Open Ohio Rally in Hamilton: George Lang, Mark Welch, and Nancy Nix join others with a hard truth

It was great to see so many friends in one place as was at the Open Ohio Rally on the steps of the Hamilton Court House on 5/9/20. I wasn’t sure what to expect, there was a similar rally in West Chester at the Voice of America Park, but I wanted to hear George Lang talk, so I went to the one in Hamilton. These freedom events were actually happening all across the state upset at the draconian measures that occurred under the Mike DeWine administration over its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, I was impressed with the media coverage. Most of the television media was there to cover the event as was the various newspapers and it appears they gave it a fair shake, as was obvious by the Channel 5 broadcast. But I really thought Mark Welch, Nancy Nix and George Lang did a great job speaking about why the lockdown measures needed to be lifted faster than they were and what the true impact of the government reaction to the coronavirus locally truly has been.

Even more impressive to me were the many people who drove by and honked in support. If you believe the polling most people are terrified to return to normal after two months of nothing but coronavirus discussion everyday on the news. Government has used these polls to justify this slow reopening of Ohio and other states around the country and the point of this rally was to demand that government move faster. I was moving around a lot and didn’t get much coverage of Nancy’s speech and Mark’s but I did get all of George’s and you can hear a lady in the background getting pretty rambunctious. She was mad at George because as a member of government she didn’t feel he was doing enough to get things moving, and she was even angrier that he wasn’t ready to cut off Amy Acton’s head and stick it on a pike. After his speech George did seek the woman out to talk to her. As it turned out, she wasn’t even in George’s district, she had a different rep whom she didn’t know. What she did know was that she was angry and she wanted someone to pay for what had happened to her and her country.

But it was in the little acts of rebellion that caught my attention, the many burnouts that were occurring there in front of the courthouse, the revved up engines, the hollering that was emitting from many open car windows as they drove by, people were pretty upset and it got the attention of the news. Going to the event I wasn’t sure how many people would turn out on a chilly May day, but it was an impressive gathering even though Governor DeWine had already announced the reopening schedule of Ohio—for many people it wasn’t fast enough. The main problem was that government had stuck itself in between people and their lives to a point where very uncomfortable truths were obvious, and the protesters at the rally understood those truths. They were an educated group who understood what was at stake and the politicians there to give their speeches were smarter than the average bear.

Normally at these kinds of things, the protestors are viewed as a little too extreme, but that wasn’t the case this time. If anything, the feeling was “why didn’t we do this sooner?” Well, people want to trust their government and part of the hurt in the protestors at this event was that they felt let down by people they wanted to trust, but found out they couldn’t. Its kind of like finding out that a spouse cheated on you. You still love them but they broke your heart and you’ll never feel the same way about them again. That was what was obvious at this Hamilton rally that I hadn’t seen before. These were established Butler County politicians who are very much mainstream Republicans who were heartbroken that the DeWine administration had screwed up so badly with the coronavirus outbreak that personal liberties were not respected in any context and that subtle disappointment was the theme of the day. The protestors understood that Amy Acton and her boss, Mike DeWine had really screwed the pooch on Ohio’s lockdowns, and had led the country to their own version of doom. DeWine’s Ohio went well beyond where Trump had started under the CDC guidelines and it went on for way too long, and now people were ready for a fight. By the way it looked to me, the people at that event were nice, normal people who would rather be thinking about baseball and backyard cookouts for Mother’s Day. Instead, they were a few weeks away from creating a militia and taking over Ohio government at gunpoint. The lockdowns couldn’t end any faster.

I wasn’t sure how people would feel about masks, social distancing, and other CDC countermeasures that had been talked about everyday for the last several months, but I’ll say it was nice to shake hands with people again. Most of the people didn’t bring masks, had no regard for social distancing at all and were more than ready to get back to a normal life. Professionally I have to be very aware of people’s feelings about those kinds of things since the government has scared everyone to death daily about the Covid-19 being a death sentence. But at the rally, people were done with that garbage and that was the best part of the day. The voodoo science of Doctor Doom Fauci from the CDC was in the rear-view mirror for those participants and they aren’t stupid people just being reckless. They are sick of the government lying to them to save their own ass from the terrible decisions they made to shut down our economy and ruin our lives these past several months. It was good to hear so many people utter common sense once again and regain their courage in the light of day.

Regardless of the intentions, the answer was never more clear. Government doesn’t work when it tries to rule the world through collective aristocracy and kingdom rule, which is what Mike DeWine naturally assumed under a crisis. He being a timid person himself put our state, nation, and culture under care based on his level of comfort regarding risk, and that was a disaster. Mark Welch, Nancy Nix, and George Lang all understand how dangerous that is and the results were all around us, and they were able to articulate the problem with clarity, which is a new thing in this age of Trump. Even with all the problems, the best thing about all this is that it has given people a real appreciation for their freedoms which they might have overlooked if not for the lockdowns. And now they were far more vigilant. This crowd at the Open Ohio Rally was not an anti-government Tea Party crowd, they were normal people pissed off at the intrusion of their personal liberties and that is a change. These were people who would have rather been doing anything else but attending a political rally, yet there they were. The DeWine lockdowns had inspired in them a new appreciation for their freedoms and a yearning for liberty that had otherwise been stuck in a closet like an unused toy, only rediscovered after years of neglect. And the results were inspiring and showed a hope for the future that otherwise might have never been.

Rich Hoffman

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Mark Welch Questions Covid-19 in West Chester: The aftermath

You can hear the pain in Mark Welch’s voice at a recent meeting of the trustees in West Chester, Ohio where they discussed the Covid-19 nightmare that has shut down the economy of the region for reasons that made little sense to anybody. Mark is running for the 52nd congressional seat in Ohio that will take place by mail-in ballot by April 27th, and after watching this very sincere video where the topic of this discussion starts at the 1 hour and 15 minute mark, it is clear why I support him in the election. Mark also is a small business owner and he’s not happy, like many people aren’t. They don’t understand why their livelihoods have been robbed by shutting down the American economy, and more specifically, why Governor DeWine of Ohio has gone several steps further than the Presidential guidelines to lead the nation into a travesty of economic doom that we now know will be somewhat alleviated on May 1st when Ohio will re-open for business once President Trump laid down the federal guidelines for such an activity. Even political insiders like Mark are perplexed as to what just happened, and why. It has rocked the world this whole reaction to the global pandemic called Covid-19 out of Wuhan, China, but as Americans we expected better, and what we got was a fresh taste of harsh communism by tyrants we thought where our friendly neighbors and we have had the sharp, and sinister breath of death down our backs by a new generation of brownshirts, most of them working in our media.

Of the governors who dealt with the Covid-19 situation best, it was South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. She was heavily criticized by that new generation of brownshirts who were obvious Chinese communist sympathizers in the media because Kristi defended the Constitution to the very last moment and as a result, people respected her and the coronavirus cases were greatly minimized in that state which is more rural than most. But the results overall were very effective. Obviously the brownshirts in the media wanted her head on a plate for not following the national shutdown through peer pressure that ironically started with a Republican governor in DeWine who wanted to be the first to race to the bottom of everything you shouldn’t do as a governor. Kristi resisted it and certainly came out on top as one of the best Republican governors as a result. The governors of South Carolina and Texas also did well. But the worst was Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan who essentially became a modern version of history’s most vicious tyrants using the threat of the coronavirus to enact very rigid climate change proposals straight off the pages of the New Green Deal. It was communism here in America bypassing any legislature considerations through emergency order to rule by force, and it was disgusting. Kentucky was a close second behind Whitmer.

The truth of the matter was that the virus was never that scary. I said so much very early in the process and if I could see it, everyone else could too. DeWine should have known better as the political leader in Ohio. Its one thing to listen to a liberal climate change activist like Amy Acton, the Ohio Health Director, it’s quite another to give her a blank check to set policy under a state of emergency stress and to let her ruin the lives of millions to save a few hundred people. The rationale for the whole endeavor never made logical sense because the premise was rooted in emotion over one political topic marketed by the World Health Organization for big international objectives that were never really about the virus itself. It was about changing human behavior from the outset by using fear to control that behavior. So being right about the origins of the virus and who was to blame, I’ll also say that the continued methods outlined to return to normal is just Dumbo’s feather again. “You can fly if only you hold this feather, you can return to work if only you social distance, and wash your hands.” Its been a scam from the beginning to spread communism into the free markets of the West and now that everyone can see it, the governors have to walk back out of the mess they have put themselves in to have some success at saving face.

But its too late for that, the governors who most ruined their economy by shutting down everything and ruling with an iron fist the people of their state have Hell to pay. They have not been collecting sales tax. In Florida, which runs off tourism, the Disney Company has lost tens of millions per day due to the shutting down of the economy which surely delighted the climate activists which that company had been a part of, especially with its ownership of ABC News. Now they have felt the sting of liberal activism during an attempted takeover by communism to rule in America. Once there were a few protestors in Ohio that started on April 9th going to Columbus by a handful to let DeWine know they were sick of the shutdowns and destruction of the jobs there, Michigan became even bolder and emerged on Lansing in large numbers to protest the very progressive Whitmir. It didn’t take long for the pitchforks to come out which alarmed even the most staunch communist advocate at the World Health Organization—and their “save the world by staying home together” campaign. Americans will do just about anything to save a life in the short run, but once they smell the fish in the water, they will be looking for someone’s ass to sling from a flagpole and that is where we find ourselves and the governors know it, especially the ones who screwed up the most. They must continue to pretend that all these measures to avoid the Covid-19 virus are still valid because if people find out that they were scammed all along, things will get even worse, far worse. You can’t take people’s jobs and stuff them in their homes hiding like a bunch of cowards for over a month and expect everything to work out well. The reckoning is coming for them and they are hoping that they can keep the boogie man alive just long enough to save themselves.

I think of this whole thing as beneficial. Most people doubt that the things I say about the push for communism was real in America, because they don’t see the effort in their lives. They know the Channel 12 reporters and might go have a drink with them under normal conditions and think of them as friends. But the moment the governors put down lockdowns, unconstitutional lockdowns at that, the local media went around and attempted to shame businesses into compliance and even beat on their chests about terrorizing children at playgrounds. The police wouldn’t come to a home out of fear of coronavirus to conduct law enforcement in the city of Cincinnati, but they sure would show up to put police tape around a playground in a public park so kids out of school couldn’t play on it. And if a company had a Covid case, they were quick to place the information on the front page of the news attempting to make a minor viral outbreak into a death sentence to shame the employer into closing to join the rest of the economy in stopping completely. But it was never real, it was all pure emotion and now people can see that for themselves, and the real fear now is not of the virus, but of the people’s lives ruined by trusting public officials who abused their power and now must face the music reluctantly after playing their part in destroying America for foreign enemies who made the effort all too enticing through stupidity, greed, and a hunger for being little dictators in the long lineage of such people that have evolved out of communism. It wasn’t the virus that ended up being so dangerous coming out of China, it was their ideas of communism that came from the World Health Organization to promote the idea as a reaction to the virus and split America in two literally, and in many ways, violently.

Rich Hoffman

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A Saturday at Premier Shooting; Training in West Chester: There are few more Pro Second Amendment than George Lang and Mark Welch

It was really irritating me over this past weekend that everywhere people were overacting to the coronavirus. All the stores were being ransacked for toilet paper and people were already too far gone to think logically. The media scares had soaked into their thoughts and they were in survival mode and unable to come out of it. Since there wasn’t anything on television worth watching and I had a free Saturday more or less, I signed up for a Tactical 88 class at Premier Shooting & Training Center in West Chester and spent the day at the gun range stepping away from the panic for a bit and enjoyed being around people who had not gone crazy. And much to my relief, they had toilet paper on the shelf, and all was right with the world. But much to my surprise, they were very busy on a Saturday (much more than usual) and they reported more gun sales that weekend than they had on Black Friday. People were coming in and buying guns and ammunition like the world was coming to an end, and for those who were watching the news, it would be easy to think why they would think that. It didn’t take long for me to realize that going to Premier Shooting & Training during the coronavirus outbreak was a good decision, it was a good day to get away from the insanity of the world and a very hard reminder how lucky we are to have such a great facility in West Chester, Ohio.

I never go to Premier without thinking of George Lang, who as a trustee was instrumental in attracting the investment of a top tier gun range into West Chester just a few years ago. I was invited to tour the facility before it opened with Mark Welch—both men are now in position after the Tuesday primary to move on politically to state seats. But few know them as I do, as shooters who were active in the opening days of Premier Shooting & Training. I go there to shoot when I have time, its my favorite range in the Cincinnati area and I think one of the best in the country. But the store and gun range is only part of the story, what they do very well at the West Chester gun range is teach people firearms handling and some of the more advanced aspects of tactical training. With the Tactical 88 instructions that are done at that facility, participants get a chance to learn the same types of things that only advance police and military officers get by way of training. And they certainly have the classrooms for that level of participation.

I spent about 10 hours there on Saturday, had lunch, shot a bit, took the classes, but mostly observed behavior. It was obvious that the people coming there were looking for some sense of normalcy to their life, or some level of empowerment. Buying a gun for them was a punch back at the victimization that they were feeling from the news reports that virtually everything was shut down out of panic over the coronavirus. Even Disney World was shut down, so there was nothing much going on television, the NCAA March Madness brackets were gone this year, baseball season is being pushed out, even James Bond’s new movie coming up has been pushed out as Hollywood looks to lose around 20 billion dollars due to coronavirus. What was happening around the world smelled a lot like an attack on the American economy and people wanted to take action, so they came to Premier Shooting to get control of things from their perspective, and buying a new gun and hitting the range to learn how to use it was the most proactive thing they could do. But it was a running joke at Premier that day for everyone who saw the display of toilet paper that at least the gun range was stocked where Kroger, Walmart and Walgreens were ransacked by panic driven customers to stock their shelves at home for the apocalypse that was to come next.

Spending that extra time there Saturday I was able to work with much of the staff on hand that day and I can only say that I am really happy they are there. They do such a good job at every level at Premier that even as I think often how wonderful it is that they are in West Chester, many people take it for granted just how much. They are top notch on a good day, but on a day where the stock market was on course for depression like numbers and the entertainment world was shut down over panic, it was good to see that Butler County residents had somewhere to go that wasn’t terrified of the coronavirus, and they could feel empowered to participate in something instead of hiding in their homes waiting for the news reports to tell them how next they might die. The staff at Premier was under control and ready for anything, and people could feel that coming into the door, which is likely why they were swarming there to begin with, to go someplace where they could still see America and enjoy the freedom to gather without fear of death. No wonder gun sales were up. Perhaps with the economic hit that losing all the sports and entertainment venues this spring will bring, toilet paper sales and the sale of guns and ammo will offset those losses. Watching the cash register at Premier gave me great hope that the same thing was happening all over the country and it said a lot about the resolution of the human race when a crises had pushed people to the brink. They didn’t run to hide in some cave, they went to the gun store and took action to protect themselves and others.

Yet with the primary election looming, I thought of George Lang and Mark Welch all day, as they were a part of the early days of Premier coming to West Chester to begin with, and few know to what degree they support the Second Amendment as mainstream politicians very loyal to the Trump administration in Butler County. I was at the announcement ceremony for George Lang this past summer when he declared himself to run for the 4th District Senate Seat in Ohio that was coming up this year and I saw many people there who I have also seen often at Premier Shooting & Training in West Chester at various events, especially at their own grand opening where Mark Welch and I were given a private tour before one shot had ever been fired there.

I’ll admit, I went to Premier for the same reasons as everyone else that rainy Saturday. I sat at the window and looked out at the lake on breaks in our training schedule and enjoyed the warm blanket of Americana as only a gun range can tell the story while the world outside was in a panicked heap. Guns have a way of calming people down and letting them know they can still defend themselves when the governments of the world get it wrong and let loose a panic like the coronavirus. But as the primary election comes on Tuesday remember that it was George Lang and Mark Welch who were there in the beginning of it all, and it is one of the best reasons to vote for them, which is barely something that has come up during the election season. Very few mainstream politicians are as pro Second Amendment as those two, and voters need to remember that as they vote on Tuesday March 17th.

Rich Hoffman

Vote For George Lang and Mark Welch for the March 17th Primary: Meet the candidates from the West Chester Tea Party Forum

If George Lang and Mark Welch had not started out in the West Chester Tea Party, they likely wouldn’t have accepted the invite to the Candidates Forum that was held recently for the March 17th Primary. That they did come helped the event tremendously, otherwise there would have been 4 unendorsed Republican candidates for a Republican primary up on the stage talking into an audience that had lost is luster over the years to a very small, and inconsequential group of people. In the video clip below are the introductions to most of them for the reader to decide for themselves the merit of the exchange. I thought it was a good event, it certainly showed why George and Mark are the endorsed candidates, they were clearly the best picks for the Republican ticket for the primary. For the convenience of the readers here I am also including the voter card for the upcoming vote. Just print it off and use that to pick the correct candidates. But out of the six shown on the debate stage only two are on the list and that list matters.

Out of the four not on the list clearly Candice Keller and Lee Wong are out of their element. That crowd was a Tea Party crowd, one that I know extremely well. As the night turned out, she was a mixed bag of disasters. As with most Tea Party groups there is a bit of libertarianism mixed into the soup with the spices of conservatism. Candice talks like a Republican but her views on EMS services were troubling for what should be a small government conservative. I went to the event firmly supporting George Lang and Mark Welch, but I was open to Candice for some other office in some future time, but after hearing her talk, I’m not sure I could ever do that. While I like her position on the Second Amendment, she is a big government type when it comes to social services and that was a huge red flag.

Ding Dong Lee Wong was playing to the audience and talking like he’s been a firm 2nd Amendment supporter all his life, and a Donald Trump fan. That guy is a ding dong because just like a pendulum on a clock he ding dongs back and forth depending on his audience. He is a chameleon of the ultimate type; he is whatever people want him to be which always leaves you wondering who he really is. Rather than explain away all his personal discrepancies, its just much more narrative to refer to him as a ding dong who was clearly not a conservative relative to the others. If we were in Hamilton County, Ding Dong would be running as a Democrat, and he struggled all evening to pander to what he thought was a conservative Tea Party crowd.

The truth about the Tea Party is that religion was never far from the movement. And while I have always considered myself a Tea Party type, I have not been a big church guy, because I see in church a lot of socialism that has always made me uncomfortable. I believe in the potential for mankind not the fall of it. I do not accept that I am a victim of original sin and owe anybody anything, which has always set me apart from the Christian conservative crowd. Although I am quite comfortable with the values of those people, that doesn’t mean I want them in government regulating our lifestyles. I may not mind a dinner with them, but that’s as far as I go on philosophic utterances. Clearly Candice and Ding Dong were playing to that type of crowd and so long as people thought of George Lang as some venomous establishment type that needed to be hung on a cross for sacrifice, the crowd responded as such. But by the end of the evening even though Candice took her shots in the dark at George and Ding Dong clapped like one of those windup toy monkeys to everything she said, the clear frontrunners of endorsed Republicans were clearly winners on their way to a solid primary victory.

But no voter should take anything for granted. Use the voter card to take out the noise of the election and make sure the right people come out victorious as a result of the primary. The vetting process is that a candidate needs to be able to show all the skills to get an endorsement and those who didn’t this year need to ask themselves the question why. Its good to challenge the status quo, but the politics where that can continue to introduce chaos and mayhem into the political system, are over for now. So long as there is a Trump in the White House, I would expect that I’ll feel this way. I want to see Republicans winning and I want Democrats to lose, and to lose so big that it completely destroys their party. While I considered the Tea Party movement needed, and I appreciate the prayers at the beginning of their meetings, they were for a long time the most conservative option in the field of politics. The Republicans of today, after Trump’s 2016 election are to the right of the Tea Party and those clinging to it are sounding more and more like a bunch of libertarian loons. They are conservative about this and that, but liberal about those things and them. I’m not happy with that settlement.

Mark Welch and George Lang are my kind of conservatives and were clearly the best options on that debate stage. But looking over that voter card, at names like Warren Davidson, Donald Trump, Nancy Nix, Mary Swain, TC Rogers, even Justice Sharon Kennedy, that is a pretty solid group of people. I could name a lot more, but for a party in Butler County, I know most of those people well, and that is a list I’d liked to see built upon with even more good, solid names that have shown they can work together as a fantastic management team. George Lang and Mark Welch are two of those names and are certainly heads and shoulders above all the other options.

You should always be cautious of candidates who claim to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal, like libertarians are, or conservative here and liberal there on anything. I like people who are conservative 24 hours a day 7 days a week and whether or not they think God is looking. And knowing many of these conservative Republicans on this voter card personally, I feel comfortable that none of them will end up in some scandal or send nude pictures of themselves to some kid in high school. These names are upright people who are in it for all the right reasons and they were vetted by that party which I trust, which is how their name ended up on that list to begin with. And it is clear that the Butler County Republicans know what they are doing because they picked George and Mark to endorse and given this small sampling of otherwise Tea Party options, we can all be thankful for it.

Rich Hoffman

Why Mark Welch is the Best Vote for the 52nd Ohio House Seat: Like President Trump, a business background is the key

There is no question who I think the right candidate is for the 52nd House District seat in the Ohio House of Representatives, and that is Mark Welch. The reasons are well articulated in the below video when at the West Chester Tea Party Candidates Forum all the people running for office were asked to state what experience they were bringing to office. In my experience with these kinds of things I have reasoned that there are always well-intentioned people who enter public office, but what comes out on the other end is a mashed-up caricature of what went in. The pressures that come with any political office is enough to turn even the best people into sheer terrors. The ideologies that get them elected are shredded once they realize just how difficult public opinion can be in aligning those thoughts with the realities of anything with money attached to it. I wouldn’t say it’s the only option, but I think successful businesspeople are an essential criteria for any elected office. People should have had a few good decades of running a successful business before they ever seek an elected office, and Mark does. He talked about that experience a bit and how the success of Donald Trump as a president is further proof of the fact in the following clip.

Every time I go to these things, debates and forums where the public can analyze their options for elected office, I am always surprised by the naivete of the candidates. Whether its for a school board, trustee position, or for a house or senate seat, the things that candidates believe would make them a good representative in elected office are not the skills needed most often to do the job. Just being a good person, or a well intentioned one isn’t nearly enough, you have to be tough and to protect your ideas against the realities of nature itself, the human minds who have their own ideas about things and will try to persuade you and manipulate you infinitely into mistake after mistake. And with public office comes the responsibility of managing money, often vast sums of it. I have written enough material to fill many books on the failures of Lakota schools, and many other public education facilities because essentially they elect school board people who are well intentioned but not even closely competent to handle such large budgets or to even know to ask the question as to why any management of public money is in most cases illegal for them. We end up with a bunch of people who love children and want to see the best for them but they get eaten up in a system designed to loot off the taxpayer at every turn, and because they are so naive they just play along to get along which then makes them a detriment to their constituents, who are often frustrated that they have no other options to manage the money.

Having a business background prepares a political candidate for all the temptations of a public office, not just the management of money but the temptations that come with power. Every supervisor or manager from Burger King to P&G know that those working under them will have offers to sleep with co-workers, and to pick favoritism over one person for another based on a variety of reasons. People who are in charge of things get offers that others do not, and the more power you have, the more offers you get. There are always people willing to trade favors for benefits and as a businessperson you must understand how to deal with those temptations. I would say one of the best parts of President Trump that I recognized early on was that he had already made every mistake known to man before he ever entered public office. He was an international playboy on his third marriage, yet you could tell from his kids that he understood the value of things because they showed it in their demeanor. And I am happy to have been right about him, he’s great largely because nobody can tempt him where he doesn’t want to go. The unbuttoned blouses don’t steer his attention anymore, and he already has vast sums of money in the bank, he can’t be bought by any world navigator of malicious intent. He comes to work every day with a clean mind for the task at hand and he leaves the same way, because as a businessperson, he has been forged to such a hardened state.

These days I don’t trust anybody without such experience. Just being a parent who raised some kids and decided to fill their time with public service doesn’t come close to preparing for any position. Or a person who has been in the military. I have found that military service is not a good way to prepare for management. The candidate gets used to taking orders or giving them in a structured environment that is extremely expensive and can afford to be inefficient due to the vast amounts of money that taxpayers spend on military service. That’s not to say that such people cannot be good managers of money, but it certainly doesn’t give them some leadership advantage over two decades of a business background where every kind of problem and temptation a human mind could think of has had to be navigated in order to have any measure of success. Military service does not provide that kind of leadership and I see it every day where people with full careers in the military struggle to deal with the problems of an unstructured civilian lifestyle where people are free to think, do, and say whatever they want, whenever they want to. Any politician touting a military record is one that does not know what they are getting in to. A military record shows that the candidate can stick with a commitment, and can follow orders, but on the downside, it doesn’t prove that they can think outside of the box to solve problems or that they can handle the temptations that come with power. Quite the opposite, they are often ill prepared to deal with the unstructured personalities they will encounter as brokers of power where everyone they deal with is a smartass and a potential con artist.

What I love about Mark Welch and George Lang for that matter is that they have been successful as businesspeople and like President Trump are at places in their life where they are still hopeful every day about the possibilities that are available. They are not bitter and always looking in the rear view mirror, but have so much experience in dealing with problems, problems that they have paid for on their own dime, not the dime of the taxpayer who often has to pay for political mistakes with vast sums of lost money tossed right out the window. Mark has been there and can see good from bad and can resist temptations when a lobbyist sends in some scantily clad 25-year-old chick into his office to get him to vote this way or that with the promise of a dinner afterwards. He’s at the place in his life where he can pass on that invite, because he knows the intent because he’s seen it before. And those temptations aren’t just directed at men, women get their share of the same, but the temptations come in different forms, but are just as bad.  Just ask the partiers on the Lakota school board what happens at night when they think nobody is looking.

A business background for me is the deciding factor in elections. If you get a chance to vote for someone who has been successful in business, vote for them. Even if they have some stories of bumps and bruises along the way, they will be vastly better than the newcomer to politics who hasn’t been in charge of much in their life up to that point. The newcomer will have to make all those mistakes and it will be on your dime, not their own. The businessperson will have already seen those temptations and had to make critical decisions at pertinent junctures just to survive and if they are able to show success in business at some future date, that means they have been vetted to reality and will likely know how to deal with trouble while in office. And that is the best trait that Mark Welch brings to the 52nd House seat that nobody else can claim, and why he should be the one to win it on March 17th in the upcoming primary.

Rich Hoffman

I Can’t Wait to Vote for Mark Welch: Sad to hear, Jennifer Gross has been a Never Trumper

After watching the debate performance at the West Chester Tea Party Candidate Forum between my pick for the 52nd House seat in Ohio Mark Welch, and his rival Jennifer Gross I was very impressed with both of their answers on the 2nd Amendment. I have known Mark for many years, before he ever ran for any office, so I know clearly where he stands on things and he has not been a disappointment. He’s had some temptations come his way as the West Chester Trustee who worked with George Lang to bring so much prosperity to the area and I know that I can trust him in Columbus where things get quite a bit more difficult. My comment to Jennifer was that I wish she wasn’t running against Mark because I’d love to vote for her for some other position. For me she was a bright spot of the evening and I enjoyed talking to her. Apparently, our paths have crossed in the past on projects and so talking to her after that event was a real pleasure. However, as an employer getting ready to vote for a new hire for an important House seat that means a great deal to our area, Mark is still my guy without question. And here are the reasons.

There is a lot of talk in this election about the establishment being some kind of maniacal force that must be overthrown, especially from Candice Keller. But I could write several books about all the work that has gone on behind the scenes with great leaders like George Lang, and Ann Becker to push out the RINO Republicans and build an Ohio Republican Party that is firm behind President Trump’s administration. That is why we recently had a big party for Trump in West Chester that drew a large crowd and Lara Trump herself came to Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield recently to help raise money for the Butler County GOP. Todd Hall as Chairman has done a great job in shaping the current GOP along with Sheriff Jones. I have done my fair share to help shape the kind of people we wanted in those positions and I am very proud of the result, of the people who are now office holders that would never have been if we didn’t start working to get real conservatives on the Central Committees. If there is anything really good that came out of the Tea Party movement, it was that, and the result is that we now have options at high office in the Statehouse like George Lang and Mark Welch, who were born out of the Tea Party movement and are now part of the Trump Administration as far as policy at the local level. So the establishment isn’t so bad anymore, I would say its actually quite good and I have no problem naming myself as a proud, Trump Republican.

In fact, I was never anything but a staunch Republican, no matter how much disagreement we may have had within the party, success does unite people in a great way and Mark Welch was there when it wasn’t cool, and he has done all the right things, and learned all the hard lessons to run that 52nd District seat wonderfully. But after checking out Jennifer’s background, I am not so sure about her yet. I’d need to see her vetted a bit before I’d vote for her in a key spot, something like a trustee seat, or even the school board. I really like her, she is a good personality and a sincere person, but her history as a Never Trumper concerns me greatly as indicated by some of her online postings shown within this article. I’m certainly never one to push away a potential friend or partner, even from former rivals. People learn things in their own way, and I am not rigid in accepting people who have seen the light into being part of a solution in the future. There were a lot of people who were Ted Cruz supporters in the last election that had a problem with Trump. There are of course the Ron Paul types whom I never was a blind supporter. I have never called myself a “libertarian.” I am a Republican in the purest form of it and likely always will be. But I don’t expect everyone to have those firm convictions.

That brings up my other issue with Jennifer, with all that said, she has made comments that she doesn’t associate with being a Republican which is a deal killer for me. It’s not just about party, but its about values. She obviously by some of her messages has some strong feelings about Mark Welch who is my friend because he has many of my shared values. Mark will clearly represent my Republican sentiments in Columbus the way I want to see. But since Jennifer doesn’t care much for Mark and obviously has stated that she no longer identifies as a “Republican” it breaks my heart to see that she’s not where I’d like her to be in life so I could give her a vote. Because I think she has the talent, certainly the charisma. But I’m not sure she can hold a note under pressure on the big stage. I’d need to see her support this current Republican Party and survive some pitfalls first. I understand that sentiments change and with success under Trump, things are much clearer than they were for people coming out of 2016. But I’ve always thought the same things and I know Mark Welch has too. He’s never been a different person. My experience with him is that he holds back a lot, he’s more a man of action than of talk so he doesn’t sell himself enough. But he’s relatively new to this political game himself. He started off as a trustee and has worked his way to where he’s now poised for a more complicated office. And its not about just straight up votes, its about team building for bill passage, and that means that you need to know how to work with the party in charge and not be some outcast that screws everything up. It’s a tough business and it takes a very likeable, and charismatic person deeply rooted in their own belief system to navigate the lobbyists, the pressures in the hall outside the chamber and the constant stream of negative emails because you didn’t vote this way or that. It always takes knowing how not to stumble over the media when they are trying to twist every word you say to play the gotcha game. I know Mark can play that game. Jennifer in my thoughts needs some practice.

When the smoke from this primary on March 17th is over, I hope to see more of Jennifer. I’d like to see her work herself into a party endorsement and to start building some bridges which is what a republic style of government requires. It wouldn’t take much to make me vote for her, just consistency and to fit into the team that has been building in Butler County in the GOP. While individualism is the key to representative government the passing of laws and the art of representation requires those extra team building skills, just as every corporate environment demands. Being a solid individual is needed to fend off the wolves who want to turn every politician into a corrupt specimen. But you must be able to win people over to your way of thinking in a republic and that isn’t easy under the best of circumstances. Its wonderful to say we should never have party politics, but in Columbus we have majorities and minorities and that is needed for all kinds of checks and balances, and that is the framework that anybody going for a State seat must navigate to do the good work that needs to be done. I can’t wait to vote for Mark Welch, he has worked hard and deserves it. And I look forward to getting behind Jennifer Gross at some future opportunity if such a chance presents itself.

Rich Hoffman

Why Nancy Nix of Butler County is one of the Best: EdChoice and how Ohio needs a better funding model

I just want to say after seeing her at a number of political events recently, especially at places where George Lang and Mark Welch are present that Butler County is very lucky to have such a great treasurer in Nancy Nix on her third term. She is so good at what she does that I’d like to see her on her 100th term in the future. It is always wonderful to meet competent people who understand the details and Nancy Nix does. She is part of the puzzle that has come together so nicely in Butler County Ohio politics where a really good management team has risen to the occasion of our times to bring residents the best services possible that government could hope ever to provide. She has been on my mind a lot lately not just because she is a supporter of George Lang and Mark Welch, but because of something she said a few years ago about public school levies that are very relevant to the current challenge of EdChoice forcing local school systems to change the way they look at their funding.

Let’s face it, the whole progressive concept of attaching state money to a school located in a physical real estate concept was dumb from the beginning. It was just another brick in the road that has led to a pathway to hell. A lot of older people, like Bill Cunningham on WLW radio are struggling with this whole EdChoice concept because they only know of school systems being attached as the center of a community complete with sports programs and sentiments of school days long ago ended. These are the types of people where class reunions mean something, so it is painful for them to even consider that a child might want to pick up and move to another school across town and to take their state funding with them if that school isn’t very good. So far the focus of the argument is that the state report cards are unfair, but the bottom line is really in consumer confidence, do parents want to send their children to that particular school and how can the school market themselves in a way to make whatever the state report card says be the destination of hope for a parent and their child. In the future of education, it will take more than winning football programs, kids will actually have to learn things and be places that are good. A good school should not be determined by good real estate, it should be because the school managed itself well, spent their money wisely, and produced a superior product in a free market fashion.

Nancy has experience both at US Bank and as a Plant Controller so she gets money and how it’s a measure of value. I have worked with a lot of controllers and they are normally very boring personally, but beautiful people because their minds are very mathematical. Nancy has all the traits of the best of controllers, but she isn’t boring. She has a real passion for accounting and it radiates from her in such positive ways, so it surprised me when she came out publicly taking a position against several local government schools on their attempts to pass another school levy for what they were saying were, “safety needs.” Nancy stated, “Our homeowners are already heavily taxed, and its very difficult for many residents to make ends meet. My office receives handwritten letters daily from taxpayers needing help keeping up with their real estate taxes. Those who get too far behind can lose their home. Our county has passed 40 or so levies in the last 10 years and I’d argue some were for far more than they needed.” I found that very refreshing coming from a county treasurer who was looking at the big picture for a change and I’ve loved her ever since.

Her statements on that levy issue have come back to me now that all these lazy superintendents of some of the major government schools in the area, like Mason and Lakota have been complaining about losing their state funding due to EdChoice. What do they think is going to happen, that they are going to ask for more levies to cover their ridiculously bad management? Every controller I’ve ever dealt with would look at the way ANY public school is ran and demand an instant layoff to balance the books because the income is not conducive to proper balancing of the books. In fact, if Lakota had a proper accounting “controller” they’d have a shit fit on their hands due to the insane perception of what value is for the scope of the product, the education of the students based on state and local tax revenue chained to them like some masochist in a bondage chamber. The relationship with the community is about as dysfunctional financially as is conceivably possible and whenever it gets questioned the school hides behind the children imprisoned there due to their lack of choice in the matter—because the system gives money to the school, not the student. Government schools as Nancy pointed out, ask for too much too often. And I would add that they do it not because they need the money but because they know they are so inefficient that they take more money from people to manage their inefficiencies. Nancy has seen the backend of that problem when people write her to say their taxes are too high, and in too many cases, they lose their homes because the taxes are so terrible.

At the center of the problem is the perception of what the state should be giving to students, which is why Bill Cunningham’s troubles over the EdChoice issue is so comedic. The value of the education is just assumed as it has been set by the chaos of the government schools joined together by their collective bargaining agreements and the state is supposed to come up with a model that just rubber stamps that sum—whether its $6000 per student or $12,000. The numbers are inflated by these school districts to cover the high cost of their government employees and not the needs of the child. This is because of Parkinsen’s Law which states that the sum of needed money fills to the supply of funds. If a school levy passes and there is a cash infusion, then the union contracts will fill to consume the entire amount. Yet the kids are still coming out as bad as if they went to a third rate school, they can’t read, they can’t think, and they take on too many social beliefs rooted in liberalism. That’s not what we should be paying for. I would argue that if the state supplied only $2000 and schools had to compete for business that is in the marketplace, that the price to educate children would go down dramatically. That is when the state could provide a proper, constitutional, funding model.

Its just good to know that there are people like Nancy out there supporting other good Republicans like George Lang and Mark Welch, and many, many others. Good people tend to gravitate toward each other and she is one of the great ones. I appreciate that she is the treasurer of my county, and that our finances are in as good of hands as they could be. Most accounting types are alike in that they see beauty in numbers and can utilize that talent where needed. But Nancy has a different gear where she doesn’t just get lost behind some wire rimmed glasses and a big desk separating her from the world. She is connected and approachable, but more than anything, she does her work for all the right reasons and I’m glad she’s around.

Rich Hoffman

Speaker of the House Debates, 5G Coverage, and Expensive Bike Paths: Just another day at the office for the West Chester Tea Party

The West Chester Tea Party was always about education as opposed to activism. The purpose was and still is to this day, an organization that brought education to the public on the various topics that faced the community from month to month and even though Trump is now 500 days into his administration and has had great success, the needs of the Tea Party movement are still a necessity. And that couldn’t have been truer than the June 6th meeting of 2018 where many very important topics were presented to a fairly large gathering. Everything was covered from the state speaker of the house race in Columbus to the bike paths of West Chester, with school board news, debate about 5G phone networks, and the senate race of Jim Renacci in the upcoming fall. I managed to get some video of the event shown below, the first of which is from George Lang, the state representative from my district who was at the meeting to discuss the very contentious speaker situation ahead of a key vote which just occurred today to resolve the matter.

Kathy Dirr and George Lang have a contentious relationship over the 5G proposal that Kathy presented at the meeting. Only a small part of Kathy’s presentation ended up on my videos in the little preliminary speech shown. Later she had a 45-minute presentation illustrating what she thinks are serious health risks coming from the new cell tower technology. What she was presenting actually reminded me of a plot point from my 2004 novel called The Symposium of Justice which featured a local municipality using water towers to broadcast a signal designed to manipulate the pituitary gland in people into become overly sexualized, and mindlessly consumer based, so that they could be more easily controlled. So I can relate to the passion Kathy exhibited, however, I am a technology lover. I think the ultimate solution to the cellular breakdown that comes from all the wireless networks that are taking over our daily culture will be a concern of the past once we can just download our essence into a newly constructed body in a few years. We’ll change bodies like we change cars in the near future, so I wouldn’t be inclined to worry too much about such a thing. But that’s what makes these Tea Party meetings so wonderful, there are lots of diverse opinions that inspire great debate.

The next video was that of Mark Welch’s presentation on a compromised bike path connecting 747 to Becket Ridge instead of a very expensive multimillion dollar tax payer connection through West Chester into Mason and eventually connecting the Loveland Bike Trail with a large network. To pull off that Agenda 21 project eminent domain would have to be enacted and tax payers would be forced to pay for some hippie utopian idea that United Nations losers came up with years ago. While some elements of bike paths are positive and beneficial to communities, the idea of replacing cars with bicycles is a primitive and stupid one. So Mark came up with a way to navigate that issue quite nicely and he put in a lot of work on the matter, which is evident in his presentation. Hey, I love to ride bicycles, few people over the years have ridden them more than me, and the idea of having bike trails that could take cyclists over vast distances is appealing to me. But tax payers who won’t use those trails shouldn’t be on the hook for the cost, and property shouldn’t be taken from people for a “greater good” intention. What Mark is proposing as a trustee of West Chester is a reasonable appeasement of the mild necessity for our modern age, and better yet, it keeps the cost impact down to something that is manageable for private investment, the way things are supposed to be.

What I thought was interesting about this West Chester Tea Party meeting was that it showed the challenges of governing. Not everyone agrees on everything all the time. A lot of people present had different ideas about how to do various things that needed to be done and that was a good thing. Unlike other politically oriented meetings of this nature, the West Chester Tea Party has transitioned over time from an ideological organization to a functional one. It is easy to sit around and read books and talk about the basic philosophy of how things should be, it’s quite another thing to try to apply that ideology to real world situations. It takes guts for people like George Lang who are in the middle of the storm in Columbus with lots of tempting treasures being constantly thrown at him to stand in front of an organization he helped get off the ground over a decade prior and defend his position. Healthy debate is a great thing and that is what was going on at this meeting. The press should be covering these events because a lot of good goes on at them, more than goes on at the other regional get togethers. There is a lot of value on the table at every one I attend.

The way things used to be was that politicians were elected, and they went to their offices and people never heard from them again without the protections of their social roles to insulate them from the public. But at the West Chester Tea Party meetings, the local politicians were part of the process. The speeches by Lang and Welch were not part of the evening agenda but were spawned on the spot due to questions and comments from the attendees. Lang and Welch simply came from the back of the room to address the questions which became the speeches shown in the videos. I couldn’t help but think that this was the way things were always supposed to work in the republic for which America is. But the whole thing starts with the foundational educations that were always a part of the West Chester Tea Party. Without the basic understanding of how things are supposed to work, intellectually, nothing like what took place at the meeting could have occurred.

It is easy for politicians to make promises to get elected, and it is easy for people to vote for people then expect politicians to go off to battle and do everything right, then to complain about them when they don’t do ideologically everything that you think they should do. That’s why Tea Party events like the one in West Chester are so valuable. It gets everyone together to hash out ideology from reality and to do the best job possible in ascertaining value from the legislative experience. I thought the whole thing had evolved into a very positive thing for everyone involved. It was to me a sign of how things could be for the entire nation as the Trump administration is flowing down this intellectual attitude from the Executive Branch. The Tea Party movement is no longer just about getting people like Barack Obama out of office, but it has become a legitimate part of the legislative process because it brings proper education to the people who need it and will act on it, without the filter of the local newspaper to put a liberal spin on it. The information was good and raw and that’s just the way things should be, and it was great to see it alive and well on a pleasant summer night in West Chester, Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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Ann Becker and Mark Welch Work Together Down the Stretch: Lazy Lee Wong and many others fall short of a critical Tuesday election in West Chester


Now that we are coming down to the final days of the 2017 election for the West Chester Township Trustees it’s easy to see who really wants the job and who doesn’t—as well as who has the passion to do the job correctly, as opposed to those who only want the position for a social statement.   I was quite impressed by the efforts of Ann Becker and Mark Welch in the final days.  In the picture below you can see that they pulled together to go door to door on the last Saturday before the election which says a lot about them as candidates.  There are a lot of people running, but these two joined together to make a statement which reveals a lot about what kind of people they would be in office together.  It takes a lot of teamwork to pull together resources in the way that they have and in the world of politics, that is wonderful to see for a change.

We already know what we are getting with Mark Welch, he is the current president of the trustees and has done a great job.  Electing him only gets more of the same, which in West Chester is precisely what voters want.   However with Ann Becker, this is her first crack at the job, and she brings fresh ideas to that seat which would only expand its effectiveness.   I can’t imagine two better people running for a political office anywhere in the country than these two.  Ann isn’t a carbon copy of Mark Welch politically by any stretch of the imagination.  She brings her own flavor to the role, but as conservatives holding a very important office the team work they have shown during the campaign would naturally carry over into a good relationship working together to do the business of the people in West Chester.

That is the beauty of competition, and why we have competitive elections.  Most of the times the candidates put out a bunch of campaign signs and that’s it— those with the most money tend to get the name recognition because people generally don’t know who else to vote for but the name they saw on the side of the road at a traffic light.  They figure that if the candidate has enough money to put out a bunch of yard signs, that someone must like that candidate, so that is typically who they vote for.  But this year there are so many candidates with so many yard signs that they are all running together in the mind of the political novice, which most people are.  Few people pay much attention to-day to-day politics and the names behind them.  They just want the system to work like the gas gauge in their car.

Competition especially in this current election race has really separated the truly serious candidates from those who just want the social status of being elected.  That’s precisely what we have seen from Joan Powell the ex-school board candidate from Lakota.  In that position she was a big spender and had a reputation for caving into the union demands during teacher contracts which she paid for with tax increases against the public.  In the past she has supported cityhood for West Chester so she is one of those big government types—a person who thinks of herself as a Republican, but she’s more of a John Kasich Republican—a liberal who puts an “R” next to their name so they can get elected in a conservative county.  If Joan were running for the same type of office just ten miles south of her West Chester home she’d be just another Democrat that has virtually destroyed the economic viability of Hamilton County.   Watching her in some of the debates during this campaign season I would have thought that Joan was more savvy than what she showed, but she really fizzled out down the stretch.  She put out a few signs, but showed no energy in the days leading up to the election on Tuesday and even though I don’t support her, her presence in this competitive election was really flat.  Lucky for us all that we did have a lot of candidates to pick from because it has really exposed people like Joan for wanting the job more for a social statement in their personal careers than as a sincere person who really just wants to do a good job for the West Chester community.

Speaking of flat, Lee Wong is a current trustee and aside from a few signs has made very little effort to defend his seat.  One thing about Lee that is obvious to everyone, he’s just lazy.  He’s lazy as a trustee functioning from the politics of yesteryear where a trustee shows up for a few parades and expects free food when he goes out for lunch.  He relies mostly on his time served as a veteran to cover for his socialist tendencies as a trustee.   As an incumbent there is a lot of dirt on Lee that is floating around out there—a lot of smoke with some fire to feed it—you don’t see Lee out with his wife much.   Based on the smoke the fire that produces it says that Lee has issues with people—particularly females.  But that isn’t the most telling example of why he’s a bad candidate—he’s just a lazy person.  By nature, he doesn’t like hard work and it shows in the way he has been a trustee and in this competitive race, he’s far down the ladder as far as effort.  If people didn’t know better, they’d never know that he was running for re-election.

Lynda O’Conner is another one who put out a few signs next to Mark’s along the side of the road, but she hasn’t been out much to sell her candidacy.  In the debate that really counted, the West Chester Tea Party Forum, Lynda was a no-show, instead she sent a note.  As a school board member at Lakota she obviously thought that the run for trustee would be a lot easier than it turned out to be, so her effort matched that miscalculation.  I have supported Lynda as a school board member before, and she isn’t the worst in the world, but as trustee for the high-powered West Chester economy, she showed down the stretch that she just didn’t have the ambition to really make a name for herself.   Putting a few signs out in this election just wasn’t enough to show what kind of candidate she was, and she missed a lot of opportunities to make her mark yielding to Ann Becker when things counted most.  Lynda starting off was probably the best option but Ann clearly outworked Lynda by a lot.

That brings us to Jullian Kelley who has been a well-known socialite within the Republican Party of Butler County for a long time.  She has worked hard because she put her name out there and a considerable budget for signs—and she doesn’t want to lose.  In a typical election Jullian would likely win a seat just because of her name recognition, but in this competitive climate—especially during the West Chester Tea Party debate she has shown that she didn’t know much about the topics and was more like a room mom in school making treats for the kids in class.   Her heart was there, but her intellect just wasn’t prepared and she would likely be no better prepared for an average day at the office as a trustee than Lazy Lee Wong has been.  Getting elected into one of these positions is about more than just showing up and displaying that you can put out signs.  You have to actually know things, and do things.  On that account, Jullian is clearly lacking in competency.  Good intentions aren’t enough this time.

So on Tuesday November 7, 2017 make  sure to vote for Ann Becker and Mark Welch and reward them for a well run cooperative campaign.  Their partnership would only be good for West Chester.  As trustees it takes a lot of cooperation to manage a vast township like West Chester, which has enough people in it to be considered a city, but needs to stay small enough to maintain its competitive edge over Cincinnati to the south and Dayton to the north.  West Chester is the crown jewel of the I-75 corridor between two of Ohio’s best known cities, and it is the preferred destination for business and people of ambition who want to build a good life for themselves in a top 100 community in all of the United States.  It takes work and Ann and Mark have shown that they are willing to do the work, and to do it together—and those are the first foundations of success.  Before they can bring that success to the township however you have to vote for them, so be sure to do so.  You won’t regret it!

Rich Hoffman

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All the Reasons to vote for Mark Welch for Trustee: The “invisible hand” of West Chester

With all the talk about education and how much money should be spent on it, and has been within America, there are a lot of people who are in dire need of a vast education.  Most of the people needing it are those functioning as pundits and news reporters—especially politicians who are doing important jobs but don’t have the intellect to do that job correctly.  That has been the case so far during Donald Trump’s entire time spent in the White House. People who should know better are surprised that he has done such a good job so far and has led an economic approach that is breaking records in the stock market—as I write this the Dow Jones is currently 300 points about 23,000!  And the reason is basic economics.  Trump is providing a hands off approach to government allowing investment to prosper and for our capitalist exchanges to be trustful, so people are putting their money to work instead of hiding it away to protect it from radical politicians who want to redistribute it to their voter base essentially to buy elections.   Trump’s approach works and it always has for those bold enough to utilize a less restrictive business environment and we know that because Trump hasn’t been the first to try such things.  In West Chester, Ohio Mark Welch has been utilizing a very pro business strategy that has been very successful and now four years after he was first elected West Chester is booming in similar ways that the Dow Jones is currently.  It’s all about a pro business strategy that allows for growth, and now that Mark is up for re-election of his seat the facts are there for all to witness.  Below is a collection of video segments from a West Chester Tea Party forum conducted to feature the candidates for this year’s election.  Mark as expected, performed very well, and gave great answers to the questions provided to him which should put everyone’s mind at ease about electing him for a second term to continue the good job he has been doing.

I suppose where the education failure starts it is that most people just don’t understand the basic concepts of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations.  I mean, modern advocates for thought—and that includes everyone from the most highly paid attorney working for Beltway politics to the NFL player protesting on one knee during the National Anthem should understand well the idea of the “invisible hand” described in Smith’s epic work on economics.  The basic premise that self-interest regulates behavior far better than authoritative Theory X oriented fear of government—such as what occurred under Mark Welch when he first became a trustee in regards to zoning regulations.   Before Mark came along zoning was a radicalized venture in West Chester.  I can recall a case where a business was destroyed by West Chester zoning because they hosted Tea Party events on Tuesday nights and the rules of zoning were used to push it out of existence.  The heavy hand of government penalized this place of business for some signage displays on Sunday’s where a similar business right across the street was given a free pass—because it was a popular meeting place for Lakota school levy supporters.  It only took a few months once there was bad publicity unleashed for that place of business to close its doors—and that is just one example that government can destroy businesses by limiting the movement of Adam Smith’s free hand.   That building is still sitting empty years later, destroyed by government essentially.  The same story could be told all across America and when Mark talks in the video about beating an entrenched incumbent in the 2013 election, that’s why he won.  He has not disappointed West Chester, he’s made it much better over the last four years.

When self-interest goes from a focus on profitability and instead resides purely on survival it is then clear that we are living in a restrictive society confined to the artificial barriers imposed by government for the purpose of ideological control rooted in poor philosophic thinking.  It is hard enough to be in business competing in an industry without the hand of government sticking its nose into every little aspect of strategic implementation.  To an extent government is there to make sure that the game of business is played fairly, but they should not impose themselves on that climate, otherwise you destroy the “invisible hand.”  When government is too involved, that invisible hand stays in a pocket and doesn’t do what it should and that’s a bad thing.  Mark Welch certainly understands the concept of “the invisible hand” and West Chester is thriving in 2017 beyond anybody’s expectations.  Donald Trump is doing the same on a large national level.  Anybody who understood how these things work could do the same, but unfortunately such people are hard to find.

Maybe it’s because liberals—especially academic liberals, are inherently lazy in their thinking.  The works of Karl Marx is much smaller than Adam Smith’s works so perhaps it’s because it’s easier to read that liberals gravitate to Marxism and cower in fear of Smith. Most liberals that I have known love to smoke pot, have reckless sex with dirty unwashed people covered in tattoos and body piercings, and are weak people who like to hide in the safety of a crowd—so Adam Smith’s invisible hand is pretty scary to them—because they are scared people to begin with.   But that doesn’t mean you can build your society around their thinking.  Anybody who is in public office needs to understand the basics of Adam Smith’s concepts.  Under Trump’s presidency we can now all see how the Wealth of Nations is built.  It goes from concept in a large volume beautiful book to actual practice as represented by the Dow Jones records currently being broken by the day.  But before Donald Trump was Mark Welch in West Chester, Ohio who understood the invisible hand of Adam Smith from day one of his election during the first term.  The wealth of West Chester has exploded, and it’s not a mystery.  It’s all very predictable.  But Wes Chester is unique because it has had politicians like Mark who knew when to leave things alone—which is harder than a lot of people think.

Many years ago and up to very recently, in leadership training of people who need to learn those skills a common practice is to have a person stand on an elevated platform and to allow themselves to fall backwards into a group of waiting arms from your teammates to teach trust to the subconscious.  The thinking is to trust that the invisible hands of your team to know that they won’t let you fall because it’s in their self-interest not to let you.  For instance, if you are a smart person who holds the keys to their strategic success in life, you don’t have to worry about them backstabbing you from all types of success in life, because they need you for their own fulfillment.  So they won’t tend to let things happen to you if they find you falling.  Building that trust is one of those elementary practices in leadership training.  The people who are always terrible at this exercise are those cowering liberals who are afraid of their own shadows in life, so it is very difficult to fall back and trust other people because they don’t naturally trust anything—because of what they know about themselves if you really want to break it down correctly.  Let alone trust some invisible hand that is not controlled by government.  But their dysfunction cannot be the standard we all live with as a nation, or a community, because what they are experiencing is a psychosis not a healthy deduction of reason.  So when you get someone like Mark Welch, you grab on tight, because he is unique in the political world.  Hopefully with Trump’s successes on the larger stage more people like Mark will emerge.  But currently, people should be very grateful that Mark Welch is running for such an important trustee position, because he understands innately the nature of Adam Smith’s invisible hand, and it has been that hand which has loaded West Chester, Ohio with such magnificent options toward the enjoyment of life.

I was at Cabela’s in West Chester just yesterday buying up ammunition for some weekend shooting and I had to marvel at the work of the invisible hand that has been doing a good job in West Chester.  To have the option of visiting Cabela’s on a wonderful October day then heading down to Jags for a nice steak lunch with important people to make decisions that would increase the fortunes of many people.  Then to top off the night at Top Golf and enjoy the sunset of a fall evening—but before leaving to walk over to Barnes and Noble for some new books to read are all miracles of the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s capitalism.  Everyone should read Adam Smith’s work because they would find such things much better miracles for which they are.  They’d also understand that much of that lifestyle I mentioned is a result of Mark Welch’s proper management of West Chester as a trustee—to build the trust that investors need to fall back into the waiting arms of West Chester’s government to protect them without meddling into their work.  The trust goes both ways, government has to trust business to catch it when they fall back into their arms, and the same for the businesses who must take a leap of faith with their investments to make magical things happen in the realm of capitalism.  It sounds easy, but unfortunately most people just don’t get it.  Mark Welch does, and that is the primary reason that people should vote for him on November 7th 2017. The invisible hand of Adam Smith is alive in West Chester, and it’s beautiful to look at when you can see what it leaves behind.  But trusting that hand is hard, and lucky for West Chester, Mark Welch does, and the results have been explosively delightful, and something everyone—even  loser liberals—can benefit from.

Rich Hoffman

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