Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman, Only: Global governments and their war against family

As the same-sex marriage protections were passed in Congress, one common theme essentially said, “you have a right to marry whoever you love regardless of the color of your skin or the orientation, and it shouldn’t be controversial. Our nation was built on the notion of individual liberty.” Yet, and this is speaking from my personal experience, I’ve been married for over 33 years, and I can say that marriage isn’t about sex. You don’t get married to have sex. You get married to start and to raise a family. And it’s hard work. You get married to go into a partnership with another person that lasts for many years. You don’t get married just to get a divorce over silly disagreements, like one of the marriage partners doesn’t like the color of a new car that is bought. You get married to work out problems together and to teach future generations how to approach life. And even when all the kids are grown up and move away, you stay married, so there is a place for them to go on Thanksgiving and Christmas to recharge their batteries and continue fighting for the creation of their own families. In other words, the creation of a family is the first form of government in modern society, and we should do everything we can to protect it, nurture it, and respect it. And all that Congress has done with the passage of their same-sex protections act is desecrate the basic premise of family creation. Government sees the creation of family as a rival to their form of central government, which is the reason for their position, which is insulting to all those who endeavor to have a good family that starts with a good marriage. 

I’ve always liked the Bible, it is the foundation of law and order for western civilization, so it becomes very obvious when rivals to that law and order come along and attempt to erode away the foundations of that understanding. And the efforts to separate biblical understanding through the separation of church and state have really been about attacking the value systems of western civilization in order to create something else, something more “eastern” in its value systems. So a desecration of all that western civilization has been built upon is a deliberate strategy, and those participants reveal their intentions in doing so. That is clearly the crime of this lame-duck congress upon passing a bill of desecration intended for the American family. From every progressive front, our legal system, which encourages divorce, our entertainment culture that has sought to cheapen marriage to the silly vestiges of sex and sex only, forgetting that the purpose of sex is exclusively in the creation of children, not in the expression and pursuit of recreation. Or even the purpose of the internet, which seems solely to have been built to spy on people and to poison their minds with easy images of pornography to appeal to the animal natures of human beings so that they would be easier to control by centralized governments stripped of their primary purposes in life, which was to create good families, the first foundation of a stable society. The war against the American family, and families all over the world, has been going on for a long time by purposeful desecrators intent on eradicating the premise so that people would be vulnerable to the instigations of an all-powerful government that replaces the concept of mother and father so that children would all share the same home, the ultimate collectivism of communism, the China Model. 

What I like about the Bible are passages like this one from Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertained unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD thy God.” To the kind of people who supported what Congress did on that same-sex bill, they would laugh at that statement and would call it old-fashioned and naive. But what they are really saying is that the notions of such divisions of recognition between the sexes have been successfully suppressed by progressive society, where the destruction of Christian ideas has been all but destroyed. And such Bible references are laughable and out of touch. Then I would say, as a person who has been married to the same woman for many years and raised kids and grandkids, that anybody who doesn’t live their life close to that Bible passage has no chance at a successful life in the creation of families, which is the point of the destruction in the first place. Progressives, global liberals, have always intended to eradicate Christian support from the laws of society so that they would not have to acknowledge the primary foundation of all government, which is the formation of the family. Government wants to be an organism of itself, and it doesn’t want to bend the knee to a family of any kind. Government wants to be like the concept of family in China, where the government is the ultimate mother and father, as a unisex tradition, and all of society are its children. And to perform such a desecration upon their primary rivals in the world, The United States, and in general, western civilization itself, the concept of a traditional family must go along with the Christian foundations which supported it in the first place.

When I was first married over three decades ago, I was surprised at how antagonistic people were to my ideas of marriage. Some really hostile people in my life were against the marriage. They had bit into the poison fruit of a progressive society that wanted to follow the rules being applied, and I simply rejected them. My idea of marriage was traditional and Biblical, with clear divisions between the role of men and women. My wife would be a stay-at-home mother and would dedicate her life to our children. I would do all the strong stuff and ensure the family always had what it needed. I did it if that required working three shifts a day, seven days a week. And even if that sounds like an exaggeration, there were several years when I had to do just that. And I did it without a second car, so I rode a bicycle to work so my wife would have the car to care for the children and drive them to school. You don’t complain; you don’t cry. You don’t bend the knee to the pressures of the universe. You fight back, you fight for the right to raise a family, and you let that family know that no matter what, you are a pillar that holds everything up so they can develop safely within your family. And even when they are all grown up, your home is a safe place for them to return to and always find their footing. Even when you are 90 years old and have been married to the same person for 70 years. You don’t get divorced over sex. You don’t spend your time wasting it thinking about some form of sexual discharge. You don’t waste your efforts on stupid stuff that doesn’t make a family great. And that is what a marriage is, and it’s hard work on a good day. And most of the time, it’s not fun and games. It’s picking a person to spend a life with and solving problems within a partnership, and sex is often not even a relevant question or consideration, nor should it be. Sex is for producing children and for that purpose only. We’ve made it into a recreation, and the government has wanted that to distract us from the goals of family, which they see as rivals for their pursuits of control. And that is why this Congressional push for same-sex marriage is an abomination to the American family and an act of war toward the sovereignty of every household that means our total destruction, and nothing less. And in my view, anything that does not promote family values and the sustainability of a family in any way is completely worthless to the human race.

Rich Hoffman

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The Corruption of our Legal System: Without a belief in the Bible, its prone to evil, malice, and political detriment

Whether its Letitia James, the George Soros-sponsored Attorney General of New York on a personal vendetta to destroy Donald Trump using the law as a weapon of politics, or the local sheriff who is skimming money from everywhere and distributing it to various people to acquire power and they seek to destroy their local auditor because they don’t want an open book policy to the public, many people are now disillusioned about our legal system. What many have forgotten over time in America is that our legal system as a whole is founded on Christian values. We have a society that no longer believes in Biblical values. In that case, there can’t possibly be any respect for law and order, and our entire civilization will fall victim to the biggest bully on the block, which is what we see happening. In any society, the fear of force always keeps everyone aligned. Without some shared philosophical value, everything will fall into chaos, which the enemies of America are pleased to see happening. That is undoubtedly the motive behind Letitia James of New York and her billionaire supporters, who ultimately want to see the downfall of America. In such a society, the rules are not made to protect the good from the bad but to give cover to the bad from the judgment of the good, and that is precisely where we find ourselves today. 

We could all tell stories of our own version of the local sheriff who will say to a friend or a political ally, “hey, if you broke the law, we’ll fix it up. Don’t worry about it. Let’s go get some chicken wings and talk about that Monday night football game.” But if a law comes into question regarding a political rival, that sheriff will throw the book of laws for all their worth behind the effort to destroy that person. And that is what we call an injustice. Where the legal system is used as a weapon against enemies instead of as a stabilizing force for society in general, and of course, no society can function in such a way for long. Without law and order, there is no society. Again, the enemies of America are happy either way. They would love to see America plunge into a lawless society. And they love to see corrupt political officials abusing the law at every opportunity because they know eventually, the people of that society will abandon the law and turn to the government to be the broker for fairness, which only gives the government more power and fewer rights. So this notion of losing a Biblical law and order society is quite a strategy that exacerbates the whims of corruption among such weak-minded people and unleashes their wrath on the innocent without protection. Because at that point, only violence could be left to defend the good from the bad. The bad has been empowered because of their propensity for corruption to exploit the good; from there, we have sheer lawlessness and fear from the world’s bullies. 

When people contemplate that President Trump doesn’t have the right temperament to be president because we are supposed to be a Christian society that turns the other cheek to our enemies and forgives our foes, we are being exploited by evil for our tendency to play by the rules. We need Trump in America because he refused to give ground to the malicious. And he is willing to use his vast sums of money to fight in court the premise of law and order and turn the tables on them against their own desires for power. Few people in the world can fight these political systems as they are rigged. Because nobody can trust that the hand on a Bible is enough to provide good testimony, this has only empowered lawyers of bottom-feeder characters to thrive in a rigged language that only money can buy. Trump can play that game because, like Soros, he is a fellow billionaire and can put his money against the aims of American antagonists. But unless people have that kind of money, they will always be victims to those who do, and the legal system is designed for corruption, those who can pay for its services. It doesn’t exist on its own merit to provide justice blindly. Instead, justice is wide awake and looking for those who can write the biggest checks. Our legal system may have been designed to weigh a feather against a heart heavy with guilt. But what we have ended up with is a definition of justice that goes to those with the most money, to buy the most expensive lawyers, who have the best relationships with the best judges, leaving average people cleaving in the darkness for fairness, knowing that they are all victims to a system deep in corruption from the inside out. 

Yet I would say to fear not. The way it is presented is not how it was designed. Our legal system became corrupt because we trusted bad people to do the right thing. In hindsight, that was dumb, but as honorable people, we had to give them a chance. However, now that we know better, we are not confined to such obligations going forward. We are fortunate to have someone like Trump fighting on our side, a fellow billionaire from that elite class who wants to rule the world from the shadows and undermine us at every opportunity. Those who flow money into local communities and count on the crooked sheriff, the compromised judge, and the low-life lawyers who put more effort into their golf game than the justice of their clients, are easy to turn the tables on. It took a long time for the kind of corruption we see today to manifest. But it started when people stopped putting their hand on the Bible and meaning it when they swore an oath. No society can survive if it does not clearly understand right and wrong, and the villains who corrupted our legal system knew this even as they talked out of both sides of their mouths for years. The debate raged most viciously when such characters disputed the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, then said it violated free speech. Such contemplations are equivalent to stating that we want to live as human beings without the flow of blood through our bodies. You can’t have one without the other. And you can’t have civilization without justice. And you can’t have justice without a clear understanding of what it is. But what we have now is not justice, it’s corruption where the law is utilized for political benefit for political reasons, and it is far from blind. If you are a political enemy, they will throw the book at you and lobby to put you in jail, bankrupt and without a reputation, destroyed for life if they can do it. But if you are a friend or benefit them somehow, they will turn the other way and invite the criminal out for chicken wings and a nice cold beer. Perhaps even a morning golf game on a Sunday with the rising sun warming their faces and laughing about how they were able to scam the public for all its worth and get away with it. Fret not. The bad guys only win because of what they did they did in the shadows. But with the light of day flashed upon their actions, there will undoubtedly be a different result, and the sun is shining these days brightly.

Rich Hoffman

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Thank Goodness for the 1st and 2nd Amendments: As long as the bad guys follow the rules of our Constitution, they don’t have to worry

I am very grateful for two things that have obviously been tested these last couple of years; the 1st Amendment and the 2nd. If not for free speech, the Dr. Fauci/Bill Gates’s plan to take over the world with vaccines and government-mandated medicine would have had nothing to stop it. People were able to get information and make decisions based on free speech. Then, of course, what stopped a complete takeover of our legal systems in the world, especially in the United States, was our 2nd Amendment. We have so many guns in America that people personally own. At no time was a tyrannical government able to go door to door to harass us as they did in New Zealand and Australia during the made-up Covid pandemic. Made-up because the world’s governments conspired for Bill Gates funding to deny hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to the public to stop Covid. Because of free speech, we learned that the governments and their sponsors were lying to us, and if they could have used force to shut us up, they would have. In America, because of our guns, that was never an option. Instead, it has scared people for a good reason, but our attackers have had to come at us differently by attacking us through finance, medicine, and stolen elections. But they could not attack us door to door, so I am very thankful to be where we are in the spring of 2022. It’s not that the danger of these attacks has been averted. But I feel we have a fighting chance to fix these problems now that the bad guys have been exposed, and if not for the 1st and 2nd Amendments, that never would have happened. 

The number one question I get asked all the time is “what’s under my leather vests,” which I wear everywhere I go. I show my .50 caliber Desert Eagle in the video, which I don’t do often. They call it “concealed” for a reason. But the questions come because many people also want to start carrying, which I highly recommend. We have a safer world when more people carry weapons. I never plan to shoot anybody, but knowing that I can handle whatever anybody throws at me with ill intent gives me the peace of mind to think better about the world I’m living in. The bad guys always want to rule through fear, and a gun-carrying public takes that fear away, which allows us all to have an entirely different conversation. Of course, I wear the big leather vests to allow me to conceal that big gun that holsters comfortably under my arm. The weapon is too big to fit in a waistband or other hidden part of the body. So I have adjusted my attire to accommodate the large-caliber semi-automatic gun. One of the rules of carrying a personal gun is that you should carry the biggest one you can handle. I have found that 9mm and other regular caliber guns are just too small for my liking.   Bad guys can purchase armor for their bodies off Amazon and reinforce their windshields these days easily to be bulletproof. It’s a lot easier now than when I was younger to get access to armor. So I carry my guns to be able to deal with anything that might be thrown in my direction. I don’t just carry that Desert Eagle, of course. I am always prepared for a small army to engage with me out in public, and I have good reason to feel that way. But having the guns makes it so that I don’t have to worry about it. The fear comes from not knowing what you would do or could do if such a thing were to come up. With my method, I don’t have to worry about it. 

For years theories were bouncing around from the political left that wanted to believe that a large centralized government, if it was strong, could keep people safe, so there would be no need for guns. Well, that argument is long gone now, which I think is much better off than we were a few years ago. Back then, it was theory. Now we’ve seen them make their move with all the force we feared. We’ve seen the administrative state spiral out of control, as they did over Covid. So never again do we have to debate about the right to carry a gun in public or to have them in our homes. The reaction that the states have had overall this trauma has been healthy. Instead of going to more restrictive gun laws, they have loosened, and this has been with the NRA pretty much on their heels due to Soros-backed prosecutors trying to destroy them.   I have had a concealed carry permit for years, but now half of the states in America have “constitutional carry,” which is even better. It recognizes that people don’t even need a permit to carry their guns on their bodies or in their cars, and this has been a direct response to the encroachments of government during Covid. We will never be able to trust a centrally planned government. The public reaction has been to de-centralize that government and give it far less power to rule over our lives. The world’s governments showed their cards, and nobody wants to be in the situation that we just saw the Ukrainians go through. Those poor people have been stuck between one bad government and an attacking one. Without guns, they were helpless to stop the mess. At least we have been able to stop the mess with personal gun ownership in America. 

I will always live in a society that can carry a gun. I’ve always felt that way, and now I feel quite vindicated. Even in the scariest parts of the Covid lockdowns, when the streets were almost completely vacant to traffic due to the ridiculous Mike DeWine stay-at-home orders, I felt in control of my own life because of my concealed carry options. I was ready for anything, so I could afford to think about whatever else I wanted, which allowed me to see things for what was going on and to use the 1st Amendment to its full effect, which defeated the evil intentions cast upon us. As long as the bad guys follow the rules of our society, which are established clearly in our state and federal constitutions, there won’t be a need for any fighting. And there is no reason to have any gunfights. But if they don’t follow our nation’s laws, they have lots of reasons to worry, and that’s how it needs to be. I am proud of that ability to carry because we have been tested, and it worked to keep us safe. Carrying guns was the thin blue line that kept our society lawful as attackers had shown their cards to molest it. We’ve talked about it all my life, about the possibility of giving up guns and moving as a culture to a more trusting population of centralized government. Well, that’s over now. I will never live in a gunless society. I will never facilitate talk of gun control. And I am proud that so many states have responded to these last few years with constitutional carry expansion instead of more restrictive laws. Ohio even has “Stand Your Ground” now, which just a few years ago would have been unfathomable. The Zimmer case in Florida was meant to erode that trend, but under Covid, those arguments have been completely thrown out the window. And we are a much better society because of it. Because of personal carry with guns, we are a much more lawful society. It is the primary condition for preserving our constitutional republic and to keep it standing.

Rich Hoffman

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The Turning Point of the War: When conspiracies turn out to be true and we learn the Constitution and guns are all that really matter

The Turning Point in the War

I have been talking about the FEMA camps that we are now seeing happen in Australia and Austria for decades.  Of course, they call them something else in those places, but in essence, the tyrannical intentions of those governments have been unleashed over Covid, and we have seen attempts in America toward the same.  Recently, in fact, two times in the year 2021, I took my wife through Indianapolis, where the FEMA camp railyards for my sector of the country we’re supposed to transpire.  Given the world’s blueprint, it’s pretty obvious now what the plan was.  I could never figure out how our constitutional republic would ever pull off a FEMA camp imprisonment similar to what Hitler did to the Jews, but after 2021, we now see who and why they would be sent to FEMA camps.  It would be the unvaccinated, of course, and similar government disrupters such as the rioters at the January 6th event that has violated all kinds of constitutional liberties for those still imprisoned.  And in many ways, I feel like the fever is breaking, that there is a tide turning in this war that many never knew was even happening.  But it was, and it goes back a long way. The way that Australia and Austria have been behaving over Covid and how the media has shown themselves to be agents of their corporate sponsors, we now see what many thought years ago were just conspiracies. 

But I’m not all doom and gloom over these revelations; I’ve always known about them.  My problem was that I couldn’t prove it to people who were much more interested in getting their kids to soccer practice and having a block party for the Ohio State/Michigan game than in getting to the bottom of why our government would have planned FEMA camps for innocent people decades ago, only to come true now, in the early 2020s.  Then we saw the unthinkable in September of 2021 when the Biden people put out an Executive Order mandating vaccines for a virus our government created as a bioweapon in a Chinese lab, for most employers in America targeting all the people who work for them.  It was perhaps the most aggressive overreach of the federal government any of us have ever seen outside of wartime escapades. It was alarming to Americans not used to such an imposing government.  People really didn’t know what to do because they had never been challenged legally in these ways.  In the country’s history, we had never seen conspiracies like this playing out before our eyes, and it was scary stuff.  But I said then as I say now, it was always unconstitutional, and that is what sets America apart from the rest of the world, is that bit of constitutional philosophy that is so wonderfully debated in two of my favorite books ever written, The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.  I personally prefer The Anti-Federalist Papers.  Even though I’m from Hamilton, Ohio, which is named after Alexander Hamilton, of Federalist Papers fame, I’m a hardliner for the Anti-Federalist Papers.  I admire those works in the context of history. I’ve been to the site in England of one of the Magna Cartas.  Our American Constitution wasn’t just put together yesterday; it’s the culmination of many years of human intellect which modern progressives are trying to toss out the window.  But it’s the law of our land, and so long as we stick by it and defend it from attackers by using the Second Amendment, everything will be fine.

That’s precisely what broke this sickness; as I said, it would end eventually when the legal system caught up to the crimes.  Up to this point, December 8th of 2021, the crimes of international governments were far outpacing the ability of our courts to deal with them, which was part of the strategy, a standard Cloward and Piven tactic of overwhelming a system and forcing it to collapse.  Just like blitzing the quarterback in football, that is what attackers of America have been doing to us all, including some within our own government, such as the Biden administration.  And like everywhere that Covid protocols by overreaching politicians have attempted it, a judge in Georgia put a hold on the federal portion of the Biden executive order, pretty much killing the unconstitutional mandate as soon as it was born.  That has been the case in all Covid cases, but that hold on the federal mandate was the big one, and from this point, it will establish all case law in the future.  Governments have limits on their powers on purpose, and that doesn’t go away when there is a panic; even a government-created one like coronavirus has been.  The plan was to suspend our constitutional rights with Covid and replace direct military authority with medical authority, which was always a plan by those types of people.  This is why we have a constitution that protects individual liberty from those declaring collective salvation.  Because it was always a power grab, and those who didn’t follow along would be sent to FEMA camps to enforce compliance to this new global authority.

But that’s not how it rolls in America.  It took people a few years to get their feet settled in America, but finally, people are learning about the Constitution in ways they should have always known.  Government schools that wanted to acquire power for themselves, of course, will not teach constitutional value in their classrooms.  We were crazy to think they ever would.  But people have learned through this Covid nightmare the value of limits on government which the Constitution provides.  Finally, people have the context they can relate to.  Our rights do not get put on hold because the world’s governments can’t manage a silly virus.  Their inabilities do not constitute imprisonment, sorrow, or a loss of enjoyment of life.  And that essentially is what judge R. Stan Baker granted from Georgia regarding the federal portion of the Biden Executive Order.

A president doesn’t get to make orders like some king from the White House.  Governor DeWine in Ohio tried similar stupidity during Covid, which the legislature had to take away from him.  In America, we understand we need government for the basics.  But we must put limits on the powers of government because if stupid people get to be in charge by some deficiency, then people need insulation from that stupidity.  And that has certainly been the case with Covid-19.  There is plenty of stupid to go around.  And while the stupid people sort out their errors, people need to live their lives.  And in that way, I am happy to see more people than ever understanding finally what these differences are.  It is dangerous to let a government become all-powerful and even consider that FEMA camps were a possibility.  If not for our Constitution, the government certainly would have tried to send me to one of those camps, and we would have had a lot of unnecessary loss of life in the process.  It would have been tragic.  But because of the Constitution and our ability to defend that law with gun rights behind every door, we still have a functioning country.  Not because of government, but despite it.  And that is why the great machine of America has not been turned off the way our attackers globally had wished.  And now, Americans have seen these intentions for themselves, and it looks like they are finally poised to do something about it.  It’s about time!

Rich Hoffman

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The Legality of Fake Vaccination Cards: People want freedom from any administrative state

Freedom from an Administrative State

When people say they want “freedom,” this next story represents the reason.  Freedom is more than a cliché; it’s a desire not to be limited to the restrictions of an administrative state that, through history, has shown time and time again to be corrosive to innovation, joy, and advancing society.  The less of any administrative state you have, the better a society and its people.  An administrative state only benefits the people running it, who are always in the extreme minority. It forces people to live within the limits of the weakest links in such a society.  So when people say they want freedom, they mean they don’t want an administrative state of losers running their life.  And that was never more obvious than in a story about Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for my favorite football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Over the last week or so, one of his private cooks and a girlfriend of some kind leaked information that the fully vaccinated NFL football player was using a fake card to prove it and that he had bought it for $500.  Since that accusation, Brown and the Buccaneer staff had stood by his vaccination status; when Brown got the shot, a team member was with him to witness it.  The Buccaneers had complied by reviewing the vaccine cards to the NFL, which was doing the bidding of the Biden administration like nice little servents.  So there weren’t many teeth to the story to go anywhere, but it does bring up a whole host of problems that I had been thinking about myself.  Even if Antonio Brown did provide a fake card proving his vaccine status, so what?  What law did he break?  And why was it such a big deal causing the media to attempt to shame him into compliance with quite a lot of news generated?

I have personally witnessed hundreds of people getting the shot and the card at this point, so I’ve had some of these questions from the beginning of the process.  First, I have watched many people get the shot who immediately had terrible side effects from it.  They tell you when you get the shot to stay near the administrator for 10 minutes in case you pass out.  So getting this shot, even under forced government coercion, is the grounds for many, many lawsuits.  Watching the process over these many months, I would say it’s one of the cruelest things I’ve ever seen a government attempt to do to its people.  It’s terrible stuff because the government knows the vaccine is dangerous.  When they gave Joe Biden the shot on television, I do not believe that they really gave him the shot because it would have knocked him out for days, perhaps even killed him at his age.  I would not blame a professional athlete one bit for not wanting to get a vaccine shot and looking to get a fake vaccine card to prove it, to avoid the painful aftereffects of the vaccines that might ruin the season for them.  Professional athletes cannot afford to have their bodies shut down the way this vaccine does to people.  So my first thought about Antonia Brown’s actions for me was, “so what.” While the media made it sound like he had just murdered people with his “dishonesty.” 

Then again, watching all those people get the shots, then have some administrator pick up a card off a tall stack of little cardboard vaccine cards and scribble some dates, and the site of the administration as the proof of the event was shaky from day one.  That tiny, unextraordinary card was what the big deal was?  The first thought I had was that massive amounts of counterfeit cards would be shown as proof that they received the vaccine.  There was no traceability to the cards, and given the stakes, where it meant that some people wouldn’t be able to have their jobs if they didn’t have a card showing they had a vaccine, well, of course, they were going to cheat with a fake card filled out with some chicken scratch.  The Buccaneers as an organization said precisely what I had been thinking for months when they were pressed on the matter.  They reviewed Antonio Brown’s card and didn’t see any errors in it.  What were they supposed to check, a proper signature, the correct dates?  It wasn’t the Buccaneers responsibility to check the validity of the cards themselves, just that people had them.  So the government, in all its administrative wisdom, issued this massive mandate with considerable costs to people in their health and livelihoods. Yet, they had no way to know if people had received vaccines or not, based on a stupid, standard piece of cardboard that a child could copy and fill out as proof.  Yet, that was precisely the case. 

I remember how hard it was to get a fake ID when I was younger, showing that people were over 21 when they were only 18 or 19.  Back then, it was perfectly justified to make a fake ID because all the hot girls were looking for older guys who could take them to places 21 and over.  So as a guy, you had to have a fake ID to play the game; the government didn’t know what it was doing when it changed the drinking age from 18 to 21 as I was coming to those ages, so people had to survive like every culture where there is an overly administrative state, a black-market forms.  China has a big one, as do all totalitarian governments, because people want the freedom to do what they need to do in life and when governments come up with too many rules based on their own personal limitations, law-breaking will become a dominant recreational activity.  I knew some sharp cookies who made fake IDs, and they made good livings providing them.  These vaccine cards were not even close to being as challenging to make.  Anybody could make a proof of vaccine card, so given the political climate, there was no question to my mind that there was going to be massive fraud in providing the cards. 

Yet even worse, the government obviously hadn’t thought about any of that as they clamped down on people with Executive Orders and tried to scare everyone into compliance.  Nothing about the vaccine mandates was constitutional, the government got caught breaking the law themselves by implementing such a thing, and the Buccaneers knew it as an organization.   They played along with the made-up rules, but it wasn’t their job to investigate whether Antonio Brown got the shot as the card showed he did on the dates they showed he received them.  It was their job to collect the cards and demonstrate compliance to an out-of-control government and the woke NFL that wanted to bend the knee to an administrative state so they could stay in business.  There were so many things wrong with the whole process that the path of least resistance always has the answer, come up with a fake card and shut everyone up.  There was no legal authority. The government could not enforce any breaking of the rules because they made up the rules like some playground kid making them up as the game was being played, and that’s what the government gets for its gross overreach.  When they force people to comply with their dumb rules, people will find a way to break those rules so they can live life.  And that is the kind of freedom that we all talk about in these kinds of circumstances.  People want to be free of being bothered by this kind of administrative state overreach.  The more rules people have to live under, the more rules they will have to break to live life, and that is the reality that the administrative state of any kind has never admitted to itself. 

Rich Hoffman

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Looking for Justin Nix: The Sheriff is looking for you, lets get this thing resolved

(An update to this story, shortly after the Sheriff made this announcement many 911 calls came in and Justin was picked up in Hamilton on a drug charge. Nice job, and this holds true in Butler County especially, no drugs, no killings, and no other crimes similar in nature. If you see something, say something. And remember, Ohio has Stand your Ground laws now. Keep your neighborhoods safe from criminals.) Its unfortunate that there was a homicide in Hanover Township. Sheriff Jones and the team are trying to get everything figured out. Justin Nix or someone who knows him needs to help out.

Sheriff Jones is looking for Justin Nix

Call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (513) 785-1209 with any information.

Rich Hoffman

Why American CEOs Cave to Globalism So Often: James Robert B. Quincey from Coke lives in London

Why Coke, Delta and MLB are so weak in defending America from Globalism

The question everyone is asking is why all these corporations and their CEOs are so quick to adapt to liberal threats and to work against traditional American values.  Specifically, in this latest case, the CEOs of Coke and Delta along with Major League Baseball have involved themselves in politics protesting voting changes in Georgia which essentially demand that voter ID be part of the process after the disaster of an election in 2020 where they stole the election from Trump due to election chaos, and Democrats managed to take two senate seats in the same way.  For instance, I do think of Coke as a traditional American company because it started in America, it was nurtured as kind of a Norman Rockwell marketing campaign to solidify their sentiments to American markets, but in all reality, they are a global company that does not care about the sustainability or philosophy of American law and order.  They will see where the world ends up and if it slides into communism so be it.  Before all this happened in Georgia, I didn’t know the CEO of Coke was a guy in London named James Robert B. Quincey.  I would never have thought of Coke being operated from London, but it is, so that explains a lot.  The same with MLB, we think of them as a traditional American company, but they are a global organization now that only sees market growth in expanding into new countries.  So, the great American game isn’t so American these days, and that’s the case with most corporations.  We tend to think of them as American, they were born in America, we supported them and grew them into what they are today, but most corporations are only looking at growth and they don’t see that growth in a country with only 300 million people to support their products.  They want the billions around the world that might be part of a new market penetration, and to get that they think they need to sacrifice some of their Americanism so to tap those markets.

Ironically, I’ve spent several years sorting this kind of thing out into what I wrote in a book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business which is presently going through the editorial process with the publisher.  I have come to think of it as the answer to the long-standing problem of selling the East as the solution to everything regarding life, religion, and business commerce as it has been sold to us for many generations now.  Such as, the belief that a journey to India will awaken the third eye of our consciousness has led many confused Americans to robbery and worse while traveling there looking for spiritual alignment.  Its not just the criminal element that takes advantage of travelers going to a third world country looking for spiritual answers that makes them targets of the criminal class, but it’s the dirty conditions that greet them often in such places that tend to greatly devour the fantasy of Eastern thought being superior to Western thinking that creates much consternation.  In the East it is thought that nature is the supreme source of wisdom and should be yielded to, which then flows over into politics and business in destructive ways often.  Because in the West nature is to be used to bridge over into a change state future.  We use nature in the West to build new things and to invent, which is the point my book makes.  What was difficult about it was to turn on its head assumptions of inferiority that often comes with comparing the East with the West. 

Most of today’s CEOs are recruited to run all these big corporations with the assumption that the East is the philosophy of the future and that by adhering to it, that growth for that company will be discovered.  Today’s CEO such as James Quincey is not to be the latest gunfighter building a company against a society of outlaws standing up to danger in a dusty street, his job is to bow before the world and beg for them to become the next customer in their portfolio.  Not to cause trouble, but to mitigate risk to the projected growth of the company which means lots of bootlicking in political circles and within the industry considering the rules of conduct in a deeply litigious society.  I don’t say all that do get Quincey off the hook at Coke running the company from socialist London where without a doubt ol’ James thinks of his home city as far superior to Atlanta, Georgia as its older with much more history.  Its just the kind of thinking that a globalist would have as opposed to a righteous gun owning, truck driving American from Georgia.  Future growth isn’t in those markets, but in Spain, or Africa, even India where religion, politics, and standards of living are much, much different than they are in America.  For the CEOs, they already have the American markets, and its not from conservatives that they must worry about trouble.  Its from the people who want to bring America down, the globalists, the Democrats who they must listen if they want to continue to expand into other markets around the globe. 

When Trump said to boycott these companies, he’s actually on to something.  Thinking of how much money Coke spends on their brand image, just with NASCAR racing alone lets you know where they are weakest, and it wouldn’t take much to topple them and change their game.  After all, the thing a CEO fears the most is a drop in quarterly profits.  While they are out there in the world bootlicking their way into new market strategies, it would spell doom to them to lose market share in a place they assumed was secure forever.  When Coke and Delta opened their mouth on the voting issue in Georgia, they assumed that they wouldn’t have a backlash, but could show the world that they stand for globalism and those new markets they are after.  But it’s a gamble and Trump’s advice comes from a lot of experience.  He knows where they are weakest—its here at home in the American markets where those 300 million people have more capita income than everywhere else in the world, sometimes combined.  Sure, there are opportunities elsewhere in the world, but do you want to give up the big one in America?  That is the choice we ultimately do have to make them come to terms with. 

As I point out in my book, this isn’t an isolated issue, this is what happens to most companies when the big and bold trend setters who started those companies leave or retire away and the bootlickers and dandies come in to follow.  They don’t have ideas of their own, but they are just followers who are supposed to maintain the culture that was built for them while looking for ways to expand that influence.  In America where so many great companies were born, they are now run by globalists like this James Robert B. Quincey guy from London.  He is certainly not a NASCAR fan by nature, he lives in a place where they think of a weapon as a knife, not a gun, and to be honest, London is a miserable city that is always cloudy and stuffy.  They don’t have monster trucks there or even roads big enough to drive them, they are a different place constrained by socialism, so of course the CEO of Coke doesn’t see the problem.  But we ultimately do decide if we want to buy their products, and that choice is what they fear most.  So don’t make yourself a victim.  Vote with your wallet, because it’s the only kind of vote they can’t steal from you.  Use it and make things happen in the world with your choice! 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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