The Public Toilet that Lakota Schools Is: We tried a conservative board, but they are just as bad, except for Darbi Boddy

Recently someone from Lakota schools attempting to defend the horrible behavior of the adult staff and administrators there sent me a list of Republicans and conservatives who have been caught in sex trafficking and the widespread abuse of children as if to justify the massive failures going on in the public school system. My thoughts on it are that it’s much easier to make a list of conservatives who commit such terrible acts against children because if liberals were included, we wouldn’t have enough time in the history of the world to complete such a list because there are so many. But regarding Republicans, I had just been thinking about how disappointed I have been in trying to play things right and what we ended up with on the Lakota school board. But there were good stories, too; one thing you can count on in life is that Darbi Boddy will never be accused of accepting evil and contributing to young people’s delinquency. But for all the work that was put into getting a new conservative school board in the Lakota school system, the board is just as bad as when the liberals ran it with the majority, back when Brad Lovell and Joan Powell were the ring leaders. Suppose a political body, such as the prosecutor’s office, the sheriff’s department, and all the other characters involved, cannot protect children as the most serious element needed in a public school. In that case, there is absolutely no hope for them. At least I can say that I tried to work it out with a social solution working within the rules, even if I doubted from the beginning that a conservative school board at Lakota schools would work at all. I wouldn’t say I will stop trying, but the results have been garbage. It didn’t matter if we had a conservative majority on the school board or a bunch of sex-crazed liberals; the results were the same. The system itself is broken and is left resolute to allow progressive politics to seep into all communities and work at destroying conservative values wherever they reside. There is no hope for public education to work. 

As that same person pointed out, the recent student teacher at Lakota who has found a lot of trouble for trying to have a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old kid in one of the junior schools had attended Liberty University, a traditionally Christian school. My reply was that she was picked as a target of investigation, likely because she attended that school, so the corrupt administrators could point to someone and say, “see, they want to have sex with kids too.” I’m against anybody who wants to do such a thing, and if conservatives turn their backs on children and fail to do the right thing for their well-being, then I hate them just as much as liberals who do it. It doesn’t change my anger toward them because they call themselves conservatives. What do I say all the time, “I love Republicans until they show me that they aren’t.” And it might be recalled that I recently pointed out that the Republican Party leadership of Butler County needs an oil change so that newcomers who want to do good can. Instead of letting some Boss Hogg characters run things with the level of corruption that was typical on the television show, The Dukes of Hazzard. If I don’t get invited to the Christmas Party this year because of it, I think I’ll live. It will just be one less thing for me to worry about. If people don’t have the guts to do the right, basic things in their life, I’m not impressed with them, and I generally won’t waste my time with them. If people turn bad, no matter what political party they are in, I scrap them, move on, and never look back. So with that said, Darbi Boddy and others who have risen to support her in the face of terrible radical teacher union protests and out-of-control superintendents who pick fights and then cry when people accept those challenges like a little baby have been worth knowing and supporting. But the efforts at the Lakota school board have been horrible; I’d say it’s much worse than when the liberals ran things in the past.

.So when I say that public education is no better than using a public toilet, there is some context to go by. I tried to be part of a solution to bring proper management to the Lakota school system. I prefer not to think about public education; I have a long history of showing all the problems with it. They are institutions of liberalism that seek to embed themselves into a community and to sell destructive progressive ideas to the residents who are forced to pay for the product with the value of their properties. It’s a horrible deal; I’d prefer not to deal with them at all. I only do because they are in my community and do not represent the conservative values of my community. Another person wrote me recently and stated they were considering moving because they only moved to Lakota because of the schools. I say to those people, leave. Move away and take all your stupid liberal ideas with you. If you want to live in a great community, then do so. But don’t move to a liberal school and bring a bunch of liberal east coast ideas with you and expect everything to work out well. I lived in the area when most of the neighborhoods that are built today contained cows and vast open fields. And the cows were much better neighbors. The pigs you could smell when you drove down the road smelled far better than the smell of today and what comes out of Lakota schools. If those losers who moved here to leech off the Lakota public school system for the free babysitting service want to move to a more liberal area, then I would be fine with that. It would not hurt my feelings at all to bulldoze all those homes back into dust and to put the cows back. They were much higher quality lifeforms than the supporters of Superintendent Matt Miller and his administrators of doom. The kids of the community would be a lot better off.

But it’s not just Lakota; it’s all public schools, government in all its various manifestations. The bigger government is, the more corrupt it presents itself. And if conservatives are fighting to preserve a big government approach, then they cease to be conservatives in my way of looking at things and are just as worthless. I remind people also, all the time, that we are not a democracy. We have a democratic way of establishing who manages our government, but we are not a flee bitten democracy where popular sentiment rules the day. As is the case in Lakota, if most people think that child abuse is OK or open sexual lifestyles are permissible because the sheriff, the prosecutors, the media, and a bunch of crybaby residents believe it’s OK, that doesn’t make it OK. Leadership is where one person stands up against a tide of bad decisions alone and under great ridicule and does the right thing anyway. That is what we expect in our republic form of government. That’s what Darbi Boddy has been doing. But as to the rest of the characters have been typical, and what is typical leads to the conclusion that all government schools are no better than public toilets and the content that gets flushed down them. I wouldn’t send a kid to a public school if the school paid me to do it instead of the other way around. It’s a worthless product run by terrible, horrible people who are dumb as rocks. And it’s irresponsible to consider them teaching anybody, anything. Ever. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Hate Liberals and I think God Hates Them Too: Why things cost too much

God never came to me and said that it is bad to hate people or things about people. I have heard plenty from people who think they have a better understanding of the world or comprehend scripture for me and interpret meanings they see for political reasons rather than understanding the truth of a matter. I would say that those people who tell us that hating people is bad are people I hate emphatically. It is good to have hate in your heart because it gives your value judgments some place to go rather than bottling up those emotions. I hate lots of things and lots of people. And I sleep very well every night and don’t carry around a lot of emotional baggage about anything. Because I don’t ask myself not to have value judgments, I am very judgemental. If I hate something, it’s pretty apparent; I don’t try to suppress it out of politeness. I let it out and communicate it, usually in some way that isn’t destructive. But I think hating is good and that the world would be much better off if we had value judgments and expressed them appropriately.

This is how it should be

I hate slow people. I hate liberals. I hate globalists. I hate people who waste money, are anti-family, and think about molesting children. This “love people no matter what stuff” is a lot of the reason we have so much evil in the world. And while we’re talking about things I hate, I hate evil. I am not a fan of the concept that evil does the world good by providing a measure for it. I am not an oriental who believes in the yin and yang concept of light and darkness entwined together and balanced in our lives on earth with a kind of harmony. I hate evil and seek to destroy it and everything that comes with it every day of my life, every hour of every day. And it makes me happy to fight evil, think about ways of destroying it, and to rid all life of its corrupt presence. I hate people who tell me that I should love others we know we should clearly hate because they are wrong. And until God says otherwise, my policy will remain.

Another thing I hate is roundabouts. I have lived in Butler County, Ohio, most of my life. I’ve traveled the world plenty of times, but a long time ago, I learned that Butler County was a great place to live, so I’ve stayed even when people I hated, like pin-headed liberals from the coasts, moved in because it is one of the best places to live in the world. I’ve put up with liberals out of fairness. But I hate them; they are terrible people, raise terrible kids, and make terrible lives for themselves that spill over into their neighbors, and from my perspective, there is nothing to like about them. So my wife and I were out on the town and coming home. Our route took us down a road in Butler County with three roundabouts that didn’t used to be there. I used to travel down that same road at 100 MPH, and now you have to slow down to 25 MPH just to go around one of these ridiculous European monstrosities of Agenda 21 invention. And while driving 100 MPH, there used to be vast fields full of corn and cows, and life was wonderful. Now it’s a bunch of snot-nosed levy supporters who roll over every day thinking that everyone is in a hurry to help get their kid to soccer practice so they can get a scholarship and send them to college to breed more people like Hunter Biden. But on this particular day, as we were approaching one of those roundabouts, a stupid little electric car with a slightly faded bumper sticker for Biden/Harris pulled in front of me and was going 27 MPH in an area where the speed should have been 45 MPH. Also on that slow little car that belonged in Europe, and clearly not in America, were “coexist” stickers, a Ukraine flag, and a “WeAreLakota” sticker from the local school. And I was stuck going under 30 MPH until we could clear the next roundabout, and I could roar past those liberal losers with 400 HP of American fury at the first opportunity. 

While I was yelling at the car in front of me, my wife was telling me not to hate people while also telling me about her trip to Walmart, where a friend of hers who has worked there for many years was distraught over the price of a dozen eggs, which had spiked up to $5 for a dozen. I told her for the ten millionth time in our many years of marriage that the cost of things always goes up when liberals inject themselves into anything because liberals are slow like that stupid little electric car, and when things are slow, they prevent the flow of economic value. When things are fast, they are generally cheaper because there are fewer barriers to a marketplace that can add more competition. But when liberals create too many rules and lay down across the tracks of progress, and slow the world down to their lazy speed, costs always go up. It doesn’t matter if its politics or process improvements in business, usually the first indicator of runaway costs are liberals who go too slow and bring too much bureaucracy to processes, and when it is understood why something is too expensive, it’s because of too many slow people in the process not doing the work that needs to be done, which then creates less of whatever is being made, which then creates artificial barriers to entry resulting in increased costs. In the business world, if it takes you three weeks to make a product with all the compliance it takes to do it, that product will cost a lot more than a product that only takes a week.

To illustrate that point, I was also out recently at 2 AM and drove by a casino that is by my home, and the parking lot was full, all the way into the outer lot. And I hate to see that because people who feel a need to gamble and take chances in life choose to spend their time that way instead of in a more productive manner. These great people are natural risk-takers; they were wasting their time betting on cards and numbers rather than applying those same skills to create new jobs which take precisely the exact attributes. A good government would find a way for those people to gamble their money in business instead of wasting it in a casino. The desire is the same either way, but a productive society always finds a way to get its risk-takers involved in building a productive society rather than sitting in a casino sipping mixed drinks while everyone else is sleeping. But I understand them; they are there in the middle of the night because fewer people are slowing them down in life. And there are fewer rules there too. It’s much easier to get the thrill of a win when you don’t have to deal with slow-thinking liberals who have slowed the world down to their speed, instead of things being the other way around where liberals are forced to go faster and to think quickly and to be more productive because people have value judgments against them that they don’t like. Yes, I hate liberals. I hate them because they are slow. I hate them because they are stupid. And I hate them because they make things cost too much, eat up time, and are pretentious in thinking they can hide their timid natures behind global bureaucracy. I have lived in the same place all this time because it gave me freedom from slow-moving liberals. And since they have moved to live next to me, there is nothing logical in suddenly loving them. No, I hate them. And to the way I think about things, that’s a very healthy reaction to their lives of destruction and mayhem. And I also think God hates them too. I don’t think the pinheads who interpret God’s meaning for things are smart enough to think for God. I think God is with me on the matter, and he hates liberals too.    

Rich Hoffman

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The Media Doesn’t Like that Rednecks are Hanging Out With Trump: The ultimate failure of the Liberal World Order

It is very interesting to see how the Liberal World Order has been reacting to the fact that President Trump still has a lot of support, perhaps more than he did in 2020 and 2016. Many media outlets are stating under their breath that a lot of rednecks are hanging out with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home and that somehow that was meant to be derogatory. Very interesting. Now I don’t like to call anybody an “elite.” It was a term invented to conger up sentiments of aristocracy and social order that clearly outlined the elements of hierarchy that the Liberal World Order desires with every essence of their being. And when you deal with liberals, in most all cases, that is undoubtedly their perspective. Then those who do not travel a lot and rely on the media content that comes out of the New York, Washington D.C., or Los Angeles outlets would have the illusion that the Liberal World Order was always in charge and would remain that way. But for those who travel a lot, especially in the middle of the country, the kind of people they meet are Trump supporters, the type of people who travel many miles to hear the President speak the same speech repeatedly. Trump gave two speeches over the middle of October in 2022, one in Nevada and one in Arizona, and both were filled with people who had driven many miles to get there and stood in line for hours and, in some cases, days to attend the venue. Additionally, there were people watching from home and choosing to do so over all the other entertainment options they had. 

In my own way, the things I do are purposely intended to stick a blunt object in the eye of the Liberal World Order, which always starts with my choice to wear cowboy hats in public. Years ago, when I first came out against Lakota issues, I received a barrage of hate mails from snot-nosed spoiled brat 30-somethings who thought the world revolved around them and their desire for free babysitting in the public schools because I appeared on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer complete with my hat and bullwhip. The things they said only solidified my intent, and it was ironic. They would declare that they were embarrassed to have moved to Liberty Township; they didn’t know there were “rednecks” like me around when they bought their house. And I would respond, of course, that I had lived in Liberty Township before many of them were a twinkle in the eye of a dog. And they intruded on me, not the other way around. But what they said was essentially the same thing we see nationally with Trump. They thought they had him destroyed. The Liberal World Order thought it was in charge and had everything under control. Then they realized, apparently just a few weeks ago, that they were never in charge and that their Liberal World Order was only an illusion to themselves. Nobody was following them over the cliff they were leading us all to, and there was quite a hatred for them that they ignored and hoped would go away when people realized that they didn’t have any other options. When I wear my hat in public, as I have since I was a little kid in the first grade, it’s to tell those types of people that I’m not like them. That I reject their premise of liberalism and am happy with traditional American values. And I have a lot of experience with liberal people losing their lunch over such a visual reference, and I thrive off it. Their opinions have never made me want to change my approach. It has only solidified that resolve. 

You could hear the pride in their voices at the January 6th committee that declared they would go to subpoena Trump to their sham trial because they had the power to do so, or so they thought. Trump could just claim executive privilege, which he would be suitable to utilize. I would do it; differently. I would show up and make fools of them in front of their disastrous circus to show the contrast and beat them at their own game. And Trump could do that to get a chance to talk about the mass election fraud and examples on a big stage and beat them with their own tools of corruption. But Trump is a former president, and presidents don’t answer to the mob, especially when it was that same mob that stole an election, killed people with Covid by inventing the mess, working with China to release it, then denying medicine to people so that the virus could spread all so they could steal an election and destroy the economy of America. So Trump isn’t going to speak at the January 6th garbage. We’ll have an election that forces all those people out of office, and they will lose power that they never really had because they will be forced to deal with the reality that people do not like them. The Liberal World Order has failed to breed more like them in our public schools and colleges, as they had planned to. And after a century of work, people still want someone like Trump rather than some “elite” snot-nosed loser who thinks of America as an aristocratic nation, which it never was. America was meant to function without the Liberal World Order in charge of people’s lives, which is evident after all the effort put forth that clearly, those are still the priorities of the vast majority in American politics. 

Shortly after the last election, I was so angry at Joe Biden and the Liberal World Order that I left in my RV and headed out into the deserts of New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and many places in between. I found myself at the World’s Largest Truckstop in Iowa, and I stood in the middle of that giant store and just took a deep breath. That was America. I saw people there who are the same people who flock to the Trump rallies. Who are the rednecks the media is complaining about hanging out at Trump’s home? The people that the Liberal World Order hates, yet there they were gathered all in one place, and they were flag-waving patriots who, in most cases, just wanted to be left alone by their government and to eat a hot dog on a bright and sunny day with the American flag flying overhead. A few days later, I found myself at Wall Drug in South Dakota, and that pro-American sentiment was even stronger. That was  America, and the Liberal World Order couldn’t touch it. They certainly didn’t understand it. And that is why they are losing, and are losing power during the upcoming elections. They grew up thinking that the world was theirs, and only now do they realize that they weren’t more intelligent than the rednecks and flag-waving patriots who shop at Walmart, wear cowboy hats and want to pull their homes with them on vacation when they only get 8 miles per gallon while doing it. They’ll pay the price so they can have their own stove, refrigerator, and a bed that they don’t have to share with the losers from the Liberal World Order, the spoiled brats and malcontents of aristocracy that died in Europe several centuries earlier. Only liberals didn’t get the memo and thought they could hide the information from the world with stolen elections. But obviously, they couldn’t. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lakota School Board Shuts Down Public Comments, They Knew All Along: Her side of the story

At the Lakota school board meeting of October 10th, 2022, the board chose to shut down public comments so to avoid talking about the Matt Miller controversy in public. This is precisely why it’s important to know what the political affiliations are of your local school board members because when nonpartisan alignments are allowed, bad, liberal behavior can be hidden behind such politeness. And that is the ultimate tragedy of the Matt Miller situation at Lakota schools. Ironically, if we did not elect Darbi Boddy to the school board in 2021, and that she was attacked so quickly into her term with such viciousness, we likely wouldn’t know any of what we do of Matt Miller’s sex life. And as flawed and reckless as it has been, what has been the real quality of a very expensive superintendent? Looking back on it, it’s a real blessing that Darbi was attacked so harshly and that so many community members came to her defense. The ugliness that many of us have known was always behind Lakota schools, which actually are the cause of their runaway costs, has been revealed in the wake of the Matt Miller drama, and as bad as it has been, the district is much better off than it was in not knowing. But what was revealing when reading the police interview of Matt Miller’s ex-wife is that Lakota schools did know; they knew all along how bad their superintendent was behaving in public, and instead of solving the behavior, they decided, because they are primarily liberals, that Matt Miller’s lifestyle did not have an impact on his ability to do his job as a superintendent. And knowing that makes you wonder what kind of behavior they would find worthy of termination. 

People weren’t happy when public comments were shut down at a recent Lakota school board meeting. The choice to hide the Matt Miller controversy by the school has turned out very bad.

Well, actually, we do know that same school board moved to get rid of the newcomer, Darbi Boddy, who was unashamedly conservative simply because she was a conservative. But in so trying to destroy her, they opened up this vast public anger that probed into the life of Matt Miller and found an ex-wife who felt very bad about her marriage to the superintendent, and that guilt let out many things that the public needed to know, which were already known behind the scenes, and now the school itself has significant problems. According to the public record of the ex-wife’s interview, the elements of their divorce leaked out in 2020. The school moved to get help from a reputation swat team to clean up the matter because Miller had used his office and tools of that office to maintain a dating profile that was embarrassing and consistent with what was revealed in the two police interviews, one with him and the other with his wife at the time. In Miller’s interview, he portrayed his ex-wife as crazy and had difficulty figuring out why all this information was coming out now, as opposed to 2019, when the divorce happened. Well, according to her, it took her a while to live alone and figure out what she had gone through for the last couple of decades while married to a guy who wanted her to have sex with other men, women, and couples at least 2 or 3 times a month. She felt she needed to appease him; otherwise, he would become angry. And the impact on her over all this was clearly daunting. After reading it, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Until I got the public document for myself, I had only heard of her through the many documents, the text messages, and other material that filled a bulging folder with lots of bad sexual behavior.

Of course, in her report, there was a lot of information in the context of the most controversial aspect of the drama, the conversation of pillow talk regarding the drugging, molestation, and videotaping of three kids who attend Lakota schools. When he tells it, it sounds like a sexual fantasy that she had which he obliged in. When she told it, it sounded like a scheme to keep her from divorcing him by talking her into doing something outrageous so that he’d have a video of her doing it, and he could threaten her to stay with him now that their kids were grown. But that the discussion took place, there is clearly no doubt. His value for the relationship looks to have been easier for him to have sex with other males because of her than without her, which can be concluded by reading his Craigslist advertisements of her to unknown characters for such engagements. So, he wanted to keep a good thing going, and getting her to do something outrageous was a way to accomplish that task, which isn’t uncommon. That is at least the conclusion of her many friends who have stepped forward in defense of the ex-wife whom they have developed great sympathy for. Having dirt on people is a primary way to get others to do what might not be in their best interest. And ultimately, it’s also why so many people stay silent on these kinds of matters because they can’t afford to have a moral judgment. After all, they, too, have been compromised at some point in time. After reading both reports several times, I tend to believe her side of the story much more than his. She says this, and another event was what broke her and caused her to leave him without many resources for herself to live off of. She is the one who took all the pain to make a change, so she is much more invested in the correct answer than he is. And that certainly comes out in her version of the story. 

As salacious as all these details are, the worst part of the story has been what the Lakota school board knew and when they knew it. And to what rationalization they had about the matter when they knew they had an obligation to public transparency. By the time we came out of the Covid lockdowns and we elected new board members, replacing a few who clearly made bad decisions on the Matt Miller case, the volcano was destined to blow. Such an overtly sexual lifestyle could not be contained, and the liberals’ expectation was no different than their defense of Bill Clinton (it’s just about sex, he can still do his job.)  And just like that, the assumption was that the community would not or that their opinions would be accepted because they were too conservative and out of touch with the progressive Lakota school system. And that we were all supposed just to accept this level of bad behavior while paying an extraordinary amount of money for each house in the district to the school without any expectation of performance. Since Matt Miller came to the district in 2017, there has been a steady decline in the quality of education as measured by state sources, and now we know that for him, it was mainly a cosmetic role. His Ashley Madison and Craigslist dating accounts show quite a commitment to the kind of sex that conservatives find reprehensible and anti-family in the extreme. Yet the community members were supposed to bring their concerns about their own children to him for consideration. And that topics of transexual bathrooms were to be judged by him? That PRIDE flags in the halls were normal? When you see his lifestyle, it’s clear why they hated Darbi the moment she was elected. And why they were so threatened when she showed up at a couple of schools in April to record evidence of sexual grooming at Lakota schools, which everyone said wasn’t happening, including Matt Miller. But then again, he also said that he never thought about drugging, molesting, and videotaping three kids, except that one time. And in this case, as bad as it is, the cover-up is even worse than the initial act. The school board has known all along, and they covered it up for fear that people might learn about it. Can you imagine what else they have been covering up from us? Can we trust anything they say? I’d say no. 

Rich Hoffman

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Roe v. Wade is Not the Story: Its the cause of the leak to hide election fraud that really matters

Never listen to what people say; judge them based on what they do because people lie, even in the Supreme Court. To understand what is going on with the leak of the Roe v. Wade ruling by Justice Alito, you have to not look at the nonsense they provide by way of public opinion and memos; you have to judge them based on behavioral presentations that constitute their overall philosophy, and projected intentions. It was not an accident that during the same week that Dinesh D’Souza released his film, 2000 Mules, which presents election fraud evidence of the 2020 election, some unknown leaker put the Alito ruling out to the public. There is no way that it is unknown who leaked the ruling. They likely all know many of the members of the senate and house. The media certainly knows. It was a major crime to leak the ruling, a catastrophic, intentional act meant to bring harm to the Supreme Court, one of our three branches of government, and it’s no small matter. From the conservative viewpoint, everyone knows that Roe v. Wade will be overturned at some point because it was never constitutional. And the leak takes the edge off an eventual ruling and gets the crazies out to scream in the streets for the right to murder unborn babies. But for the liberals, it does a couple of things. First, it erodes away the validity of the Supreme Court, to hopefully cause a court-packing justification effort in the months to come. But more than that, it provides a much-needed distraction to give the public some red meat hoping they don’t get any funny ideas after seeing 2000 Mules. Because that film is the real smoking gun, suppose people don’t trust elections, which they have lots of reasons now not to. In that case, most of the Washington Beltway may not deserve to be in their positions, and all the bills they have signed over the years would be completely invalid, which is a much larger legal argument than Roe v. Wade would ever be. So the motive to leak this Justice’s opinion of Alito at this specific time is quite purposeful, and because the person who leaked it has not been punished tells you everything you need to know about the case.

It must be understood that liberals and other progressives are not just fighting for the right to murder babies. Their obsession with murder as a constitutionally protected right isn’t their real aim of strategy. Their primary concern was the erosion of our constitution. For them, Roe v. Wade was a win because it showed that sheer intimidation and force could push the Supreme Court into a ruling that eroded the constitution, which was always their real goal. Liberals do not want the constitution to be a fixed document but a living one that can be adapted as time moves on. Their professional administrative class can then adjust depending on their needs and desires. So Roe v. Wade is not about the “woman’s right to choose,” as much as it is about eroding away the effects of the American constitution. The crisis, therefore, for them is that a ruling that strikes down Roe v. Wade based on constitutional parameters strengthens the constitution. Even though abortion would not go away by striking down Roe v. Wade because the states would regulate it, the desire by liberals to have an all-powerful centralized government that can impose its will on people everywhere loses leverage. And that’s what really upsets them. Ironically, many minds have had plenty of time to think about this problem. I didn’t offer any immediate opinions about the matter because it seems like the most obvious thing in the world, but apparently not. 

Imagine being a leftist, crazy progressive right now. They have plotted the demise of American law for over a century, and Roe V. Wade showed them that it was possible to manipulate the judicial branch toward their aims. So it’s quite deflating to know that a Trump majority on the court was about to take that victory away from them and strengthen the constitution, not to erode it away further using an emotional degradation policy like abortion to drive their narrative. And they cheated in the 2020 election to get rid of Trump so that they could gain control over the constitution yet again, and erode away the effects of Trump’s four-year term, which showed that many of the crises that we see on the nightly news mainly was all nonsense, even the threat of North Korea, and that the enemies of the world were easy to defeat, that the economy could be massive and that most of what the Beltway culture did was present artificial constraints on everything so that the administrative class could rule the world and shove America into a United Nations controlled New World Order. And now that evidence of that theft was coming out. So hoping to sabotage everything ahead of a Supreme Court ruling in June of 2022, they leaked this Alito opinion to soak up the news cycle and hopefully keep this election fraud story out of the news. Roe v. Wade instead was a desperation attempt on their part to stay relevant. But in doing so, it took the edge off their mob mentality when the actual ruling hits, meaning the violence they can take to the streets will be much less impactful. People already know it’s going to happen, so the surprise element is now gone. 

Even though seeing how progressive acts can be scary, their desperation tells us a lot more about the honesty of the situation than in the violence of protesting in front of the Justices’ homes, trying to intimidate them into changing their minds regarding Roe v. Wade. Liberals participated in the election fraud of 2020. Many news outlets are the same ones trying to hide who the Supreme Court leaker is because they assumed that the constitution would be eliminated by now, especially under the controlled Biden administration. We already have seen the intentions of the Biden administration to give health authority over to the World Health Organization, so from the point of view of liberals, the sovereignty of America is already over and the constitution meaningless. But reality shows that people in America will not give up their constitution, and they aren’t falling for the old tricks. They still support Trump, and the President’s political endorsements are shaping up a much more conservative Republican Party than they are used to. There will be many more rulings like this one from Alito on Roe v. Wade in the future.   So even though the immediate effect is scary to look at, it’s important to understand the substance of it. Liberalism in the form of the administrative state is failing everywhere it’s being tried in the world. As a result of a century of radicalism, the left is about to lose its greatest victory, the right to impose federal rule over states’ rights. They could care less about the concept of abortion as its presented, whether it’s 12 weeks or full term. What matters to them is the ability to impose federal rights over states’ rights and to centralize government around their created administrative state. And to maintain that, they must have control of elections. People cannot be allowed to have free will. Yet, what the leak from the Supreme Court indicates, and the trend concludes, the free will promised by the American Constitution is alive and well and is, in fact, getting stronger, which for the crazy progressives who have wanted to undo America from the start, is a nightmare they never thought would happen. 

Rich Hoffman

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Liberals Only Want to Boss People Around: The mental illness of the Democrat Party

People Who are Obsessed with Bossing You Around Tend to be Democrats

Without question, especially after Thanksgiving dinner with family members, some that you may only see a few times a year, politics is always that unsatisfied topic that burns in the back of all our minds.  We have been taught that we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion even though both dominate our lives and thoughts almost exclusively.  And the losers who spread that bad advice to us were liberals who encouraged us to avoid a conflict at the dinner table or living rooms of our homes from people who may be liberal in our lives.  So in the same fashion that we see prosecutorial misconduct among liberal prosecutors or religious ideologies, like “climate change” coming at us with blinding speed, we are not supposed to engage it or talk about it. Instead, we are supposed to talk about Blue Pill stuff like sports or Black Friday sales and hope to avoid talking about supply chain problems caused by an illegal president Biden with a big-government approach that has crippled our economy and put China on a pedestal for world domination.  So in that way, we never talk about the solution to the world’s real problems; we just learn to put up with it, which has empowered them into all sorts of destructive behavior.  Yet, there is a reason we are uncomfortable with these political rules of our day because the rules themselves mask something we all know and feel about the matter, which demands a resolution.  And it all points back to what I always say about liberalism; it’s a mental illness that needs a psychological fix, not an understanding of fairness on the battlefield of ideas.  Liberalism, because of its severe disfunction in nature, shouldn’t even be on the battlefield. 

One thing that all liberals have in common is that they like to boss people around.  We obviously have seen this with Covid and the government’s reaction to it.  Blue state governors have been the worst, and those who want to tell people what to do have heard the dog whistle.  They have acted like that big brother who is babysitting all of us and wants to essentially be the parent out of control with power telling us where to go, when to wash our hands, when to go to bed, when to eat, change clothes, even what to watch on television.  They are obsessed with telling us what to do about everything.  And now that they have captured through all types of political theater, they have the congress, the senate, and the White House at the federal level; they are out of control.  It’s not that the power went to their heads; it’s that they needed power so much that they were willing to do anything to get it.

Another thing I say all the time is that the number one thing that people are most concerned with in life is their status on the pecking order with their peers.  Adults, more than anything, want to climb the social ladder of power and prestige among their peers more to satisfy their insecurities about their meaning of life-based on how it was taught to them as children. You’re born, you do what your parents tell you, what society tells you, and you gain power so that you can acquire the ability to do that eventually to other members of society.  If you work hard, you might become a powerful politician or CEO of some company, and people will respect you and do what you tell them.  Really, when it comes down to it, liberalism, in varying degrees, is one of the most destructive elements of any society, and it can be measured based on how much people want to boss you around.  The more conservative a person truly is, the less they like to tell other people what to do.  The more liberal, the more they want to boss people around. 

But it doesn’t stop in politics such as “elected office.” Still, it extends into every aspect of our lives, such as the nosy neighbor who is always calling the neighborhood association about some flag you might be flying that might bring down property values.  Or the slow person in the fast lane on the highway who travels under the speed limit because they intend to slow you down for what they perceive as safe conduct.  We see it with the mask police now in stores.  We see it in the places we work where some ladder climber boss is always there to tell us when to use the restroom or take a break.   It’s not enough to call someone who thinks they are conservative a RINO if they claim to be Republicans but have the psychological problem of always wanting to tell people what to do all the time.  We have to identify the mental illness for what it is, some form of liberalism that has migrated in name to the current state of severe mental dysfunction. 

The real quandary for many of these people and why their psychological disorder is so destructive to the world around them is that the essence of their behavior is that they must live off the efforts of others.  That is why they want to boss people around because they actually need the efforts of others to survive. After all, deep inside, they lack the courage to do things on their own.  So they make themselves part of the world around them as a figure of authority to mask their own timidity.  And if they appear to be in charge of the pecking orders of our existence, they can hide their most profound insecurities.  So when we find ourselves at some social gathering and there are always these micromanagement types who start telling us we have to take our shoes off to enter a room, or to tell us where to sit, what to eat, how to dress, and so on, avoiding talking about politics only makes the problem worse.  It allows these loser people to live free of judgment while abusing the world with their psychological disorders.  By avoiding discussion about their ailment, it never gets fixed, which isn’t good for anybody.  One of the reasons I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was to help people deal with the tyrants in their lives.  It may not be Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi who are the worst; it might be some nosy aunt or peeping neighbor going through your trash.  It might be a boss who goes out of their way to harass you so they can remind you that they are your means to a living, and you have to do what they say.  It might be the little Cartman mall cop or the latest local health department newly empowered by the CDC to ruin our lives in their effort to tell more people what to do.  But what it all amounts to is that the desire to boss people around is an illness of the mind, not something that should be respected or even dealt with as a legitimate manner of public conduct.  We don’t need to treat liberals with equality and understanding.  We need to get them help in insane asylums because that’s where they belong.  Not believing they are equal or above us on some invisible pecking order.  They are not our “betters.” They are malcontents and damaged people who need treatment, not a pass of the gravy and a tight lip uttered under sports scores. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Pussies of the World: Trump is the only reason Kim Jong-un is talking to South Korea

It is astonishing how many modern people are just pussies (people who invite themselves to get fu**ed by bullies) and support political parties to hide their nature behind collective authority. It is as if they assumed that just because there are millions of pussies functioning in the world today, that somehow that changes the nature of what they are. When a bully of any kind presents themselves either on the world stage as North Korea has, just a bunch of punk kids vandalizing neighborhoods—you must stand up to them or else you invite more of the tyrannical behavior. Appeasement never works with a bully, it just gives you more of the behavior—which is how North Korea got so out of control in the first place—the world tried to appease their aggression—and they created a monster. Thankfully, with Trump in the White House, the United States isn’t in that appeasement business any longer and that has driven North Korea to actually sit down with South Korea for the first time in a long time. Trump’s tough talk has worked and so have the sanctions leaving North Korea with little choice.

I’ve said it many times, North Korea does not have the money or resources to conduct a nuclear war. It is amazing that many smart, college educated journalists took literally the empty words of Kim Jong-un when he said on Near Year’s Day that he had a nuclear button on his desk and that he would use it against America. They accepted at face value that it was the truth. Yet when Trump answered that he had a bigger button, and that his worked, the literal faces of the left-winged media in America melted off as if nuclear proliferation were going to happen. No, it was just Trump calling a bluff and playing the bad cop in a complicated international strategy to let Kim Jong-un seek the path of less resistance to peace on the Korean peninsula. It’s a starting point in the peace process and one that is more than justifiable for a stupid kid not yet 30 who thinks the way to communist prosperity is through intimidation. Every rocket he has fired to try to scare the world into giving him more money has only robbed food from his people and there are defectors fleeing across the South Korean border in increasing numbers, so the kid doesn’t have a choice but to come to terms with South Korea. But to save face he had to threaten Trump—which of course Trump playing the bad cop had to answer appropriately. But there aren’t any nuclear weapons—heck, there are hardly rockets to launch for testing. The whole thing on behalf of North Korea has been a ruse and it is shameful that the American media bought into the notion so naively.

Sadly, this incident shows how far our nation has fallen. Not all mind you, but most Americans today are pussies not able to stand up to bullies, or even to recognize them when they present themselves. I would go so far to say that this is a by-product of the feminization of our free market society—where masculinity has been chastised and feminine approaches to problems propped up falsely to provide the illusion that “girl power” is a sustainable strategy in dealing with bullies in the future. It takes more than a sign and a pussy hat at a protest to deal with people like Kim Jong-un. You can’t make movies about 110 pound girls beating the crap out of 240 pound men and expect that to transfer over into reality. No matter how great the fighting techniques of a small woman—in a real fight there wouldn’t be a contest and that is what reality has to say on the matter. The entire premise of “girl power” and the feminization of the human race is a fantasy from the imagination of political radicals who essentially want to stop humanity from advancing—yielding to the efforts of mother nature. This whole thing is a 50-year-phase that will die out and return to the good ol’ days where men were men, and women were women, and both enjoyed their roles in creating families. But currently, it is having an impact on our foreign policy. Trump represents the traditional masculinity that half the nation expects. The other half have lost their minds and want men to sit and cry when losers like Kim Jong-un threaten us. That is after all the typical female reaction, to sit around crying and talking about the problem when the real solution is to kick the shit out of the little fat punk.

Sorry to be so politically incorrect, but any criticism of Trump’s handling of North Korea is completely unwarranted. Kim Jong-un has become accustomed to dealing with a feminized world where even the men sit around cowering in fear because they have been submitted by the “girl power” movement. Talking to some ruthless dictator is like a single mom trying to enforce the rule of law on an unruly male kid—it usually doesn’t work. In some cases, it does, but just look at a typical black neighborhood in America where there are no fathers in the home and the women have children by two, three or four fathers. Those kids become thugs—most of the time—and violence around the neighborhood escalate. If only there were a stable father figure in the lives of the children things would turn out much differently. Kim Jong-un is that figure of a global communist dictator who has been coddled by too many world leaders functioning from a feminized social trend that is destined for failure.

Feminists can say what they want about fair treatment and equality—but if you really dig into their subconscious they still expect men to “figure them out.” As they bitch and complain about their worthless men not taking out the trash, or watching too much football and complain to their girl friends how much better the world would be if women ran the world—they still really want to be chained to a bed blindfolded as a force of masculine power takes over her body. And there’s nothing wrong with that—it’s a purely biological function. But when losers like fat boy Kim Jong-un who can only get laid because he runs a country think that the world will sit around and let him push everyone around because girls are running everything—he’s got another thing coming. Can you imagine that fat kid trying to pick up chicks at an American shopping mall—he’s be laughed at until he couldn’t show himself in public. But as a communist dictator, girls have to do what he says—so he thinks that’s the way it is elsewhere in the world. By launching rockets he tries to use the same fear tactics that work in North Korea to essentially pick up chicks. Feminists have given him that illusion—until Trump became that father figure for the world to fear once again. Now everyone must behave, or they’ll get a spanking. Trump gave Kim Jong-un a spanking which he deserved. And now the North Korean dictator has to come to the table with South Korea or he’s going to bed without his dinner. For a fat kid like the North Korean dictator who likes his food—sanctions are cramping his lifestyle—which is all he really cared about to begin with.

So to the pussies out there, fear not. Men are taking care of the problem—at least the ones who are still left in the world.

Rich Hoffman

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The Morality of being a Gunfighter: How guns make America a more intellectual culture–and improve lives

From the anti-gun people, especially after the Vegas mass shooting there has been this constant term they use “you don’t need so many guns.” They say it as if they were the authority on living and had the complications of life all figured out as a superior philosophic matrix. Yet I look at their lives, the losers on Saturday Night Live, the Hollywood industry, the open criminals like Hillary Clinton and the DNC workers of 2016 and I must conclude, who on earth would take advice from people so messed up? Who are these people to give us advice about anything? I wouldn’t trust them to tell me where the corner deli is in New York city that could sell me a pack of gum, let alone advise me on how many guns I should have or even why I should have them. Even worse, their declarations that guns should be made illegal in any form indicates a complete lack of respect for the kind of living we have in the Midwest of the country—essentially the Red State middle of the entire country. Essentially only the coastal regions have these liberal losers driving policy. Guns for everyone else is a fact of life. They are certainly a big part of my life. Here is video of what I do almost every night for exercise. It’s how I practice Cowboy Fast Draw in my private range. The goal of this activity is to draw and fire my Ruger Vaquero as fast as I can once the target light blinks on solid. Once the target blinks three times it lets me know that the next time the light comes on that I need to draw and fire. My time is registered on a display on my workbench. It’s a fun activity that really sharpens your mind, and I enjoy doing it almost every night at least for 15 to 30 minutes.

When people say that we don’t need guns, well I’d say, we don’t need footballs, golf clubs, or baseball bats either. All of those things could be used as weapons if people were so inclined, but in a civil society nobody would even think of such a problem. Most of the people I know have guns and nobody goes out on a killing spree after dinner. When shooting in my private range I never think to use those guns on other people. Always my use of them is to increase my speed and accuracy in shooting a target under conditions of duress. The process of doing that helps me in other parts of my life. Now to the pot smoking loser on Saturday Night Live who does things during the after party that they’d never want to tell their parents, I wouldn’t expect them to understand my love of guns. Because they are still looking for mechanisms in life to help them manage all the pressures they experience. I look at their lives where they smoke, drink or have too much sex and would say that those are all factors contributing to the problems they have in their lives. I don’t have those problems. Instead I shoot and spend time in my range working out solutions to very complicated problems. Shooting helps me and many others live a better life.

If you visit England presently you will find everywhere some visage to their Norman period where knights were part of their national identity. It doesn’t mean that people want to go cut off the heads of their enemies when they hold a wooden sword from a gift shop in London—it’s just means that people are paying regional respect to an order which built the identity of the nation. If you go to Japan you find much of the same, everywhere is some visage to the samurai culture and behind that is the constant symbol of the sword. Even going to a hibachi grill to get some very expensive Kobe Beef you will see the cooks emulating the ghosts of their samurai heritage as they prepare food in front of you. It is very important to them and is a huge part of their national character. You don’t see radical leftists attacking these countries for their history of violence and the modern respect that is still given regarding the weapons which forged their nations.

In America it is the cowboy which created the nature of our country. And behind the cowboy was the six-gun and the mythology of dueling. The reason that dueling is still such a romantic idea in the period of the Old West is that it is respectable that people would face off against each other to settle a value judgment. To have a value that people were willing to defend to the death is actually a noble idea—especially in these complicated days of leftist interpretation into the events that leave people always feeling empty. In that emptiness they seek to fill the void with bad habits—such as the smoking, drinking and over charged sex. Regarding sex, if you spend more than a half hour per day thinking about sex—you are wasting your time. When you are young and always looking for some flower to pollinate, maybe you spend more time thinking about it if you are a male. If you are a female you likely won’t because you are in charge of the sexual experience and can decide when and how often, but nobody should spend more time on average than a half an hour per day. Anything more is an obsessive activity that degrades the experience. People who do think about it more than that allotted time need to develop more hobbies.

I view shooting in America as a deeply philosophic experience. The political left has successfully painted an opposite picture, that gun users in America are a bunch of dumb hillbillies who can’t speak in words longer than two syllables. Yet the opposite is true, liberals who criticize the gun culture are the dumb people, they are ones who can’t change their own oil, or fix a leak in their sink. They are the ones who fall apart whenever there is a death in the family or run to substance abuse when they feel insecure about something. People I know who shoot guns, especially people in the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, or in SASS are some of the nicest and well-rounded people I’ve met anywhere—including in those European and Asian countries that people think have so much “rich” culture. I would argue that in America we have our own rich culture built on westward expansion—which was a very “moral” enterprise in the scope of history—and guns were the backbone of that culture that we should all be proud of.

In the video the times I was recording were in the .450 range. I’m not happy with those numbers and the purpose of the slow motion is to show myself that I need to fire the gun much sooner out of the holster instead of pushing the gun forward. That is what makes that kind of training so satisfying, and worth pursuing. Shown in regular speed everything happens very fast. But when you slow it down, I can see where I need to improve, and that requires training my mind to think that much faster. In applying those techniques to my life that I learn at the gun range, it makes me a much better person in my day to day life. I think much faster when there are problems to solve and my thinking is much more accurate. After all, the brain doesn’t know if you are trying to solve the problem of hitting a target or trying to solve global economic problems. It sees everything in context, so by practicing something productive like “shooting” it helps the mind solve other problems not directly connected to the shooting sports. That is why shooting is a good thing for all Americans to do, and if more people did, especially the coastal liberals, they’d find that they could lead better lives and would have a lot fewer problems.

I’m not personally going to allow people who are broken intellectually—which most liberals are—and have them beat on gun owners anymore. My experience with guns is a very positive one and violence has nothing to do with it. Guns may have been invented to expedite the experience of death, or make people more efficient in killing others—but as tools of intellect, they are more useful in making a respectful class of people who think independently, and can manage their affairs in a superior way over their liberal protestors. I see nothing negative about my experiences on my private gun range in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. The practice of it makes me more efficient as a person and gives me an outlet for the stresses in my life that shooting baskets in my driveway or playing golf don’t quite reach. People who speak against guns just don’t understand why they are important culturally, and there are likely a lot of reasons for it. Maybe they had crappy parents. Maybe they didn’t have grandparents around to teach them important lessons when they were younger. Maybe they are just losers in life. Whatever it is, it’s not the problem of gun owners to bend their habits to these broken people. Broken people are not allowed to create the standard for what America is. And gun owners are not the broken people. It’s the people who criticize that culture who are in true need of a different way of thinking. A trip to the gun range would help a lot of them. But for the rest, they need a lot more.

I am proud to call myself a gunfighter. For me it’s no different from training to be a boxer, a martial artist or an MMA fighter—it’s a sport. And becoming good at that sport has a carryover effect into other things in life that are more important to good living. That is why the anti-gun people are so wrong on the gun culture in America. They don’t like America even though they try to sell their ideas by saying they are part of our culture—they clearly aren’t and seek to change it in everything they do. For them it starts by pissing on a bar wall outside drunk off their young asses and it ends with them becoming radical progressives in congress, or heads of major networks. They are all equally wrong. To speak against guns is to speak against the concept and intentions of American life. Part of that life is displayed in the sports we use to articulate our culture. Being a gunfighter isn’t the same as being a killer. These days it means a person is building foundation skills to become more precise and quicker in their life—and it’s a personal challenge worth the undertaking. It’s certainly not something to be outlawed because the more sensitive and less intellectual people on the west and east coasts are afraid of guns. What they really fear is what they might learn about themselves if they were to embark on a journey where they had to become better at something and challenge themselves. What they might learn in that process is what they are running from—and that is all the reason why guns should be more prevalent in America, instead of less.

Rich Hoffman
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