it would copy nature. Not try to corrupt nature with their undeveloped ego desire to build a better garden. America was modeled after nature, as envisioned by John Locke in the late 1600’s. But during the growth of government periods, particularly in the 20th century, America has become a land of gardeners instead of the natural element.

Our society needs to ask how much we want to spend in taxes to supply a garden that is purely cosmetic to begin with. Because that’s all any of it is. It’s just gardening by gardeners that have the audacity to believe they can do it better than nature.

I ran into a community once that reflected some of what I’m talking about. It was a little neighborhood on top of Mt LeConte that serves tourists wishing to climb that mountain. I’ve been to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge many times and Mt LeConte is the big mountain approximately 10 miles from downtown Gatlinburg which looms over the town. It is the highest peak visible from Pigeon Forge and is an unmistakable monster of a mountain. From the ground you’d never know that speckled across the top is a community of cabins, with some residents that work up there, and guests renting cabins to stay for the night. There’s a mess hall and a couple of rest rooms to facilitate everyone’s needs.

From the top of the mountain, in that little village, all the great monuments of Pigeon Forge are almost completely invisible. The community resides over 6000 feet which doesn’t sound like much compared to mountains in the west, or in the Himalayas but the top of Mt LeConte has its own weather patterns. Its peaks are often submerged in a cloud layer and take the full brunt of weather patterns migrating across Tennessee and Kentucky from the west. But at such a height all the monuments of tourism are just little specs. Nothing looks too complicated from that vantage point.

From atop that mountain, the world makes sense. The people you meet up there say hello and are generally happy to see you. What everyone shares that arrive at the distant land is they had to work hard to get there. There’s only three ways that will get you to the top. You have to walk and climb, you can take a llama, or you can be dropped off with a helicopter, which brings supplies to the top of the mountain. It’s as primitive, yet as civilized of a place as anywhere I’ve ever been. On that mountain perspective is easy, just like in the harsh cold on a motorcycle in mid December. That rugged paradise is virtually a stones throw from downtown Gatlinburg with all the tourist spots, yet the two worlds are diametrically opposed.

That’s when it is easy to see the only difference between the two is the inventions of man, which are transitory at best. In Gatlinburg you run into thousands of people and say hello to nobody. On top of the mountain you say hello to everyone because everyone respects each other because everyone worked hard to get there.

Nature requires one thing and that’s respect. Respect for yourself. Respect for the power of nature. And respect that each moment could be your last.

In the politics of mankind, their laws mean nothing because politicians cannot create respect. And no amount of tax money or social program will give someone respect for anything. They can make a garden look nice, but nobody truly respects the garden because it’s contrived and manipulated by the gardener, and artificially watered and fertilized.

Nature is the only true gardener.

Rich Hoffman