Thank Goodness Ohio Has Thomas Hall: Gun rights are the only things keeping us safe in a Democrat-run government intent to destroy America

I continue to be proud of State Representative Thomas Hall for his bill that Governor DeWine signed on Monday, June 13th providing minimum training requirements for teachers to arm themselves in public schools and to act as first responders should a tragic event occur. It was the kind of bill that was controversial in the face of an aggressive anti-gun lobby, so it took a lot of political skill for Representative Hall to move his bill through the House and Senate and go through all the revisions that it took to get it onto Governor DeWine’s desk. The bill was signed on the same day that Constitutional Carry went into effect in Ohio, so after a few rough years with Mike DeWine, particularly on Covid, we are seeing an administration that has been very good on Second Amendment issues. DeWine was eager to sign Thomas’ bill and rebuild some bridges that were lost over the Covid lockdowns. A few years ago, I would have never thought that Governor DeWine would become one of the most pro-Second Amendment governors in the country, but with the signing of House Bill 99 sponsored by Thomas Hall, that’s what he has become. It’s interesting to see how DeWine has evolved on gun rights over the last four years, which I think says more about the conditions of society than anything. It goes beyond him looking to repair his relationship with Republicans over Covid lockdowns. It was only a few years ago that DeWine was showing support for Red Flag Laws. Yet now, DeWine is one of the most pro-gun governors in the country, and that is great to see.

Meanwhile, there is a hard push from progressives who have managed to snag some GOP senators to ride some gun control legislation to give Biden a token win using recent mass shootings as a driver for more government control over gun rights. The Biden administration, which Texas has been one of the first to admit the illegitimacy due to the election questions that have been increasing with each day, wants to get more progressive gun control legislation on the books before they lose all their power. The Republican Party of Texas is starting to say that quiet part out loud, and as I have been saying for a while now, that quiet part will only get louder as more join the chorus. More centralized control over the American population is why there is an election fraud scandal. Would the government attempt to seize power through election fraud to disarm American society? Well, obviously so. And they are aggressive about it. The Biden administration is already trying to leverage Winchester ammunition with government contracts to alter its sales to the public, hoping to drive up the price of ammunition just as they have been doing with gas prices, to alter the behavior of the consumer. If they can’t ban guns, the Biden administration hopes to discourage through supply chain problems the flow of ammunition that shooters can get access to. The illegitimate Biden administration will be forever known in history as the government force that attacked America through supply chains. If you consider the terrorism that is obviously happening at food processing plants, again to alter supply chains with a radical Weather Underground sabotage of them under the Biden watch, a real menace to society is revealing itself. And it is within that climate that the government is pushing for more gun control. 

Because of Democrats, we are looking at a much more dangerous and unstable world. And the Biden administration has been laughing about it, even mocking Republicans, daring them to fight. It’s the same type of attitude that was revealed when members of the Colbert Show were caught and arrested in the U.S. Capitol after hours harassing families of the J6 defendants. NBC tried to downplay the incident, but the radicalism couldn’t be more obvious. We are dealing with an outright Marxist political move in America from the political left, and they are taking their talking points straight out of the book The Communist Manifesto. Now, I’ve been saying all this for a long time that the political left is communist in nature, using socialism as a soft door to enter through. Many people didn’t want to think of their fellow Democrats in such a way, but after four years of Trump, which I have also been saying would happen for a long time, their masks were ripped off. Now they are showing themselves for what they always were, America hating Marxists who are intent on destroying our country no matter what it takes. When members of popular media like those from the Colbert Show are so desperate and audacious in their actions, you can see the level of desperation; they mean to kill the country behind their actions. Would these same people commit election fraud and attempt to cover it up with everything they have in them? You bet they would. 

We are now in a world of liberal lunacy gone terribly wrong; crime is up because of Democrats. Concerns over the power grid because of BlackRock’s control over American energy policy leading straight to the World Economic Forum Marxists in Europe have people worried about constant brownouts and other mass grid failures. We have been closing coal plants and not replacing them with real viable energy generators. Gas prices are artificially high; it’s as if the Biden administration has an obsession with the Mad Max films and is trying to make them come true. We are seeing a plot designed outside the United States that has entered American life through politics and finance that intends to destroy everything we are. And even Mike DeWine sees it as governor of Ohio and has modified his position on gun control to reflect it. Truly, the First and Second Amendments are the only things keeping America alive at the moment. Gun ownership is the only thing that has kept this out-of-control society from completely destroying the American idea and keeps families somewhat safe in their homes. We are witnessing a progressive nightmare created by the Biden administration for the ultimate destruction of America while they still have the power to do it. And they can tell that the window for their attempts is closing, and their desperation level reflects that knowledge. They only have a few months to destroy the country, and they are picking up the pace of their attacks.

Their guiding manual, The Communist Manifesto, will tell us what they plan to do next. And for that reason, we must be happy to live in a state where State Representatives like Thomas Hall represent Ohio politics to head that aggression off at the pass and do good work for the people. To sign H.B. 99 on the same day that Ohio moved to Constitutional Carry says much more about the actual state of our country. While the gun grabbers are the same type of people reflected in the arrests of the Cobert staff at the Capitol, the only defense anybody has against that aggression, and the progressive, globalist activism of the Biden administration, is to be armed with guns. Preferably lots of guns. Because the enemy is among us, and they mean to destroy everything we represent, and they have no intentions of holding back. The only thing keeping them in check is our guns. They have no respect for our laws. They have no respect for our country. The only thing they do respect is force, and that force for us comes from our gun rights and our ability to always have them with us. 

Rich Hoffman

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Ohio is Now a Blue State: Thanks to Joe Blystone, Republicans have lost the executive branch

First of all, regarding the Ohio governor’s race, the primary, Joe Blystone should feel ashamed of himself for staying in the race and splitting the vote the way he did. I may like the platform of Blystone; he might be my kind of guy. But he never had a chance to win in the primary, and he knew it going into election day. Only Jim Renacci had an opportunity to beat DeWine, and everyone knew it. Even Ron Hood should have stepped out of the race and supported Renacci. Mike DeWine, a sitting governor running for his second term, only had 48% of roughly a million Republican primary voters supporting him in this 2022 election. Renacci pulled in around 28%, while Blystone had 21%. A Trump endorsement would have put Renacci over the top, but I can hear Trump saying right now, “Renacci isn’t a closer. Nice guy, but he can’t close.” What should have happened was Renacci’s task, which they tried several times, was to pull the other candidates under the Renacci ticket. Only on a united front were they going to beat Mike DeWine’s establishment machine. And because everyone didn’t unite, now Republicans have a real problem holding the governor’s seat. Nan Whaley, the former gun-grabbing mayor of Dayton, won her race easily and will now go up against DeWine. So we end up with a Democrat and a Democrat, even though DeWine calls himself a Republican. We have seen enough of him to know he’s no Republican, and to all those conservatives who voted for him, you might as well have voted for Nan Whaley.   DeWine is a criminal, and he must be punished for what he did to Ohio over Covid. He did not win with any kind of mandate; he had less than half the total vote count for an incumbent, which is horrendous. Like me, many conservatives will never punch a ticket for DeWine. I will leave his space blank when it comes time to vote because I will never vote for the criminal Mike DeWine. And there will be many people like me who will do the same thing, which will only help the treacherous liberal Nan Whaley. If she wins, it’s on all those people who voted for Mike DeWine. 

I talked to many people on election day, and I was amazed at how many people were going to the polls uncertain who they were going to vote for in the senate race. Even with Trump’s endorsement of J.D. Vance, I still voted for Josh Mandel. I endorsed him early, and I liked some of the fights he got into. That’s what I think the senate needs, so I stuck with Josh Mandel. I liked J.D. Vance more and more as the race went on. I will have no problem voting for him in the senate race in November, and I’ll enjoy doing it. My wife liked so many of them and personally met the candidates that she struggled with the final decision. I spoke to people that election day who I would say are “extreme” political insiders, who should know their stuff, even if they were last-minute decisions on that race. The critical reason is that come in November, when these same people will have to choose between Mike DeWine, even with a Trump endorsement, they will likely struggle whether or not to actually put a check next to his name or to leave it blank. And I think as high as 20% of the 51% who voted for other people besides DeWine will not cast a decision for governor one way or another. The general convention in politics is that the Republican party will unite behind one candidate. But that is not possible with DeWine. Many of us held our noses and voted for him the first time. But he let us down, and we won’t be suckers again. So, where does that leave the party for that position? In big trouble. 

Of course, liberals are happy about this. They now have a real shot at putting a Democrat into an executive seat in an intensely red Trump state. It’s a lot like playing Fortnite’s Battle Royale and waiting in a bush until the end letting everyone else kill each other off. That is how DeWine won in the primary by hiding in a bush while Blystone attacked Renacci. Then Nan Whaley will do the same to DeWine. All she must do is show up; while in the Republican party, there is an obvious civil war, the squishy establishment types up against the MAGA movement. MAGA rallied behind DeWine the first time, but the Club For Growth types assumes that the same will happen again. Well, no, it won’t. The hatred of DeWine is deep. I think his wife makes good cookies; I’ve had a few. I think Mike DeWine is a nice guy. But he’s a criminal, and he must be punished for breaking our constitutional laws and hurting so many people with bad government policy. Nobody of a reasonable mind could vote for Mike DeWine, meaning many will just not vote this November due to their uncertainty about how to behave. If people struggled on who to vote for in the Senate primary, they would undoubtedly struggle over DeWine.

In my mind, Republicans surrendered the governor’s seat in 2022. I don’t think DeWine can win re-election. Not because Nan Whaley is a good candidate, but she will get her 45% by nature. Republicans could have 10% to 20% of their 55% who just leave DeWine blank on the ballot, as many did in this year’s senate race because they couldn’t make up their minds. But even if DeWine did manage to get re-elected, he still governs like a Democrat. So, Republicans lose either way. And if Joe Blystone were such a cowboy hat-wearing patriot, like he says he is, he would have seen what his name on the ballot was going to do to Ohio. By presenting a “rebel” vote, he just managed to get Democrats into a position to run the state. Hey, I’ve been through this before with Ross Perot. I worked on that campaign back in 1992, and I remember how it felt. It was a gut punch I will never forget; that is how the Clinton dynasty started, with less than 50% of the vote electing the president.  Joe Blystone knew where his polling was a week before the election. If he wanted to defeat DeWine, he should have joined Renacci.

Renacci should have been able to make that happen with a deal of some kind also. But their failure to unite and beat DeWine essentially just ruined the chance of Republicans running the governor’s seat and the media is loving it. Like the campers in Fortnite, they have just lurked in the bushes waiting for everyone else to kill each other off. And just like that, to the national media, Ohio is a very blue state, when in reality, it’s far from it. That is what happens when a political party is in a civil war and assumes that everyone will unite behind the eventual winner. These are not conventional times. And when there is a MAGA rebellion, failure to join the efforts will elect the establishment every single time. 

Rich Hoffman

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Todd Minniear Seeks to Protect Liberty Township: When progressives are angry it means that the right thing is happening

I said it when he was overwhelmingly elected in November of 2021, and I’m still saying it, I love Todd Minniear as the new trustee of Liberty Township, Ohio. He ran on a freedom platform, and he’s living up to it by proposing a resolution at the May 3rd, 2022, trustee meeting to make Liberty Township a “constitutional township,” with a written promise. However, for some reason, the sweat bees of Lakota are going crazy over the idea, which is very interesting.   When I first heard about the resolution, I thought it was a great idea but wondered why it was needed. After all, isn’t all townships supposed to be “constitutional townships?” Well, yeah, of course. So why was something like this proposal needed at all? In 2020, when the government made lots of mistakes over Covid, it was up to the local governments to step in and challenge the governor’s actions. In this case, the governor took on emergency powers and bypassed the legislature to assume powers that Governor DeWine did not have. The lockdowns and mask mandates that destroyed so many businesses were unconstitutional. None of them could be defended in court, and so far, all the cases have been lost and looking back on what went wrong, it’s clear that local trustees should have pushed back against the governor. One person can’t be allowed to ruin the lives of so many people with a bad decision. That’s why we have a republic and not some flea-bitten democracy in America. We have a local government that is accountable to the people instead of some top-down kingship, which is how Mike DeWine behaved. Joe Biden crossed those same lines with vaccine mandates and mask requirements, built entirely off misinformation and science in the pocket of big pharma. 

Yet, the same people who have been giving Darbi Boddy of the Lakota school board a hard time for trying to remove the mask mandates in the school as one of her first official duties newly elected are now going after Todd. Notice how arrogant they are and how condescending in their online postings. These are the same people who think that mask mandates should be forever, that sexual indoctrination of our kids in grade school should be normalized and that Joe Biden should be president. These people have had control of the political process for far too long because they make so much noise, but they are actually a small minority. In a community like Liberty Township, they can find a few thousand people who think the way they do. But Todd Minniear and Darbi Boddy were elected by many more thousands, both gaining the most vote totals in the last election. So plenty of people want to see these kinds of challenges to federal and state power. People did not like the way things happened with Covid and how vulnerable they were to an out-of-control government, and they wanted to see these new politicians representing their interests. Of course, these progressive lunatics don’t want to lose control of the process. They love to harass people into doing what they want to see done with threats and public attacks, which is why it’s so wonderful that we finally have some politicians who are willing to do the hard work. When I heard Todd wanted to make this resolution, I didn’t think it was a big deal at all. But he knew that there would be those same opposing voices who would come armed with their name-calling and arrogant slanders. 

So why is something like this resolution for a “constitutional township” needed. Investors in the community, including homeowners, need to know that the trustees can provide a stable environment from intrusive government. Mike DeWine wasn’t accountable to people in Ohio, but their local representatives were. When a governor like DeWine takes action on his own to cut out our elected representatives in the legislature, we must have some mechanisms to resist the intrusion. For Todd Minniear, he looks to the great book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates for how our constitutional republic is supposed to function. The book is a proper resistance to tyranny and a repudiation of unlimited obedience to civil government. The example given in the book is about a church leader who is taking money from the collection plate and should expect their congregation to question them should they skim from the pot. Human beings can fail, especially in intellect, and the purpose of our government is to keep innocent people free of those mistakes as much as possible. And as a trustee, Todd ran on a platform to keep Liberty Township free of those kinds of failures in government. Such a declaration like what Todd proposed is necessary so that the people of Liberty Township can feel some sense of protection from the government by their local representatives since our state and federal governments have failed us so obviously. 

The sweat bee progressives of Liberty Township are so upset because they have in mind the complete desecration of our republic and a merge into the chaos of a democracy which would then propel us into the Vico Cycle, which has destroyed so many civilizations over the years. The Vico Cycle is a theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy. So if they are upset by this “constitutional township” resolution, that means it’s a great thing. When these people hate what you are doing, you know you are on the right side of history and doing what voters elected people like Todd Minniear to do. Traditionally, they have attacked people like Todd and Darbi, who have only been on the job for a few months. In Lakota, they already have a petition to get rid of her because she pushed for removing the mask mandates. And you see by their comments about this “constitutional township” resolution that they find it a threat to go back against centralized control. Because as liberals, that’s what they want, and for far too many years, politicians have given them the benefit of the doubt.   But we’ve seen where that takes us, and Covid showed us too much of what we didn’t want to know. Those same people felt the power of a centralized government that was out of control, and they liked it. They never want it to stop. And now that people are returning to normal and are electing people like Todd Minniear to represent them, instead of the classic politician of least resistance, they are worried about losing their power. 

All the noise aside, our task in Liberty Township is to provide stability for business investment and residential ownership. And to give that stability, we must remove the intrusive elements of government from some faraway land that is not accountable to us, who can then destroy our community with just the swipe of a pen. A mask mandate here, a lockdown there, a created crisis to hide bad inflation numbers, Liberty Township deserves to be free of the kinds of corruption we always see in centralized governments because accountability is often missing. Todd Minniear and the other Liberty Township trustees are accountable to their neighbors, which is how it should be. And the next time some government overreach occurs, we need to know that our trustees will follow the Ohio and federal constitutions. They didn’t in 2020. Nobody knew what to do because we had never seen such a thing before. But now we do know. We know all about Covid and how the government made it and managed it. And we saw what it did to all our lives. So, we deserve to be free of those intrusions in the future. And the more that the political left screams about it, the more of that kind of thing we should do because it just validates why it was so important in the first place. 

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine Ruined Kings Island’s 2020 Season: The danger of an out-of-control government ran by losers like the current Ohio governor

As if anybody needed a reminder about just how terrible Mike DeWine has been as governor. Apparently, there are people out there with the memory of a goldfish, so they need the reminder. Just remember on election day of May 3rd, 2022, that Kings Island, one of the greatest amusement parks in the country, in the world for that matter, is currently under a big lawsuit from season pass holders from the 2020 season who wanted a refund, and are now taking the Cincinnati treasure to court over how the parent company, Cedar Fair Amusements handled the government imposed business shutdowns during the fake Covid pandemic. Now for those who aren’t regular readers, you probably know people who were sick over Covid, who may have died. Remember about Covid, which Governor DeWine was one of the first in the country to be suckered into the Bill Gates power grab for which Covid was created. Covid-19 was made in a lab in Wuhan, China. Dr. Fauci knew about it. He and Bill Gates knew some medicines could have stopped the virus, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Still, they deliberately suppressed that information from the public with donations made by Bill Gates to manipulate the media coverage and steer the public toward government-mandated vaccines, a multi-decade project that Bill Gates personally has funded so to usher the world toward a one-world government run by the United Nations steered by the Desecrators of Davos party. The same minds have now brought us the crises in Ukraine. And regarding Covid, the government reaction to the virus caused trillions of dollars of damage, ruined many lives, destroyed jobs, and broke the laws of our constitutions in gross ways that many thought was impossible before 2020. Kings Island in northern Cincinnati is an example of how government can ruin lives when it is unchecked and has too much power, for which Governor DeWine is guilty. 

I was on several conference calls with Ceder Fair Amusements and Governor DeWine during the spring of 2020 when the entertainment giant was making its plea to get some visibility to schedule when they could reopen operations. At that time, it was May. Being a seasonal company operating two very large amusement parks in Ohio, which Mike DeWine had prevented from opening by abusing his emergency powers as governor, Cedar Fair Amusements needed answers from the government-created travesty. They had no idea when they could open Kings Island or Cedar Point, and being a seasonal company, they were already hurt in acquiring employees for the season. On that conference call, Mike DeWine was strutting his authority under emergency powers, and it was apparent that he never planned to give up those powers. Now two years later, we still have the pandemic going. The Democrats want desperately to use Covid emergencies to shield them from election results they don’t like. That was certainly the case in 2020 when they wanted Donald Trump out of office. And it’s the case now in 2022, with midterms shaping up to be really devastating for Democrats and the terrible job they have done at the national level possessing all three houses of government, Blue state governors are still looking for Covid to shield them from poor performances. And out of all the governors in the country, Mike DeWine has governed as a blue state governor, certainly not a Republican. And on that phone call, he could not tell Cedar Fair Amusements when they could open or the plan for them ever to do so. DeWine was utterly unsympathetic to the business community’s needs and showed everyone just how dangerous government could be when it was out of control. 

That year Kings Island finally was able to open with horrendous restrictions to the public by July, after half the season was over. That year also, Kings Island had to shut down their Halloween Haunt weekend schedule and their Winterfest activities. So Kings Island was open from July 4th essentially to Labor Day. And before DeWine would let them do that, they had to agree to all kinds of unscientific social distancing rules and mask mandates after having to scramble to find enough employees even to open the park, let alone to give the customers the amusement park experience that they were craving. Kings Island was trying to open one of their big multi-million dollar Giga coasters, and the steam of the whole event was completely destroyed by what DeWine himself had done. Under emergency powers, he cut out the legislature. He took complete command of Ohio’s economy, which he didn’t have the right to do. He took hundreds of millions of dollars from Kings Island in opportunity cost. For Cedar Fair Amusements, it was a devastating summer, just as it was for many hundreds of thousands of other companies, large and small, who struggled to survive the ominous behavior of government exerting powers it didn’t have for the destruction of the people they were supposed to serve. If Covid was a virus that was built by our own Defense Department, funded by Dr. Fauci, and released by China as a bioweapon, and it robbed us of our taste buds, our health, and happiness, the government reaction to it with all the rules and regulations was far more dangerous. People might say that Cedar Fair Amusements is a wealthy company with all the money to absorb the costs. Those would be people who have no idea how much money it takes to run an amusement park. 

I thought what Kings Island did that year was good; they essentially gave all season pass holders for the 2020 season a free renewal of the 2021 pass. Even that following year, Covid was still a problem, and DeWine had just reopened the state against his will. The Senate passed a bill to take those emergency powers away from DeWine, and it finally went into effect in June of 2021, and then and only then did DeWine step away from the lockdowns. The government had spent over a year terrifying people over Covid, which certainly hurt Kings Island’s business model. It will likely take them a decade to recover what was lost in just that one year. The current lawsuit is over how Cedar Fair Amusements managed Covid, which was entirely out of their control. Some people wanted a refund of their 2020 passes because they couldn’t use them. My wife and I went one time to ride the new Orian ride but didn’t go the rest of the year because the mask mandate was impossible to deal with in the hot summer sun, and it wasn’t worth it to us. We thought it was nice that Kings Island honored our passes for the following year. In 2021 we went often but noticed that many of the normal crowd had not returned. Some people were still worried about Covid, and they might never feel comfortable going out in public again. Those are the people suing Kings Island because they wanted a complete refund of their passes for 2020. The government had so terrified those people that they were permanently damaged. So now, with the summer of 2022 coming, Mike DeWine is running for a second term. And Kings Island is in court trying to defend itself from actions that Governor DeWine caused by his horrible mismanagement of Covid in the summer of 2020. Anybody who votes for him after that terrible performance is an idiot and an enabler of abuse.   

Rich Hoffman

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The Lofty Expectations of the Ohio Statehouse: Senator George Lang is a politician it can be proud of

It was a great treat for me to get a day to visit the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus to see a good friend of mine, Senator George Lang. It was good for me to put things in perspective as some of the issues of the hour are intense and changing by the minute. The Ohio Statehouse is a grand vestige dedicated to a republic form of government, and it was built with love and ambition. I think all statehouses try to do the same thing. The Ohio Statehouse is a special place dedicated to intelligence, study, and the difficulties of a republic that spans thousands of years in the past. It’s a place of ambition and hope reflected in the Greek architecture, the various marble ornaments, and symbolic statues. Whenever I go there, I am reminded that much of the hard work that is done in politics, even when it often falls so short of expectations, is worth the effort. Even when people complain about the cesspool of politics and the corrosive elements of lobbyists, I see the work that goes on in places like the Ohio Statehouse as the best that there is in the world. I’ve been to the Parliament in London and other places where the work of politics is done, and I see the purity of the Ohio Statehouse as something special, unique. I am possessive that it exists to do the work all people in Ohio need done. Even if people disagree on what that work is, the place is there to make sure it has a chance to happen. 

Another friend of mine took a picture of me on the House floor, and that’s what I was thinking. I don’t usually get sentimental about those types of things, but I had just had a good meeting with Senator Lang with the door closed. I was very happy to hear what he was working on. But more than that, I saw the same eyes alive and well within him that I have known for many years as he was one of the original members of the West Chester Tea Party. George is still that same person who gives out copies of Atlas Shrugged at Christmas and believes in small government, fiscal responsibility, and a business-first political strategy which is the key to all wealth-building in any culture. George Lang is a good person, a very good person. And as I was thinking about the Ohio Statehouse and all its ambitions, most of the time, we resent politics because we give politicians all these great tools to work with, like the Ohio Statehouse.   Most of the time, the people we send to the congress and senate fall short of our expectations, leading to perpetual disappointment. But George Lang is one of those exceptions. He actually lives up to the lofty expectations. The building seems to have been built specifically for people like him.

I say all those nice things because I had an extended chance to watch him work with other members of the House and Senate. And to interact with Governor DeWine. George is friendly, engaging; he’s a great salesman. But while he is doing all those things, he’s also guarded and measured. He’s a hard nut to crack for a lobbyist because it’s hard to tell where to get a hook into him. What is the vice of George Lang? What makes him tick? Where is he vulnerable? It’s one thing to be sociable and even polite. George has been involved in Columbus politics for many years now. When our schedules match up, I speak to him quite a bit here and there, but he’s a busy guy. So, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect in his office with the door closed and talking about the business that needs to happen for the state. To talk about the upcoming primaries, his Business First Caucus, politics back home in Butler County, Ohio. But what I found was a person who loves doing a good job, that had not been swept away by any trace of corruption, and the same wide-eyed person I have known since he was a trustee in West Chester. And with all that has been going on, where the world presents us with disappointments at every juncture, especially in politics, that was refreshing. 

In that House chamber and its lofty contents, it was apparent that most of the members went to Columbus with big goals and that they were getting swept away by the ornate atmosphere. Just before that photograph, I had just heard from a politician who wanted me to know how smart he was and that he was reviewing the legal complications of a land purchase for a solar farm, filled with all kinds of rancid ESG requirements that he thought were great. He was a guy who had been chewed up and spit out of the meat grinder, and I could see that the chamber walls were almost ashamed of him. He did not live up to the expectations. But those big stone walls and finely carved woodwork would see many more like him over the years, as they had. But when George was in that room, the actual chamber seemed happy. There was a person worthy of the Statehouse. There was someone who would do the work and, when done, dash off to his wife and grown children at every opportunity. And I think that is the secret to George Lang working there. The Statehouse was built for people like him, who love their country, their state, and their communities, but more than anything, their families. When the rubber hits the road, that’s how he has managed to survive Columbus and live up to the lofty expectations that come with business there. 

It wasn’t just because I like George. Governor DeWine was walking around shaking hands and taking pictures. Most everyone he interacted with couldn’t wait to lick the shoes of DeWine and pander to him for the powerful seat he sat in. Those same people might badmouth DeWine the minute they were away from him, but when shaking hands and taking pictures, they were like little girls at a pop-rock concert backstage. Power was a seductive force, and they were undoubtedly under its influence when around the Governor. But not George Lang. While respectful, he stayed very true to himself and represented his district exceptionally well. And it wasn’t an act. I wasn’t always somewhere that George could see me. It was just how he was, and I was proud of him. It gave me hope that all the hard work in preserving our republic, first at the state level, then at the federal level, was worth it. That day at the Statehouse is how it’s supposed to be in politics. It’s an example of how to do it right. We build the temples to a republic that has taken us thousands of years to perfect. And our government in Ohio is supposed to be contentious. It’s not supposed to be a fraternity of consensus builders. The Statehouse was built to debate and flush out the best and brightest ideas from the weakest. And over the many decades that the Ohio Statehouse has been there, it has suffered many disappointments in the elected representatives who have gone there to do our work. But George Lang isn’t one of them. If the Statehouse could smile, it surely would when George walks into a room, for that is the reason the place exists.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine’s State of the State Speech: He is the Dr. Fauci of Ohio and the leader of the lockdowns

It was a good reminder of just how bad Governor DeWine is for Ohio to see him at the statehouse in person at his State of the State speech in Columbus, Ohio.  Of course, DeWine canceled the public speech over the last few years because of Covid, which he led the nation in following Dr. Fauci’s advice, so this was his first speech since his first one, which was in 2019, a time when the world was somewhat normal.  Since then, BlackRock and other money managers have attacked the Ohio power grid with progressive intention and knocked out several politicians who had been powerful during that first DeWine speech.   On DeWine’s watch as governor, he has let the Desecrators of Davos in the backdoor of Ohio to shut down coal plants and advocate in favor of solar and wind, just as Al Gore has always dreamed of which has cost all of us a lot of money.  Ohio is number 1 now in corruption, which seems to follow DeWine in every office he has ever had.  But worse than all that, the destruction left behind because of how Governor DeWine behaved during the Covid pandemic.  He was the leader of the country in following United Nations sustainable development using health concerns to advance progressive causes in worse ways than any Democrat would or could have.  He was the leader of the lockdowns as he was the first to open that door, for which many blue-state governors followed.  Yeah, Mike DeWine has been a disaster in every way that a Democrat would have been for Oho, but worse, because the damage was done while people had their guard down thinking he was a Republican. 

Jennifer Gross, my Congresswoman, has openly endorsed Jim Renacci even though there has been a lot of pressure to back DeWine

This all came up as I spoke with Republican friends at that speech in Columbus and in the days leading up to it.  They asked me if I would vote for Mike DeWine now that he signed Constitutional Carry in Ohio and other Second Amendment types of legislation leading up to it.  It astonished me that they asked, but then I remembered that not everyone remembers who was responsible for Ohio’s terrible reaction to Covid, which took the nation into the lockdown frenzy that destroyed so many lives and is just now being calculated in terms of sheer destruction.  Many of these Republicans were more conventional put their finger to the wind types who only measure things from four months ago.  And DeWine is counting on that shallow memory to squeak him by in this primary that is supposed to happen in May of 2022, where Jim Renacci is polling well and, depending on voter turnout, could remove DeWine as the next option for governor.  As I told them and to everyone who has an ear to listen, DeWine only signed the Constitutional Carry bill because of Renacci’s pressure on his leadership.  He didn’t do it on his own.  If there wasn’t a serious Trump-like challenge to DeWine, he would be fighting against the Second Amendment, not signing things in favor of it.  But DeWine is hoping to use these last-minute Second Amendment red meat topics to hide his past, which I’ll never get over.  And seeing him in person trying to worm up support ahead of the election only strengthened my anger at him over what he had done to Ohio in just four short years, destroying so much industry, traumatizing so many lives, and allowing corruption to sink deep roots into our energy infrastructure that is unforgivable.  Rather than defend FirstEnergy and the progressive attacks on coal plants, he joined progressives in attacking other Republicans in a ploy to really remove them from power so they couldn’t challenge him later.  Mike DeWine has his own Game of Thrones going on, and it is evident that he hoped this State of the State speech would put all that into a distant memory.

The Great George Lang

The most significant danger of Mike DeWine is that he is essentially a carbon copy of Dr. Fauci.  Both were polling very well during the Covid pandemic, which we now know was created in a lab in Wuhan and released by China for all the intentions of creating an economic reset by the Desecrators of Davos people.  Hindsight has given a better vision into Fauci’s behavior with Bill Gates paving the way with money manipulating the media in favor of their global scam of progressive change state using the Covid virus to give more power to the Administrative State.  And the first person to fall in line with this “New World Order,” where the United Nations conducts all our local affairs at the state and county level and the World Health Organization was to become our new community doctor; Mike DeWine was the first to sign up for this new brand of tyranny which he imposed on Ohioans with a smile on his face and all the maliciousness of a power-hungry dictator.  The ultimate insult to all the Republicans who voted for Mike DeWine as an establishment type was that he did the unthinkable by putting Amy Acton, the abortion supporter, onto his staff to run his health department.  He followed her right over the Fauci cliff, making the lockdowns possible and leading the country in submission to the CDC and WHO, giving them power that no bureaucrat should ever have over people’s individual lives under any condition.  Not all states were as stupid as Ohio.  Ron DeSantis was great in Florida, and the results are easy to see looking back upon the last two years.  DeSantis resisted the Covid power grabs, whereas Mike DeWine fully embraced them.

Thomas Hall, the Future is Bright

I told my Republican friends that there was no way I would ever vote for Mike DeWine, even after seeing him in person trying his best to make everyone forget.  I had been on several conference calls with DeWine as he spoke to business leaders in Ohio during the lockdowns, and I will never forgive him for what he did to people, all in the name of safety.  DeWine attached himself to Dr. Fauci, and now that time and distance are starting to show how ill-advised that was, there is only one option.  With Jim Renacci, we have a Trump supporter who has promised to lead Ohio in the way that Ron DeSantis has in Florida, and that would be great for everyone, even liberals.  Always at public events like the State of the State speech, there is a ceremony-like atmosphere that focuses on all the positives that we want to feel.  But in truth, and this was obvious by DeWine’s over-emphasis on things that he does when he speaks in public to people he knows want to metaphorically cut him up into little pieces and feed him to some pigs someplace for the villainy he has conducted behind the scenes, the fluff about Intel, about spring, about his love of Ohio were thin masks to the administrative tyrant that is at the core of his personality.  Mike DeWine will go down in history as the arm of Dr. Fauci in Ohio, the mindless bureaucrat who punted Ohio’s fate to the gods of the World Health Organization, and ultimately the money of Bill Gates’ influence.  DeWine didn’t lead; he followed, as he does on all issues, including Constitutional Carry.  He thought the pressure from Republicans on other issues could be reduced if he gave them something they wanted.  And that is how we got into trouble in the first place, because DeWine wanted to make the Dr. Fauci types happy, the tyrants of the United Nations, and ultimately the economic terrorists who are behind it all who need people like the governor to give them power into all our lives.  No, I won’t be voting for Mike DeWine under any conditions.  To vote for DeWine is the same or worse than voting for a Democrat. 

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is the Trump Candidate for Governor in Ohio: The corrupt DeWine counts on the swamp to protect him in a low turnout primary

I know it’s tough. Nobody likes Mike DeWine, the current Governor of Ohio. Even the establishment Republicans who have kissed his ring and endorsed him through the State Central Committee. Everyone I talk to would like to vote for an option, but they think the reality is defined by corruption and that DeWine’s money machine will win in the primary no matter what happens with Jim Renacci. Since the primary is near, I must remind everyone of how it was in 2016 when Trump was on the ticket. All the same, characters were backing John Kasich. He was the establishment guy, the unbeatable goliath. Trump didn’t stand a chance.

Nobody cared because Trump was just an old television celebrity who wrote a few books when I went to events and met Trump. In the political world, that’s how they saw him. What did he know about politics? I would go to VIP events and see seat reservations for all the well-known area Republicans who went unfilled. The people who ended up sitting in those seats were truck drivers, factory workers, and other pick-up truck driving, flag-waving patriots who were there for the same reason I was, to vote for a guy who most represented us, not the Deep State Swamp. Of course, after Trump beat Kasich in Ohio, the political world was shattered, and those empty seats quickly filled with supporters who were nudging in front of me to get a picture with President Trump. I didn’t care. I was happy to see it. Trump brought unity to the Republican Party in ways I had never seen before, and as for John Kasich, he disappeared from the earth quickly. Where is he today? Well, he and Dr. Fauci are likely in a hot tub together someplace hiding from the world, which would be good advice for them.

If the Trump Republicans show up to vote for Jim Renacci in the May primary, DeWine will be defeated. I know the risk is that whoever comes out against DeWine will be remembered. He’s like that. He is a powerful politician not because he is good but because he runs his place in the Republican Party like a mob boss. Get on his bad side, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the fishes. He won’t physically kill you. He’s a shrimpy little man and would be easy to swat away. But he has made up for that over the years with political command of the world around him.   There is a reason Ohio is the first state in corruption among all 50 states. It’s not just the FirstEnergy scandal driven by greenie weenie assaults on Ohio’s power grid; it’s because of how Mike DeWine runs his political circles. Nobody wants to work with Mike DeWine the day after an election where they got caught speaking out against him. It’s a huge risk to their careers. I get it. But just remember, fortune favors the bold, and the way politics is supposed to work is that these politicians work for us, not the other way around. Mike DeWine is number 1 in corruption because of this sentiment. He uses politics to gain power he doesn’t otherwise have, which we saw firsthand during Covid. Mike DeWine ran Ohio during his first term as Governor well to the political left of most Democrats. He runs as a conservative but the minute he wins an office; he legislates to the extreme left. 

I said months ago this was how it would be; all kinds of good Republicans smell the blood in the water and think they can beat DeWine because he’s so weak politically because of how terribly he destroyed people’s lives during the Covid shutdowns. Mike DeWine was just as bad as even the worse of the Blue State governors. In many ways, DeWine led all governors into the shutdown protocols, which opened the door for the massive devastation that occurred to Ohio businesses during Covid. Even more troubling, Mike DeWine asked the legislature for emergency powers a year before Covid happened in 2020.   DeWine has a history of serving the United Nations much more than he does the United States, and he seems to be involved in every Deep State scandal with his ear to the wind. We’ve seen some scary stuff from Mike DeWine during his first term as Governor of Ohio, and we have a chance to remove him and put someone much better in power. Someone much more Trump-like, or even more specifically, like Ron DeSantis of Florida. With Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have a candidate like that. If the Trump supporters show up on primary election day and vote, Mike DeWine wouldn’t have a chance. To me, it’s a low-risk endeavor. But the traditional machine politicians who have thrown themselves behind Mike DeWine know that primaries don’t have typical voters in them. They are the Central Committee types who care about politics seven days a week, not just one time a year or every four years like what we see in popular elections. So for them, voting for Renacci is a gamble many of them can’t afford to lose because it’s all about voter turnout, which they don’t think will be very robust.

Jim Renacci, who I have gotten to know a bit over the years, is the only candidate for Governor in Ohio who can call President Trump any time he wants. Blystone is a good guy in this Governor’s race. And I like Candace Keller and others who want to get involved. But in a tight race, and this is what the DeWine people know, all those challenges are going to split the rebellion vote, meaning the smart money will be left behind DeWine, and the Governor would then win a second term, even though he doesn’t come close to deserving it. DeWine has played this game before. He knows what the other establishment Republicans know, that primary elections are low voter turnout endeavors, and people likely won’t be thinking about Trump. So they will be shy to rally behind Jim Renacci and vote for him in the primary. The actual die-hards who want to see change and reform will split their votes up among the other challengers because none of them could get their act straight before the election, and chaos prevails, giving us more of Mike DeWine. That is how corruption stays in power. That is why we still have Mitch McConnell as the projected leader in the Senate. That is why more people in Congress do not fight to defend our border from illegal immigration. That is why the Swamp just gets deeper and deeper in Washington. In the end, the Swamp is deep because people keep voting for it. The fault ultimately falls on the voters for supporting it in elections like this one. People complain about how corrupt Mike DeWine is and how it would be great to get rid of him. They know that the 20 billion investments from Intel are coming to Ohio despite Mike DeWine, not because of him. Ohio is a great place. It just has had bad, bad governors, from John Kasich to now the extreme leftist from Yellow Springs hippie town, Mike DeWine. And with a perfect alternative right in front of our faces in Jim Renacci, the only Trump candidate on the ballot, the option we have is evident if only we have the guts to take it. 

There is a difference between supporting Trump and being a Trump candidate. I think most of the DeWine challengers are supportive of Trump. But when I first met Jim Renacci, for the very first time, it was coming off Air Force One with President Trump and Melania; the best First Lady America has ever had. Trump had asked Jim to run against Sherrod Brown in the Senate so that Republicans could gain a seat in the Senate. Jim almost beat the long-time progressive. He came very close. And in this case, DeWine is a very weak candidate. He is very weak with the Republican base, so if we are ever going to take down an establishment RINO, this would be the time. For those who want to vote for Trump and want an Ohio version of Ron DeSantis’s style of government, Jim Renacci is that person.   But first, people have to have the guts to show up and vote in the primary, at a time when most people are thinking about spring and summer and aren’t thinking about politics. It starts with voters. If they stay home and allow corruption to gain another term with Mike DeWine, then who is it to blame? Voters have a chance, but do they have the guts to take it? I certainly think it’s worth doing, and I will be voting for Jim Renacci no matter what, with great enthusiasm. 

Rich Hoffman

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Intel is Coming to Ohio Despite Mike DeWine, not Because of Him: The Governor bans Russian Standard vodka

It was just another reminder of how embarrassing Governor Mike DeWine has been for Ohio. When DeWine ordered vodka made by Russian Standard for sale in Ohio’s 487 liquor agencies banned from purchase in the state, it was Covid all over again. An out-of-control power-hungry governor who loves to take orders from the United Nations, a politician all his life worth more than 20 million dollars for public service. A politician who was at the center of almost every corruption story around him during that entire duration. Here he was telling store owners what they could sell and when they would sell it based on some version of geopolitical circumstances only he understood. How much of an unstable business environment could you ask for from a governor with such a terrible track record during his first term. If we had elected a Democrat, we likely would have had a more conservative governor. And with all that said, it’s incredible that the microchip processing company Intel is planning to build a $20 billion facility in New Albany, Ohio, just north of Columbus by 2025. The DeWine reelection people are trying to take credit for the big announcement, but I would say that Intel is coming to Ohio despite DeWine, not because of him. 

Ohio is such a great place for businesses. For Intel, they were looking for a lot of flat land access to plentiful water supplies. They needed access to some of the nation’s best universities, which within 200 miles of the New Albany Intel site are many of the biggest, including Ohio State, right down the road. And from there are some of the best highway access routes in the world, with I-71 running north and south and I-70 running east to west. You can get anywhere from central Ohio, making it one of the most attractive sites in the world for building a semiconductor plant. Taiwan has a great location, and so does South Korea. But given the state of the world these days and the need for Intel to become the dominant chipmaker once again, this move to Ohio is a tremendous strategic opportunity not just for them, or Ohio, but for an America First agenda. America can not become a top manufacturer of anything ever again without controlling chip-making. I know that our Ohio House and Senate have done a great job over the last ten years creating lots of deregulations that would attract business to Ohio, so it’s all those things that made it possible for this to happen. We are fortunate that Ohio is so attractive that Mike DeWine couldn’t screw that up too.

However, think about how much better it could be if we had a governor more like Ron DeSantis from Florida rather than Mike DeWine in Ohio. DeSantis obviously is a Trump Republican, whereas DeWine is to the left of John Kasich, the blue-turning progressive who predated DeWine. Ohio has had some bad governors. It’s had some good legislators and senator members, but a string of governors have run as Republicans and turned hard left while in office toward extreme progressives. With DeWine, he was a disaster with Covid orders. He fell in love with ordering people around all during Covid and cost many billions of dollars in losses, harmed many businesses, and destroyed the lives of countless people. For anybody who thought that trend went away, all it took in the world was for Putin to invade Ukraine, and suddenly DeWine wanted to ban the sale of vodka to people wanting to buy it. How does he know the people selling the vodka from Russia support Putin? That’s like being attacked by space aliens and then DeWine banning the sale of Star Wars figures from our local Target store. For him to pick such an extreme position in a war that isn’t even our business is a clear indication to all companies that if there is some geopolitical circumstance that might befall them, they could lose their business at the drop of a hat by a governor’s order. Mike DeWine is a tyrant, not a leader.

We could get rid of DeWine in the upcoming primary, but the corrupt money machine behind his tyrannical imprint is hard at work trying to find a way to make the Governor look like he did something right. They are trying to give him credit for this Intel deal. But what we see there are looters like Sharrod Brown, Joe Biden, and Mike DeWine, all trying to hang their hat on a real necessity that Intel has to control their supply chain. But luckily, we have an option this time; we have Jim Renacci, who has promised to be Ohio’s own version of Ron DeSantis. Florida, Texas, and many other red states would love to have Ohio’s resources for many more opportunities to arrive than just Intel. Intel is just the tip of a technological iceberg. But we need a real governor to make that happen, not a looting loser beyond corruption who craves desperately to boss people around even over their choice in vodka. The situation in Russia and Ukraine is terrible no matter how it gets sliced up.

On the one hand, you have an extremist in Putin who is bent on war. On the other, a creation of the United Nations, who have done lots of bad things in their own way. That Mike DeWine would so quickly side with the United Nations position actually explains a lot about the level of corruption that has always followed so closely behind him. It certainly shows how under his watch, FirstEnergy was able to be taken over essentially by green activists from Davos from money management firms imposing ESG scores. Instead of defending Ohio’s power grid from an outside attack, DeWine used the situation to get rid of a political rival who was Speaker of the House at the time. DeWine is the king of dirty politics and is a spiteful little man who loves authority much more than should ever be healthy for a public servant. 

If we could get rid of DeWine, Ohio could really bloom into prosperity. There are a lot of companies like Intel out there who would love to set up shop and bring great jobs to the infrastructure. But there needs to be a good governor to go with a good House and Senate to make it conducive for significant investment, like what it takes to make the move. It wouldn’t take much for Ohio to beat out Florida and Texas for some of the great opportunities that are in Ohio for the reasons that Intel cited for coming. But to convince them, we need a good governor.  Intel decided, not because Mike DeWine was in office but even though he was. Suppose we had a governor like Jim Renacci. He actually understands how businesses work and isn’t trying to punish liquor stores just because they happen to sell Russian vodka during a painful period of global politics. In that case, we might be able to acquire hundreds of billions in investment. But to do that, Ohio would have to have a stable business environment for such investment. And what Mike DeWine reminded everyone with his ban on vodka is that he’s not that guy. Instead, he did remind everyone of his authoritarian nature and a deep desire to boss people around over every little thing, just as he did against churches during the Covid shutdowns. And as he did when he put an abortion rights activist in his administration with Amy Acton, the Dr. Fauci of Ohio. And now he’s done it again over vodka sales. What will it be next?   Well, if we vote him out at the primary in May of 2022, we won’t have to worry about it. The power is in our hands.

Rich Hoffman

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Foreign Power Attacks Ohio’s Energy Grid: The Real story of corruption behind FirstEnergy, The Fed and Mike DeWine

ESG scores (Environmental Social Governance) are for business what CRT (Critical Race Theory) has been for public schools. Once parents found out what the game was in sliding CRT under the door and trying to program their children into outright Marxism using race as the mask, they became enraged and have started the process of retaking control of their public schools. Businesspeople, too are on the cusp of a similar necessity. That is why I have never accepted the FirstEnergy scandal as being what the FBI tried to paint it as. Over the summer of 2021, I watched pretty enraged at a press conference the Ohio FBI had boasting that they had received a settlement from FirstEnergy over a bribery scandal they had been investigating, which involved the Speaker of the GOP House, Larry Householder, and many others. It was a story that put Ohio in the number 1 state for corruption in the entire United States, and Governor Mike DeWine was right in the center of it. The FBI proudly bloviated that FirstEnergy settled the case with $230 million, which they indicated was an admission of guilt. The story for me was always about a much more sinister kind of corruption, one that actually points to ESG scores and environmental wacko policies that are an attack on our infrastructure in America from foreign interests. In this case, it all points back to the Party of Davos, the billionaire types who attack countries without a country of their own and seek to impose politics on those countries that bypass their elections domestically. What these finance companies like BlackRock, Blackstone, and Icahn Capital were doing to the nuclear power capability in Ohio was no different than if a country like China had attacked them with missiles and planes to take them out and destroy our power grid. And here was the FBI helping them do it. And the money for all the power leverage came straight out of the American Federal Reserve, created by Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Jerome Powell over a ten-year period to put money behind ESG rankings to impose climate change politics on us all.

After that FBI press conference, around December of 2021, Blackstone bought up 1 billion dollars in stock, which will put yet another activist investment board member on the Board of Directors at FirstEnergy, which will continue to direct the company toward a zero-emission world, to get their ESG scores at the targeted range. Back in 2019, when this ESG imposition was just becoming a practice, the management of FirstEnergy thought the regulatory burdens were ridiculous as these money management firms were pushing them to implement zero-emission standards. Of course, these requirements come from the United Nations, which are driven by the World Economic Forum, which sets them with Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, and the BlackRock CEO himself, Larry Fink. These are extreme left-wing wackos who wouldn’t get the time of day in a political theater, but when they tie themselves to our money, now suddenly they have all the power in the world. And it is through those methods, FirstEnergy was imposed upon through ESG scores to move their coal and nuclear plants to zero emissions by a ridiculously impossible deadline, which would essentially shut them down. FirstEnergy tried to fight back; they funneled $61 million in donations to the GOP through Larry Householder to protect them from these United Nations standards reflected in the ESG means of measurement. The GOP created House Bill 6 to roll back some of the environmental burdens that were killing companies like FirstEnergy. Suddenly the FBI was busting members of the GOP, but not these radical investment firms connected to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. They were clearly attacking the American power grid to destroy coal and nuclear and replace them with wind and solar. 

Many of my friends in the House and Senate in Columbus wanted to distance themselves from Larry Householder as he was strung up and ran from his seat. It looked like dirty politics to me, and internal power struggles between Householder and Governor DeWine. But some of the other people who took money from FirstEnergy were never-Trumper types leftover from John Kasich, so there wasn’t much of a desire to fight to defend them in public. But the issue continued to bother me. That year of 2021, my wife and I traveled extensively in the West, everywhere from southern New Mexico and Texas to Montana all the way out to Utah and Idaho. I wanted to get away and think about some of these big things clearly. And during that trip, I saw what many truckers have been talking about, the changes to our country that were happening, with these giant wind farms, everywhere, from Iowa to Texas and everywhere in between. This wind power thing was much more advanced than I had been led to believe. In fact, at the Iowa 80 Truckstop, the largest of its kind in the world, I had a chance to see up close the trucks bringing these massive wind turbine blades to their construction sites. This was an enormous project that was going on everywhere, yet not much discussion was happening about it on the news. How was all this happening? Indeed, Americans weren’t imposing this on themselves. 

Doing a lot of research from then until now, it’s quite clear what has been happening. These wind power farms were not coming from the people of America but from energy companies and states seeking better ESG scores to stay compliant with their shareholders, like Blackstone, Icahn Capital, and of course, BlackRock. And the rate of manufacturing has been consistent with all the money the Fed has been printing through quantitative easing over the last decade, creating a dangerous asset bubble that directly contributed to the rise in power of these money management firms. The leverage and power these gained in managed resources, which allowed them to buy all these stock options, to start controlling these companies at the level of the Board of Directors, came directly from the inflated wealth the Federal Reserve created through their ZIRP policies and quantitative easing. Otherwise, BlackRock would have never had the financial leverage to impose these ESG scores on all these companies. And how convenient was it for Blackstone to buy up $1 billion in stock after the settlement story broke about FirstEnergy driving the price down. And guess who pushed FirstEnergy to settle the case, Icahn Capital. 

So as everyone can see, the story is much more sinister than an Ohio energy company trying to prevent itself from being put out of business by ESG politics that come not from the American government but from the United Nations and the Party of Davos. They sought help from the GOP-controlled House because it was their only option. But obviously, the game was rigged against them from the start. And now we see too late that the United Nations fully intends to close down all coal and nuclear power plants in the country and switch us all over to these solar and wind options. We know from California wind and solar alone is not sufficient for the power needs of our economy. But for the enemies of America, that is kind of the point. These finance companies taking control of these Boards in companies all across America over ESG scores are not on an America First agenda. They seek a zero-emission world and massive wealth redistribution from rich countries to poor ones, where they have already leveraged their financial bets. And we have been the pawns in the game because we have let this attack happen, unchecked completely. 

The actions we can take immediately is to understand how ESG policies became part of our SEC rules, at the Federal and State levels.   Because those rules are directly attacking our business infrastructure from elements outside our county.  We need to remove those ESG policies, legislatively.  From there, we need to stop our Fed from funding Wall Street so that an open door to foreign investment can flow money into the backdoor of our country and buy our political system behind our backs destroying our vote through finance and attacking the very heart of our republic without a single shot fired by military aggression.  Make no mistake about it, it’s a war just the same. 

Rich Hoffman

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Dark Money Tries to make the Pig DeWine Look Good: But Renacci is 8 Points up on the governor, and growing

As I was listening to 55 KRC recently, an ad by Free Ohio, a Super PAC for Ohio’s lost stooge, Mike DeWine attempting to show the troubled governor in a contrasting light to Joe Biden, let me know that after all these years, these political insiders haven’t learned a thing.  After all that Republicans should have learned regarding the Trump presidency, it is evident that these dark money professionals still didn’t understand modern politics.  Mike DeWine has been a disaster for Ohio.  When he runs for office, he always runs as a conservative, but when he’s in office, whether as a senator, Attorney General, or a governor as he is now, he becomes overnight a liberal.  And if Ohio had elected Joe Biden as Governor of Ohio himself, we wouldn’t have done any worse.  So, it was laughable that there was an assumption among the professional political class out there that just a few months before the primary in May of 2022, money spent on ads like the ones Free Ohio is putting out would shape public opinion enough to change minds.  People were there to see how badly DeWine managed the state, especially during Covid, in which he led the nation in lockdowns, being the first to do so and to change election laws which led to the massive corruption of the 2022 election.  DeWine was the first in the country to change election laws during a primary, opening the door to all the other states that did similar things with mail-in ballots, all in the name of “maintaining social distancing during the Covid Plandemic.” 

I had a chance on several occasions during those terrible days of lockdowns in Ohio where members of the business community were on mass conference calls with Governor DeWine to attempt to work out concessions to the rules he and the liberal Obama activist Amy Acton came up with that were costing everyone millions and millions of dollars, by the day.  I have met Mike DeWine at a few events here and there but never really had a chance to talk to him.  Let me just say, DeWine is one of the dumbest people I have ever heard speak.  Under those conference call environments, he had no clue what to do and punted everything in Ohio to the CDC and the Dr. Fauci types, which was scandalous even then.  Now in hindsight, we know that to be even worse advice.  But even when few people really knew the severity of Covid was, DeWine sounded like a complete idiot giving the keys to Ohio over to a bunch of bureaucratic health department types to run all our affairs the way some pot-smoking, stringy-haired hippies might only fantasize about.  I always wondered how DeWine ever called himself a conservative coming from Yellow Springs, Ohio—certainly not my favorite place.  You can almost always smell the pot smoke in Clifton Gorge from Yellow Springs when visiting.  It’s not likely many Republicans would be able to put up with such an environment.  And obviously, getting to know Mike DeWine a bit over these last several years, he’s not a conservative, but the very definition of RINO that there is in the world. 

The Super PAC plans to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on this attempt to paint DeWine as a contrast to Biden.  Unfortunately, like many have tried over the last several years, thinking of Mike Bloomberg in Florida against Trump and the Bush money machine against Trump in 2016, they could never move the needle in a significant way in those races.  It is unclear why they would think they could move any opinions in Ohio when the people living in the state have very recent memory and pain over how DeWine ran the state.  Without question, Fox News and traditional outlets like Clear Channel radio corporate advertising are all too happy to take the money of this Super PAC.  For them, that’s what politics is, a chance to sell ads and pay for their content.  But reality shows that DeWine and Joe Biden have been aligned on just about everything over the last four years.  Even topics that don’t involve Covid.  It would be impossible to tell Joe Biden and Mike DeWine apart on paper by voting record.  And to think that money can change people’s memory of these things is pretty insulting, really.  Without question, some people don’t know much about these issues and might fall for such ornamental hype.  But in a primary, which is very surgical in nature, it’s a different kind of voter.  Primary voters are very engaged on the topics and not so easily fooled. 

As I’ve said many times, it’s hard to beat someone in a primary, especially with the corrupt money machine behind DeWine.  He has his voters who profit off the way he has done business over many years in politics.  But with an above-average primary turnout, someone like Jim Renacci could easily beat him in the primary.  Even with all this dark money flowing into traditional media, Jim Renacci is 8 points over DeWine going into February of 2022, which is horrible news for the current governor.  This is good news for those who want to see a more conservative governor in the general election this fall.  But that’s a steep hill for changing opinions no matter how much money is spent.  I suppose it’s worth trying from their perspective, but do they really think that the voters in the upcoming primary are watching Fox News?  I would say most of those people have moved over to other options, more Trump-friendly options.  And Trump is still the kingmaker in Ohio, and of the two candidates that are most in consideration in the primary, Renacci is the Trump guy.  DeWine is about as far from Trump as a Republican can get.  The last time DeWine was on stage with Trump in Ohio, he was booed for being there because of his role in the Covid lockdowns.  Trump is an executive and can get along with anybody.  But he’s certainly not going to go out of his way to support DeWine.  And an endorsement of any kind by Trump can erase away millions and millions of dollars spent by dark money to attempt to change opinions in traditional media. 

More than anything that has been exposed here is the distance between perception and reality.  Fundraising and what can be done with that money is part of the problem in politics.  The money machine creates leverage; that’s how DeWine was able to get many politicians to endorse him for the primary.  If they don’t support the money candidate, which DeWine certainly is, then they would find themselves short during their next election fundraising cycle, which all politicians dread.  One of their biggest problems is picking up the phone and raising money for their campaigns; no matter how good they might be at it, it’s something none of them likes to do.  But listening to this ridiculous Super PAC of DeWine unroll their 2022 primary strategy reveals just how archaic the current system truly is.  Traditional media has lost a lot of power over the last few years, and Trump showed that money in politics couldn’t beat a good message or a great candidate.  And that is certainly the case between Renacci and DeWine.  Renacci is an excellent candidate.  DeWine is a really corrupt and terrible one.  And no amount of money in the world can make the lipstick on that pig look good.

Rich Hoffman

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