Liz Cheney Loses Big in Wyoming: The Masons, Never-Trumpers, and established order of politics are very confused and want desperately to lash out at voters who aren’t picking them in elections

It was a bizarre proposition from Liz Cheney, after losing in the primary 28.9% to 66%, a massive blowout in Wyoming by any measures, that she compared herself to Lincoln and hinted at running for president. As if she learned nothing from her dramatic fall in coming out against President Trump and being the face of the January 6th Unselect Committee. Just as bizarre was the campaign ad that her dad did for her, wearing a cowboy hat and looking stern into the camera, warning about the destruction of the republic by Donald Trump. Didn’t he watch Mitt Romney do the same thing back in 2016, which did nothing to harm Trump’s brand? The Cheneys are politically savvy; they’ve been around for a long time and served in top offices. Why couldn’t they read the tea leaves? Or was it that they could read the tea leaves but be in denial about what they were saying? Perhaps they are suffering from the same problem that is causing the entire Never-Trumper movement so much consternation, the knowledge that the plan they had for so long in America, to serve the Liberal World Order as they themselves have been calling it, was falling apart and people had rejected it wholesale. Their anger at Trump was really anger at themselves displaced because they couldn’t look in the mirror and apply blame where it belonged. 

Every political age has its own unique circumstances. In her concession speech, Liz tried to brand herself as the Lincoln of our time, even though she was just smoked in a very conservative state in an embarrassing election. Like some unthinking drone, she is hell-bent on a course she learned from her father over the years to put her political head to the grindstone and just barrel through it because institutionalism would come to her somewhere out there defense, and her fortunes would change. That is the belief she has been functioning from. When she turned against Trump and put on the massive show trial that benefited only Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden with the name of a Republican denying that election fraud occurred in the 2020 election, it proved to be a terrible strategy. People saw for themselves what happened, there is plenty of evidence of election fraud during that election, and people saw that it gave them Joe Biden, a loser of a president that has raised taxes, destroyed our economy, destroyed our advantage in the world with fossil fuels, and brought a lot of corruption and scandal to our White House. It’s been embarrassing, and Liz Cheney made herself the apologist for all that bad behavior by trying to put all the focus on Trump. And people grew angry with her over it. 

People can see the evidence for themselves on election fraud and what was going on over January 6th, 2021. It’s not like President Trump owns the opinions of so many millions of people. But people have chosen to favor his opinions over all others, and that option is what has Liz Cheney and many other anti-Trump forces like her upset. Trump is changing the political landscape away from what they thought were the rules of conduct. Republicans would play a role in Washington politics as the flop, while Democrats would be the people’s party of equal rights. So long as everyone stayed in their lane, everything would work out just fine, which is how it was for her father during the Bush administration. Behind the scenes, there were many forces at work, but there was a code that was established by the Masons who founded Washington D.C. of how politics would run in the new country of America, and the establishment understood what those ground rules were. Republicans played bad cop and represented business. Democrats played good cop and represented minority groups and equal rights. But in the Mason lodges around Washington D.C. and in every community around the country were the understandings of the Three Crafts, regarding equality, dependence on others, fidelity to promises, contemplation of death, and duty to others which was the underlying foundation to everything in politics. Republicans and Democrats who were all Masons or involved with Masons through fundraising activities knew the rules. So long as everything stayed on those value systems, everyone could agree to disagree. The Masons were bringing to the New World starting in 1776 a long contemplated utopia, and people would love them for it. 

The crisis came several hundred years later when it all blew up in their face. The more freedom people had, whether in transportation, communication, or education, the less inclined they were to follow the Mason vision for how America would evolve. That rocked the political world, which needed more and more scandals and wars to distract Americans from their information hunger in a free society. When the Masons contemplated how a free society would function, they obviously had not been drawing from successful examples around the world because there was no society previously that had figured it out. But the American Constitution created a truly an unruly maniac that defied the rules of conduct that a polite, “masonic” society would give them. Free will turned out to be problematic, and for political insiders like the Cheney family, it was well beyond their grasp to deal with. That is why they had that lost puppy look in their campaign ads and were tone deaf in the aftermath of the election results. America had rejected them when given a choice by Trump. Never-Trumpers directed their anger at Trump for providing that “non-Masonic” option that everyone in political theater through their mason halls agreed never to breach. But Americans didn’t want to be controlled by the Masons either. And the Masons never planned to control them initially. But Plato never addressed how free people should act; the role in politics was always to have that philosopher-king presence in politics who would rule over people with wisdom and compassion.

Liz Cheney and her father thought that’s what they were, and now people rejected them. They were perplexed, beyond recognition. In the aftermath of her concession speech, it was clear that Liz Cheney wasn’t even close to understanding the MAGA movement, what role Trump played in it, or what would happen next. So, of course, from her perspective and the Mason-driven establishment of America and European political discourse, the world is coming to an end. Thousands of years of planning and manipulating political power behind the curtain were falling apart, and all they knew to do was to be angry at Donald Trump. But all Trump did was offer himself as an option and refused to kiss any political rings. And from there, they hated him. But people loved Trump for it. Trump gave people a choice they hadn’t had before, hadn’t had for thousands of years. And now, all those long-established political forces were unprepared for the blatant rejection. You could see it on Liz Cheney’s face; this was not the political order of the world she had learned from her father. You could see it on Dick’s face, too, during that ridiculous ad he did for his daughter, thinking that the cowboy hat would sell his pitch. We are living in a world where it takes a lot more than that. Political candidates must be much more substantial and freedom-loving, not in token considerations but to their souls. And the establishment is lost as to what to do with this new knowledge. In the Mason’s ideal society of Egypt, there wasn’t a version of Donald Trump, so they didn’t know what to do with populism. And now they are learning the hard lessons history never taught them.

Rich Hoffman

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Butler County’s Version of Liz Cheney: As Thomas Hall said of Sheriff Jones, “he’s a bully, using his office for political motives until people stand up to him”

When I first heard about this sixth charge from the Butler County Sheriff’s Department, as they have been investigating Roger Reynolds as the auditor for several accusations of corruption, I thought it was ridiculous before. But now, it had become just as much of a kangaroo court as the January 6th Commission for which Liz Cheney was leading in an attempt to keep President Trump off the 2024 presidential ticket. Roger Reynolds has been an excellent auditor in Butler County for a long time, and he has a political rival in Sheriff Jones who wants to show him how much political power he has, and the two have been at it for well over a year now. And instead of fighting in a parking lot somewhere, this is how modern bullies fight; they use the legal system as a weapon against their political opponents. I watched in bewilderment how a grown man like Sherrif Jones could have such a press conference announcing so much of nothing as he did with this latest stack of accusations against Roger, declaring that this latest one on the pile was some kind of big crime of corruption in line with the recent case of P.G. Sittenfeld from Cincinnati who was just found guilty of similar charges. In Roger’s case, he is nothing like the dirty politicians like P.G. Sittenfeld or the very dirty politics that occurred in the FirstEnergy case in Columbus, which isn’t about money at all. The FirstEnergy controversy is an attack by the political left against the Ohio energy grid and using political infighting among Republicans to hide it. When you see cases like this, where a Sheriff is so personally involved in finding anything to knock off a political rival within the Republican Party, you can tell easily that it’s not a case about the crime but about power and control over other people.

I know the characters involved in the new indictment, such as Jenni Logan, the treasurer from Lakota schools. She stated she thought Roger Reynolds was asking Lakota to invest money owed back to the District into a golf academy at Four Bridges. Ben Dibble, who was president of the school board around that time in 2017, was involved as well, according to the liberal activist from Fox 19, Jennifer Edwards Baker, who would love to erode away the very good Republican Party of Butler County any way possible. She’s been at it for a while, and area Republicans have been targeted for anything resembling impropriety. Of course, that’s tough because many of the modern Republicans are not like they were back in the Michael Fox days or when Bob Shelley was a trustee in Liberty Township. Lakota has their own problems, and if there was some incidental conversation about a golf academy from money coming back out of the auditor’s office, which Roger Reynolds represents, it was likely out of polite conversation. I’ve seen the lunch circuit Jenni Logan has been a part of for a long time, and I understand how talk can be made. For a while, especially before Covid, almost everywhere I went to lunch, I saw Jenni Logan and Matt Miller, the Lakota superintendent, there talking with other people. I can easily see in such meetings how talk about how money should be spent would occur. Is that legal or illegal? Well, suppose we start picking pepper out of fly droppings like this over legal issues meant to show the sheriff’s department’s power over things people say and go from there. In that case, we will likely create a business and political environment where nobody can talk to anybody about anything anywhere. Knowing the characters involved in this latest indictment, it didn’t change a thing about my opinion about Roger Reynolds. I will still happily vote for him and support him in the upcoming elections. I care more about what good of a job he has done for my community than what kind of political enemies he has made along the way. And after that press conference by Jones, I could only conclude that he has now become Butler County’s own version of Liz Cheney, who hates President Trump so much that she would attempt to bend the law and waste endless amounts of money in investigations just to keep him out of the political theater.

The level of ridiculousness really overflowed when Sheriff Jones tried to bring up Thomas Hall, who is a current State Rep running for the 46th District, which now includes Liberty Township.   Jones indicated he was continuing to investigate Thomas Hall for conflicts of interest even though a recent Keith Faber report from way back in 2018 and 2019 failed to show anything wrong, even under a microscope of a state audit generated based on what people “say.” Those old-style political hits aren’t going to work in this new world where people have seen so much done against President Trump. The public is much more savvy about these things than they used to be. In reaction to Sheriff Jones indicating he was going to continue investigating Thomas Hall, whom Jones is supporting a rival to run against Hall in the primary on August 2nd, Hall simply called Jones a “bully.” Hall said specifically to the Journal News, “this whole thing is ridiculous, for the sheriff to want an investigation I think is wrong, using his office for political motives when there’s an election 19 days from today. (when the statement was made and referring to the August 2nd primary race)  The sheriff is a bully and will continue to do what he wants until people stand up to him.” That’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Thomas Hall; he’s a good, sharp young man who can handle the heat in the kitchen and make a wonderful meal with it. And the sheriff doesn’t like him because he won’t kiss the ring and allow Jones to be a token kingmaker. 

I’ve talked to Roger Reynolds, and I know why Jones doesn’t like him, at least from Roger’s perspective. Roger runs a great auditor’s office in Butler County. People say all kinds of things, and if the roles were reversed, Sheriff Jones could easily find himself on an indictment list based on “what people say.” People could say that Jones is a bully because he wants to put the fear of the law into local trustees who vote on budgets from which his family and friends benefit. Jones has family and friends employed all over Butler County, and he doesn’t like it when they get laid off for not showing up for work. I know Roger pushed for more transparency on how money gets shown to the public, and Jones wasn’t a fan. And from there, their relationship, which had been a good one, fell apart. Those things happen; I see it as a human resource issue of county employees fighting over power and prestige. But when that hatred escalates to the level where a sheriff is willing to abuse his power to the extent he has with Roger Reynolds and Thomas Hall, purely over political power within the Republican Party, then it becomes a big problem. What we really have is a Butler County version of Liz Chaney. This name used to have significant meaning in the Republican Party until she was revealed to be a liberal hack by the Trump administration. And the phony hearings happening now in Washington D.C. are the same phony hearings that have been thrown at Roger Reynolds because he has pushed for more transparency and accountability for public officials. Not less. And for all the reasons that the political establishment hates Trump, they hate people like Roger Reynolds and Thomas Hall. And when it comes time to vote for them, I will happily pick Roger and Thomas every time over the opinions of Sheriff Jones. 

Rich Hoffman

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Liz Cheney and Establishment Types at Fox News Have No Idea What’s Going On: Remember the Know-Nothings because they knew a lot

Know about the Know-Nothings

Alright, we’ve played patty cake enough.  For all the global insurgents, the George Soros types, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many many others, you have to understand history, which they obviously don’t.  After listening to Liz Cheney scratch, a chalkboard with her wretched voice reading the texts from Fox News hosts over what happened on January 6th, 2021, all I can say to everyone is to remember the riots of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s and 1850s.  None of this is new.  People are willing to put up with a certain amount of corruption and government nonsense so long as they have money in their pockets and can ignore government in their lives as much as possible.  But when you shut down an economy over Covid and rob them of their opportunities at an election, because of the massive cheating that took place with Covid providing Zuckerbucks and big tech with the ability to tamper with our election of 2020, people are going to be mad when they can’t escape the useless nature of government.  I see nothing wrong with January 6th, and I’ve said that from the beginning.  People expressed themselves after a lot of frustration, and they had a right to do it.  People see what’s going on.  They know what is behind the January 6th commission. It’s essentially Joe Biden and government in general saying, “I don’t have the votes for Build Back Better, 50% of the country thinks I’m doing a bad job, and all these damn states won’t stop investigating the election fraud that put me in office with a minority of the voting population. Please give me a distraction! Give me Omicron! Oh, and we have to cover up that Dr. Fauci, who is on my staff, helped develop the bioweapon with our enemy, China, who also has trash on my son selling access to my offices. They released the virus to get rid of Trump. And now the public thinks I sexually molested my daughter, and the ice cream after didn’t make the problem disappear. That’s what the January 6th commission is, to cover all that up in the news cycles, and it’s out of touch with reality and history.

News flash to the losers who think Tragedy and Hope is some great work of future philosophy, who believe that Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward was a future people would put up with. America will never accept a centralized authority running their lives.  What happened on January 6th is just a silly thing compared to what will happen in the future if the government continues to impose itself into the lives of people the way they have been trying to do since Trump left office.  People know the government is corrupt, and they are willing to waste a certain amount of money on it to make it disappear.  When government oversteps that comfort zone, as they have essentially since 2016, people will be unhappy about it.  And if the government gets in their way, the government will get its ass kicked.  Humans have been running from government imposition for thousands and thousands of years, and they are not going just to say, “Hey, let’s give up our freedoms and adopt communism.” It’s not going to happen.  It may have occurred in cultures where people did not expect freedom where they had been living under tyranny for many hundreds if not thousands of years.  But people who came to America to get away from Europe, or some other corner of the world and all their problems will not fall in line with some big global New World Order.  I don’t care if it was predicted in the Bible.  I don’t care if the wealthiest people in the world want it.  I don’t care if the United Nations has planned all this for most of a century.  People have a comfort zone about tyranny, and our current government has exceeded that, meaning that people will lash out when enforcement becomes a mandate.

The Know-Nothing Party literally came about as a secret society of conservatives forming out of the Whig Party.  While Democrats were fighting to keep their slaves in the South, conservatives were trying to figure out how to have a society that would honor the constitution of the founding of America.  Abraham Lincoln would obviously be the most successful in building the Republican Party over time.  But the Known Nothings, they would tell people when asked about their Party, “I Know Nothing.” Because they were very skeptical of more Europeans settling America and bringing with them the garbage of European ideas, they were anti-immigrant, especially regarding the Catholic Church because they thought people might be more loyal to the church than to the American Constitution.  In hindsight, there is a lot of intelligence in that.  Being all-inclusive as Americans into every idea out there probably hasn’t been a good thing.  People need to fight for what they believe and to maintain their freedom.  But throughout history, people have shown that so long as they had money in their pockets, freedoms to make a decent life for their families, they would put up with differences in others to a certain point.  When things did get hot, such as they did with the riots of the Know-Nothings, which were far more severe than anything that happened on January 6th, 2021, the conflict would boil over, and people would fight it out.  The Civil War is a good example of this.  But this idea that all people will be thrown under some umbrella of centralized control is just preposterous, and those who used Covid to invoke election fraud in the 2020 election were out of their minds. People have a right to be angry about it.  A little of that anger was expressed on January 6th, and it will not go away. 

When Liz Cheney read off the names of Sean Hannity texts from that January 6th event, along with Brian Kilmeade and Laura Ingrahm pleading with Mark Meadows to get Trump to speak to his “followers” not to undo four good years of the America First agenda, they were all speaking from a perspective that was not relevant to the circumstances.  The Fox News hosts just showed that they didn’t understand the Trump presidency at all.  Trump was not a leader.  He was a representative of the people who voted for him.  And we voted for him not to play these kinds of stupid games that obviously the Fox News hosts were wholly committed to.  We don’t care what the optics look like on television. We’re not on television and could care less.  We don’t want the government sticking its noses in our business.  We don’t wish to have a centralized authority.  We don’t want leaders.  We want to be free of all that, and the government took away Trump from us through many methods.   And people were upset about it.  And they are angrier now than they were then.   The only difference is that the anger has become much more passive-aggressive than direct.  People now won’t express it publically because they’ve seen how the government will react.  So they have gone underground where the government will never have control again, ever.  The central planners have lost their merit forever, and no amount of theater from the January 6th commission will make that problem disappear.  It will just get worse.  And that is what everyone is missing in this case, especially old establishment losers like Liz Cheney.  America is never going back to those days of the Bush administration and a commitment to the New World Order.  Americans have been fleeing that world order from the beginning of time, and if governments want to fight, well, then we’ll fight.  But catering to centralized authority is not going to happen.  It has never happened, really, and that is a lesson obviously Liz Cheney and the rest of the establishment are going to have to learn the hard way. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Crime of the Century: Liz Cheney and other soft Republicans are helping cover it up

Just a little message to Liz Cheney, who picked a horrible hill to die on, election fraud happened in the 2020 election. Those who played along with the liberal narrative will find themselves on the out of politics from now on.  People aren’t stupid. I’ve said it many times before; media companies do not shape society; they reflect it.  The audacity of the billionaire media heads to assume that they could create a narrative and force the world to stick to it regarding an election coup of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was a terrible calculation.  Then for politicians like Liz Cheney to not see the writing on the wall and pick all the wrong strategies anyway is outright embarrassing.  Liz Cheney chose to use the protests at the Capitol on January 6th to attempt to remove Trump from political existence.  She couldn’t have known then or at any point in the election of 2020 whether or not there wasn’t election fraud.  She couldn’t have made such a declarative statement, honestly.  She might have hoped that there wasn’t, but she couldn’t have known.  Like many in the media, Liz chose to support our election process regardless of whether there was fraud for the sanctity of the institution itself.   

Think about how ridiculous the proposal from Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney and many Republicans took on election fraud.  Secretly, many of them want to be president themselves, so to get rid of Trump would be the best thing in the world for them.  They want their party back with a much lower bar so they can have a chance at power. That’s bad enough.  But to support a crime without even seeking evidence that there wasn’t a crime is reprehensible.  And now that we are deep into the election fraud investigation, we see some fire under all the smoke.  The media hasn’t wanted to look at it because they got the memo from the billionaires who want to run our country from the shadows.  If the media wish to have jobs, they better follow it.  It is more important that people believe in our elections than to discover that there is a reason not to trust them.  Because everything that has been done regarding elections has centered on trust, including going from paper ballots to digital read-outs, imagine the hassle of moving away from electronic machines connected to the internet to a punch card system. 

Any intelligent person would see by now what the Democrats have been up to; they want election chaos, extended voting periods, no IDs, mail-ins for those who can’t get to the polls because they do not have a majority in the country. If they have to play by a rigid set of rules, they may never get any candidates elected, even in California.  Republicans have sat on their hands playing nice only to allow Democrats to have competitive races.  But the reality is that it’s not that close nationally.  Only with lax election laws can Democrats appear to come close.  And because there were enough Republicans to play along in this last election, because they wanted a shot at power themselves, Democrats used loose rules, digital voting machines, and other methods to steal the election up and down the ticket starting with the White House.  It was the evilest thing many of us will ever see, yet it happened.  We know it happened; then we listen to people like Liz Cheney talk about law and order in our society, that the January 6th events were the worst thing to ever happen in our country, and we see a phony. 

The level of corruption we are seeing these days, specifically the announcement of the New York Attorney General notifying the Trump Organization that it is the subject of a criminal investigation, it is impossible to declare that there wasn’t intent by these same radical political groups to commit election fraud.  They have weaponized our intelligence agencies; they have indeed weaponized several AGs around the country.  That same New York branch is on a personal crusade against the NRA to occupy them with legal burdens.  The corrupt AGs intend to destroy their targets, the NRA, the Trump Organization, even the McCloskey’s in St Louis. We have seen firsthand the law enforcement branches abusing their power for political gain. It’s happening right in front of our faces, yet Liz Cheney decided to play along with the game regarding election fraud.  The question is not whether there was election fraud.  How can you say there wasn’t?  Given this political environment, how could anybody take such a stand without being part of the problem? 

I’m sure it was a terror to see so many Trump supporters come to Washington to rally behind him for one last chance to keep him in office.  After all, for them, what was the alternative?  What were they protesting?  What we see now, which we all knew was coming as a result of a Biden election?  Whether the election was fair or not was irrelevant. There are people in America who will draw blood to prevent a communist takeover. The people who attacked the Capitol on the 6th felt justifiably that it was no different from the Bolsheviks taking over Petrograd under Lenin or Cuba under Castro.  I would say that there are still options besides the spilling of blood, but that Trump Americans are not going to accept socialism and communism, and that resisting that was what the events of January 6th, 2021 were all about.  It’s not so simple as law and order in elections.  All that is out the window, and because Liz Cheney chose not to know it or see it, she has established herself as part of the problem. 

For Liz Cheney and other Republicans to pick the hill of law and order to die on when the enemies have hidden behind that same law and order, they admit to the world that they are part of the crime of the century.  When something as big as all this legal corruption occurs on your watch, as an elected representative, there is no choice but to take a stand as hard as it may be.  If Liz wanted to stand for law and order, she would seek to punish those genuinely breaking it.  Trump had a right to question the legality of the election.  If crimes were committed, then those crimes need to be punished.  You don’t punish the guy for asking the question of challenging the results.  The people who voted for Trump can’t be expected to be harassed by legal authorities seeking to suppress evidence of a crime.  If they get mad, who could blame them if they genuinely stand for law and order?  The rule of law does not mean accepting crimes just because it’s the government committing them.  Not asking questions about crime to maintain civility among hostile agents is just as bad as accepting criminal intent.  And Liz and her type of Republicans are undoubtedly guilty of that.  And people have a right to be angry with her.  Accepting evil is not a good thing, as the Democrats are proposing.  They are abusing their grip of the law presently, and the longer it goes on, the more violent and brutal it will be to regain regulation and order in the future.  Appeasement makes it worse for everyone.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Liz Cheney Did it to Herself: Taking a stand supporting election fraud isn’t a good idea

It is baffling that Liz Cheney would think she has the gas in the tank to run for president in 2024.  At best, she might be a 3% of the Republican Party kind of girl.  I mean, these people are in the Beltway, they talk to the consultants who get paid to only think about these things, yet she and Mitt Romney types of people believe they have a chance in this world of politics when there are options like Trump out there.  Or Ron DeSantis.  Liz comes from an astute political family. As I said in the video above, she should know what kind of role her father played in the Bush administration and understand why we liked Newt Gingrich and his Tyrannosaurus Rex skull that used to be in his office.  Americans who are voting for the GOP don’t want someone who “gets along” with members of the Democrat Party.  Most voters see that the Democrat Party is the enemy of our way of American life, and they’d like to see all of them destroyed.  They don’t want bipartisanship; they want victories.  And the position that Liz Cheney has taken after the presidential election of 2020 is highly destructive to her brand.  No matter how much she or the media insist that there wasn’t election fraud that kept Trump from being elected president for a second term, she is obviously out of step with how GOP voters think.  And she and they should know by now that taking Trump away is not the way to pave the way for her run for president.  Taking the best person away doesn’t, by default, make it achievable for her to run automatically.  Liz Cheney shows just how out of touch many politicians are, and they shouldn’t be.  They should know better, not less.

Anybody with half a brain knows that there was massive voter fraud in the last presidential election.  First of all, the math doesn’t add up.  Joe Biden can’t get 80 million votes, the most in history for any presidential candidate.  The voters just weren’t there.  For Democrats over 70 million, we need to be looking at making up votes by political operatives.  We have seen our own FBI getting in on the action of presidential coups, so just by looking at the behavior of some of these flawed characters, we can see that the intent to commit voter fraud was undoubtedly there.  Facebook and other social media companies used their platforms to push the Russian narrative in the last election to set up the election fraud story in their favor.  While everyone was looking at Russians and Trump unjustifiably, the media companies were making deals with China to steal the 2020 election because they knew there was no stopping Trump.  They had to cheat, and they knew they had to hustle even to have a chance. I’ve been all over this country and in several cities within it.  I’ve talked to many people.  There is zero chance that Joe Biden won 80 million votes.  So for Liz Cheney to hope for honesty in the presidential election show extreme ignorance on her part, something the rest of the GOP is learning not to do.  She is part of that old guard who believes that believing in the system is more important than standing for something people can vote for.

There is this issue of the Biden Justice Department sweeping in to stop the Arizona election audit because they know what will be found.  Already in Maricopa County, it has been discovered that the Board of Supervisors deleted most of the evidence from their records on subpoenaed materials that were supposed to be turned in to Senators ten days before the auditors could get access to them.  Of course, there isn’t evidence of these crimes because the people in charge deleted the evidence.  Well, in my book, deleted evidence is evidence.  If they don’t want you to see what they are trying to get rid of, there’s a reason why don’t you think, dear reader?  Destroyed evidence is still evidence; it’s evidence of “intent.” But that’s not all; it’s just one story of thousands emerging regarding similar actions all across the country anywhere that digital voting machines counted vote tallies in the last election.  In truth, there is a lot of evidence; it was recorded that the 2020 election was the most significant cybercrime in the history of the world and that China was at the center of it.  They were at the center of Covid, and they were at the center of stealing our election and giving it to Joe Biden so that they could have an easy guy to beat on the world stage.  And yes, there is plenty of evidence in computer analysis gathered on the night of the election hour by hour.  It’s at least enough to have a court hearing on the matter.  But instead of going to court to defend the actions of the cheaters, the cheaters are trying to attack the issue out of court, destroying any evidence they can get to and attacking the people gathering that evidence. Hence, they never plan to go to court because if they did, they would be slaughtered.

Liz Cheney and other mainstream Republicans should know and understand this situation.  They could remain open-minded to the various options.  They don’t have to take the Trump line on the matter.  With a crime this big done within our intelligence agencies and political parties, taking a position that values more the public belief in our election system without there being an acknowledgment of the problem is far more dangerous. It is why Liz Cheney finds herself in trouble and losing power.  She did it to herself.  By declaring as she did, and Mitt Romney did, or Mitch the Bitch did, they showed the world that they care more for how things look than how they are.  To be worried that exposing election fraud is more dangerous than accepting it says everything. When you have to look at the politicians themselves, they are more interested in the perks of the job and the social structure of it than in being effective at that job.  They want the good ol’ days where they could lie to people, and everyone would go back to sleep.  They have not admitted to themselves that the point of the Trump election was that people, voters, were tired of being lied to.  They were tired of this system that did not represent them.  They are tired of losing to other countries like China.  They are tired of it all, and people knew it before the election, and those who want that system to continue conspired together to cheat and hope they might get away with it.  And Liz put herself front and center on the issue by building her entire political platform on protecting that cheat and trying to divert attention to the riots on January 6th from angry people who are just getting madder.  Somehow, she thought she would be popular enough to run for president, which only shows the level of ignorance that we are dealing with regarding those traditional types of Republicans.  Politicians like Liz Cheney put the system over what the system was created for, the management of our government.  Instead, she is willing to accept massive crimes to protect her perception of what value she brings to the management of that government.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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