White Blood Cells: The Mystery of the Tea Party

The budget battles are waging across the county, most recently in the states drawing a hard-line in the sand, such as Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana, trying desperately not to become the next California. The most intense battle hasn’t even arrived yet however, and that is the battle at the Federal level, where tax and spend liberals like President Obama, and Harry Reid are coming up against a new element that runs deeper than typical, placid conservative Republicans. That new element is the Tea Party, referred to by the media, and all those rampant tax and spend happy politicians, as Tea Baggers.

The Tea Party has brought an element to the political landscape that is difficult for the establishment to understand. Greta Van Susteren of Fox News recently attempted to get her mind around the Tea Party ideal and interviewed several people who tried to understand how a movement as large as the Tea Party is, can function without a leader. The left, who can’t function without a leader, is perplexed as they reach for icons like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. It’s not about them. If they were removed from the discussion there are hundreds of capable people waiting patiently if needed. The real heart behind the movement cannot be seen in such terms.

The best way to explain the Tea Party movement is that you have to consider the United States of America as a human body. It has a life of its own, eating, breathing and interacting with other nations. Now we all know what happens when a body gets sick. We don’t feel well, our temperature may increase, and we may fill chilled, weak, and have a runny nose. When we have a cold we tend to lay down for a bit, take off work and let our immune system fight off the virus. Such sicknesses might be called in America as “recessions.” Our immune system is the election process, and given time, minor illnesses can be overcome.

But there are other viruses and diseases that cannot be easily overcome by our immune system. Viruses like AIDS actually disguise themselves as healthy cells in the body till they are strong enough to attempt to take over the healthy cells in a body.

Cancer is the same kind of subversive disease that hides quietly in the body till it sees an opportunity to strike, and take over the surrounding tissue. We count on our White Blood Cells to identify a disease and to kill it, before it has an opportunity to take over and kill our body’s tissue.

Watch this video of a white blood cell chasing bacteria. Notice that the white blood Cell does not take time to watch TV, or eat at McDonalds. Such concerns are completely irrelevant to the life of a white blood cell. Yet, study the conscious movement of the cell, it is aware of the threat to the body and it is taking action to protect that body.

The United States of America, if looked at like a human body is plagued with many cancer cells attempting to destroy the tissue of the American body. To the cancer cell, this process is not a bad thing. The cancer cell just wants to live like any other cell. The quest for life is what all life shares. But the white blood cell is dedicated to protecting the body from such intrusions so a conflict is expected; we often refer to our immune systems as “fighting off a disease.” We expect it as a natural occurrence. But the cancers that we have in the American body have penetrated our education institutions, so they train the new cells of our body to duplicate the cancer cells. They have penetrated our political system, so as to infect all the cells there to become corrupt and distorted. They have penetrated our families, so the production of strong white blood cells cannot occur so there is no defense in the body to resist them.

Some white blood cells are aware of the cancer cells, and are attacking them directly now. And that is what you might call the Tea Party. The white blood cell is void of attention, concern for power, and greed. That is unless it has been corrupted by a cancer cell or other disease. We know many politicians on Capital Hill that have been corrupted in this way by the disease of “lobby influence.”

But most of the Tea Party people are as pure to a white blood cell in our society as we have to offer. They are selfless defenders of the body called America. They don’t expect financial compensation, powerful positions, or disproportionate amounts of wealth. They are unified by a common cause, and that is the preservation of the body America.

For that reason, the white blood cells called “The Tea Party” do not need a leader to tell them where to go or what to do. All they need to know is what the cancer cells look like, and to attack them the way America expects them to in order to restore the body to health.

The white blood cell is often out-numbered and must take on larger, much scarier cancer cells and bacteria, such as was seen in the video. They will often be outnumbered. But the white blood cell more often than not prevails and life continues for the healthy body. The body can only be measured by its health depending on the strength of its immune system, or otherwise, based on its ability of white blood cells to destroy attackers. This is important because a body is always under attack from foreign invaders.

In America, diseases that the white blood cells called The Tea Party are on the lookout for are socialism, which consumes healthy growth of the body’s tissue by cutting off the flow of blood in the body. Blood to America is its corporations. Other diseases are trickster cells that attempt to weaken the resolve of the white blood cell by disguising itself, such as AIDS. In America such comparisons are in the body’s lack of ability to embrace religion, social norms, and healthy living habits. Such trickster cells will attempt to kill off the white blood cell population with unhealthy pointless endeavors so the resistance is not in place for disease growth. Greed is a specific kind of disease that might be found in the union movement where those cells expect larger amounts of substance to maintain their own existence, tricked by diseased cells into behavior that puts their own lives at risk by overconsumption. This behavior takes away the body’s ability to furnish its other white blood cells with proper nourishment which inhibits healthy growth.

The Tea Party is doing the job expected by the Constitution. The spending habits of government now must be looked at as a disease. And all elements that are attempting to crush our American body must be dealt with. There is no longer time to have the type of compassion that allows cancer cells to live next to healthy cells because we now know with clarity that the cancer cells will 100% of the time attempt to take over the healthy cell.

That leaves just one question. Where do you fit in? Are you a cancer cell, or a white blood cell?

I know what I am. And I know many Tea Party people who are pure white blood cells. The goal of this site is to identify cancer cells and attack them so that we can return to a healthy body, because there is so much cancer in this body we are trusted to protect, that we need to relearn what the diseases are, and what the healthy cells look like, so that the epic battle to overcome our sickness can be resolved and our America can return to health.

Where do you stand?

That also brings up the logical question many have leveled at me. Am I a white blood cell Tea Party guy?

I name this site after a term I wrote about in 2004 called a Overmanwarrior, which was in my mind before there was a Tea Party. I am, as a person most happy in conflict. I am not a turn the other cheek, peace-loving type of person. I respect people who are, and many in the Tea Party reflect that position which I support.

Since I am one of those types that do find myself in conflict, usually under the radar, I operate as I have for many years, alone, so not to incriminate the people around me that I care about. But my best friends are just to the left of my ideas and those are the Tea Party white blood cells that understand what’s important and what to do about it when they see the threat to that importance.

I would consider myself a white blood cell that will 100% of the time take on the largest diseases without endangering my friends. And such endeavors are not the types of battles that peace-loving people are best at. So we all have our role in curing the diseases of the body. My role is different, but very similar. It is just a variation of the white blood cell role intended for the most vicious cancers.

That’s all I’ll write about that role since further revelations will reveal the strategy to the diseases who read my site every day. As I said, the Overmanwarrior role from my 2004 book is based more on fact than fiction. And that’s all I’ll say. But it is a kind of ultra-white blood cell.

The best writers write what they know about. I’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time, and I am relieved to see that there is now help which I welcome with enthusiasm.

If there is anything we’ve learned from our first 200 year history in the United States it’s that having checks and balances of elected representatives are not quite enough in this American experiment. Waiting from election to election to act is not enough. What is needed in the body of America are those interested in fighting off disease as soon as they show themselves and keeping those elected representatives honest with diligence, so those political representatives don’t buckle under the temptation of disease to become corrupt and work against the body of our nation. Such a thing should never happen again once America’s immune system kicks in and restores our health once again so the real American dream can be experienced by our descendents.

Rich Hoffman


Paying for Protection: The Organized Crime of Teacher Unions

Should a teacher have to pay dues to a union in order to work for a public school? Of course not, yet that is exactly what’s happening in Ohio and many other states. Such a policy is no different from organized crime, where protection money is required in order to avoid some retaliatory measure. This type of behavior has absolutely no place in modern education!

Doc Thompson talks to Tracy Bailey of the Association of American Educators about alternatives to teachers unions and politics along party politics. It is a fascinating discussion that deserves review. If you are truly hungry for facts, make sure to listen to this interview. Bailey discusses how teachers are listed at the top of many public opinion polls as to people society trusts. But union leaders are viewed equal to used car salesmen in a trust worthy factor, and there is a growing disconnect between those two gaps.

Check out Tracy’s link here.

Yet the stories of impropriety continue among the tax payer employees known as teachers. Lakota had a major scandal recently in January from Ryan Fahremkemp and Mason had one with Stacy Schuler in February and there are more to follow on her coat tails. Read this next bit of information coming out of Mason.

You can read the whole article from The Whistleblower at this link.

Sex and Drugs for All: The Mason Schools

Here’s yet another Mason teacher, Daniel P. Little, who is still teaching in the district.

Several of our readers said we didn’t report enough detail about Mason teacher Dan Little, 28, and his arrest in the midst of his sex and drugs two-day party spree in Room 403 at the Hampton Inn on Crescent Avenue in Covington, Kentucky. Also present at the party when the arrests took place were five other people: another Mason teacher Russell Fallon, Mason assistant wrestling coach Jabree Jones, Tasha C. Davis, Carrie Little (Dan’s wife), and John L. Miller.

I don’t know about you, but I expect better behavior out of the teachers we hire with our tax dollars. I am aware that there are always bad apples in a bundle, but what doesn’t get analyzed from all the chanting protestors in the Ohio and Wisconsin State Houses is that there is a level of expectation that the public has about their teachers. Unfortunately many tax payers throw up their hands in frustration and have stopped “expecting,” because bad behavior goes unpunished, or is brushed under a rug by administrators. That is the crime here, and that is why we are finding more of these stories from teachers that are abusing “The System.”

It is certainly not new, this idea that teachers want to have sex with students, or administrators are having sex with teachers, or teachers like in the case involving Daniel Little are getting together with a group of other teachers along with his wife to engage in extremely bad behavior. This wasn’t just one teacher and one isolated incident much like the Schuler case wasn’t just sex with one student. She was involved with the Assistant Principle also, which has not been discussed much. And Dan Little wasn’t just having a crazy drug party with his wife in a hotel room. It was with several other teachers, people we expect to teach our kids about the negatives of drugs.

But schools hire public relations people known as “spokesman” to clean up these issues and present a public face that the media can assist in portraying. Notice how Dan Little is portrayed on the Mason School System website.

Staff Awards and Honors
Mason City Schools’ staff members are at the top of their profession.
• 31 Mason teachers earned National Board Certification, MMS science teacher Dan Little and Mason Heights second grade teacher Greg Hill won the Rising Above Teacher Award sponsored by Panera Bread Company
Check it out for yourself. http://masonohioschools.com/district.cfm?subpage=185


Do you think Panera Bread wants it’s Rising Above Teacher Award going to a drug abuser? Of course not. And would the public be inclined to pass another school levy if they knew about such bad behavior? Of course not. So it doesn’t get talked about. It gets spun and twisted so a moral judgment cannot be made, and by the time the next levy hits the ballot box, the voters have forgotten, because all they see is the awards that were won and published by the school.

That’s where the unions come to play, and that is what the teachers are paying for with their union dues, protection. Dan Little makes $86,000 and he’s only 28 years old. The union has collectively bargained in favor of a teacher like him obviously. Who thinks that kind of financial compensation would be available in the private sector? But that’s not the only thing the union dues purchase for a teacher like him. The union makes it so difficult for the administration to investigate and punish bad behavior that administrators have given up too.

Administrators and I know this is a hundred percent true because I know some of them personally, spend their time protecting image and not enforcing policy. The inmates do run the asylum and everyone knows it, within the school systems. It is a running joke.

Now I get a lot of letters from people who don’t want to see it. Or they get mad at me for pointing it out, because in their minds, they want to maintain the illusion that they want to believe. And I say to those people that they are irresponsible participants of destructive behavior which directly corrupts our youth. If they cannot see the error of their self-imposed blindness, then they are as bad as the people who commit these terrible acts, because the public trusts these tax funded employees to care for their children.

I started this quest by asking a simple question. Is a the average teacher salary at the Lakota School District worth 62K. For me, no. I think that is way too high as an average. The average needs to be in the lower 50K range to meet the budget requirements. But if the public is going to be required to pay teachers like Dan Little 86K a year, is it too much to ask that he uphold a high moral order in his private life? Is a person with obvious social problems qualified to make so much? Is he even qualified to teach one child let alone a class, or several classes? Yet those questions cannot be asked because the teachers union with all their collective bargaining agreements put in place for “safety” of the employee prevents even asking the question, because the pursuit of justice is far too costly to overcome the organized crime strategies of the union.

That is the heart of the problem. There are a lot of good ideas out there. Doc Thompson as a radio talk host has went above and beyond in examining them. You can listen to hours of his testimony on this site or simply visit this extensive online video library with sound bites from his show. http://www.mefeedia.com/feeds/51484/overmanwarrior

The question is, as the supervisors of these employees, which is all of us that pay taxes, is the system the way it is now to your liking? Do you think it works? Or do you want to do like David Letterman said recently, “why don’t we just throw more and more money at education until it works.” It doesn’t matter if it’s 20K or 30K per pupil! The union bosses bet that you don’t have the fortitude to oppose them, because as long as the bad stuff is kept from your eyes and you can have deniability to impropriety, you can still look at yourself in the mirror each day and feel ok about things. They know human nature doesn’t like to fight, and they have built an empire on the backs of our children at our expense in more ways than just money, and they know most people won’t challenge them directly.

Meanwhile the bad behavior continues in the shadows. It’s everywhere if you want to lift up the rug and look. And we are paying for it all. Our kids watch us and can measure our blindness, and they will take that lack of vision into their adulthood. And when we are all grandparents looking over our children’s lives and the wrecks they have become, the guilt will be on us all for turning away from trouble, and lacking the courage to even question a system that is rooted in tyranny to protect the fates of our children from the organized corruption that resides in the human soul.

Rich Hoffman


Ray Warrick Testimony on S.B.5

My good friend Ray Warrick from Mason testified on Collective Bargaining in Columbus on February 17th, 2011. Since I have video of his testimony I put it here to be watched instead of read. Listen to the rumble of the crowd outside who were able to watch the proceedings on a screen and hear what was going on in the chamber.

This is what it looked like outside that chamber.

Even though many union workers took the day off to be there, “paid for I might add,” there were some who managed to go up to Columbus and show public support for the bill. Mixed in with the chanting on this next video, “kill the bill,” are people yelling, “Pass the Bill.” It is easy to ascertain that many supporters of the bill are not present. They are the silent majority, while the many of the people against the bill were encouraged by their unions to take off work and protest. This shows the fundamental difference in philosophy.

Here is a short speech by Matt Mayer. I think he took the high class approach in the face of very intimidating union tactics. As Matt said, the people supporting the bill were routinely called “retarded,” by union members chanting from the crowd.

Here is how the news was covered in Toledo, where many just aren’t ready to deal with the cost collective bargaining has imposed on tax payers, particularly the mayor there who is trying to appeal to his political base.

Unions had almost 30 years to be “fair.” Instead they just kept asking for more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more……………………………………..

Only now that there are Republicans in place at all government levels in Ohio are they willing to “negotiate.”

I have news for those people who think like that. The Republicans did not just walk in off the street to take control of our government process. Ohioans all across the state looked at the situation and said they did not like the direction Democrats have taken the state. So they put Republicans in position to work on bills like S.B.5. They are doing their job. Taxpayers are tired of politics, and unions are wrapped up so tight with politics that it is inevitable that they will feel the impact of that wrath. But they did it to themselves and have only their leaders to blame.

Rich Hoffman